Boot camp sessions: Training that rolls up its sleeves

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Training sessions at this year's TEACH conference will have an intensive, participatory "deep dive" feel—and it's not by accident. TEACH 2017 changed to a "boot camp" format to allow more time for discussion and hands-on activities so that attendees can leave with turnkey resources to use in their classrooms, schools and local unions.

Boot camp participant

Among the top boot camp draws include:

  • Writing Instruction Done Write
  • Restorative Practices: Fostering Positive School Climate and Culture
  • How Diverse Thinking Creates Powerful Learning in Mathematics
  • Project-Based Learning Design Lab
  • Community Schools and Member Engagement
  • Quality of Work-Life in Education and Educators' Well-Being
  • Organizing Parents and Members at the School Level

Boot camps will boast a ground-floor feel that classroom professionals will appreciate, with many members also serving as presenters. That, too, is no accident, since it is important for TEACH attendees to hear from members who are on the frontlines doing this important work, as well as partners working alongside them.

Conference planners hope that all attendees, no matter their level of union background, leave with the high-quality resources needed to improve their practice and seize the opportunity to apply this knowledge—through union involvement—when they return home.

[Jasmine Oke]