Protect yourself with AFT’s identity-theft benefit

The Marriott hotel chain had a data breach of 500 million records related to customers who stayed at Starwood hotels and resorts going back as far as 2014. It’s a powerful reminder that we live in a world where securing your data has never been more important. 

ID theft
Luckily, the AFT has its members covered; every member of the AFT is eligible for free identity-theft protection. 

Here is what is available:

  • Assisted recovery for victims of identity theft. This means you will receive unlimited step-by-step guidance and advice from a fraud resolution specialist should you fall victim to identity theft due to any number of events, including data breaches similar to the Marriott breach.

  • $10,000 expense reimbursement coverage. If you have any out-of-pocket expenses related to identity theft, this policy will reimburse you for up to $10,000.

  • Free ID Threat Score. Your ID Threat Score is a one-time snapshot of your current vulnerability to identity theft. It provides real-time analysis of identity fraud threats based on algorithms and historical data. The score is a multifaceted analysis of your current identity fraud risk across a continuously updated network of consumer data containing more than 250 billion data elements. Visit to view your ID Threat Score.

  • Free Safe Wallet. Secure your credit and debit card numbers, driver’s license number, and others in a secure place in case your purse or wallet is stolen or lost. You’ll have easy access from your dashboard to view these items, as well as associated phone numbers for having them replaced.

If you are an AFT member, you are already eligible for these protections. In order to access the customer service number for identity-theft recovery assistance or get your free ID Threat Score and Safe Wallet, visit It’s simple to enroll; all you need is an email address. Given the continued threat of identity theft, you’ll be glad you used this benefit to help keep your data safe.

[AFT Staff]