On the ACA's anniversary, we're still fighting to protect it

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March 23 marks the date the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. Advocates fighting to make healthcare a right, not a privilege, spent much of last year raising their voices against efforts by the Trump administration and the Republican Congress to dismantle the ACA.

The fight goes on as GOP leaders continue to sabotage the law by imposing obstacles to getting care (such as raising out-of-pocket healthcare costs), cutting essential benefits like maternity coverage, and gutting Medicaid and Medicare.

Supporting the Affordable Care Act

This week, healthcare activists are sharing their stories about the benefits of the ACA and showing their support for the law by telling opponents: "We won't go back." Join with the coalition of healthcare voters from across the country, including AFT members, who are signing up to be part of the fight to hold the White House and Congress accountable. We're letting them know that we can't return to the days when Americans couldn't get coverage if they had a pre-existing condition, when families had to choose between paying for healthcare premiums or household bills, and when seniors couldn't afford the price of life-saving medication.

Be sure to attend an event on March 23 as part of a national day of action, sponsored by Organizing for Action, Health Care Voter, and Protect Our Care targeting members of Congress for their vote to repeal the ACA and for the recent tax bill that has cut critical healthcare provisions.

[Adrienne Coles]