AFT partners with Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote initiative

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AFT members need to be all in for the 2020 elections. That’s why AFT President Randi Weingarten called on educators during her keynote speech at AFT TEACH on July 11 to join the effort to engage and register students to vote.

More than 3 million high schoolers in the upcoming school year will be eligible to vote in the November 2020 elections. To get them registered, the AFT has partnered with former first lady Michelle Obama to support her voter registration initiative called When We All Vote.

Expo & Action Center

“When students understand that our democracy rests upon free and fair elections, then they see that their first and most important right and duty as a citizen is to vote and to defend the right of all Americans to vote,” said Weingarten.

Expo & Action Center

While AFT members are in Washington for TEACH, they can visit the AFTvotes Action Center to learn how they can actively participate in the union’ presidential endorsement process. The website will help them learn more about the candidates and gauge where they stand on key issues; it also will provide resources for members who are running for office.

[Adrienne Coles/Mike Campbell photos]