A Message to Our Students from America’s Educators

We teach to prepare our young people for their future—hopefully, for a better future. We teach to impart skills and knowledge. We nurture and support our students to help them build relationships and resilience. We teach them to dream. To think. To engage. To act. To make a difference. To lead.

And, often, our students teach us. Students have led some of the most powerful and effective movements for social change. Sixty years ago, the students who sat down at a lunch counter in a North Carolina five-and-dime store galvanized a national movement. Now students and young people are raising their voices in nationwide protests to demand an end to police brutality and for racial justice following the murder of George Floyd by a police officer.

As America’s public school teachers and school staff, we see you, we hear you and we stand with you. We also recognize the deep frustration and anger that people feel—both young and old—as a new generation of young African Americans watch the violence of modern-day lynchings and brutality by police. You have responded, peacefully and nonviolently, throughout the nation.

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong.” These words by Mahatma Gandhi are the foundation of nonviolent resistance. Martin Luther King Jr. used the lessons of Gandhi to power the American civil rights movement of the 1960s. Students and young people throughout the South stood together to wield the weapon of nonviolence and civil disobedience. Through their solidarity and persistence, they were able to challenge and overturn nearly a century of Jim Crow laws that forced Black men, women and children to live as second-class citizens. When their peaceful actions were met with extreme violence and police brutality, students and youth activists persisted. In early May of 1963, thousands of schoolchildren left their classrooms and headed to downtown Birmingham, Ala., to protest segregation. The entire nation witnessed the horrific images of those brave children as they were sprayed with fire hoses and attacked by police dogs at the direction of the city’s public safety commissioner, Eugene “Bull” Connor. In 1965, unarmed marchers in Alabama were attacked by police and local posses with tear gas and clubs on the Edmund Pettus Bridge during an attempted march from Selma to Montgomery. Rep. John Lewis, then a young leader of SNCC (the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee), was severely beaten during the march.

We are in the midst of three crises: a health crisis, an economic crisis, and a crisis of the continued failure of the American justice system, all made worse by the current president’s conduct and attitudes—a president who directs the police to fire tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protestors so he can have a photo op in front of a church; a president who threatens to deploy military forces to quash protests; a president who tweets the refrain of a racist former Miami police chief from 1967, that “when the looting starts the shooting starts.”

Yet you persist with peaceful protests throughout our land. This right to peacefully assemble is enshrined in our Constitution. And former presidents are with you. President George W. Bush wrote that this is a time to listen, not lecture. And President Barack Obama calls these protests a tipping point.

Of course, as you know, it is not enough. Even now, with the four officers arrested in the Floyd case, we must do more. We are confident that you will bring your power and voice to continue to raise awareness and organize. This November, your organizing—from the school board, to the statehouse, to the White House—will make sure that we elect decision-makers who will act on reform.

Racial equity is the great unfinished work of this country. You, our students, give us reason to hope. Even during some of the darkest days, young people have shown that they are willing to take a stand and fight for what is righteous and just. You are demonstrating the power of collective action. As educators, we are learning a timeless lesson from you that, together, we can change the world.

Activism is how we channel our anger to confront injustice. You are teaching us that. Your teachers are so proud of you. And the other caring adults who support your learning are inspired by you too.

Randi Weingarten - President, AFT
Lily Eskelsen García - President, NEA
Lorretta Johnson - Secretary-Treasurer, AFT
Evelyn DeJesus - Executive Vice President, AFT
J. Philippe Abraham - AFT Vice President & Secretary-Treasurer, New York State United Teachers
Shelvy Abrams - AFT Vice President & Chairperson, Paraprofessional Chapter, United Federation of Teachers
Vicky Byrd, MSN, RN - AFT Vice President & CEO, Montana Nurses Association
Zeph Capo - AFT Vice President & President, Texas AFT
Alex Caputo-Pearl - AFT Vice President & President, United Teachers Los Angeles
Don Carlisto - AFT Vice President & Co-President, Saranac Lake Teachers Association
Larry Carter - AFT Vice President & President, Louisiana Federation of Teacher
Kathy Chavez - AFT Vice President & President, Albuquerque Educational Assistants Association
Melissa Cropper - AFT Vice President & President, Ohio Federation of Teachers
Aida Diaz - AFT Vice President & Retired President, Asociación de Maestros de Puerto Rico
Jolene T. DiBrango - AFT Vice President Executive Vice President, New York State United Teachers
Marietta English - AFT Vice President & President, AFT-Maryland
Eric Feaver - AFT Vice President & President, Montana Federation of Public Employees
Francis Flynn - AFT Vice President & President, Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals
Jeffery Freitas - AFT Vice President & President, California Federation of Teachers
David Gray - AFT Vice President & President, Oklahoma City Federation of Classified Employees
Anthony Harmon - AFT Vice President Assistant to the United Federation of Teachers President, United Federation of Teachers
David Hecker - AFT Vice President & President, AFT Michigan
Jan Hochadel - AFT Vice President & President, AFT Connecticut
Fedrick Ingram - AFT Vice President & President, Florida Education Association
Jerry Jordan - AFT Vice President & President, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
Ted Kirsh - AFT Vice President & Former President, AFT Pennsylvania
Fred Kowal - AFT Vice President & President, United University Professions/SUNY
Louis Malfaro - AFT Vice President & Former President, Texas AFT
Terrence Martin - AFT Vice President & President, Detroit Federation of Teachers
Joanne McCall - AFT Vice President & Former President, Florida Education Association
John McDonald - AFT Vice President & President and Chief Negotiator, Henry Ford Community College Federation of Teachers
Daniel Montgomery - AFT Vice President & President, Illinois Federation of Teachers
Michael Mulgrew - AFT Vice President & President, United Federation of Teachers
Candice Owley, R.N. - AFT Vice President & President, Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals
Andrew Pallotta - AFT Vice President & President, New York State United Teachers
Paul Pecorale - AFT Vice President, New York State United Teachers
David Quolke - AFT Vice President & Former President, Cleveland Teachers Union
Jesse Sharkey - AFT Vice President & President, Chicago Teachers Union
Denise Specht - AFT Vice President & President, Education Minnesota
Wayne Spence - AFT Vice President & President, New York State Public Employees Federation
Jessica Tang - AFT Vice President & President, Boston Teachers Union
Ann Twomey - AFT Vice President & Past President, Health Professionals and Allied Employees
Adam Urbanski - AFT Vice President & President, Rochester Teachers Association
Karla Hernandez-Matz - President, United Teachers of Dade
Delegate Jeion Ward - President, Hampton Federation of Teachers
Richard Franklin - President, Birmingham AFT
Marrianne Hayward - President, Central Alabama AFT
Elizabeth Albert - President, Volusia United Educators
Elizabeth Davis - President, Washington Teachers Union
Anna Fusco - President, Broward Teachers Union
Tina Williams - President, Fairfax County Federation of Teachers
Arthur Steinberg - President, AFT Pennsylvania
Wayne White - NYSUT Director At Large & 21-22-23 President, Bellport Teachers Association
Cordelia Anthony - President, Farmingdale Federation of Teachers
Kim Howard - President, United Teachers of Wichita
Ross Moore - President, El Paso AFT
Dr. Nancy Vera - President, Corpus Christi AFT
Wretha Thomas - President, Houston Educational Support Personnel
Nicole Keeney - President, Socorro School Employees Association
Whitney Holland - President, Los Alamos School Employees Association
Billie Helean - President, Rio Rancho School Employees Union
Miguelanjel Burns - President, Penasco Federation of School Employees
Irma Valdespino - President, Classified School Employees Council Las Cruces
Grace Rodriguez - President, Carlsbad Federation of United School Employees
Ray Cummings - First Vice President, AFT St. Louis
Candis Houston - President, Aldine AFT
Glenda Macal - President, Ft. Bend AFT
Shonda Below - President, Northeast Houston AFT
Torie Shoecraft - President, Oklahoma City AFT
Sarah LaFrenz - President, Kansas Organization of State Employees
John McDonald - President, HFC Fed of Teachers
Veronica Hernandez - President, Socorro AFT (Texas)
Nikki Cowart - President, Cy-Fair AFT
Julia Rose Barcott - Washington Nurses Association
Aisha Cook - New Rochelle Federation of United Scool Employees
Deborah Crockett - Baltimore Teachers Union
Randi DiAntonio - Public Employees Federation
Marty Fridgen - United Teachers of South Washington
Connie Goodly-LaCour - Baltimore Teachers Union
Jackie Goosen - Macomb Intermediate Federation of Teachers
Jennifer Higgins - Montclair State Faculty Prof Staff & Librarians
Dianna Jackson - AFT/North Carolina
Teri Jones - Oregon School Employees Association
Joan McGowan - Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
Sheryl Pedone - Boston Teachers Union
Debby Pope - Chicago Teachers Union
Alexis Rean-Walker - Health Professionals and Allied Employees
Jennifer Stenger - Belleville Federation of Teachers
Jennifer Larson-Wasson - Montana School for the Deaf & Blind
Brenda Chaney - Boston Teachers Union
Patricia Crispino - United Federation of Teachers
Selina Durio - North Babylon Teachers Organization
Jacqueline Elliot -  Professional Staff Congress
Peggy Gladden -  Baltimore Teachers Union
Susan Goodwin - Rochester Teachers Association
David Gray - Oklahoma City Federation of Classified Employees
Tashaune Hardy - Michigan Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff
Martin Daly - President, New Rochelle F.U.S.E.
Stephanie Carriker - President, Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees
Susan Jacobson - Washington State Nurses Association
Samantha Rosado-Ciriello - President, Yonkers Federation of Teachers
Ari Kelin - President, Cleveland Heights Teachers Union
Karen Rego - President Elect, Cleveland Heights Teachers Union
Tracy Lai - AFT Seattle Communit Colleges
Maria Le - Education Minnesota-Roseville
Tara Huber - President, Neshaminy Federation of Teachers
Lisa Batten - President, New Lebanon Fed of Teachers
Carla McCoy - Baltimore Teachers Union
Terri Hook - President, Oregon City Federation of Teachers
Virginia Mancini - Mahtomedi Education Association
Kara McCormick-Lyons - President, White Plains Teachers Association
Joe Cantafio - President, West Seneca Teachers Association
Yolanda Montalvo - Rochester Teachers Association
Beth Yoder - President, Federation of Pottstown Teachers
Adam Marcoux - President, Nashua Teachers Union
Sean Belveal - President, Cleveland ACTS
John Miller - President, University Professionals of Illinois
Donna Jackson - President, Detroit Federation of Paraprofessionals
Derryn Moten - Alabama State Univ. Faculty-Staff Alliance
Kimberly Barry - President, Lawrence Teachers Union
Julie Sellers - President, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers
Sharon Persinger - Professional Staff Congress
Christel Williams-Hayes - Chicago Teachers Union
Shari Obrenski - President, Cleveland Teachers Union
Kelly Wilson - President, Education MN-OSSEO
Jeff Adkins Dutro - President, Peoria Federation of Teachers
GlenEva Dunham - President, Gary Teachers Union
Tega Toney - President, AFT-Fayette
Sam Brunett - President, AFT-Monongalia
Tony Johnston - President, Cook County College Teachers Union
Jeff Weber - President, Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
Barbara Hafner - West Hempstead Education Association
Bill Scott - President, Syracuse Teachers Association
Ron Gross - 2nd Vice President, New York State United Teachers
Lisa Conley - President, Milwaukee Area Technical College
Nikki Cowart - President, Cy-Fair AFT
Andrea Flinders - President, AFT Local 691, Kansas City
Francos Hahn - Taos Federation of School Employees
Marisa Poleviyaoma - Zuni Federation of School Employees
Cleofe Apura - Zuni Federation of School Employees
Josephine Velarde - Cuba United Employees
Dean Abrams - Las Cruces Transportation Federation
Maribeth Calabro - President, Providence Teachers Union
Rosemary Boland - President, Scranton Federation of Teachers
Lisa Batten - President, New Lebanon Federation of Teachers
Debbie Green - President, St. Tammany Federation of Teachers
Thomas Calhoun - President, Norfolk Federation of Teachers
Kesler Camese-Jones - President, Jefferson Federation of Teachers
Kimberly Barry - President, Lawrence Teachers Union
Joe Cantafio - President, West Seneca Teachers Association, NYSUT ED At-Large 2 & 44
Michelle Wiese - President, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers
Greta Callahan - President-Elect, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers
Nick Faber - President, Saint Paul Federation of Educators
Gleneva Dunham - President, AFT IN
Kimberly Kohlhaas - President, AFT WI
Jeff Weber - President, Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
Fred Albert - President, AFT-WV
Beth Kontos - President, AFT MA
Doug Ley - President, AFT NH
Donna - President, AFT NJ
Debbie White - President, Health Professionals and Allied Employees
Deborah Snell - President, Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
Verdaillia Turner - President, GA Federation of Teachers
Geraldine Bender - President, MS PSRP
Ralph Quintana - President, AZ AFT
Kallie Leyba - President, AFT CO
Dwight Goodman - President, AFT KS
Debbie Bornhop - President, AFT MO
Nick Archuleta - President, North Dakota United
Stephanie Ly - President, AFT NM
Mary Best - President, AFT OK
Sue Parton - President, Federation of Indian Service Employees
Cecily Manning - President, Alaska Public Employees Association
Jaime Rodriguez - President, AFT-OR
Lisa Gourley - President, Oregon School Employees Association
Brad Asay - President, AFT-Utah
Karen Strickland - President, AFT WA
Linda Hogan - President, Overseas Federation of Teachers
Elba Aponte Santos - President, Asociación de Maestros de Puerto Rico
Robin Haux - Program Dir, Montana Nurses Association
Jodi Barschow - President, Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
Donna Phillips - President, Alaska Nurses Association
Vicki Byrd - Exec Director Montana Nurses Association
Lisa Ochs - CEO, Ohio Nurses Association
Bob Cousins - DEO, Labor Relations Ohio Nurses Association
Sarah Laslett - Exec Director Oregon Nurses
Kevyn Paul - Chair, Oregon Nurses Association
Sally Watkins - Exec Dir, Washington State Nurses Association
Lynette Vehrs - President, Washington State Nurses Association
Lynda Pond - President, Oregon Nurses Association
John Abeigon - President, Newark Teachers Union
Carol Toomey - President, North Bergen Federation of Teachers
Ronald A. Beaupre - President, Pawtucket Teachers' Alliance
Deborah Kaspin - President, RIC/AFT Adjunt Faculty Union
Nicole Capsello - 1st Vice President, Syracuse Teachers Association
Lisa Gourley - President, Oregon School Employees Association
Annette Stofer - President, Seattle College Local 1789
Paul Hagen - President, Jefferson Elementry Federation of Teachers
Nelly Vaquera-Boggs - President, Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers
Nicole St. Clair-Brown - President, Hempstead Classroom Teachers Association
Louis Gikas - President, Hammond Federation of Teachers
Sophia Kristina Rychener - Teacher Washington Federation of Head Start Employees
Darlene Netcoh - President, Warwick Teachers Union
Michael J. Cicerone, Jr - President, North Providence Federation of Teachers
Elaine Bobrove - President, United Adjunct Faculty of New Jersey
Amy Higer - President, Rutgers PTLFC AAUP AFT
Robert J. Stewart - President-elect, Woonsocket Teachers' Guild
Tim Allison - Executive Director Oxnard Federation of Teachers and School Employees
Todd Wolfson - President, Rutgers AAUP AFT
Cecilia Chaves - President, Turlock Federation of Teachers
Roger P Boudreau - President, Rhode Island AFT Retirees
Ellen Bernstein - President, Albuquerque Teachers Federation
Jim Howe - VP, AFT Washington
Dr. Bobbi-Lee Smart - Executive Director Adjunct Faculty United, AFT 6106 (WA)
Kelly Erinakes - President, Coventry Teachers' Alliance
Tim Haresign - President, Council of New Jersey State College Locals
Lizbeth Larkin - President, Cranston Teachers’ Alliance
James Castiglione - President, Kean Federation of Teachers NJ
Nancy Lasher - President, The College of New Jersey AFT Local 2364
Anne De Nigris - Mt Vernon City School District
Judi Flanders - retired teacher
Landa Hunter - teacher, Mt. Vernon City School District
John Bohuniek - Croton Teachers' Association
Randall GuntheR - LRS, NYSUT
Stacey Caruso-Sharpe - teacher, Amsterdam Teachers Association
Andrew Ferlito - Special Education Teacher, Brunswick Central Schools
Rebecca Pipino - Elementary Math Coach, Saratoga Springs Teacher’s Association
Ericka Ericson - Instructional Designer, SUNY
Michael Pustorino - Social Studies Teacher, United Federation of Teachers
Susan Youssofi - Digital Marketing, AFT
Samantha Gaske - Counselor, CRCSD
Charlotte Adamis - School Librarian, Kingston City School District
Barkee Wilkes - Teacher, UFT
Ryan Hersha - President, PECCC: The Professional Educators of Corning Community College
Juan Sosa - Teacher, NYCDOE
Katelyn Connor - Adjunct Professor, CUNY
Isabelita Romero - Teacher
Amy Stewart - Teacher
Thomas McMahon - President, Mahopac TA
Melanie Miller - Work Based Learning Coordinator/Business Teacher, Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES
Cinthia Weitz - Special Education Teacher
Danielle Fridstrom - Science Teacher, Webutuck High School
Marie Lysandrou
Pamela Malone - Chapter President, United University Professions (UUP)
Andrea McCue - High School Teacher, Haldane Faculty Association
Kathryn Sargent - Health/PE Teacher, Buffalo Public Schools
Myrberline Saint-Pierre - Teacher, New York City Department of Education
Deanna Rice - Teacher, Toledo Public Schools
Nancy Martinez-Cirelli - Haldane CSD
Jillian OHalloran
Lisa St John - English Teacher, NPHS
Rachel Mathieu-Leo - School Library Media Specialist, NYSUT (Bellmore Merrick CHSD)
Sheila Murphy - Teacher, RCSD
Aminah Kapadia - Teacher, White Plains Teachers Association
Heather Gullo - Teacher, NYSUT
Susan Burns - ELA Teacher, Shenendehowa High School
isabella bertoletti - UCE of FIT
Barbra Risi - Teacher, LTA
Nathalie Gordon - Social Studies Teacher, WPTA
Matt Haynes - teacher, NYSUT
Allison Reichel - ELA Teacher, Amityville Memorial High School
Liz McCheyne - Co-President, South Seneca Teachers Association
Susan Turrini - United Teachers of Harborfields
Valerie Wald - Teacher, Central Park East High School
Patricia Kolodnicki
Melissa Pokala - Special Education Teacher
Patricia Giovannone
Lisa Suarez - School Counselor, Shaker Junior High School
Laura Franz - President, Albany Public School Teachers’ Association
Terry Kalb - Chapter President, BEES Retirees
Jennifer Olsen - Bayport - Blue Point Teachers Association Retiree
Rebecca Donders - Hhhta
Tracy Larson - Me., Dutchess BOCES
Melissa Servant - Servant, NYSUT
Melanie Miller - Work Based Learning Coordinator/Business Teacher, Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES
Kelly Grzinic - Farmingdale Federation of Teachers
Jamie Cardenas - Teacher, UFT
MaryLee Miller - Retired Dance Teacher, Rochester City Schools, Rochester, NY
Lilliam Calderin-Waymyers - Teacher Assistant, The Hallen School
Naama Caspi - Teaching Assistant, White Plains School District
Sara Bongo - retired music teacher/music composer
Nadege Jolicoeur
Colleen El-Bejjani - Teacher, Northeast High School
Renay Medina - Teacher, NYSUT
Rose JoyceTurner - Teacher, Monticello Teachers Association
Miguelanjel Burns - 4th Grade Teacher, Peñasco Independent School District
Shenea Brown
Nicole Mulholland - Teacher, hUGSX
Nicole North - Teacher, Wappingers Central School Dictrict
Sally Tripi - Teacher, WIlliamsville Teachers Association
Sarra Mazur - Teacher, NYC DOE
Rudy Regalado - 5th Grade Teacher, Presidential Park Elementary School
Mary Jacobus - Bilingual School Social Worker, AFT/ NEA
Meghan Glieco - Teacher, Williamsville TA
Sarah McLachlan
Jo Harvey
Rene Ray
Francine Buker - Pre K TOSA, Portland Public Schools
Anita Golba
Michael Swanson - Director of Theatre and Dance, Elizabethtown College
Amy Excell - Media Director
Rehana Huq - Cornell University
Lydia Shepard
Paul Lucas
Geoffrey Richards
Lorraine Johnson
Paul Schneider
judy bierbaum - Therapist
Patricia Garcia
Julio Suarez - Staffing Specialist, MDCPS
Frances Urban
Maria Lakas - Grover Cleveland High School
Constance Slaten
Barbara Lowe
Bonnie Burke
Sarah Rose Evans - Program Specialist, PCC
Sherra Picketts Picketts
Merrill Cole - Professor, Self
Robin Van Tassell
Barbara Witney
Gary Beckerman
Eric Meece
Nora Habafy
Johanna Spalding
Terri Resley
Joseph Mish - Musician and teacher, Pine Island Schools
Julio Soto - Sociology Instructor, Grossmont College
Marianne Hudzik
Gina Butler - Educator, BTU
Paul Echternacht
Melinda See - School Psychologist, Peoria Public Schools
Sharon Maxson
Rosemary O.Tamayo
William Smart
Mary Co
Paul Von Blum
Kara Soule
Michael Connelly
Robert Oberdorf
Willa Barker - Willa Barker, AFT
Paula Villalon Ciena
Kathleen McIntyre - Sister Kathleen McIntyre, Sisters of Mary
Michelle Mariash - Teacher, Mamaroneck UFSD
William Fisk
Patricia Thomas
Jack Morgenstern
Lasha Wells
Wanda Ballentine
Jocelyne Jesenof
Christian Turrentine - Financial Services Processor, Ashford University
Susan Kozinski
Jennifer Cecere - Jennifer Cecere, AFT
Martha Ecker
Becky Zaw-Tun
Garry Straker
Paul Almeida - Executive Director, 4A’s, AFL-CIO
Lois Oppenheimer - s Lois Oppenheimer, UFT
Tara Huber - President, Neshaminy Federation of Teachers 1417
Seth Cramer
Frances Chiu
Misty Adams - Career Pathway Specialist, AFT
Duncan Still - none
Kenneth Hall - Senior Casemanager, The Yvette A. Flunder Foundation
Alison Lisberger - Teacher, NYCDOE
Debra Lazar - Secretary, Democrats Abroad Canada, Montreal chapter
Toni Ventroy - St. Martin Federation of Teachers
Phillip L. Beckert
Lois White
Kate Schmidt - President, Dakota County United Educators
diana moser
Kevin Leslie
Nancy Klintworth
JR Berard
Yolanda Fazzalari-Forcina
Anne Lakota
Matthew Brown - Teacher, NYC Department of Ed
Travis Stone - Retired, Dpw usma
Benjamin Cline
Jeanine Downie - DR
Aaron Booz
Ironda Lynce - TEACHER, NYC DOE
Daniel Cole
Kathleen Kaysinger
Patricia Cipolla
John Baker
Deborah Dobson
Karen Christiansen
Thomas Mullen - Educator, Boston Public Schools
Lynn NeSmith - Retired educator, Duval Teachers United
Susan Hardesty
Bill Callaghan - Bill Callaghan, Retired Teacher
Betty Rodriguez
Annora Conway - Instructor of Fine Arts
William W Smith - Retired Guidance Counselor, NEA
Marian Calhoon
Dale Heilig
Janet Mactague - s, Retired teacher
Terry Harris
Laura and Terry Henry - PhD, retired
Janet Perlman - dr, UCSF
Francesco Leboffe - Laid off
Robert Davidson - Teacher, UFT
Claire Farnsworth - NEA
Lois White
Evelyn Bailey
William Yaroch - mr
Michael Betz
Thomas Marlowe - Prof of Math & Comp Sci, Seton Hall University
Nina Persi - Art teacher, Bethel Park School District
paul johnson - organizer, Boxers Organizing Committee (BOC)
Alan Mintz
Rusty Tobin - Rusty Tobin, Retired
Aileen Boyce
Jeam Sneade - Jean M Sneade, Retired Teacher
G Douglas Ray
TERESITA BERNALES - Syracuse City School District
Chris Washington
Courtney Canatsey - Teacher
Sarah Bassett
Caleb Pruch - Teacher
dorinda kelley
Barbara Wasilausky
Fred Bichl - grandparent
Michael Halloran
Ilene Ahamad - Adjunct Lecturer, CUNY, York College
Nicole Belliotti
Diane Tussey - Diane Tussey, Educator
Casey King
Kitty Crowley - UFT
Joel Kay
Randy Davis
Marianne Stowers - s, retired librarian
Michael Harrison
Flora Henry-Smith - Flora Henry-Smith, Houston ISD
Bonnie Koshofer - SFT
Rena Allen
Gabriela Sweet - University of Minnesota
Trina Hing - ESOL Instructor, Portland Community College, Portland OR
Kandice Bilisoly
Eric Lehto - AFT
Stephen DiPesa
JoAnne Winton - s
Carla Compton - Great product!
Deb Willsea
Sandra March - Teacher, American Federation of Teachers
Mare Hobbs - Teacher, NYC DOE
Janet Williams - President, Santa Fe NOW
Natalie Narcisse - STPSB
Cheryl Kozanitas
Nageswari Shanmugalingam - Professor, University of Cincinnati
Diane Lawson
Panu Lucier - SEED Director, thread
PHYLLIS LIPMAN - Phyllis lipman, Uft
Robbie White
Elaine Pienta - s Elaine J. Pienta
J.a. Hall
Belinda Colley
IDA WIENER MOSS - Retiree, Phila. Fed of Teachers
Geoffrey Peckover - Health and Hospitals
Judy Huntington - Washington State Nurses Association
Pat Sisk
Tim Dewar - Executive Director, California Writing Project
Pat Layden
Peter Johnson
Jamie Shultz
John AND Jean Fleming
Claire Goodman - Professor - retired
Linda Chapman
Emily Haraldson - Professor, Glendale Community College
Miki Goral - UCLA
Irene Hilgers - Retired
Ellen Segal - ersts
S.L. May - SteveMay49
samuel kizzie
Chelsea Oconnell
Mikaila Arthur - Chair and Professor of Sociology, Rhode Island College
Manley Mallard’ - Professor Emeritus, Millikin University
Martha Ramos
Monica Vigo - Special Education Teacher, DCPS
Dennis Brown - Tech Mgr, Micro-Tech
Marshs Smith - Teacher, WHSAD
Heather Boucher
Kimberley Parzuchowski - Lane Community College
Mia Curry - Teacher, East St
Debbie Macias
Olga Rodriguez - Meriden Public School
Lynn Krikorian
Marion Tate - Research Assistant, College of Education
Jerry Mims
Linda Minor
Adeana Cramer - Teacher, VMS
Keith Butler - Keith Butler, N/A - Concerned Citizen
Joan Radigan - Teacher, NYC Department of Education
Crystal Leotaud - Teacher
Harriet Ivey - Teacher
John Markon
Lea Morgan
Robert Greenbaum
Kandi Bartling - teacher, Spring Branch ISD
Baba Toure - Adjunct, BMCC
Jon Berg - Teacher
Flora Henry-Smith - Flora Henry-Smith, Houston ISD
Sasha Frisbie - Classroom Teacher
Juanita Payton - Retired Educator, Black Lives Matter
Pat Kush
mary j heenehan - special education teacher, Troy city school district
John Steidler - Retired
Katie Stick - Katie Stick
Nancy Almazar - Retired teacher, Uft
Candace Barron
Connie Marquez
bob fucci
Paula Bandt - retired teacher
Tsee Lee - Teacher
Caitlin Stuetz - Caitlin stuetz, PFT
Cathy Sullins - Cathy Sullins
Annamay Waldman
Rosalyn Wilson - Teacher, St. Lucie County Public Schools
Mike Miller
Whitney Huber - K-8 Visual Arts Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
tracy baez - Paraprofessional, Hudson cliff school
Alexis Lamere
Patricia Thilman - Special Education Teacher, Department of Education - NYC
Karen McCarthy - Karen Kiki McCarthy, Boston public schools
Arleen Kalenich-Pace
Crystal Barker - Crystal Barker, AFT
Patricia Mulrain - Clinical Social Worker, retired, Boards of Education
Susan Coggan
R Kliegman - Teacher, Westbury UFSD
Leland DeGolier
Keith Butler - Keith Butler, N/A - Concerned Citizen
Sarah Bauman
Jack Milton - Professor Emeritus, University of California
John J Smith Iv
Hugh Moore - RN
adele bielecki - Teacher, NYC DOE
Ailsa Hermann-Wu
Rahm Rowhani - Instructor, San Jose City College
Daniel O'Brien
Stanton Paris
Christopher Hoot - Professor, The University of Akron Myers School of Art
Rebecca Michalski
Margaret McCabe
Diana Wilson - Diana Wilson, School Psychologist, Santa Cruz City Schools
Rina Margolin - (hands on grandma)
Anita Zuckerberg - Retired Teacher, NYC Department if Education
Brian Hilson - Coach, Norwayne School District
Betty Chen
Judie Rae - retired English instructor, Sierra College
Elizabeth Pero
Candy Stark
Toshio Ozawa - Private citizen
Ray Forester
John Cox
Terri Walters - Terri Walters, Art Teacher
Teffine Green-Craig
Mary O'Neill - Presque Isle County Democratic Party
Nicole Taylor
Kristin Michael
René Flores
Celia Nicholas - Principal, Dominica Community High School
Xiocmara Munoz - Teacher, DOE
Karen Moore - RTI specialist, Scott Elementary School
John Mamalis - John Mamalis, Retired
Bekah Mulder
Susan Guglietts - Payroll secretary, I. S. 109 jean nuzzi intermediate school
Shirley Beaupre - Counselor, Rio Rancho Public Schools
Linda Murphy - P.G.Co. Bd. of Ed.
Marianne Armstrong
T. Roberts Roberts - Black Lives Matter!, DOE
Barbara Johnson
Deborah Wertz
Raul Cervantez - Bureau of Indian Education
Heather Rizzo - Heather Rizzo, NEA
Terrance Evans - Terrance, AFT
Terri Roberts
Andrew Goldman
Robin Roberts - Teacher, AFT
Constance Kennedy - Educator, Cicero School District #99
Margaret Hodges
Walline Prampin - Teacher, Waterside School for Leadership
Robert Rutkowski
Joan Orazio
Michelle Benes
Patricia Foschi - N/A
Maxine SIMON - East Ramapo
Ryan Willingham
Jerry Rukavina - President, CMCLC
Connie Raper - Ally
Selina Durio - Educator, North Babylon Teachers' Org. NYSUT
Sharon Shafer - Head of Search & Assessment, UCLA Library
L.A. Lowe
David Reeves
Coralie Olsen
Andy Goncalves
Susan Byron - Susan Byron teacher, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
Marian Severt - General public
Christine Stanley
Elissa Emerson
Melvin Pritchard - Vice President, West Valley-Mission Federation of Teachers
Nancy Moore
Sharon Hohl
Katherine Gibson - RN, KSMC
R Wells
lisa HUNDERTMARK - Retired Teacher, UFT
Patrick Vetter
Marilyn Rabinowitz
Sheri Bauman - University of Arizona
Wanda Parrish - Retired Teacher Librarian, Chicago Public Schools
Rachel Rovine
Maram Hallak - Associate professor, CUNY
Elizabeth Goetz
Mark Stoch - Teacher, AFT Local 571
James Lieb - Grampa
Taylor Smith
Emily Hayden
Joanna Welch
Penny Llewelyn - Office manager, AFT UTAH
Catherine Beauchamp
Jamie Cohen
Ernest Canning
Joshua Steele
Robert McFarland
paul warwick
Dawn Harris - Principal, NYCDOE
Carol Landale - Brady
Ximena Uribasterra
Jennifer Borella
Kassandra Reyes - School Counselor, NYC DOE
Lisa Littell
Mildred Jones
Ginger (Virginia) Donohue, LCSW-R - retired psychotherapist
Frank Fedel - Associate Professor, Eastern Michigan University
Mark Stoch - Teacher, AFT Local 571
Reginia Hughes - Education
Cheryl Eames
Sally Sloan - SEIC, Indiana Federation of Teachers
Jill Solomon
Marion Harvey - Teacher
Mary Jones
Carol John - Teacher, Dallas
Rich Bailey - Law Enforcement Training
Anita Sydenstricker - Teacher, Cabell County Schools
David Cohen
Alice Hadler - wesleyan university
Bridget Seery - Highlands EA
Jessica Rollins - Kenton County School District
June Campbell - June Campbell
Mary O’Donnell
Theodore C. Snyder - Retired, UTLA-AFT
Tanase Petrenco - Teacher, Burbank Unified School District
Stephanie Wicks - Project Specialist, Lane Community Colleve
Linda Burson - "former Academician"
Jason Goldberg - Special Representative, UFT
Kris Joslin
Marc Beschler
Dawn Harris - Principal, NYCDOE
Alana-Patris Loyer - Professor, SWC
Ann Marie Damian - None, Ally
Debra Severdia - Special Education Program Secretary, Beaverton School District
Ann McCracken - teacher, Capitol Hill Montessori
Gloria Krueger
Gail Zermeno
DOLORES FEAGIN - Educator, Retired Public School Teacher (TX)
Cathy Brooks - Teacher, Dallas Alliance
Susan Scharf - Paraprofessional, UFT
Antonia Kuhn
Robert Schilling
Carol Taylor
Shonda Below - Northeast Houston AFT, President, Northeast Houston AFT Local 6568
Marina Capetillo - Teacher
MoNika Fleming
Barbara Cunningham
Helen Cotton - Retired teacher
Kelly Walker
Jill Skelly, Co-Pres. - Co President, North Bellmore Teachers’ Association
Patricia Enright-Torres
Donna Smith - Donna Smith, Uniondale School District
Jami Shaver - Special education teacher
Peter Lorenzo
Brad Stevens
Alan Betgson - UFT
Doreen Sladavic
Amber West - Lecturer, University of California, Los Angeles
Nicole Dambrun - Special Lecturer, Oakland University
Ellen Koivisto
Sean Dolan
John Oldenburg
Pam Winton - Retired Priffessir, UNC-CH
Lisa Hansel - Chief Publications Editor, AFT
Jocelyn Ealy - Jocelyn Ealy, Spring isd
Carla Parker - Teachers Assigned, DOE
Alexia Boyles
sen wang - elac
Geraldine Bender - AFT-MS State President, Jackson Federation of Teachers
David AScheer
Martina Kanau - Ally
Linda Blatnik
Ambrosia Grant - JFT
Sharon feinblatt
Kelly Herrick - Kelly M. Herrick, Dearborn Federation of Teachers
Susan Dycus - San Marcos United School District
DAVID JONES - Retired Instructor, Peralta Community College District
Baysan Tulu
Shari Young - Member, TRTA
Teisha Sims
Shoshanah Stone - APRN-BC Retired, Indivisible Anchorage
Madronna Holden - retired
Judith Martens - Judith A. Martens, LCSW,IMH-E Mentor, Early Childhood Division
Leora Troyer - Teacher, EHTA
Michael Harris
Yolanda King
Felicity Hohenshelt
Holly Dain
Michael Gmelin - Reference Librarian (Retired), Kauai Community College (UH)
Marilyn Dennis - retired teacher
Susan Loomis
Mary Weathers
Clyde Willson - AFT
Robert Moore - Retired Associate Professor Senior, Miami Dade College
Tim Keitt - Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Lynda Hoogendoorn
Renee Ruderman - Professor Renee Ruderman, Metro State University of Denver
Baysan Tulu
Julie Cupertino
Jason Jecmen - Teacher, Warren Township High School Local 504
Ernesto Marquez
Jayne Downing - Librarian, Penn Alexander School
Linda Ashworth
Janet Adler - Retired teaching mentor, UFT
Susan Burke - UESF AFT
Dianna Green - Wraparound Resource Specialist, HoustonISD
Baysan Tulu
John Dawson - Penn State retired professor
Natalie Urban
Brenda Harrison
Jan Rae
Caryn Graves
Sean Carey - Tutor, Wilbur Wright Community College
Robert E Gigliotti
Kathleen Holloway - Clackamas Community College
Terry Canote
Kristine Cochrane - Social Worker
Carolyn Hotaling
Margaret Groller - Teacher, North Penn School District
Kerry Woodward - Associate Professor of Sociology, California State University, Long Beach
Martin Schnur
. .
Melissa Brennan - Records and Scheduling Clerk, Eugene 4J Schools
Alma Hardy - Member, AFT activist
William Obrien
Angela Zamarripa - Teacher, Albuquerque public Schools
Kim Derbin - Kim Derbin, Art Teacher
B. Z. - N/A
Denise Selleck
Bruce Krawisz
Patricia Munoz - Paraprofessional, NYC DOE
Dorothea King
Alexia Boyles
Sue Ervin
Steve Russo - Public school teacher, YFT
Ellen Kenney
Jamie Deiner - Speech and Language Therapist, SFUSD
Glennis Gilmore Mccray - Vocational Training Specialist
Elizabeth OBrien - Elizabeth OBrien, New York City Department of Education
Marcia Rucker - Retired teacher, n/a
Rebecca Mosher - Teacher, Sullivant Community School
John Allen - John Allen, AFT Activist
Liz Dyer
Janet Carter - Retired , Librarian, UCLA -AFT
Patricia Jackson - Head Start Educator II, MDPS
M. Murray - Retired teacher, Retired educator
John Mercurio - Lecturer/Instructor, SDSU/San Diego City College
Anthony Rau
Shannon Morey
Judith K. Bass
Carolyn Burkes - s, Retired Teacher’s Union
Kimberly Olson - Rochester Public Schools
stephan rose
Donna Marie Smith - UFT - retired
Lavonne Plum - Curriculum Advisor, El Camino College
Robert Israel
Christine Fogler - Professor, Saint Peter's University
Nancy Sack - Retired educator, ACLU-CIO AFT
William V Patterson - Assoc Professor Emeritus
Garrett States - Owner, Concerts Intl Vocal/cting Studio LLC
Victoria Soli - HFT
VALERIE POWELL - Valerie Powell, Middle School
Ryan Jackson
Ken Rosen
Sarah Tiers - Sarah P. Tiers, Self
Carla Parker - Teachers Assigned, DOE
Jane Newton - Retired Teacher
William Day - Professor, Hillsborough Community College
Ruth Jane Stresewski
Sue and John Morris - Editide
Joann Ballor
David Roche - Mx
Amy Raus
Dave Kisor
Deborah Rinzler
Linda Nutile - Teacher
Jane Levin
Rhonda Green - N/A
Eric Hall - Professor of Biology, Rhode Island College
Patricia Fleetwood
Brook Finch
Jane Crist
David Daugherty
Eric Nunes - Multimedia Specialist, San Diego Community College District
John Cznadel
Irene Swidler
Pakita Leone - FEA NEA AFT
Charol Lane - Retired teacher & administrator, Sub for Santa Rosa City Schools (CTA)
Karen McNamara - President, Puyallup Education Association
John Keim - Musician’s Union Local 802, NYC
Carol Patton - former SLP, ASHA
William Mcgrane
Neilie Sternau - Social worker, BTHS 201
Nicholas Roache
Michael Gandolfo - President, PCTA AFT 7452
Angela Taylor
Esther Breslau
Patricia Lopez - Retired middle school teacher, CTA; NEA
Karen Doerr
Evan Kaiser - Assistant Professor, College of San Mateo
Michael Speciale - Field Representative, APEA/AFT 8050
Ana Carrier
cary helms
Pat Flahart - Pat Flahart, Retired Special Ed Teacher
Linda Almeranti - Retired Teacher, Detroit
Jessdine Hum - Teacher, UFT-NYCDOE
Michael Verzi - Associate Professor, Rutgers University
Debbie Schepis
patricia fullwood - Organizer, United Teachers of Dade
Veronica Lee - School Counselor, Duval County Public Schools
Anthony Lopez
Ellen Stowers - Prof., Retired
Rosa Joaquin
Edward Pohlert - Faculty Director, MiraCosta College
Victoria Soli - HFT
Marcus owka - AFT
Tiffany Brownlee-Allen - UTD
Jane Newton - Retired Teacher
Brandon Kozak
Karen McNamara - President, Puyallup Education Association
Milagros Roux - EWRSD
Tracey Brochin
Jolie Stepaniak - Henry Ford College
Janice Ehrenhaft
Gerald Kelly
Tom Snyder
Julius Luck - J_A_Luck
Irene Kempf - Retired Guidance Counselor, Carroll County Public Schools
Yamile Vasquez - Teacher, DOE
Raymond Torres - Conductor, MTA NYCT
Kelly Pier - Elementary Educator, Minneapolis Public Schools
kathy s
Gabriel Goris - Teacher, UFT-NYCDOE
JIvan Wolf
Charline Cupole - NEW HAVEN F OF T
Peggy Powell
Andrew Stricker - andrewstricker1
Ruvita Maharaj
Renata Baziliauskas - ms., aft
Linda Herring-Hill
Todd Matson - Student System Coordinator, Lane Community College
Carol Villarreal - Call for equality, Northside AFT
Charlene Tuff - Teacher, AFT
Elizabeth Eldridge
Troy Sessoms - Equipment manager, Montclair State University
Allyce Spindler
Patricia Daniels
MaryDana Gershanoff
Suzanne Petersen
Jill Rupert
Cheryl Owen - Chair, Democratic Women's Club of the Lake Area
Darrell McElroy - Darrell McElroy, Monroe-Woodbury Teachers Association
Richard Uyehara
Marian Comenetz
Mercedes Connor
Alice Pierce - Instructor, UEA
Richard Veenstra - Prof., UUP Upstate Medical University Chapter
Chris Graham - Teacher
Julie Rivchin - notouchhealing, UFT
Nola Hansen
Rory Pacak
Andrew Muss
Veronica Sutton - Retired, Uft
Kathryn Miles - First Hand, The Juilliard School
MaryAnne Marcello
Mary Rice
Pat J Harris
Sasha Greene
Frederick Lasker - Former Teacher, Education
Rob Doucette
Olivia Jackowich - Olivia jackowich
Shaun Griguts
Laurie Croker - Paraprofessional, Elementary School
Kathy Pope - Attendance Liaison, Cleveland Teachers Union Local 279
Vicki Brinkman - Retired, Lincoln Public Schools
Patricia Lopez - Retired middle school teacher, CTA; NEA
Evan Lowenthal - Classroom teacher, union rep., BATS
Kimberly Paige - Kensington Education Foundation
Suzette Morris - Paraprofessional, NYC DOE
Michael Manning
Annette Licitra - PSRP Writer, AFT
Nathasha Alvarez - Librarian, East Los Angeles College
Jordan Neiman
Renee Livingston - Teacher, American Federation of Teachers
Mary Nix
Claude Lafler - Supporter
Christine Doyka - School Psychologist, Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice
Barbara Ricketts - Teacher, UFT
Jane Ralph
Christina DeCuir
Victoria Villagran
Sharon Davis - Teacher, Rochester City school district
Angela Taylor
RICHARD OTT - Richard Ott, School District of Philadelphia
Carol Brewer Wickersheim - Retired teacher, Hackensack NJ
Katie Stark
Tom Schwartz - Tom Schwartz, KNEA Retired
Susan Pastin - Retired US government worker - trainer of staff
Carlann Copps
The Reverend Frank Sayford - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Barney Navas
Francine Lawrence - Teacher, Toledo Public Schools
Adriane Hatkoff
Vicki Eastland - Retired teacher, Parish Episcopal School
Debra Wollesen
Sally J. Moore - Retired Health & PE Teacher, School Diatrict of Philadelphia
Sara Stalman - Sara Stalman
KATHLEEN MAHER - Retired educator, NYSUT
Marisa Occelli - Teacher, Syosset School District
Peter Finger
Philip Calcagno - Associate Professor, Emeritus
Kathryn Ryan
Nancy Jeudy - Adjunct lecturer, New York City College of Technology
Annette Polk - Teacher, Fort Bend ISD
Charlene Tuff - Teacher, AFT
Lois Powers - Retired School Librarian, PFTR
Lynnette Chiotti - Educator (retired), Non-affiliated
Shirley Klein
Rod Boyd
John Lippitt
Steven Verschoor
Francis Kintz
Vanessa Rojas - Certification Officer, Lehman College
Veronica Sutton - Retired, Uft
Barbara Protopapa
Lisa Rosenkoetter
Laurie Croker - Paraprofessional, Elementary School
Janice Greenberg - Nurse Practitioner
Melisa Pinto - Teacher, Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School
sophia beydoun - MSN RN, Henry Ford College
Lillian Nordin
Richard Schulte - Professor, SDSU (retired)
Linda Kane - LCSW, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst
Sarah Mason - Sarah Mason/Teacher, Cincinnati Public Schools
William Fast
Stuart Weinstock - Adjunct Professor
Janice Abrams
Richard Alfonso - Maria C. Alfonso, AFSCME Retiree and Daughter of BEA Retiree
George Jimenez
Gary Neu
Amanda Levesque
Sarah Megan Howery - Special Education Teacher, AFT
robert rothman
Lisa Morse - Lisa Morse, College of Marin
Timothy Stinson
Steven Thompson
Elise Teitelbaum - s
Paula Wilmot - Assistant Dean of Students, University of Connecticut
Ruben Cerrillo
Charloyte Sheedy - President, Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency, Inc.
Kaitlyn Somerville - Teacher, PS 185
Michael Goldberg - Michael Goldberg, UFT
Mark Tooher - MR
Pamela Chelgren-Koterba - (retired)
Vanessa Pacquette - Educator
Cierra Foster
Mary Sue Bennett - Retired Principal, Bloomfield Elementary School, Bloomfield, New York
Charyl PoindexterCurry
Bill Van Eron - Chief Stakeholder Significance Adviser, Headwaters Marketing and Innovation
Helgaleena Healingline - AD, RDNA
Sandra Moed
Marie Elena Colmenares - Special Education Teacher, VCOE
Matt Brzezinski
Vincent Lapaglia - Vince LaPaglia, IFT
Shavonne Berkley - Instructional Coach, Baltimore City Public Schools
Irene Cottingham
Barbara Youngquist - Retired
Gina Mckenzie - Teacher, UFT
Janet Totten - Retired Special Ed Teacher
Charlene Ashley
Charlotte Pass - Associate Professor of Literacy, SUNY Cortland
Apolonia Carrasco
Chuck Graver
Lisa Bunting
Dorian Mitchem
CANDACE O'Neill - Me., O'Neill and Associates
Barbara Glazer - Professor Emeritus, CSU, Sacramento
Sally Muravchik
Jamie Polzin - United Federation of Titles
Matthew Ford
Kristin Duffy
Karen Hairston
Rose Bigham - Educator, American Federation of Teachers
Gia Murray
Annalisa Burch - Author, CosmicScents&BodyOils
Louise Page
Kathleen Roach - Kathleen Roach, Peru Assn of Teachers/NYSUT
Suzanne Wasilko
Yvette Simpson - Speech Teacher, NYC Department of Education
Rosemarie Joy
Susan Margolis - ESL Teacher, Self Help Community Services
Dale Warren
Sharon O`Boyle - Early Learning Specialist Tutor, Reading Corps
Aimee Levin
Deb Swartz - Irvingisd
Micheal Blankenship
Ruth Keitz - NEA-Retired
Laurie Sargent - DTA
Ken Hayden
Karen Adkins
Wanda Richard - President, United Teachers of New Orleans
Janet Cohen
Marissa Williford
Nicole Wagman
Carla Hess - Hospice RN
jerry buechler - President, Treasure Coast Citizens Climate Lobby
Lawrence East
Diane Kessler - Co-President, Merrick Teaching Assistants, Aides and School Monitor Association
Stephen Serafino
Will Mahoney-Watson - Adjunct Faculty, Portland Community College
Gloria Novak
Jan Cucchiarella - Board of Directors President, Garrison Art Center
Julia O'Connor
Randall Johnson - Retired / Conserned Citezen
Kathleen Freer - Kathleen Freer, retired educator
Michele Elchlepp - Teacher, Jesuit College Prep
Carlos Cardoso
David Shapiro - David Shapiro, Cascadia College
Angel Frechette - Angel Frechette, PCSD
Velica Humes - School Climate and Culture Consultant, Wayne RESA - Wayne, MI
Jacqueline Eliopoulos
Rosemarie Kuhn - AAUP
Joe Stillman - Teacher, NYC Dept of Education
Cara Borrelli - Cara Borrelli, Teacher
Thomas Doycich - Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Joan Goldfield
Katie Rosica
Susannah Sharp - RN, WSNA
Richard Wolfson - President, AFT Local 1904
Paula Schneeweis - Paula Schneeweis, Retired MN Teacher MEA/AFT
Linda Mendonca - RI College
Barbara Glazer - Professor Emeritus, CSU, Sacramento
John Surr - Director, Peace Educators Allied for Children Everywhere (P.E.A.C.E.).
Monica Romero Cortes - Monica Romero Cortes, Spanish Teacher
Kari Rivara-Sturchio
Norman Markowitz - Professor /History, Rutgers University
Suzanne Hall
Leslie Switalski
Pennysue Laster - PFT
John Tucker - St . Patrick Catholic School
Elizabeth Brion - Teacher, Charter School
Wayne Cole - Wayne Cole, NYCDOE
Gwendolyn Smith Parker - Teacher, CPS
Jacqueline Watson
Susan Worden
Jennie Blodgett - Teacher, Arlington Heights Nursery School
Marilyn Smart - Teacher, Retired Chapter
Roxanne Stroder
Trina Mason - School Social Worker, Detroit Public Schools Community District
Amy Bennett
Elizabeth Scott - Mother, wife, citizen
Henry Coleman
Kathy Jenkins - Professor, New Mexico Highlands University
Anthony Balchunas
Lauren Levy
Barbara Miller
Peter Falciglia - Teacher, NYC DOE
Sallie Donkin - Miss
Melissa Castner - Teacher, NAFT
Jasmin Gerer - Consultant Teacher, Alternative Family Education Santa Cruz
Marjorie Skidmore
Peter Schumacher
Diane Boyd - Retired teacher, AFT
Hannah Keturi - Hannah Keturi, AFT
Mary Dakin - Instructor, Portland Community College
Tony DeFilipps
Sorrell Mercoglan - LCSW, Mental Health Counselor, Flagler County Schools
Maria Piparo
Larissa Venzie
Len Richardson
Eric Tischer - Teacher, Norwalk Public Schools
JEFF KRANIG - Ally to public school educators, public school teachers, students, etc.
Priscilla Carlson
Samuel Newman
Emilie Bergmann - Professor Emerita, University of California, Berkeley
Angela Smale
Dennis Kelly - United Educators of SF
Fred Zang
Joan Chryst - Dublin City Schools, Ohio retired
Angela Thompson
Helen Morohovech - Special Education Teachet, Scranton School District
Shirley Kurtzman-lustig - New York City Department of Education
Claudette Schiratti - Sr., Sisters of Mercy
YANCY EDWARDS - Associate Professor of Marketing, Shippensburg University
Richard Ashton
Marianne Goldberg
Allison Enders - Reading Teacher, Syracuse City School District
Deb Roundtree - Lecturer, University of Michigan-Dearborn
David Pecoraro - President, Friends of Rosedale Library
Cathy Carroll - Special Education Teacher, School District of Philadelphia
Trina Mason - School Social Worker, Detroit Public Schools Community District
Evie Shockley
Velda Crawford - Teacher
Elisa Martinez
Peter Coutinho - Peter S. Coutinho, M322, NYC DOE
Cherria Plunkett - Teacher, Clarkton C-4 School District
Lore Weber - Lore Weber, ally
Michael Koskie - Northern Region Manager, APEA/AFT ALASKA
Victoria McDowell - Teacher, Loyola Village Fine and Performing Arts Magnet
Mary Myers
john lopez - P.E., President, Lopez Engineering, Inc.
Gail Ericson - Gail Ericson, U F T
Cynthia Hicks
Mona Inamina - Professional Staff, LA Federation of Teachers
paul zamek
Doris Oglesby - Retired, dept of the Interior
David Christian
Jose Alvarez De La Puente - Teacher, Columbus City Schools
Sam Scott
Marc Waters
Resa Gross - s
Brian Tiburzi - Associate Professor, City College CUNY
Katharine Sommerfield
joel esterman - Delaware county professional services
Christine Cunningham
Betty Samuels - betty samuels, uft
Barbara Onish
Jose Choquehuanca - N/A
sima Hashemifar - Founder, S. H. Journey
Janet Grays - MS. JANET GRAYS
Greta Rossi
Patricia Chan - Pharmacist, Retired
Lynda Gordon
Judy Gustin
Dora Garcia - s Dora Garcia
A. Henry Eliassen - Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Houston-Downtown
Lupita Williams - Lupia Willia Retired Teacher, NORWALK F OF T
Eveline Tapp
Patricia Blackmarr - Patricia Berger, retired LAUSD
Frank Curley - Volunteer, Elementary School
Yolanda Iglecias
cheri velto - Online Director, New Brighton ASD
L.L. Wilkinson
Robert Wesley
Joanne Delahanty
laurie e engle
AKEMI HAMAI - Teacher, ML King Middle School
Mike Saul
Wendy St. John - Lecturer, Sonoma State University
Karen Sampson
Eileen Waller - Teacher, New York City Department if Education
Kristen Jastremski - Social worker
Alex Small - History teacher, Love of Learning Homeschool
Nelva Williamson
Lisa Annecone
Ebby Canup
Ruth Grubb
Anthony Coleman
Allen Rozelle
Camille Smith
Diane Gonzales - ESL Instructor, Mission College, Santa Clara, CA
Paula Washington - United Federation of Teachers
Yolanda Lewis - Teacher-Librarian, Chicago Public Schools
Thea Pignataro
Onyeka Iloabachie
Robert Zitelli
Glenn Phillips - Retiree
Meg Carroll
Sandra Burson
Gloria Flores-Lugo - Retired Teacher, New York City DEPT of Education
MaryJo Wilkins - school nurse, Retired
Judy Ryder
Patti Herring
Bruce Neumann
Marlin Brown
Elizabeth Schutt - English Teacher & Dep't. Chair, Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School
Onycha Threadgill
Jacob Freund
Robin White - Retired teacher, San Ramon Valley Unified School District
Tony Raiber
Marilyn Sedita - teacher, uft
AFT Local 1904 Montclair State University - Emily J Klein, AFT Local 1904-Montclair State University
Brigitte Buissereth
Harriet McCleary - individual
Anne Atlas - Teacher, United Federation of Teachers
Dorothy Brooks
Alice Stehle
Roxane Dow
Neil Loewenstern - teacher, Education Austin
Lasana Kazembe - Assistant Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
Derek Johnson
Cynthia Loewy - Cynthia Loewy, UFT/AFT
Hannah Padilla Barajas - Hannah Padilla Barajas, San Diego Mesa College
Ellyn Saunders
Jon'Ta Frazier - Secretary, D219
Rebecca Stutzman
Sharon Sanker
Julie Garshwiler
Gisele Granados - Teacher
Sarah Weber - Programmer Analyst, SUNY
Jack Wells - Senior Policy Fellow, Northeast-Midwest Institute
Judi Gardner - Retired teacher, WIRTA
Barbara A. Baxter
Katy R. - retired teacher
Janice Parran
Pat Lang
Jasmine Flores - Teacher, IS 96
Susan Todaro - Sign Language Interpreter, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Rosanna Wagner - Teacher, NYC DOE
Maggie Adler
nan shannon
Carol Slotkin - Educator, West Sullivan United Teachers & SRP
Elora Tocci
Gail R Tirana - lecturer, hunter/cuny
Jennifer Iasillo - Speech-Language Pathologist, Port Chester School District
Carrie Campbell
Jane Finch
Jessica Mejia - HR Associate, UIC Bioengineering
Wanda Rivero - Teacher, NYC DOE
Anthony Scrimenti
Erika Barrero - Erika J. Barrero
Kaura Webb
Patricia Jackson - Head Start Educator II, MDPS
Marianne Brems
Scarlett Ahmed - Union steward, NY Public Employees Federation
TD Funck
Bonnie Knight - Austin ISD
Susan Petrey - Tutor, Unaffiliated
Cathy Maguire - teacher, AFT
Melissa Hardison
Wendy Yuille - Academic Interventionist, Detroit Public Schools
Rhiannon Hillman - Rhiannon Hillman, Highline College Faculty
Jeanette Alvarez - Paraprofessional, DOE
Dora Garcia - s Dora Garcia
MaryLou Sienko - MaryLou Sienko, NFT 1417 Neshaminy School District
Florence Boos - Professor of English, University of Iowa
Antoinette Bonsignore
Richard Rutherford - RichRutherford
Leslie Godfrey
Michael Carter - retired former educator
Ronald Johnson - Americorps Reading Tutor, Minnesota Reading Corps
Anneliese Schultz - Retired Teacher
Jeanne Robinson - Teacher, AFT
Lamoyne Biss
Yolanda Salgado - Occupational therapist, PS 106
James ashcraft
Mary Barker - Retired Teacher, NJREA
Bob Tripp - Retired teacher, Fairfax Co. Pub. Schools [last job]
William Macauley - Professor, Department of English, University of Nevada, Reno
Mary Loomba - Prof., Westchester Community College
Alisha G - Educator
IDA LYNCH - Retired Educator, UFT
Patricia Donohue
Crystal Barnett - Teacher, American Federation of Teachers
Allen Smith
Julie Fraad - Adjunct Lecturer, New York City College of Technology
Arynne Elfenbein - Ary_sue
K Anderson - Teacher, UTLA
Margo Owen - Margo R. Owen, Retired PFT
James Phipps - Science Teacher, PAEA
P.P. Soucek
Susan Sloan, M.Ed. - TeacherSloan
Cheryl Kallenbach
Aaron Warren
Michelle Cedeno
William Estrada
Paul Martin - Retired Teacher & Coach, Chesaning Mich Schools
Michael Fiorentino
Mary Loughlin - Occupational Therapist
Jeff Miller - mister
Sam Inabinet
John Gajewski
Shruti C
Kristen Mills
Daniel Lucchesi
Jeff Miller - mister
Megan Mckee - Megan McKee, CPS
Linda Riley Hathorne - Teacher, Detroit Public Schools Community District
Chiara Coburn
Theresa Gonzalez
Midge Harris - Social Worket, DOE
Kristen Mills
Kathy Huffman
Letitia Dace
Toni Paris
Stacy Hickox - Associate Professor, Michigan State university
Carole Miller
Helga Galli - Helga Galli, Retired Educator
Don and Cathy Dierkes - Retired teacher, LSFT
Phillip Hope
Richard Stern
Karen Carrigan
Judy Kajander - Judy Kajander
Nancy Burbeck
Pamela Goodman - Psychologist, NYC DOE
Noreen Adukonis - teacher, RPS
Elaine Levin
Leslie Getzinger - Assistant Direct, American Federation of Teachers
Angela Rodriguez - Ángela Rodríguez, Doe
David Dougherty
Melissa Browne - Librarian, UC Davis
Amber Eby
Peter Bent
Marita Begley
John Wallach - Professor of Political Science, Hunter College, City Univ. of New York
Jacquelyn Cofield - Teacher, Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools
Lori McElhaney
Kristel Buck
linda parker
Jocelyn Lechuga
Glenn McCaslin
Kathleen Antol - Kathleen Antol, School District of Lancaster
Alice Siegfried
Katherine Lauher - Teacher, School District of Philadelphia
Sfanley Beitler
Joan Giammarino - Speech pathologist, UFT
Stephen Monks - Labor Relations Specialist, NYSUT
Sandra Stein
Robin Hero
Nessa Arnold
Amy Smith
Joan Smelkinson
Randall Burgess - Teacher, Granite City School District #9
Marisa Plascencia-Contreras - Teacher, Poway Unified School District
Judith Robinson
V Mangum
Larry Jensen
Michael Russell
Linda Ost
Anna Releford - Lead Academic Advisor, Madison College
Sarah Schmidt
Alexis Holtzman
Natalya Pruitt - Teacher, Waterloo High School, Waterloo, IL
Kristee Tamulis
Sylvie Walker
Judy Mcmahon - retired teacher, UFT
Chris Stern - Educator and Writer
Evelyn Norwood - UFT
Ann Alden
Jennifer Connolly - Teacher, Granite City High School
Dick Russo
Sharon fauske - 3rd grade teacher, PVUSD
Boman Desai
Rosemary Ward - Self
Kean Dey-Foy - Kean Dey-Foy, Dept of Ed
Trayce McCullin-Bilal - Teacher, Newark Public Schools
Matthew Burds
Tamara Bramlett
Alejandra Dajani
Steven Vogel
Bob Nutt
Nicole Reese - Teacher, UTLA
Joyce Moore
HILLE NOVAK - Librarian, Univ. of SN FRncisco
Rebecca Wish Esche - Home
eileen Juric
Tredwell Burch - Retired Social Studies Teacher, NYSUT
Carmen Castaldi - Private lesson teacher, The Beck Center for The Arts
Pamela Jiranek - UVA
Neary Sim - Sr. Secretary, San Diego City College
Michelle Ramos - Teacher, NYC DEPT EDUCATION
Kristina Robertson - EL Program Administrator, Roseville Area Schools
John Najemy - Retired educator, Cornell University
Gail Melhado
Natalie Focha - Science and Math Teacher, Tilden Preparatory School of Marin
Marietta Duffy - SFT
Robert Turner
Carrington Petras
Diane Yules - teacher, UFT
Magalis Morales-Guzman - Speech Teacher/Evaluator, P.S.008 Luis Belliard/ CSET Evaluator
Laura Baugh - Laura Baugh, HFT
Sarah Clark
Mark L. Nelson
Jerry Liebermann
Rebecca Umstead - Speech-Language Pathologist, Syracuse City School District
J. Graff
Rose James
Sandra Langer - Director of Scholarship LGA, Legion Group Arts
Michael Dolber - Retired President, Bellmore-Merrick United Secondary Teachers (NYSUT)
Cynthia Hudley - University of California - Santa Barbara
Denise Menicucci
Jared Alderdyce
SAM FRANKEL - retired member, Berkeley Federation of Teachers
Uzoma Izunagbara - Rn n
Margaret Mathis
Constance Youens - NEA-R
Mary Albamonte - Retired teacher, Local 1211
David Downing
Gisela Hernandez - Teacher
John Wedge - Math Teacher, Petaluma City Schools
Nansi Weil - None
Katherin Tehelen - Teacher
David Dingledy - David Dingledy, Retiree/Boston,MA Public Schools
Rhoda Levine - Manhattan school of music
Lansing Davis
Laura Hastings - Laura Hastings, Champaign Unit 4 School District
Bill Hessell
Meredith Loftus - Teacher, Department of Education
Alicia Preston
Mari Beckman-Lau
William Harpham
Sabrina Smith - M.A. & B.S. Teaching and Teacher Education
michael zuckerman
Kenneth Dinkins
Cynthia Rotella - NYCDOE
Krista Lohr
Charles Plopper - Professor emeritus, UCDavis
Andrea Barriger - School Counselor, Belleville East High School
Hannie Corten - FUSE, New Rochelle
LaTonya Fort
Joan Morris - UFT
Mick Robinson
Luise Ranegan - Luise Ranegan, Uft
Talisha Hurks - Talisha Hurks, Detroit Public School Community District
Joan B. Bailey - Joan B Bailey, Retired Lawyer
Jane Jenkins
Laurine Cooke
Christine Nadeau
Edward Freeman
Lauren Flores
Hannah Shields - Adjunct professor, Lehman college
Darcy Skarada
Dave Frank - ORAU
Chris Baker
Pandora Flythe - Teacher, UFT
Imani Brathwaite
Sorahya Jouthe - Teacher, Doe
JANET HEIRIGS - Retired School Social Worker, Minneapolis Public Schools
Bob Marshburn - Retired professor
John Gusmano
Margaret Willis
SEVILLA HUGHES - Retired Teacher, NYC Public Schools
john Patches
Victoria Cross
Joe Pfister
Barbara Hibner - Barbara Hibner
Leslie Gomez - Teacher, Dept of Ed
Robert Blumenthal
Javier Roque - Teacher, CVISD
Melissa Dyer - Early Childhood Instructional Coordinator, NYC Department of Early Childhood
Debbi Wood
Kenneth Jacobson
Darlene Pelosi Deamer - FNP, UBHC
Brian Kaplan
Honorable David Tokofsky - Honorable, Associated Administrator of Los Angeles
Michele Bowles - 6th Grade Mathematics Teacher, Elmhurst, IL
Tom Lloyd - MR., Writemind,Inc.
Brad Peltzer
Thalia Lubin
Luise Ranegan - Luise Ranegan, Uft
Sherese Jackson - Special Education teacher
Laura Boss
jennifer horowitz - 3rd Grade Teacher and Head Building Representative, Harrison Association of Teachers
Katy R. - retired teacher
Magdelyn Brennan
Ivena Grantham - Retired teacher, Rta
Darllene McRae - Speech-Language Pathologist, NYC Dept of Education
Barbara Sadowski - s, Local 5049 Registered Nurses
Gwen Hadland
Thomas Hernandez
Nita Rinehart - former State Senator
Colleen Carter
Barbara Brown - AFT
Sorahya Jouthe - Teacher, Doe
Tracy Kirshner - School Psychologist, DOE
Diane Wilson - Reading teacher, District 76-Chicago
Leilani DiCato - Miss
Ann Krantz
Rita Jacobs - retired teacher, NYC Dept of Education
Colleen Horvay
karens stone - Professor, Pratt Institute
Kayanda Eddings
Leslie Gomez - Teacher, Dept of Ed
Madeline Kronenberg
D Flo
Sara Lan - Speech Therapist, NYC DEP OF EDUCATION
Michael Bondoc - mikeybondoc
Brian Leidy - PhD
Sheila O Shea - Teacher, Columbia University
Carlene Behmer
Pandora Flythe - Teacher, UFT
Brooke Shanley - East Aurora Council of AFT Local 604
Clay Kirk
Cleo Harrison - Cleo Harrison, Jehovah Jireh Outreach Ministry
Tara Barca - Adjunct Assistant Professor, CUNY SPS
Rob Gallinger
David Eifler - Member, UC-AFT Local 1474
Carol Devoss
Susan Peeples
Darrell Lausche - Ohio Federation of Teachers
Kelly Harland - kelhland
Leon McAllister - Teacher, NYCDOE
Susan Grimes
Mia Laudato
Traci Stout - public school teacher, Gresham-Barlow School District
maxine sheets-johnstone - Courtesy Professor, University of Oregon
Nancy Boyer-Kellermann
Eric Rader - Henry Ford College
Lynn Goodnough - Lynn Goodnough, Bristol Elementary School
Kathleen Myers - Retired teacher, KY Education Association
Sheryl Mills
Susan Horton - Secretary, Retired from School District U46
John Flanagan - Teacher, UESF
Kay Wilkie - Secretary-Treasurer, NYS Public Employees Federation
Edward Neely - ally
Elizabeth Kramer - Teacher, Pittsford Central School District
April Warwick
Sandra Woodall - s
Beth Miles
Lorraine Gemigniani - Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate
John Hammel
Kailey Kefi
Raul Barriera
Mariann Kronyak - President, Carlstadt education association
Mark Salamon
Isabel Berkelhammer
Ron Cavin
Jennifer Keynan - Teacher, NYC DOE
Mike Wolfson
Jeffrey Rollins - President, Jeffrey R. Rollins, P.A.
michele manno
Barbara Hogan - Teacher
Tony Barbee
Marvin Feil - SELF
Wendy Ebersberger
alexis holbrook - Teacher, NPEA
Melissa Schultz Ahearn - Teacher, Horseheads Middle
Teresa Thompson - University of Dayton
David Temkin - David Temkin, BAT
Adalberto M. Araiza
Thom Decant
Monica Falkin - Adjunct Professor, Kean university
Marjorie Paller
Martin Harris
Rose Alexis
Clint Martin
LaDeanna Simek
Becka Cooling - Librarian, Glendale College
Harriet Applegate - Executive Sec'y, North Shore AFL-CIO
Grace Ann Charles - Teacher, Dept of Education
Lynn Goodnough - Lynn Goodnough, Bristol Elementary School
Jered Cargman
Carol Wagner
Deborah Benson - D
Victor Paglia - NEA
Crystal Ferraiolo
Lisa Amowitz - Professor, Bronx Community College
Cathleen Larsen - Cathleen Larsen, MFT 1478
claudia Morera - s, Houston Federation of Teachers
Pamela Scott - Registered Nurse
Lauren ManciniAveritt - ManciniMeriden, Meriden Federation of Teachers
Ozala Mazar
Beth Kopelowitz - ENL Teacher, PS 215 Brooklyn, NY
Robert Blackey - Cal State Univ. San Bernardino
Brian Tucker
John Kirkbride - Retired Principal, Ohio
Peter Townsend
Cathryn Sakiyama
Bianca Walters
Jessica Jacobs - s Jessica Jacobs, UFT
Theresa Lally
J Davis
Diana Morgan - Teacher, CUEA
Deborah Whitley
Anthony Cooper - High School Science Teacher, Lisbon Teachers Association
Adrienne Oberndorfer - Speech/Language Therapist, UFT
Kristine Plisga
Vincent Tarducci - Union Official, APWU
Robert Morgenstern - Nat rep, AFT Great Lakes Region
Cynthia Fortlage
Robert Hodge
Ron Zanger
Ellen Amsterdam-Walker - Professor Emerita, Sonoma State University
Frank Cannon
Tracie Polinard
John Wiseley
Deborah Duenas
Aaeron Robb
Pete Compton - Pete Compton, Retired engineer/scientist
Jessica Abbey
Brenda C Bell
Elizabeth Enright
Maurice Stewart
Laura BRODSKY - Speech Pathologist, UFT
LINDA BARLEY - Professor, Chair, The City University of New York, York College
Ken Sharp
David Barrymore - CEO, IMS Cloud, Inc.
Steven Razin - Rabbi, Jack M Barrack Hebrew Academy
John Bohuniek - Croton Teachers' Association
Harry Miller - retired, UFT
Judith Eyal - teacher
Lisa Brady - Teacjer, NYCDOE
Rae Jagoda- Binsack - Wayne Teachers
Emily West
Kim Hamilton
Peter Sullivan - Teacher, Aft
Patrick Twomey
Claudia Morales
Cleo Harrison - Cleo Harrison, Jehovah Jireh Outreach Ministry
Ceola Ross Baber - Retired Professor
Tammie Payette - Educator, Nashua Teachers’ Union
Andrea Siegel
Paula Stryjewski - NYC DOE School Secretary
B.Aileen McCune - NEA
Veneranda Anest - Educator, Veneranda Anest
Nisa Wallace
JoEllen Rudolph
Elizabeth Beuthel - n., Retired, Bellevue WA school district 405
Christine Doolittle - NYSUT/AFT/NEA Retired
Ellen DeMarco
Kristin Archer
Megan Hale
Rosemary Swan
Dom Gisotti
Eric Karahalis
John Bohuniek - Croton Teachers' Association
Trina Zeigler - paraprofessional, uft
Jeffry Weathers - High School Teacher
Michelle Bell - BSN, RN, DNC, The University of Vermont Medical Center
Eileen Rence - Former teacher
Kimberly Popken
Dana Ash - Director of Special Services, Harvey School District 152
Rangelo Richards - School Social Worker, Pinellas County Teachers Association
Cynthia Faust
Susan Meaker - Teacher, Cleveland Metropolitian School District
John Martin - PSC-CUNY
Deborah Hawkins - Deborah Hawkins RN, PFNHP
Karen Krussow - Retired PSRP, Education Minnesota
Jose E Lago
Edward Rengers
Carol Warren
Bruce Miller - attorney, law firm
ALVA ABDUSSALAAM - Educator, District of Columbia Piblic Schools
Colleen & Joe - Pocan O'Meara
Sarah Wilfong - RN, Healthcare
John Bohuniek - Croton Teachers' Association
Virginia Faiella - Teacher, Retired
John Hess - Senior Lecturer II, University of Massachusetts Boston
Raymond Urbach
Quintessa Orsot - Teacher, Houston
Sasha Samuels
Cynthia Colletta-Schloss - Schloss, Retired Teacher
Julie Armstrong - Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers Local 36 Retirees
Cathy Leibovitz
Sharon Troseth - RN, WSNA
Nancy Chicola - Associate Professor Emeritus, SUNY Buffalo State
Connie Lowber
Michael Johnson - WMichaelJohnso1
Penelope Andrews
Helen Chan
Laura Leipzig
Patricia Williams - Retired Teacher, P.S.155Q Chapter UFT
Nick Hammer
melinda stackpoole - Publisher, Best Version Media
Cheryl Salisbury
Eric Durbin - Teacher, Olympia School District, Olympia, WA
Blanca Izaguirre - Counselor, Dept of Ed NYC
Laura Neustaedter
Wayne Harris - Professor, Retired
Dixie Lee Whetsell Whetsell
Barbara Simon Harris - retired
Shirnell Wilson - Teacher, Retired
LaTisha Scott - Teacher, DFT 231
Nancy Tanzi - NJREA
Dan Montgomery - President, Illinois Federation of Teachers
Terry Tedesco
Sarah Suval - Counselor, Jefferson
Crystal Ronald - RN, Seattle Children's Hospital
John Martin - PSC-CUNY
Steven Ramar
Barbara Mesney
Patricia Strauss - Patricia Strauss, Mel-NAP Schools
Sydney Lipez - Teacher, Scarsdale Schools
Doris Vega - Retired Teacher, United Federation of Teachers
Deb Dagavarian - Adjunct Professor, Stockton University
Gail Thursby - SLP, Lowell Public Schools
Dorcas Williams - Associate Professor, I'm retired.
Nancy Hoffman
Amanda Green
John Medina - John Medina, Teacher
Wayne Pipke - 4200R
J. Box
John Martin - PSC-CUNY
k watts
Maricela Vital-Becker - Administrative Assistant, El Camino Community College District
Merelyn Dolins
Tammi Mack - Seattle Public Schools
Mary Deceault - Retired teacher
Joan Sitnick
Marilyn Manley - Uft / aft
Tega Toney - AFT-WV
Johnathan Beans
Gia Vallone - Teacher, Rochester City School District
Mary Gathman
Elan Carlson
Gary Baudino
Karen Olden
Sarah Hazzard - A
Amy Geiger - Amy Geiger, KLDTA President
Frank and Patricia Devaney - Retired teachers, Dept. of Education
Paul Schultz
Samantha Rosado-Ciriello - President, Yonkers Federation of Teachers
Jason Krosinsky - Teacher, McKinley Middle School
Jane Fritz - Faculty, St. Joseph's College
Yixia Lu - Professor, South Suburban College
Eve Sweetser - Professor, University of California, Berkeley
Jean Gore
Joseph Lutz - Grand Haven Area Public Schools
Carol Fly
Mary Morrison
Brad McKenzie - Professor Emeritus, University of Manitoba
Gay Burton-Cox - Teacher
LeShawna Coleman - AFT PA Treasurer, PFT Local 3
Norene Tews
Jon Morris - English Teacher, UECSD
Barbara King
sharon statter - Teacher
James Richards - Retired, City of wausau eng. dept.
Elizabeth Carvalho
Laurie Fisher
Ralph Glick - Retired
Rasmus Erdal - Retired, UFT
Rachel Fretz - UCLA
Robert Racine
Dave M
Irene Cook - retired teacher, ABQ public schools
Carolyn Gooden-Spearman
Mary-Lou Jenkins - Retired Registered Nure
Katherine Robinson - Retired school nurse, Hammond public schools
Sarah Hamilton - Executive Director, AFT Colorado
Herman AND LINDA Stavis - NEA
Victoria Fairbanks
Linda Brosh - School Nurse, NUSD
Susan Stephens
Gwendolyn MaturoGrasso - Retired Syracuse Teacher
Emily J Klein, AFT Local 1904-Montclair State University
Hava Gurevich - Director, Art2art Circulating Exhibitions
Molly Lazarus - Retired Teacher Librarian, San Francisco Unified School District
Michelle Ku
Linda Savidge
Sarah Arbitrio - Ossining Teachers Association
Tammy Johnson
Teresa Mcclure
Linda Gardner
Johanna Daggett
AFT Local 1904 Montclair State University - Emily J Klein, AFT Local 1904-Montclair State University
Emily Gibson - Teacher, Oakland Unified School District
Carolyn Gooden-Spearman
Tina Zepeda - Retired educator, Kaiser Permanente
James Chalfant - James Chalfant
Arlette Gomez - Elementary teacher, EASD131
Rose Aaron
Fran Dorman
Angela Bridgewater
Kim Hunsberger
Richard Marceau - IAM
Lawrence Wittner - Professor of History Emeritus, SUNY/Albany
Lucas Klein
Alan Townsend
Adienne Bonosevich - Adrienne Bonosevich, MOMS Demand Action For Gun Sense Laws
Andrea Persaud - Social worker
Max Hembd - Faculty, AFT
Stephen Kroeger - Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati
Annissa Olsen - Executive Director, Corvallis Youth Symphony Association
Shannon Anderson - School Counselor, Detroit Public Schools Community District
Barbara Carr
Susan Kozar - Susan Kozar Retired Teacher, Taylor Federation of Teachers
Steve Miller - professor, UAB
Ginny Krystel
Sarah Soebbing - Faculty, Henry Ford College
Kelly McDermott - Reading Recovery teacher leader, Boston public schools
Flor Banks
Catherine Oriani - HS English Teacher, Garden City HS
Adriana Baltazar
Merle Molofsky
Constantino Lopez - AFT 1821
John (Terry) Van Brunt III - Unitarian Universalist Association
Jesse Fox
Iris Robertson
Greg Kay
William Dane - Black Lives Matter is Us!, BFT
Lindsay Keith - speech-language pathologist
Theresa Murray
MICHAEL FRIEDMAN - Teacher, United Federation of Teachers
Eric Myrvaagnes - Prof. Emeritus, Suffolk Univ.
Amanda Eastman - Social Work, Kaiser
Henry Goff
Diane Croom
jody berman - Jofy Berman, Broward Teachers Union
Andrew & Kathleen Wittenborn
Bruce C Switzer - U of A
Teresa Berg - Peoria Public Schools
Lynda Reeves - Counselor, San Diego Continuing Education
Christine Botti
Maria Cady - Library Media Sp, Elementary School
TANYA AUSTRIE - Teacher, Elementary School
Mike Kelly
Lisa Kagan
Cornelia Teed
Erin Haugh
David Friedman - Teacher, NYC Dept. of Education
Aloysius Wald
Lauren Council
Carmen Perez
Jacquelyn Hall - Professor Emerita, UNC-Chapel Hill
Shirley Yates - Executive Board, AFSCME Retirees
Carla Holguin
Carney Maley - Maley, UMass Boston
Ann Harbison - Retired teacher, Tuba City Unified School District
Mark Cappetta
Leoteen Stevens - Retired Teacher
Katherine Clark - Teacher, Newark Public Schools
Roxanne Butler
Alison Lipman - Lecturer, UCLA
Octavio Garcia
Susan Harmon
Beti Webb Trauth - California School Employees Association
Michael Campbell - Photographer, Freelance
Jennifer Cousino
Richard Nochimson - Professor Emeritus, Yeshiva University
Kathryn Lambros
Roger Wilson
Evelyn Skinner - RN, Retired
susan smartt - Susan Smartt, Bear Valley Unified School Board
Eleanor Goldman
Iris Addison
Michael Lopez, Sr.
Colleen Flanagan - RN
Lucinda Blackwell - Retired Food Service Manager., Portland public Schools Portland, Maine
Adam Harding
Jennifer Somma-Coughlin - Teacher, Western Suffolk BOCES
Eilene Janke
William Welkowitz
Tina Bartlett
Ellen Sanford
Patricia Wynne
Ellen Mintzmyer
Pat McNeeley - Former Educator - Currently Retired
Elak Swindell
William Lee
Michele Merrick
Jim Czerniak
Maggie Mora
Alicia Donofrio - Teacher, NYC DOE
Yolanda Ramalho Ramalho
michael villanova
Sara-Jane Wilson
Noreen Fujita-Sacco
Natalie Norton - Special Education Teacher, Nekoosa School District, WI
Kym Larkin - Teacher, ABC Unified School District
Anne Cummins - School Social Worker, Berwyn South School District 100
Leanore Adams - Middle School Teacher, Retired, Closter, NJ
Raeleigh Payanes - SFMG
Maria Terrasa - Teacher, Broward Schools
Debra Kowalski - Elementary Teacher, OFT
Jonathan Goulet
Greg Sells
Shawn Patton
Sheila Slater
Maria Gonzalez
Nancee Noel
William Snyder - Professor of Natural Resource Conservation, State University of New York Morrisville
Maria Puff - Teacher, NYC DOE
Anne Cummins - School Social Worker, Berwyn South School District 100
Robert Cassinelli
Cima Katz - Professor emerita, University of Kansas
Richard Sanchez
Mark Lolli
Robert Applebaum
Liz Leske - RN, Multicare
Mary Sue Bunch - Mary Sue Bunch, NEA retired
Mireya Baldenegro
Joseph Corbett - Professor, Rhode Island College
Rena Bransten
Sandra K Ames
Dawn Szlosek - Library Media Specialist, Lewisville ISD
Jasmine Jensen - Business owner
Debbie Dehlin
Ellen Gentilviso - UFT
Margaret (peg) Church - Counselor, Cabrillo College
Allegra Roohan - Social worker, NYC DOE
Jennifer Harrison - mrs
Julius Anderson
Helen Ogilvie - Teacher, Westmoor High School
Dean Rasinya - President, Concerned Residents of Bay Ridge
Melissa Nathan - Teacher, UFT
Husne Jahan - Adjunct Instructor, De Anza College
Giuseppa Puccio - Retired Para, PS 177 Queens
Claire Gadbois
Andrea Talbutt - Retired Teacher, YFT
Helen Arnolds
Beverly Horowitz - York College
Jake Baker-Brown
Chris Cannon
Mary Beth Domachowske - Retired Elementary Teacher, Syracuse City School District
Tina Gitary
Alan Lubin - EVP emeritus, NYSUT
Janet Brooks
Beth Herndobler
Michele Baron
Maria R Robles
Alan Singer
Mary Green - Paraprofessional, Alliance AFT
Bernard Catalinotto - Co-founder and member of leadership team, Mill Valley Community Action Network Mvcan.org
Patricia Foxall
Blair Whitcomb - Retired teacber, Poway HS, CA
Judith R Holmes - VP, Nysut Retiree Council 39
Susanne Hesse & Doug Dyer
William Chavez
Grace Moser - Associate Professor, St. Charles Community College
Carla Petroro
AB Hartdegen - Director of CTW, NEIU
Jerry Weiss - Instructor, Art Students League of New York
Melissa Ambrose
Orinda Daughtry
Damian Velez - AFT Union Member
Marianne Lappin
Sarah Habel - Teacher, CSD
Dave Geiger
Julia Guttilla - President, Bergenfield Education Association
Ann Brady
Annie Callender
Katherine Healy - Katherine Healy
Maureen North
Melissa Fleming - BXborn_Metsgal
Louise Kaufman
Valentino Weiss
Kristina Bradwell
JULIE COHEN - Itinerant DHH Teacher, Berkeley Unified School District
Cecilia Taylor - Retired Registered Nurse
Pamela Hughes - s, Retired
Linda Zwerin - Teacher, NYC Department of Education
Anne Bucher
Sabrina Brown
Alexandra Naim - Alexandra Naim, Cincinnati Public Schools
Maureen Ingram - BSN, RN, AFT CT
Laurie Rowan
Alfrieda thompson
Eleanor Taniguchi
Valentino Weiss
Kimberly Dixon - PFT 400
Michael Zitolo - NYCDOE - Bard High School Early College Manhattan
Jerry Kessinger
Sr. Marie Ostry - Sister
Daniel DiMartino - Teacher, PFT
Soo Becchina
Antoinette Emch
Rev. J. L. Franklin - President, SWLCCA
Eric Lehman - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Queens College/CUNY
jay falconer - CTA
Pam Singer - NYCDOE
Karen Arthmann - President, Rush-Henrietta Paraprofessionals
Mohammed Shayib - LSC Cy Fair
Keith Crumbo
Judy Schlichting - Retired teacher
Ronald Dibble - Ally
Carolyn Killings - Retired Union Representative, SEIU
Rosie O'Brien
Mark Richard - Professor, United Faculty of Miami-Dade Community College
Janet McGarry
Ashley Rowe - Teacher, Allentown School District
John Petroni - self
Margaret Siewert - UFT
Mary Green - Paraprofessional, Alliance AFT
Paul Cheney
Amy Fowler - Retired teacher
Davida R Schuman - Professor, Kean Federation of Teachers
Laurie Wallace-Lanham - Ex teacher, Montgomery county schools
Russell Blount
Judith Schneider - decor71
Sonia John - Teacher, Dept. Of Education
Gene Clements - Retired, College of Marin
Deb Rowe - Retired School Counselor
sheryl nomelli - Associate History Professor, Los Angeles Pierce College
Jeanne Ismail - Teacher, Yonkers Public Schools
Kathleen DeGoey - TEACHET
Christine Check
Kim VanSchoonhoven
Alex Alicea - Educational Assistant, NYCDOE
Jennifer Porter - Artistic Director, Saco River Theatre
Richard Finger - Richard Finger, retired - NEA, MEA
Shirley Boswell - National Education Association
Jonathan Putterman - Teacher, Archer Elementary School
George Pieczenik - Professor, Rutgers AAUP
David Stevens
Chris Gabel - University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire
Melissa Longo - Gr.2 ESL, Providence RI Public Schools
Donna Abram - s
Andrea Herbster - Retired teacher, Abbott Middle School
Emanuel Otero - HFT
Carol Carlson - Retired
Katie Karlson - FNP
Melanie Kuhn - Purdue University
Phyllis Oshikawa
Marilyn Thompson
Jonathan Singer - Professor, New York University
Richard Strongoni
Deanna Christiansen
Lauren Wilson
Russell Petricka - Math Skills Center Supervisor
Geri Ott - Teacher (Retired), School District of Lee County, FL
Benita Smith - AFSCME
Kathi Rosenberg - Purchasing Manager, Oakton Community Collece
Jo Ann McGreevy - Retired
Cheryl Bing-Howard - Cheryl Bing-Howard, UFT
Bonnie Khavaran - Member, SEA
Nancy Aita - President, Aita & Associates Insurance Marketing, Inc.
Mary Kaes
David Coulter
Marie Del Angel-Cole
James Hansler
Linda Davin
Carol Gutekanst - Teacher, District 207
Ernestine Ledbetter - Retired educator
jennifer nassiri - s
Marcia Edmonston - Retired elementary school teacher, Goshen Central School
IRENE WERNICK - Irene Wernick
Dennis Fenner
Gordon Nary - Editor, Profiles in Catholicism
Neil Allen
colleen Arcodia - VCIL
Herbert Gittens - General Secretary, BUT Barbados
April Harris
Matt Harding - Teacher, Local 604
Joshua Seff
Shirley Nelson - Shirley Nelson, AAUW
Helen Williamson - Retired Elementary School Principal, Mt. Diablo Unified School District, Contra Costa County, CA
MARY Adou Gbougbo - Paraprofessional, Special School District
Cristina Gillis - Teacher, EPISD
Melissa Selzer
Arthur Noble
Diane Jouppi
Elaine Thomas - UFT
Jill um
Melissa Matthews - Ally
James Davis - Professor of English, Brooklyn College - CUNY
April Hejka-Ekins - Retired Professor Emeritus, California St
Michael Lonergan
Kimberly Constable - Teacher & Advisor, Washingtonville High School
Susan Epstein - Miami Dade College
Ron Liggett
Denise Y. Dean-Smith - Educator p, Philasd
ro robinson - registered nurse, retired
Theodore Timmins - Guidance Counselor Retired, NYC Dept. of Education
Chandra Gardner - Middle School English Teacher at Gilbert A. Dater High School, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers
Doreen LeBel
Steve Schueth
Roxanne Boyle
Kate Hermann-Wu
Phillip Camera
Bob Brucker
Lauri Affrunti - Teacher, SVUSD
Debbie Richardson
Jess Walker
Lisa Repensky
Edwatd Williams - Magnet Coordinator, Lausd
Chris Maniates
Regina Keifer
Jeff Enterline - Activist
Jason Moritz - Certification Officer, Albion College
Susan Kute
Kariana Brown
Kate Raso - Social Studies Teacher, South Colonie Schools
Jillian Sang
April Hejka-Ekins - Retired Professor Emeritus, California St
John Ivens - Retired Psychology Professor
Edward Doogan
Nick Palazzolo - Teacher, Central High School
Eileen Cullen - Special Education Teacher, Retired Newtown Public Schools Teacher
Karen Wathen - Alpine School District-retired
Herbert Gittens - General Secretary, BUT Barbados
Freda Ballas
Laura Kinnamon
Kathleen Zane
Rima Rosenthal
Stephanie Eberhard - Teacher, Bayport Blue Point Teachers' Association
Betsy Smith - Retired Adjunct Professor of ESL, Massachusetts Community College Council
Mary Ellen Bruening
Pamela Taylor-Montgo - Pamela Montgomery, Brevard county schools/ Legacy Academy
Sue Adams
Joel Nobel - TEACHER, UFT
Beth Blumberg - Head Coach, Western Mass ARML
Yanira Rodríguez
laura ryan - teacher, UFT
Steven Black - Washburn University retired
John Markon
Judith Mercer
Algis Balinskas - Algis Balinskas
William Maze
Martin Daly - President, New Rochelle F.U.S.E.
Elinor Liberman
Danis Frombach
Nathan Schrader - Adjunct Lecturer, Hunter College
Heidi Stinebrickner - Union President, Shenendehowa Teachers Association
Claudia Schimel
Bette Plant
Andrew Smith
Kathie Batesole
David Kline
Harry Stone - retired teacher
Victoria Miller
Elise L
Julie Niño-newman - Bilingual educator, Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers
Matthew Blackwood
Sara Faitel
Barbara Esposito
Elise L
Doris Hanel - Retired Teacher
Anita Lemos - School Psychologist, AFT-R
Magdalena Ezoe - Retired professor
Kathleen Wilbur
Mary Lou Conca - Substitute Teacher/Paraeducator
Cobra Cox - Fair Hearing Specialist, New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
Francis Walch - Paraprofessional, Retired
Shari Johnson - PFT
Hannah Johnston - Hannah Johnston, MPEC
Seva Amos - Educator para, UFT Local #2
Alan Hollister
Tracy Lyman - Tracy Lyman, Houston Independent School District
Miriam Townsend - Teacher, McKinley CLA
Lisa Stone - educator, Kehillah High
david kersten
Barbara Lenarcic - Sister, Sisters of the Humility of Mary
Wanda Lundy-Colquitt - Wanda Lundy-Colquitt, DFT
Shameka Brantley - Fairfax County Public Schools
Emily Rothman
Ralph Billick
Barton McGee
John Singer - Nobe
Alison Brady - Retired Art Teacher, School District of Philadelphia
Rebecca Weeks
Elliot Haim - Teacher, NYC Dept of Ed
Louise Yohalem - Retired Executive Director of Development, Union County College
Elizabeth Ramsey
Holly Neely
angad singh - BaltimoreMoveon
Tom Tillisch
Patrick Farrell
Heather johnson - Retired elementary teacher, CFT
Barbara Young
Jeff Hanna - music teacher, The Rhythm Inlet
Eldon McKie
kristen haley - adjunct professor, pasadena city college
Alyssa Palmer
Sheila Siegel
Bill Holt
Glenda Lilling
Larry Vance - Instructor, Milwaukee Area Technical College
Charlotte cook - retired
Denise Croomes - Crisis intervention Supervisor, Westside academy
Nancy Moody
Louise Tokarsky-Unda - Instructor of social studies and anthropology, SCVTHS
gralin jerald
B Manfre - School Psychologist, Cicero School District 99
Iris Raeshaun - Teacher, HISD/Hilliard ES
MARIA FLORES - Early Childhood Consultant, Mia Early Ed Consulting & Training
Jeff Wersal-Lavelle
Jane Cottey - Librarian, NEA
Nancy Pope - Retired teacher
Mary Zamagni
Courtney Kiernan - Teacher, PS 58
Elizabeth Mamrosh - Retired School Secretary - Elizabeth Mamrosh, NYC Board of Education
Martin Gilbert
Connie Chew - Connie Chew, self
Maude Campbell - Teaching Assistant, United Federations of Teachers
Judy Kushner - Retired teacher, Elmont UFSD
Micki Carbone - Computer Science, The Ursuline School
Rosie Hinnebusch
Gail Gibson - Gail Gibson, NTA
M Larue
Edh Stanley
Barbara Ehler - MD
larry abrams
Tina Bruckert-Frisk
Pamela Brown - Teacher, retired, Menasha Joint Sch District, Wisconsin
Carletta Jones - Teacher/Union President, Natchitoches Federation of Teachers/School Employees
John Crombie
Joseph Gulas
James Cooper
Ron Ives
Tina Foster - Teaching Assistant
Michael Toth - Teacher, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
Gail Bieschke
Eileen Kanefsky
Kimberly Barry - President, Lawrence Teachers Union
Kathleen Wicker - Daughter of a Master Teacher
Jacqueline Ronchetti - UFT
Maude Campbell - Teaching Assistant, United Federations of Teachers
Nicole Dobronski
Karen Raybe - Food and Beverage Manager, Wawa
C. Yee
Charles Woodfin
Hooman Larimi
Mary Touhey - Teacher, Roosevelt High School Yonkers NY
Patricia Wile - Retired Special Ed. teacher, LAUSD
Cody Goin
Heidi Prather - Teacher, Aldine ISD
Sheldon Raskin
Mary Ann Hoefler
Marc P Handelman - Chair, Art & Design, Associate Chair, Art & Design / Associate Professor, Painting, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University
Elizabeth Merwin - Social Studies Teacher, Fredonia High School
Lilia Reyna - Teacher, Klein ISD
Craig Miller - Professor Emeritus, retired
Ken Box - Retired, AFT
Madeline Martinez
Roni Ben-Nun - Professor, Bronx Community College CUNY
Gerald Gehl - MD, retired
J. Cook
Olive Josuweit - Olive Josuweit, American Federation of Teachers
Roberta Young - Professor, Westchester Community College
Keith D'Alessandro
Judy Nicol
Elisabeth Inomata - ESL Teacher, Fort Lee
Cheryl Villante
Carol Parker - Healthcare/ phlebotomist, Aft
Catherine VCarpenter
Helen Kim
Vivian Shayne - Retired
Jo Salo
Amy Scarola - Educator, UFT
Marshall Krauthamer
Cam Kilgour - Teacher, Toronto District School Board
Martin Rosenblum - Retired teacher, UFT
Maggie Zwettler - Retired teacher, Cobb Co. Schools, GA
Michele Davidson - Michele Davidson, Northampton Area School District
Sharon Danziger
Mark Soenksen
Mia Pia - teacher, public school
Arlene Zuckerman
Martha Wedeking - Martha Wedeking, RN, Overlake Hospital Medical Center
Norm Mika
Arelis Carrion - Teacher, Department of Education (PS 169K)
Kevin Coogan - Adjunct, Gateway
Shirley Douglass - Retired
Beate Kampf - Retired Speech Pathologist, Public Schools
Edwin Aiken
Susan Kautzer - Retired teacher, Dupo school district
Frank Colone - Chairperson, Retired Teachers Chapter, NTA
Carol Whaley - Adjunct Professor, San Diego City College
Whitney Hodge - Teacher, Wesley ES
William Conger
Anne Shelton
Kermit Brown
Mara LaViola - Communications Director, Texans for Special Education Reform
Brad Snyder - Science Teacher/Outdoor-Environmental Educator, Middle Schools/YMCA
Diana Cruz
Ashley Lierman
Kathryn Bluhm
Irma Jurado
Kenneth Braunstein - UFT
Hannah Borgeson - Director of Graduate Affairs, Spitzer School of Architecture, City College of New York
G. Dale Mathey - Retired Teacher
Roberta Shwartz
Theresa Taylor
Christine Saraceno
Douglas West
Michael Furey
Charles Happel
Felecia Slappy - Teacher, DFT-231
Tara Porter - Para Educator, Education
Janet Handford
Lois Pryor
Sharon Chakoian - Teacher, IEA/NEA
Gail Apfel
Douglas Larkin
Arelis Carrion - Teacher, Department of Education (PS 169K)
Constance Palaia-Marr - School Librarian, OSEA
Lori Stefano
Joshua Skolnick
Katherine Gillies - Katherine Gillies, D219
Fred Evans - Professor, Duquesne University
nicole trotta - ms.
Deric McGee
Lisa Hughes
Ellen Heyman - Teacher, Edward R Murrow High School
Gerda Etienne Vaval - Gerda Etienne Vaval, Member of the UFT
Lenora Thomas
Darold Johnson - Director of Legislation and Political Action, Ohio Federation of Teachers
Sophie Rocheleau
Gladys Halper - CSA
I. Engle
Elaine Berman - s
Nelly Frances
Robert Perlmutter - Robert Perlmutter, Retired
Marthie Delacruz
Rosaleen Riordan - Occupational Therapist
Linda Zugenbuehler
Elizabeth Ishmael
Louis Scala
Jennifer Travieso
Kathy Simpson - ELA Content Specialist, Ulster BOCES
Patricia Brosnan
Mara LaViola - Communications Director, Texans for Special Education Reform
Lindsey Frederics
Lydia Tanenhaus
David Frankowski
Anna Witt-Kite
Karen Kirschling
Rosadelle Perez
Cheryl Pohl
Ellen Yousey - Saranac lake teacher's Association
Max Strieb - Teacher, Smithtown Teachers' Association
Jeannette Hagan - Jeannette Hagan
Louise Murphy - Teacher, CUSD
Joseph Racine
Nancy Borelli - MRs.
Donna Selquist - s
Alys Weinbaum - Professor, University of Washington
Linda Tabb
Noel Barnes
Laura Smith - Certified Surgical Technologist, Kaiser Permanente
Louis Scala
Julius Adams - Julius Ada DOE NYC Retired
Amy Henry
Janet Blevins - member, AFT
Anastasia Fiandaca - Counselor, City College of San Francisco and College of Marin
E. Darby
Stephen Hunt
Don Zaeh
Linda Plack - Member, AFT & CTA
Kathleen Anne Wykes - Kathy Wykes, Ferris State University
Pauline Mountain
Jeanna Simon - Teacher, Issaquah School District
Irene nuanez - Deaf community, Deaf community
Jani Doctor - s
Anita Kozan - Anita L.Kozan, Ph.D.,CCC, Kozan Clinic for Voice, Speech and Spirit, LLC
Mary Leone - Mary Leone, UFT
Dan DiLeva - Study Skills Instructor (tutor), University of Washington Seattle
Mary Ann Leiby - Professor of English, El Camino College
Susan Gasbarrini - Retired teachet, Nea
Imelda Ortega
Julie Branom - Julie Branom, OCPS
Betsy Terry - School Psychologist
Davida Duckett-Johnson - Paraprofessional, Wings Academy High School
Mobi Warren
Barbara Rothman - mrs barbara rothman, csa
Dorri Raskin - retired teacher, UTLA
sandra perez - teacher, RTA-Rochester
Christine Leonhardt - Guidance Counselor, PS 11 NYC DOE
Pat Bleichman - Educator
Howard Crocker
Jennifer Nelson
Roger Podewell - Professor Emeritas, City Colleges of Chicago
Mark Galante - Teacher, NYC DOE
KENNON ROTHCHILD - President, Union of Adjunct Faculty and Tutors at Manhattanville College
Maria Mercedes Franco - Associate Professor, Queens.
Lauren Mangini - Research Affiliate, The University of Texas at Austin Population Research Center
Andrew Spar - Principal, Volusia County Schools
Lyn Meyerding
Patricia Kolstad
Rafael Mendez - Professor, Bronx Community College
Raymond Low
Marni Nissen - Educator and Parent, Columbia College Chicago
James Deshotels - rev
Paula Bongo
D Smith
Chas Griffin
Janet Stewart - Registered Nurse, Washington State Nurses Association
Karen Reiter - s
Manfred Koch - Manfred Koch, LAUSD
Laureen Hall - Teacher, Niles Township Federation of Teachers and Support Staff
Megan Archer - Teacher, Portland public schools
Elizabeth Stemmer - ELA Teacher, Elijah Stroud Middle School 353
Jim Eigo
Mg Hanley - Director, Chop!Suey!Customs
Martha Vargas - Teacher
Laurie Lehman - College Professor, Long Island University
Cecilia Fogarty - s
Lynn Warmke - Teacher, N/A
Joy Allen - LJoy Allen Lightworks
Charles Perez - Retired
Ruth Schechter - Teacher, Freelance
Keith brintzenhoff - Adjunct professor, Kutztown University
Debbie Rosenman - Retired Educator, Troy School District
Cliff Long
Denise Sisneros
Odile Garcia - Odile Garcia, Retired teacher board of Ed nyc
Martha Booz - Ph.D., Retired Teacher
Janice Claussen
Brian C. Reff
Allan Sternberg - Retired H.S. Teacher/Adj. Prof. Hist., U.F.T.
Robert Nelson
Ruby Packard - Ruby Packard, NYCDOE
Shirley Williams
Allen Altman - professor emeritus, Bard College at Simon's Rock
Charmine Hanna - Housekeeper
Scott Hinn
Sonia Murrow - college professor, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Shantae Jones - Teacher, Department of Education
Mary Hagen - Teacher, AFT
Barbara Dennard - Barbara Dennard, Retired person
Deborah Sipple
Marlene Acevedo - Teacher
Susan Heath
STEPHEN SCHULMAN - Professor Emeritus, Medicinal Chemistry, University of Florida
Megan Miller - School Social Worker
John Sunde
Norman Holsinger - AFT National Rep, American Federation of Teachers
Robert Haslag - Citizen
Tony Maggio - Tony Maggio, LACC
Natalie Berhumoglu - Teacher, NYCDOE
Erica Koonce - Administrative Assistant
Karin Armstrong - sixth grade teacher, Hyde Park Central School District
Denise Sisneros
Danna Claborn - Danna Claborn, Vancouver Public Schools
Robyn Harris - Robyn White- teacher, Richland District 88a
Melissa VerDuin - Custodian, N/A
Chris King
Charmine Hanna - Housekeeper
Laura Liben - Music teacher
Ife Martin - Ife Martin, AFT Member
Ralph Khan-Legendre - Teacher, Nycdoe
Stacey Solomon - Guidance Counselor, PS 244
Joann Corlett
Anjana Kapoor - Anjana kapoor, DPSCD
David Walker
Jeffrey snelson
Kay Reinfried
Lamon Dubose - Teacher, American Federation of Teachers
Cynthia Frazier - Cynthia Frazier
Debra Takehara - Field Service Director, Illinois Federation of Teachers
Max Haggblom - Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University
Margaret Gallagher - Lake Placid Education Association
Nicholas de Villiers - Professor of English and Film, University of North Florida
Cynthia Chambers - Poway Unified
Mandy Buffington
Anjana Kapoor - Anjana kapoor, DPSCD
Mitchel Karp
Yozo Horiuchi - Teacher, NYCDOE
Ann FitzGerald - Speech Language Pathologist, Self
Melinda Armistead - none
Louise Sellon
A Frank - s
Marcia Hoffman - Rev. Marcia L. Hoffman, So Ca Nev Conference of United Church of Christ and Pacific Southwest Region of Christian Church, Disciples of Christ
Richard Swanson
Cynthia Frazier - Cynthia Frazier
Marija Stroke
Carol Berkowitz
Roland Sackey - Teacher, NYC DOE
Michael Pinkava - Special Education Teacher, NYC DOE
Rosalee Weiler - Retired Counselor
Sheila Coffee
Sue Ruskin-Mayher
Carol Thomason - Office Aid, Los Angeles Pierce College
Cynthia Frazier - Cynthia Frazier
Sharon Dworkin - Retired Special Education Teacher, Detroit Public Schools
Anne Morgenthal - Teacher, Brevard Public Schools
Hector A. Pol - N/A
Debra Degalis
Lynn Cohen
Beth Schechet - PT, BTU
Leonkopp Alirangues - Teacher
Marilyn Shayegi
Barbara Lavender - School Psychologist, Retired
Tony Gellerman - Special Education Teacher, ISD 742, SCEA
Jeff Zahler - Retired Director of Staff, UFT Local 2
Diane Grant - retiree, United Federation of Teachers
Stuart Francis
Wanda Castro - Retired teacher, NYCDOE
Alexandra Tumarkin
Mark White
Leann J Key Key
Dale Katzen
Estie Stoll - my own
Dolores Balboa - paraprofessional, UFT
Barbara Dincau - Licensed Educational Psychologist
Erika Greenblatt - Erika Greenblatt, New York City Board of Education
Doris Feys - Retired teacher, Alpena Public Schools
Leslie Garrison - Leslie Garrison, None
Louise Brueggemann - Librarian, Oak Park River Forest High School
Heather Frasso - School nurse, Boston public Schools
Stuart J Guinn Guinn
PRIYABRATA SUNDARAY - Researcher, Arizona State University
Leann J Key Key
Jesse Jakobe - Speech-Language Pathologist, Saranac Lake Central School
Robby Robinson - Self
Mike Hatcher - Mike Hatcher, OKCPS
Mona Nance - Teacher, DFT
Leslie Rolle-Washington - teacher, MDCPS
Gwenath Douglas - Paraprofessional
Marianne Rothe - instructor, CCSF
Deborah Baker
Kathleen Murphybutler - Teacher, Newark Public Schools - NTU
Al Musacchio
Donnell Sutherland - s
ewe Warndorff
Brady Clay - retired educator, EUHSD
Geri Ott - Teacher (Retired), School District of Lee County, FL
Lynne Kane - Former teacher, supporter
Marie Kamibayashi
Lizzette Nunez - Educator, Dept. Of Education
Sharyn Steiner
Kathryn Hoppe - Instructor, Green River College
Susan Turrini - United Teachers of Harborfields
fred lane
gregory thielman - Professor, University of the Sciences
Cathy Coleman - Retired
Simone McDonald - Teacher, DOE
Dennis Smith - MR
Frederick Lucies
Gina Russo
Cinny Poppen
Anthony Daniel I
Rita Neumann
Mary Bly
Ingrid Rochester
Ken Davis
Larry Smith - Medical Assistant
JoAnn Doherty - Retired Middle School Teacher, Tenafly Public Schools
Timothy Gilmore
Jane Broudy - Retired, Pittsburgh Board of Education
Michael Bryant
Tanya stewart - Teacher, Bronx International High School
Sara Roderer
Mary Jane Deodati
Sheryn Schwartzenhauer - Sheryn Schwartzenhauer, EA, Portland Public Schools
Patricia O’Rourke
Jeannine Lish - United Methodist Women
Rosalee Burke - Sister, Notre Dame Sisters
Tanmy Martin - Teacher
Gloria Figueroa - s Gloria Figueroa, Education
Alana Vasquez - Special Education Teacher
Barbara Wight
Suzy Juncker - MS
Florence Wyche
Shane Briggs
Marie Von - Union/Professional Organization
Adam Cooper
Chris Proctor
Leonarda Huertas - DOE
Barbara Koslowski - Professor Emerita, Cornell University
Linda Voelker
Stephanie White - Professor, LACCD-AFT1521
Reginald Vinson - 37 years working for Orange Education Support Professional Association, Classroom Teacher Association/ Orange Education Support Professional Association Retired
Karin Mueller - RN, FNHP
Allen Myers
Michael Lawler
Buddy Silvey
Karen Staudt
Kelly Robertson - Music Therapist
Nancy Boyce
Lori Helman - Professor, University of Minnesota
Marty Lanier Hoag - Concerned TX Voter
Andrew Garib
John Nickey
Jeanine Hess
Bruce Slater
Phyllis Villeneuve - Retired SouthPuget Sound Community College
Peter Rex
Marcia McFayden
Larry Smith - Medical Assistant
Allan Finch - Allan Finch, Teacher, Pittsburgh Public Schools
Jackie Boyle - Kindergarten teacher, Arts and Letters
Sheryn Schwartzenhauer - Sheryn Schwartzenhauer, EA, Portland Public Schools
jacqueline knable
Rosa Karl
Marta Overpeck-McCracken
Twanda Bailey - Teacher, Public Schools Employee
Tanya Taylor
Erica Robinson - erica_robin
Lee Roberts - Retired teacher!
Johnny Hall
Peter Sokop - Computer Assistant 1, D211
Kimberly Ray - Teacher
Marcela Trevino
Pauline Tatum - Special Education Teacher, Disd
Candy Samman
Hassan Laarouss
Walter Taylor - Director of Professional Development at the CTUF Quest Center, Chicago Teacher Union Foundation Quest Center
Rudy Ramp
Marsha Overfield
Melissa Lambrecht - Melissa Lambrecht, AFT
Matt Mandel - AFT-3
Urmila Padmanabhan
Maritza Holloway - Teacher, NYC DOE
Scott Metcalf
Kimberly Ray - Teacher
Jeanna Galasso - Jeanna Galasso, NYC DOE
Valarie Little - Retired School Social Worker, Guilford County School System
Cindy Kramer - Social Studies Teacher, Boynton Middle School
Michael Shapiro - N/A
Diane Roche - Louisiana Federation of Teachers
Pamela Lester
Sharon Nichols - Rev.Sharon Nichols, retired school teacher and clergyperson
Earl Grove
J Bar
Thomas Anderson - UPTF
Gabriellep Lavelle - substitute teacher, UESF. SFUSD
Nadine Segal - Retired, Public school teacher
Elliot Comunale
Jose Miranda
Rafael Mendez - Professor, Bronx Community College
Linda Harris - Grandmother
NANDI RILEY - Nandi Riley/Educator, UFF
Wendy Schneider
s m - Retired teacher, Local NEA chapters
Jill Bruno
Kenneth Achiron - Teacher, New York City Dept. of ED
G Guzman
Rose Ann Gutierrez - PhD Student
Alison Chopp
Helene Stronger - Helene Stronger, UFT Retired Teacher
Eleanor Thomas
Paul Zachow
Lindsey McNeny - s
Katie Dorgan
James Murray - Llm
Jeff Golland - Clinical Professor, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Kat Jimison - Community College Instructor
Carol Luery
Maria Blank
Margaret driscoll
G D Abbott
Carolyn Granderson - Early Intervention Specialist, Jefferson Parish Schools
NANDI RILEY - Nandi Riley/Educator, UFF
Michelle Cabbell
Rafal Dobrowolski - AFT Guild Local 1931
Monica Casper - Professor/Associate Dean, University of Arizona
Barbara Bucker - Retired Public School Teacher, MNEA
Sally Edwards
David Besser
Rona Armillas
Maria Sanchez - Teacher, District 99
Karol Libbey
Jennifer Agolino - NE Region President, PSEA
George Dugan - Citizen, Retired
Elizabeth Shanklin - Elizabeth Shanklin, United Federation of Teachers
Steven Downing - Emeritus Assoc. Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Janice Welsch - Professor Emerita, Western Illinois Universisty
James Murray - Llm
Margaret Vernon
Kristin Mellema - Kristin Mellema, NYSUT
Char Esser
Donna Din
David Burgess - Rivier University
Kevin Giorno
Karen Levy
DENNIS Flamenbaum - Retired: AFT, NEA NYSUT, AFL-CIO
Siobhan Cintula
Jonathan Hickey - Labor Relations Specialist, NYSUT
Kathleen Rust
Joseph Alicea
Elizabeth Frank - retired NEA teacher of art in Ft. Myers, FL
Diana Wourman - Instructional Aide
Marguerite Jung - Retired Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
Rose Davis - Teacher, Uniondale Public Schools
Patrick Connelly - Teacher, NYC DOE
Sharon Rosner - sharon_rosner
Steven Zimmerman
Loma Angelo
Falon McCain - Teacher, East St Louis School District 189
SUSAN BEAUCHAMP - Susan M. Beauchamp, Duval Teachers United
Patricia Leads - Nurse Practitioner, Self Employed
Hal Ross
Jessica Foster - teacher, MTEA
Noelle Files - Teacher, Syracuse City Schools - Corcoran High School
Helene Rosen
George Alexander - Mathematics Faculty, Madison Area Technical College
Jakeline Leyton
Derrick Hall - Ccp
Amy Booth - ESL Teacher, Port Washington Union Free School District
Erika Amit - Teacher, UFT
John Nickey
Vincent Newman
Alice Shapiro - Teacher, OEA
Julia Silver
Arden Zimmerman
Loretta Kane - Faculty, Berkekey City College
Heather Kelley - teacher, Wetmore Elementary
Richard Dunoff - retired teacher, AFT
Jim Harrison - Father, The Episcopal Church
Emily Merrett
Richard Aragon
Bonnie Brandstadter
Carol Yost - Organization of Staff Analysts (Ret.)
Mary Townsend
Adrian Garcia
Larry Denio
Richard Dunoff - retired teacher, AFT
Rosanne Johnson - School Counselor, Forest Hills High School
Janine Cazaubon - Teacher, NYCDOW
Micah McVicker
Mary St. John
Angela McIntyre
Maria Greco
Della Hamlin
Meredith Faltin
Jenine Peters - Learning Consultant (LDT-C), Upper Deerfield School District
German Guzman - Cfisd
Holly Hetzel - Teacher, North-Grand
Patricia Sherrard
Carol Houston - Professor Emeritus, San Diego State University
Doreen Arney - Doreen Arney, Pearl River High School / AFT
Lika Jordan - Teacher, NEA-Retired
Darnell Barsness
Tim Myer - US Citizen
David Ishizaki - Associate professor, retired, Community College of Philadelphia
Diane Dorsey
Brian Shevory - Instructor, Rutgers University
Lillian Rivera - Social Worker, NYC Department of Education
Joyce Chavez
Mon Mor
Rebecca Naegele - Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania
Robert Gardner
Steve Lindstrom - Ally
Carl Meyer
Ramsey Dabby - Architect, City Tech
Willard Mittelman
Ruthann Ovenshire
Zamyra Abdel-Hady - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, NYCDOE
Kristin Ancharski - Educator, Philadelphia School District
Kristen Mitre - Teacher, Lawrence Public Schools
Sharon Hobrock
TerryCohen Cohen
Kathy Sattler - teacher, AFT/TFT
Hager Morales - Teacher, NYC DOE
Kris Severns - Instructor, Retired
Mark Lathan - Associate Professor of Music, Waubonsee Community College, IL
Clare Smith-Larson - [Retired] Registrar's Office, Iowa State University
Norma Diaz - Guidance Counselor, Central Park East II
Elana Mayer
Laura Prescott - Black Lives Matter, Nea
Victoria Kravitz - President, Greenburgh Civil Service Organization
Andrew Long - Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, Northern Kentucky University
Marsha Dumars - Marsha Dumars
Michele McAvoy-Rubin - Michèle McAvoy-Rubin, Vanderbilt Uniiversity
Peggy Byrne - Teacher, Westhill Central School District
Giannina Gamino - Bilingual Teacher, Perth Amboy Public Schools
Laurel Fee
John McKenzie
Gwendolyn Brown
Don Scholl
Kate Walter - CUNY( retired)
Tina Mullins
Patricia Barnes - patricia barnes, none
Edward Larkey
Annette Frankel - Annette Frankel
Martha Hill - Martha Hill, RTAC
Joan Dick
Judith Davis
Kate Walter - CUNY( retired)
Robert Koopmans
Sarah Fehnel - Special Education Assistant, School District of Philadelphia
Laura Fronhofer - Teacher, Salem Central School
Robin Paur
Mary McCauley - MS.
Lara Boles
Daniel Polley - Teacher, Ctu
Mariann Mangun - Retired Teacher
Alice Kornblith - Alice B. Kornblith
Jenette Burke
Jean Naples - Private citizen
christopher kane - teacher, UFT
John Conner
Vic DeAngelo
James Pierce - Emeritus Professor, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Susan Hayden - Susan Hayden, Portland State University
Nancy L. Anderson - retired educator
Geri Ott - Teacher (Retired), School District of Lee County, FL
Carolyn Mastropieri - Occupational Therapist, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
David Nikkel - Professor David Nikkel, U. of N. Carolina at Pembroke
Deserie Ragland - Teacher
Jared Cornelia
Raymond Weaver
Erin Jensen - Teacher, PAAFT
Joanne Farmer - retired NYSTRS, AFT
Danielle Kent
Frances Conwell
Liz Skidmore - Business Rep/Organizer, North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters
Paul Maco
Vickie Orr-Gale - 2
Randy Hicks - President, Californians for Disability Rights Inc
Miriam Zeltzerman
Margaret Christensen
Mariann Mangun - Retired Teacher
Tanya Lasuk
Anna-Marie Booth - Member, Alliance of Black School Educators
Carmen Shepard - Teaching Assistant, Rochester Association of Paraprofessionals
Richard Payne
Robert Quinn
Joel Rosenthal - interested parent, N/A
Camille Wagner - CPS
Daniel Safer
sandra garcia
B.A. McClintock
Jane Sugarman - Jane Sugarman, CUNY Graduate Center
Judy Lasko
Juanita Claxton - Teacher, NYC Dept. of Education
Carol Jones
Mike Cohn DVM - /Owner, Critter Clinic
Ruth E. Kennedy - R. E. Kennedy, Retired School Librarian
Jacinth Hodge - Jacinth Hodge.
Mary Ann Fleming
Bill Sullivan - AFT Local 1904
jill otruk - AFT
Arline and Steve Frey - Retired Educators, Yonkers Federation of Teachers
Gail Steinberg
Leroy Jones
Susan Cerrito
Jeff Brown
C Jay Levine
Donald & Valerie Bonzek
Debra Sutton - Teacher, CCSD 46
Jesse Southwick - Teacher, Boston Public Schools
Neil Stewart - Teacher, CFT/CFOP
Mitchell Rekow - ATF
Chanel Purvis - Teacher, PS 555
Lois Evron
Grace Bryant - NYSUT
Doreen Domb
Elsie Rawlins
Warren M. Gold - UCSF
Laura LaVertu
Angela Wilson - Paraprofessional, P17x@43 District 75
Kathi Whalin
Elizabeth OBrochta - retired teacher, Upper Arlington City Schools
Grace Bryant - NYSUT
Esther Garvett - UTD
Tony Loret de Mola
Lauren Vedal - Instructor, Langara College
Kelly Rupp - Amherst Education Association
Helen Stuehler
Linda Valdes
Joan Wynne
Michael Friedman
Lisa Hoferkamp
Sandra Towers-Halpin - Teacher Center Director, New Hartford Central Schools
Robin Schenault - President, CWA Local 4546
Diane Schwarz
Philipp Rothmaler - Professor, PSC CUNY
Esther Garvett - UTD
Chantell Cornish
Angela Wilson - Paraprofessional, P17x@43 District 75
Bradford Harrington
Leslie Donovan - UA-UNM
Gordon Tapper - Professor of English, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY
Melissa Meyer
Radonna Cannon - Radonna Cannon
Shari Turner
Betsy Perez - Secretary, NYC DOE
Shelby L. Hood - N/A
JENNIFER IEVOLO - Jennifer Ievolo, High School
Jose Quizhpe
Anne Selbitschka
Bruce Herrmann - Instrumental Music Teacher, PFT
Paul McClain - Fine Artist Oil Painter, The Painter’s Art
Milagros Rodriguez - Social Worker, Yonkers Public Schools
Allison Hutchens - Allison Hutchens, Ramsey elementary, Montevideo MN
Susan Colton - Retired Principal, Broward County Public Schools
Johanna Cummings
John Oda
L.Jeanette Green - professor, Cañada College
JL Angell
Wayne Polak
Diana Cole
Kendra Din - Teacher, City-As-School High School
Donald Corley - Fresno Unified School District, Retired
Katelyn Steeno - Miss, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Michelle Jacobs - Wayne State University
Kyle Fitzmyer
Richard Steele
Elizabeth Khouri
Erikka Demuth - Teacher, Education Minnesota #1314
Derek Merrill
Gomi Bin
Susan Mcrae
barry weiss - Retired
Lynn MacDonald - Professor, SUNY Cortland
Jennifer Hillman - Jennifer Hillman, Philadelphia School District
Theresa Casey
Marion Madsen - School Counselor, New York City Department of Education
Laura Neiman
Nancy St Germain - The Womxn's Project, RI Democratic Women's Caucus
Monica Mulanax-Crawford
Brandon Lupian
Nigel Watson - UNISON
Anna-Maria Thomas
Robert Perlson - UFT
Ellen Jahos
Crystal Adkins - All lives matter
Valerie Last
Susan Leahy - AFTMA
EILEEN CULHANE - Teacher, Union/Professional Organization
Felicia Grant Preston - Retired Teachers/Artist, Chicago Public Schools
Sharon Bailey - Paraprofessional, Aft
Roberta Eisenberg - UFT
Gregory Byas - Speech Teacher, AFT
Dennis Rogers
Jill Glenn
Paul Hagedorn - Rev.
Wm Briggs
George Simpson
Querido Galdo
Tom Beatini - Union City Public Schools, Union City, NJ
Beth Darlington - Professor Emerita, Vassar College
Timothy Alstrum - NEA-Retired
Margaret Galli
Donna Grubbs
Joan Henlin
Victoria Savo
Laurie Athey
Jessica Hunsberger
Seth Furtney - Managing Member, Snowy Rivet Investments LLC
Linda Musmeci Kimball
Rosielee Wicks - Occupational therapist, DFT
Katherine Lacasse - Assistant Professor, Rhode Island College
Iris Denello
Patrick Reyna
Judith Rosenfeld - School District Nurse, San Francisco Unified
Jennifer O'Connell - Teacher, PS/MS 206
Catherine da Silva - Syosset Teachers Union
JoAnne Conroy - Educator, Taft HS
Betsy Morrison
Roberta Ahlquist - professor, San Jose State University
Erica Bristor - Erica, Spring Branch ISD
Barbara Jacobsen - Illinois State University
Audrey Smolin
Judy Minydzak
Jerry Zimmerman
Marilyn Rose
Rosalind Dawson - Instructor (FT), Madison College
Linda Morgan - retired teacher
William Annable
Valerie O - School Secretary, NYC Department of Education
Stephanie Chlebove - Miss Chlebove, Northampton Area School District
Helen Riff - Teacher
Ayesha Edwards - Teacher, NYCDOE
Erik Pettersen - Sierra Club
Lorraine Martinez
Andy Baxter
Maria Panotopoulou - Teacher, PS 63 Queens
Thomas Kelly
Joan McInnes - Retired teacher
Susan Kramer
Paul Lauter - Retired professor, Radical Teacher magazine
David Ferguson
Sari Ruskin - Instructor, Rutgers University
Joanne Partipilo - Joanne Partipilo, Local 1600
Lynne McCarthy - Teacher, Sullivan School
Thuy Trang - Counseling Faculty, Mission College
Valerie O - School Secretary, NYC Department of Education
Sharon Joye - Teacher, NRTA
Claudia Miranda Mulligan - Claudia Miranda Mulligan, District of Columbia Public Schools
Mary Chiusano - Academic program manager, Brooklyn College
Eleanor Karmen
Mariah Lewis-Mitchell
Elizabeth Osborne
Jeffrey Cody
Stanley Banks - Let’s Take Care Of Us!
Henriette esens - s Henriette esens, Teacher
Benjy Blatman - Teacher, Elementary School
Andrea Levine - Andrea E Levine, Retired Teacher, UFT
Charles Frantz - Adjunct Associate Professor, Westminster Choir College
Michelle Wright - Teacher, Chicago Teachers Union
Rick Mitchell
Suzy Tanzer - Teacher, Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario
Kelly Jean Clair
Kelley Roberts - 5th grade teacher, Culver City Unified School District
Karin Kirnie - Teacher, Syracuse City School District
Angela Kelly
Julie Williams
Gwendolyn Chamberlain - Educational Coordinaator, SDCCD
Rachel Santos - ABCFT
Ryan Stout
Judi essler - Owner, Sites and Beyond, LLC
Heather Rodrigues - Teacher, PTA 930
Kevin Walsh - MR
Robin Weirich - Analyst, University of California, Irvine
Bernadine Hoffman
JoAnn Roberts - RICSNT
Rhonda Rice - Polk Education Association
Jane Markley
Shelley McAllister
Margot Lenhart
Deborah Harding-Welch - Retired Principal - University Prof, National-Louis University
Sarah Odishoo
Marie Martinez
Pete Sinica
Callie Ludwig - ama/Music Teacher, Denver Public Schools
Louise Schultz - Louise Schultz, SCSD
Ron Davis
Helena Rivera - HELENA, Dallas ISD
Russell Skinner
marilyn levin - Uft
Suzzanne McBroom - Educator, Detroit Public Schools Community District
Sharon Thomas - Sharon Thomas, Private citizen, daughter of a teacher
Ann Marie Sinica
Brian Hawkins
Janice Hughes
Fatima Al-Hayani
Laurie Bracco - NYSIF
Norma Bailey - An educator for 50 years
Gerald Reneau
Pietro Poggi
Vicki Trusselli - Ally
Rita Ter Sarkissoff
Donna D Varcoe - s
Barbara Farrell - Los Alamitos Community United
Gina Murray - Gina Murray
Sharifa Hampton - Adjunct Lecturer, College of Staten Island
Dorothy Miller - Boston College
Patricia Maes
Jessica Casteel - Professor
Frances Skrobe - Professor Emerita of English, Ramapo College of New Jersey
John Webb - CTA, Retired
Laurie Guggenheim
john willis
Karen Conyngham
Cecilia Uribe - ELA Teacher, El Paso Federation of Teachers and Support Personnel
Jeanette Hills
Damian Nesser - Student Support Specialist, Manatee County Schools
Judith Barnett
Kenya Sanders - Kenya Sanders, Cincinnati Public Schools
Andrea Owen
Amy Silva - Teacher, NYC DOE
Deborah Perry - RN, PSHMC
John, Jr. Mebane
JoAnn Polley - s
Lori Colavito - Retired teacher
jason Husby - kc_is_god
Richard Wright
Vanessa Jamison - MS
Mika Menasco
Megan Kreaps
bill gray - bill
margery cantor
Ruth Cooper
Michael Sileno
Stephen Rechner - President, Union of Clerical, Administrative & Technical Staff at NYU
Lynne V. Hoyer - s
Angela Nett
Chanelle Poole - Teacher, UFT/AFT
Kenya Sanders - Kenya Sanders, Cincinnati Public Schools
Tina Moore - Educator
Deana Geuther - Educational Diagnostician, Specialized Assessment and Consulting
Verna L. Gray-Jones - AFT
Amy Lehrer - teacher, Poway Unified School District
Angela Whang
Martharie Moore
Rosemary Carney
Heather Weekes - Teacher
Joanne Kellar - s
Matina May-Dotson - Educator
Miriam Eichler
Katherine Werner - ms., UVM
Chanelle Poole - Teacher, UFT/AFT
Eric Hall - Retired, United Educators of San Francisco
Michael Borghi
Erik Jacobson
June Evans
Cristi Catt - Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music
Denise Anderson
John Noland
Bethany Burns
Laurie Mollin
Steven Orr
Tiffany McGee - Tiffany Coleman-McGee
Kurt Baker
Ann Syverson - Retired teacher
Tess Fraad
Ronald Meltzer - UFT
Merlene Martin - retired paraprofessional-AFT, Oregon School Employees Association
Nancy Brown
Mary Kames
Ruth Motley - s
Lynette Ward - Lynette Ward, DCPS
David Blickenstaff
Mark Sussek
Corinne Palmeri-Parsons - Teacher, SLTA
Lori Binder
Tiffany McGee - Tiffany Coleman-McGee
Lynne Smith
Betty Feaster
Priscilla Whitehead - retired teacher, San Francisco USD AFT
Helen ummond
Laurie Chace - 3rd Grade Teacher, Pawtucket Teachers Alliance 930
Linda Freed
s Silvia Rennie
Jenette Burke - N/A, Education
Michele Knobel - Professor, Montclair State University
Judy Reese - Teacher, KCPS
Barbara Harper - Ally
Thomas Bernthal
Sarah Frenzen
Oscar Spear - Lausd
Jorge Morros
Danielle Dowdell - teacher, UFT
SUSEN MCBETH - Associate Professor, Southwestern Illinois College
Maggie Ritter
Adelia Cooper - Adelia Cooper, ISD
Henriette esens - s Henriette esens, Teacher
Michael McClendon - Retured
Laurie Chace - 3rd Grade Teacher, Pawtucket Teachers Alliance 930
Chris Monti
Ida Nissen
Toni Ward
Getachew Fikremariam - Doe
Andrea OConnell - Andrea OConnell, Self
Sarah Oren - Band and Orchestra Director, Dearborn Public Schools
Susan E. Meyer - Retired
Jen Frank
Tiger McCann
Cheryl Robinson
Kathie Moore
Richard Compean
carlos zarur
Elizabeth Johnson
Helen Kotzky - Retired Teacher, NYSUT
Parker Berg
Amanda Capalbo - Teacher, UFT
Wendy Bertan
Kristin Ziama - Retired Milwaukee Public School Teacher
Denise Thomad - Denise D Thomas, SEIU
Deborah Brown-Ridley - Ally
Andrew Jackson
James Gauthier
Paula Shafransky
Jamin Sewell
Norvelle Couch
Jamal Manassah - Professor, The City College- CUNY
Florence Vargas - Retired School Administrator, PR Dept of Ed
Mia Correia
Ashley Stucki
Nancy Carr - Professor, Community College of Philadelphia
Stacey Engels - Adjunct Lecturer, Lehman College-CUNY
Jack Frye
Kristin Ahiekpor
Tania Malven - Police abuse
Keith Rosen
Charlain Engels - Cook, Kennewick School District
Cynthia Hayot - Professor, Local 1600
Kim Silva
Beth Rosenblum Kessinger - s, Retired
Susan Balderstone - SusanBalderstone, ATF
Roberta Raymond
Daniel Prusinowski - Indian River Central School
Michael Corvin
Joanne Nikides
Kathy Hoben - Reading Interventionist, Private
Michael Carrico
Terry Washington
Rita Ellen Creane - College Adjunct, Connecticut State Community College
Muriel Kudera - PFT
Molly Dwyer - Molly Dwyer, NYC DOE
Carl Grandberry
Grant Nagel - none
RENITA JACKSON - School Counselor, Dept. Of Education
Mindy Betinger - Retired teacher, UFT
Melissa Bergmann
Chris O' Connor
JOANN XAVIER - Xavier Reading Teacher, Teacher
Daniel Wilkinson - None
David Guleke
Joy Cody - Retired teacher, U.F.T.
Deborah ClarkMorgan - Teacher, UFT
E Scott Dow
Doris Jackson
Natalie Blasco
Rev. Lance Lindgren SCPO USN (Ret.) - Reverend, ELCA church in South Dakota
John Trevithick
Lynn Mutschler - RN, Central Washington Hospital
Sharon Franco - Instructor Public Spaking, Santa Fe Community College
Deborah Damers - MCTA
Debra Ruth
Anne Fuller
Valerie Collura - Teacher, WCCUSD
Bertha Guzman de Jasso - Educator
Cheryl Williams
parker barbara - Barbara Parker
Cara Gulden - NFT
Ayodele Apatira
Suzanne Sanders - oft
Stefanie Feldman - Teacher, Homer Junior High
Alicia Folk - Paraprofessional, Dept of education
Awa Khouma - Retired LDT/C
John Tjarks, Jr.
Debbie Stadler
Tara Blackburn
Rashelle Rehms - Elementary Teacher
Carmine Anastasio - Teacher, Arlington Central School District
Gary Decker
Monica Scarborough - Monica Scarborough, Rutgers University
Stephanie Archer - s, Olentangy Local Schools
David Schulz
Thomas Snyder - Faculty, Course of Study School of Ohio
JoAnne Metzler
Craig Meston
Dawn Hendry - SLPA, Jeffco Schools
Cynthia Agals - LMSW, Lindenhurst Schools
Patricia Davis - Retired teacher, Public middle school
Amy Alsop - SEIC, Illinois Federation of Teachers
John Abeigon - President, Newark Teachers Union, Local 481, AFT
Robert Stoyles
Monica Scarborough - Monica Scarborough, Rutgers University
Elvia Perez
Koren Padavil
Mona Lisa Hairston - s Mona Lisa Hairston
Allan Stevens - AFT, NEA
Mary Elouise Heaton
Regina Gori - Retired Educator, UFT
Brenda Carodine
Christine Weigand - NEA
Timothy Brennan
Debirah Rivera - Paraprofessional, 21K097
Annette Wattie - Hilton Central School District
Fredesvinda Irizarry
Christine Barr - Staff Representative, AFT-West Virginia
Harold Katz - adjunct professor, ramapo college of nj
Robert Perrone - Staff, Los Rios College Federation of Teachers
gerald fountain
Rebecca Wetherbee - MNA
Suzanne Abruzzo
Roberta Gordon - Retired TEacher, NYC UFT
Jan Scott - ELA Teacher of High w, UFT
Robert Hurst
William Stern
Linda Conte
Gayland Blake
stephen and barbara Skor - Retired Attendance 0fficer, NYC Board of Ed.
Irene Gnemi - former school nurse
Laura Cooney - Team Lead/Supervisor, Salt River Project
Tricia Bush - Teacher, Jefferson Federation of Teachers
Donovan Walker
Diana Rose - Teacher
Nancy Rodrigue
Diane Baldwin
Tina Manus - Friends of Goody Bassett, PAC, STATE VOC FED OF TEACHERS
Barbara Bryce - Psychologist, Private practice
Willie McDaniel
Jan Scott - ELA Teacher of High w, UFT
Daniel Chisholm - Teacher, Toledo Public Schools
Patty Linder
William Pell
Jeff Higgs
Kerri Walker - Teacher, TFT
Esther Friedman
Tina Manus - Friends of Goody Bassett, PAC, STATE VOC FED OF TEACHERS
Heather Holmer
Ariel Morales
Jasmin cromwell
Delores Hudson - Retired Teacher
Sr. Loretta Denfeld - Sister Loretta Denfeld, St. Francis Convent
Marvin J Ward
Charles Arnold
Lynne Tolk
SHEILAH Quinn - Sheilah Quinn, nyc schools
A Lucido
Mark Gil
Ed Copain - Retired teacher/RN Educator, HHC NYC/Pharmacovigilence Philly
Claire Alkire
Ellen McNeirney
Susan Sugarman - Professor, Princeton University
Edna Mullen - Mts
Jeanne Moenk - Notre Dame College
Teresa and Dale Armstrong
Dick Dierks - DickDierks
Valerie Santos
Al Espinosa - University of Massachusetts-Lowell (ret.)
Pat Keogh
BELINDA MANOLIS - EL Teacher, North St. Paul, Maplewood, Oakdale Public Schools
Eve Moss
Lesley Patton - self and family
Jennifer L Christiansen - Teacher, Joliet Township
Joe Sonderleiter
Tamara Heldman - Teacher, Cleveland Heights - University Heights City Schools
Inette Dishler
Yvette Fortune
Barbara Mason - RN CSW, DOE RETIREE
Winsome Brown-Cooke - Social Worker, Hempstead Public Schools
Gene/Vivien Aulenbach - and s, Retired educator
Susan 9 Robyn - RN, Ret, Medical Reserve Corp, Yavapai County, AZ
Kerry Silva - Art teacher, NYCDOE UFT
Jeannetta Mitchell - Math Teacher, Presidio Middle School
Tina Merchant - Chief Probation Officer (ret), Judicial Prof Empl
Veronica Struck - ESOL Program Coordinator/International Student Advisor, Sussex County Community College
duff waldron
Allison Leach - Teacher, Rochester School District
John Dervin
Roxanne Lopez
Judith Gage
Deirdre Kells - Nurse Practitioner
Stephen Shevlino
duff waldron
marcia flannery
Georgina Garcia - Teacher
Shawn Heiser - Librarian, City College of San Francisco
Nelly Vaquera-Boggs - President, Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers, 1936
Katherine Cofell - Reference & Instruction Librarian, Pierce College
Andra Freeman - Teacher, AFT
Mayra Smale
Justine Pawlukewicz - Professor, City University of New York
Tyler Marchant - Tyler Marchant, UW- Stevens Point
Danielle Rayne
Craig davis
Kari Stringer
Stephen Bates - Stephen Bates, Retired
Patricia Sherbondy
Angela Mazza
Philip Lefcourt - None, None
Catherine Webster
Sharon Weiner - s Sharon Weinet, NYC Retired Teacher
Gladys Navarro-Berrios
Christina Rosado - Educational Associate
Carol Sicherman
Peter Hanson - Peter Hanson
Larry Mccoy
Shanna Andrawis - Teacher
Ashlee Jones
Lola Doyle
Edna Lacount
Inez Singer
Melanie De Armond - Teacher, Culver City Unified School District
Rabbi Michael Feinberg
Allister Layne
Shamika Hooker
Isaac Ehrlich
Jeanette Martinez - Social worker, NYC dept. Of Education
Laura G - Teacher
Morgan Agnew - Teacher, Union President, San Rafael City Schools, San Rafael Federation of Teachers
Paula Miller - DOE
Roslyn Sternlieb - UFT
Joseph Sepcaru - Special Education Teacher, NYC DOE
Beth Renwick
Michael Noone - Retired
Rick Luttmann - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Sonoma State University
Martin Sommer
Lori Visioli
Shirley Espeland - MEA
Patricia Poggi
Lila M. Gardner - Retired CLIP teacher, LaGuardia Community College
Edith Novick - School Secretary
Linda Lezak
Nancy Sellers - s
Roosevelt Thomas - Organizer, AfT Maryland
Lacey Wozny
Glenda Macal - President, Fort Bend AFT
Mayra Clemente - Teacher
Wendy Hollander
Viviana Marin - Paraprofessional, UFT
Laurie Rubin
Mark Williams
Linda Rea
Joyce Frohn
Edna Montague
Victoria Kilroy
William Eccleston
Cecil Manigault - Teacher, Dept. Of Education
Ron Woods
hillary linardopoulos - PFT3
Jan Axelrod, R.N. - Children First
Bruce Stanley
John and Maria Simpson - none
Joel Zoss
Shelly Newton
Patricia Simmons - Paraprofessional, PS 9
Peggy Reed
Dorothy North
Lauren Tucker
Christine Fearing - Ca. St. University advisor
Jeff Altaffer
Andrea Turcotte - Teacher, Volusia County Schools
Julio Sanchez - Teacher, Cobble Hill School of American Studies NYC
Valerie Alexander - Teacher, AFT
Ron Schmidt - AFT
Marivee Frayer
REBECCA AN - School Social Worker, Early College Academy Brooklyn Center, MN
John Hardy - Retired surgeon
Jonna Johnson - Family and Community Engagement Facilitator, Springfield City School District
Nancy Riffle - Retired educator(34 years)
HEATHER BAKKE - President, GFW Education Association
JOAN GIBSON - Teacher, 370K
Bridget Conway - Teacher, Half hollow hills
Eric Lang
Sharon Howell - Teacher
Kathryn Rose
JOAN GIBSON - Teacher, 370K
Adriana Bernstein
Anne ozowski - Providence special ed teacher
Daniel Williams
Diane Craft - Professor Emerita, SUNY Cortland
Joann Browne
Al Liebeskind
Sarah Rivlin
Laura M. Dubois - Librarian, NEISD
Yari Pares - School Guidance Counselor, Newark Public Schools East Side HS
Kristen Mendoza - Teacher, Buffalo Public Schools
Rufiya Blank
Joy Lindsey - Instructor, Retired
Allan Smid - retired
Julia Skelton
Laurence Hiner
Valerie Busch
Pamela Burton - Retired university faculty
Brenda Rion - Retired teacher, NEA (lifetime member)
Maureen Hurley
Teddi Safman
Jacqueline May - teacher, JFT
Ruth Karpel
Yari Pares - School Guidance Counselor, Newark Public Schools East Side HS
Sarah Erickson - Providence Schools
Paul Bae
Desmond Gallant - Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University
Maria Hernandez - Teacher/Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Olive-Harvey Middle College H.S.
Judith Stone
Violeta Werder-Carrion - Teacher, Jamaica Gateway To The Sciences Q350.
Vivian Ubell - Vivian Ubell
Katie Cahn
Marcia Curry
Maryann Richmond - Retired educator, Manheim Central School District
Elizabeth Schwartz
Vivian Ubell - Vivian Ubell
Katie Cahn
Mark Bernasconi
Cyral Miller
Barbara Garcia - Teacher, Aft
Harron Hartig - Teacher, Cleveland Heights-University Heights CSD
Kender McElvin
Paul Talbot - Former NYC teacher/Currently the founder of the East River Sharks Non-profit youth baseball organization, NYCDOE & EAST RIVER SHARKS LLC
Tricia Ayers - LMFT, Kaiser Permanente
Bob Mickowski
Harriet Gelfond
Paul Madzik
Jazmine Harvey
J. Weichman
Robert Morzuch
Helen Dickey - none
Gail Caravella - Retired school social worker
Sharyn Hemphill - Educator, Elementary School
Katharine Waugh
Linda Noble Brown - Professor Emeritus, College of Marin
Roslyn Kaye - Roslyn Kayr, UFT
Darnell Miller
Tammy Wooten - Tammy Wooten, Community College of Philadelphia
Velma Moss
Dixie Myers - Retired citizen
Marie Crawford - Bessie Crawford, 19122
Chelsea Glasgow
Steve Herwig - Edgewater
M Riswadkar
Bob Mickowski
Patricia Milizio - Social Worker, UFT
Janet Zanetto - Retired college instructor, CAFT 2121
Kristy Ellis
Deborah Arciuolo - School Psychologist, Dept. of Education
Lucinda Lea
Sharyn Hemphill - Educator, Elementary School
Kyra Mikala
Bridget Rooney - Teacher
Tara Hart - Webutuck
Sarah Gribbin - Teacher, Urban Assembly New York Harbor School
Clem Davis - Rev., St. Bartholomew Catholic Church
Edward Gladstone - UFT
Elizabeth Garrett-Bravo - Teacher, DallasISD
Kathleen Fox - teacher, Edgemont Teachers Association
Ora Jackson - Educator, Back Up and Running With Grace
Laura Jacobson - Teacher, Niles North High School, Skokie, IL
Terrance McIntosh
cherie garrett
Bob Mickowski
Matthew Ender - VP of Technology, PTC
Norman Facklam - Retired educator, BOCES
Joseph Mcdonough
Robert Wozniak
Melissa Hathaway
Sonia Noemi Cross
Zev Kvitky - CFT
Raymon Timmermans
Nicie Betts - School Counselor, Newark Teachers Union
Anna Woods
Karen Campbell - Teacher, retired
Se Jin Kim - Teacher, Uft
Lois Bernbeck
Margarita Modesto - Retired Teacher
Michael Lombardi
Claudia Titus - Claudia Titus, Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Ava Bruner
Janet Burns
Elizabeth Zumchak - Utica City School Distrt
Sheron MILLER - Retired Para-Educator, NYCDOE
Sheila Bas
Heather Oliver
Carol Goldstein - ESL Advanced Instructor, San Diego Community College
Eleanor Eskuri - Retired teacher, school volunteer, Public school
Stephanie Locker
Adrianna Knight - teacher
Donald Plunk
Kelly Allison
Deborah Kohr
June Leone - Retired Teacher, BTU Retired Teachers Chapter
Marcus Gottlieb
Nancy Eder
Jasmyne Reynolds
Linda Levy - Teacher, UFT
Tom Csuhta
Margaret Savitzky - Thomas Edison CTE H.S.
Angela Houston - Teacher, Cincinnati Public Schools
Sarah Kendall - School Psychologist, Kanawha County Schools, WV
Lisa Woodbury - WEA
Dusta Wright - RN
Amy Marshall - Ally
Emily Macdonald
Henry B. Mitchell III
Jeanne Williams Bennett - New York State United Teachers
Joann Walsh
Ada Rodriguez - Faculty, Lehman College
Don Lipsitt - Prof, Harvard Medical School
Corey Schade
Ronald Pagnucco - Associate Professor, College of St. Benedict/St. John's University
Faun Parliman - Reverend, Jhoti Marga Temple of Williams
Dominic D'Ambrosia
Valerie Barcheski - Teacher Retiree, Malverne Teachers Association/NYSUT
Rose Molloy
Laura Koski
Jo Hodges - Jo M. Hodge
Steve Newman
Phyllis Mueses - Retired Teacher, New York City Department of Education
Jacqueline Williams
Maggie Block
Bernice Freedman - Educator, retired, Rockville HS
Neada Holliday
scott chapman - Head Coach, Salle des Fers Fencing
Rebecca Slisher
Keith Evans
Daniel Belachew
Daryl Ann Neubecker - Retired NYSUT and NEA teacher
Leslie Alston - Teacher, M.S. 113
Aaron Ucko
JULIA MOE - Teacher, BFT#271
Sheila Trautman - s, NYSUT
Vanessa Velez - Educator, NYCDOE
Ashara Shepard-Lance - Ed Improvement Consultatnt, Wayne RESA
Lisbeth Slabotsky
Jaclyn Rosenberg
Daryl Ann Neubecker - Retired NYSUT and NEA teacher
Sharon Newman
Rebecca Rauscher - BTA
Nichole Hersey - Math Teacher
Kathleen Herron
James Davis - President, SBCA of NY,Inc
Mark Gurrola - Organizer, American Federation of Teachers
Jeffrey Miller - Paraprofessional, Toledo Public
Jonathan Krall
Andrew Capretto
Dolores Uhl
Christine Cavazos
Deb Woolley - Deb Woolley, TVUSD
Joy Robison - cityworkerNN
Ronit Wrubel
40Joyce Dwiggins
Travis Foster
Jessica Miracola
Lynda Koolish
gerald hall
James Bachman - none
Howard Gollub
Dianne Doochin
Joan Mccaffrey
Sue Hightower
Jackie Griffeth
Barbara Silverman - Retired teacher, NYC DOE
Karen Laakaniemi
Sharon Setzer - Sharon Setzer, Retired Howard County public school reacher
MaryJaye Simms
Thomas Campanini - MR
Ed BRYLCZYK - Ed Brylczyk, AFT
MURRAY MCCARTAN - Spec. Ed. Instructor, ISD #271
Margo Margolis - Citizen
Bryn Fillers
Lynne levine
Barbara Nugent - s, Uft
Diane Virzi
Yvonne Farley
Cynthia Coley
Mariah Vasel
David Weiss
Jeffrey Barile
Tracy Rauschkolb - Professor, Folsom Lake College
Tamara Rogers - s, Retired from Minneapolis Public Schools
David Wendt
Elisabeth Lake - educational therapist
Maxine SIMON - East Ramapo
Anna Greer
Tamar Magdovitz - Retired Teacher, School District of Philadelphia
Luz Lopez
Pam Flanders
William Laziza - Technical Director, Micro Museum
Ernestina Saucedo - Bilingual Teacher, CTU Local 1
Lorena Ramirez - Preschool Teacher, PVUSD
Laura Smith - Miss
Wallace Ryall - Wallace Ryall - Co-President, Retired Educators Chapter, Great Neck Teachers Association
Tanja Hattar - Teacher, NYCDOE
Candice Wallace - s, Retired teacher
Donnamarie Fiscina - Teacher
Tonya Morrissey - Teacher, NYC Department of Education
Stephen Newbould - Teacher, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Glenda Taylor - Glenda Taylor, Educational Services Inc.
Phillip Johnson - Regular Guy
Mary Jane Tancinco - Teacher, Beidler
Diane Mojica - Retired District Nurse, California Public Schools
Natalie Johnson
Nancy Kneip
Alison Gittelman - Teacher, LCPS
Layla Touchet
Andrea Whittaker - Andrea Whittaker
J Fleming
Natalie Johnson
Thomasena Fields - Retiree
Richard Niccolich
Lauren Thompson
Sarah Coughlin
Karen Morgan - Deaf & Hard of Hearing Specialist/Teacher, Sonoma Co. Office of Education
Nichelle Manuel - Adjunct, Prairie State College
Christine Landon - teacher, school
Todd Olk
Teresa Sophia Barut
Gary Braverman
Rosemary Eichenlaub
Carol Murray - AFT
Linda Wasserman - volunteer in classroo Local public school
Patti Scordo - NYSTRS
Brian Zeman
Sarah Duncan - sarahlo02498392, AFT- WV
Aries Rhysing - owner, all sacred tattoo
Stephanie Cherniak
Diane Hashem
Gretchen Pierce - Associate Professor, Shippensburg University
BarbaraJo Mullis - Barbara Jo for Congress
David Schwartz
Bader Risheg - Teacher, AFT
jean Leider - Retired Art Teacher
Margaret Iuro - Supporter
Lana Chandler - RN, BS,, Retired, Recovering from family deaths
Sylvia Ripps - Retired NYC teacher, UFT
Ernest & Maria A Flores - and Educator, self employed, Las Cruces Public Schools
Sonia Gallo - Paraprofessional, UFT
Rita Modica - Rita Modica
Alison Date
Tracy Larson - Me., Dutchess BOCES
Michele Renchner
Sharon Ketcherside - s
Cynthia Hamilton - Professor, retired, University of Rhode Island
Christie Claire Colla - Tilden Prep Sausalito
Rita Modica - Rita Modica
Catherine Palmer
Alina Riordan - Special Education Teacher, William Floyd UFSD
Cynthia Campanale
paula pruner
Linda Gomez - Teacher, NYC Department of Education
Korissa Campbell
Diana Weaving - SIFE teaching assistant, Brentwood UFSD
Brenda Peterson
Miriam Ross - Sister, School Sisters of Notre Dame
Alexander Fierro-Clarke
Harriette Washington-Williams - AFT
Gail Weininger
Matthew Genaze
Nancy Eaton - Webster Central School District
Bernard Nisenholz - Professor Emeritus, California State University Northridge
Carol Steiner - Professor, The City College of New York
Kathy Colton
Doug Wingeier - n/a
Cinda Johansen
Gillian Paku - SUNY Geneseo
Peter Gunther - none
Virginia Hitchcock - Retired
Terese Babonas
Linda Scully - President, Fed. Assn of Cumberland Employees, AFT-NJ Local #6619
Deirdre Brownell - deirdreb38
Joseph Naidnur
Joe Wiederhold - CCL
Lydia Seidel - Teacher, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Steven Buccieri
Benjamin SCHOOLEY - Ally
Martha Weese - Teacher, Waukegan Public School District 60
Patricia Liske - s
Kathleen Muller - Temple University
Sean Belveal - President/US History/Government Teacher, CLEVELAND ACTS/ Northeast Ohio College Preparatory High School
Cami Hays - Cam Hays, NEA
Agnes Mabins
Pamela JW Cain
Mary Villani - s, RIAFT
Dale Hawrylczak - Teacher, LaGuardia Arts
Robert Doughtie
Janelle Camp - JanelleCamp1
Jane Loggins - FEA SR
Peggy Carnahan - Science Education
Susan Brotje - Retired teacher, AFT/ Toledo Federation of Teachers
Deborah Franklin-Feingold
Tana Feiner - tkfeiner
Kimberly Martinez - RN, Rutgers
Erin Parish-Meyer
Dorothy Fair - Teacher, Cleveland Teachers Union
Lynn TRAYNOR - Lynn Traynor
Vinny DiPalo - Vinny DiPalo, Syosset Central School District.
Chandra Turner
Deborah Fexis
Caryn Baron - Teacher, NYC
Barry Field
Cathy Marczyk - Nanuet Public Schools
Shawn Trent - Teacher, AFT 420
Phillip Patzer
C. Mendel
Marveen Phelps
Kimberly Martinez - RN, Rutgers
Lowell Abellon
Traci Mussetter - NTEA
Leatrice Silver - Leatrice Silver, AFT
Kenya Campbell - Educator, BTU 340/AFT-MD
Melissa Chretien
Diane Bald - Retired School Social Worker
Tammy Boutwell
Jay Hotchner - J. Hotchner, Carpinteria Association of United School Employees
Martha Ann evans
Goldalee Katsanis~semel
Lilette Smith Reaves - Teacher
Christian Camphire
Glenda Brunson - Teacher, YFT
Howard Rogers
Jennifer Johnson - Teacher
Diane Arnal - s, None
Robert Smith
Jacqueline Salmon - Teacher, NYC Doe
Stephanie Rauber
Bianca Neve - Ally
Kimberly Alfieri - Teacher, Rochester City School District
Rae Campagnola
Elise Varon
Barbara Bourgeois - Registered Nurse, Confluence Health
Barbara Coman
Barb De Leeuw - Retired teacher, Brighton Central Schools
Arthur Daniels - retired teacher, UFT
Randye Rutberg - Assistant Professor, Hunter College
Kenneth Gilchrist
Inell S Lemon
Yekaterina Ginzburg-Bram - Providence Public Schools
Karen Kohagura - Elementary teacher, Hawai’i State Teachers Association
Audrey Taitt-Hall
David Thurn
Ron Petrich
Pamylle Greinke
SARAH MERCHLEWITZ - NYC Department of Education
Ronald Ringler
Audrey Taitt-Hall
Mel Mooers
Alicia Salazar - Miss
Katie Dowdy - Saint Louis Public Schools
Nina Lazar - Teacher, Retired
Rose Glickman - Rose Glickman retired professor of Russia/European history, Retired (eager to join!)
Nancy Jackson
John Bernor - English Teacher, New York City Department of Education
Rosemary Little - Rosemary Little, Retired public school teacher
Nancy Mulsoff - Kaiser Permanente
Adele Toney - SCSD
Pilo Gomez
Toria Harris - RN, OSU
Cathleen Palmer
Rhonda Patern
Jean Henderson
Jill Hamberg
D Smith
Herbert Winter
Joan Andersson
Amelia Clark
Amy Query - Teacher
Megan Beltran
William Knox - Special Education Teacher, Pittsburgh Public Schools
Paula Joel - Health Educator, Providence Public Schools
Sandra Adams - Professor, Montclair State University
Unell Mitchell - Unell Mitchell, USPS worker
Vivett Hemans - Vivett Hemans, AFT / UFT / NYC DOE
Minna Pak
CAROLYNN MATRAS - Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Deborah Gibbs - Grand Blanc Community Schools
George Packard - Interfaith Coalition for Public Education
Lisa Cover - Educator
Elvira Garrison - RN, Inspira
Renee Bryant
Rena Lewis - Psychotherapist, None
Michael Thanos
Mary Guzzy - Professor Theatre and Humanities, Corning Community College
William Retseck
Nadezhda Severns
Andrew Stutt
Linda Lane
Renee Bryant
William Brown
Michele Mccoy - Teacher
Jackie Ford - Jackie Ford, Broward County Schools
Donald Schwartz - Associae Professor, Community College of Baltimore County
Dara O'Donnell
Helen Boru - Teacher, Cleveland Teachers Union
Neal Urteaga
Michael John Smith
Leoi Parascondola - AFT, Local 1796
Kristi Erickson - Retired Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools
Bart Ryan
Peggy Winters - Prof., Fashion Institute of Technology/ SUNY
Sheldon Burkhalter
David Aschkenasy - #isolateCOVID
Nancym Niemeir
Yvonne Gutierrez-Vasquez - teacher, LAUSD
Maria Osorio
Barbara Tish - AFT
Karen Terlaak
Arthur Winters - Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY
Jackie Wolf - Oil Spill Response Coordinator, Islands Oil Spill Association
Marion Marsh - Marion
Sandra Hinton
Patricia Vance
Seren Bradshaw - Retired
Anna Barrett - Anna Barrett, Lockport City School District
Bessie Petty - B. Petty, Retired school worker
Sondra Lehman - School Psychologist, Broward Public Schools
Pauline Williams - School Psychology, Waukegan School District
Kim Thole - Peer Evaluator, Anoka-Hennepin School District
Therese Jimenez - Retired Teacher and Substitute, Oakland Unified (Retired) & San Francisco Unified (Substituting)
Juretta Marshall - NAACP
Peter Lasko
Vicki Fox
Linda Gibson
Ashley Jostes
Rick Simkin
John Beletsis - John Beletsis, American citizen
Andrew Maikels - Teacher
Mary Ann Cramer - 3rd grade Teacher, ER Taylor ES
Roberta Jenkins
Sally Small
Avis Robin - 1478R
Linda Hardy
Maria Rodriguez
Marcie Chanin - 2nd grade teacher, Elementary School
Deanna McQueen - Deanna McQueen, Chelsea Teachers Union
Alison Owen - Teacher, Susd
Bev Habada - Myself
Linda Baldwin - Linda Baldwin, Retired AFT/IFT Staff
A Gardner
Susan Farquhar - SusanFarquhar2
Daniel Heck
Carolina Valenzuela
Michael LaBaun - Individual
Kerry Von Esch - Kerry Soo Von Esch, Seattle University
Jan Renee
Edward Adelson
Ed Fiedler
Roni Love - Rini Love, Fedde Middle
Pat Duncan - Retired Pre-school Teacher
Evelyn Kurtzberg - Retired School Psychologist
James Powell - Teachers, Goshen Community Schools
Nancy Davis - Special education teacher, Washtenaw intermediate school District
Margreta von Pein
Rochelle Farkas - Retired Teacher, UTLA-R
Hyacinth Garvey-Lewi - Teacher
Detricia Coleman - Teacher, Houston Federation of Teachers
Jose Fernandez - Jose A Fernsndez, CPS -Retired: Teacher / US ARMY -CPT
Delores Vaughan - Paraprofessional
Melissa Artopoeus - 1953
Martin ozdoff - NEA member-retired
James Powell - Teachers, Goshen Community Schools
Ivory Phillips - Emeritus Dean of Education, Jackson State University
Lydia Garcia - Retired teacher, NEA
Maureen McCarthy - Retired
Kari Barwick - Kari Barwick, Pleasanton Unified School District, Kindergarten Teacher, Retired
D'Arcy Goodrich - Retired Teacher, Omaha Public Schools
Janice Carpenter
Sheila Henchy - Great Neck TA Retired Educators Chapter
Deb Linden - Volunteer Teacher, St. Louis public schools
Therese Jimenez - Retired Teacher and Substitute, Oakland Unified (Retired) & San Francisco Unified (Substituting)
Catherine Rasmussen - Tutor, Omega School
Shanna B
ELISABETH GARST - Adult School ESL Teacher, Berkeley Unified School District
Diana Durante - Diana Durante, Norwalk, CT Federation of Teachers
Melissa Artopoeus - 1953
Neil Hunt
Rosemary Oliver - Refresh Church & Ministries
Karen McCaw - s
Pawiter Parhar - Grassroots, DNC/DCCC
Laura Ingersoll - Software Analyst, Washington University St Louis
Teena Cross
Patricia Fleming - Patricia Fleming, CWA- Retired Members Council
Martha Domer
Ziddi angi - Professor, UMass Dartmouth
Sarah Sercombe
Karen Beierle
Maria Otamendi - Education specialist, Head start
Martha Thomas
Helen Lengel - Grosse Pointe Schools
Joanna Stuart
Deborah Sheinman
Daniel Harris - Hospice and Hospitalist Physician
Tisha Lewis - Teacher, DPSCD
Jane Forbes
Nancy Griffin - Creative Director, NBGRIFFIN Productions
James Gleeson - cook2, uis springfield
Georgia Labey
Helen Lengel - Grosse Pointe Schools
Cynthia Chambers
Lorna Holmes - University of Hawaii
Hailey Aliamus - Special Education Teacher, Puyallup School District
Bernadette Burnham - Vice President, Education Minnesota
Katherine Bini - Ally
James McConkey
Tom Bean - Arizona Federation of Teachers Ret
Joan Welch - Teacher ( retired), Schenectady City Schools
Justin Philipps
Catherine Behrend - Retired School Teacher
Kenza Temsamani - Math teacher, Orchard School Aptos
Jacalyn Dinhofer - teacher, NYC DOE
Sherry McCullough
Hortensia Valladares - Teacher, HISD
David Olson - Retired MATC
Diane Nowak
John Thomas
Lori Graebe
Laura Koulish - Retired music teacher, UFT
John Pike - mr, Human Race
Jessica Sims - Community Organizer, American Federation of Teachers
Christine Keller - Executive Director, Sangha Education Center
Tara Singer-Blumberg
Adrienne Newsome Clark
Matt Shuh
Stephen Greenberg
Colleen Coolish - Teacher, AFT 1481
Carla Schick - retired public school teacher, CA. TEACHERS ASSOC. RETIRED (NEA)
Geoffrey & Linda Symcox - Professor Emeritus, UCLA
Thomas Sanger
Jonathan Hinchliff - Retired.
JoAn Saltzen
Alan Mitchell
Jillian Salazar - Instructor, Rutgers—New Brunswick
Marcia Spong
Candace Johnson
Nickolas Stark
Tom Strawman - Professor Emeritus, Middle Tennessee State University
Carolyn Minert - Sister, N/A
Erynn Murray - Health and PE Teacher, Princeton Public Schools
Sara DeVincenzi - Retired Teacher, UFT
Carla Schick - retired public school teacher, CA. TEACHERS ASSOC. RETIRED (NEA)
Steven Bradley - Teacher, Acero Network
Michele Eisenberg - School Counselor, Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy
Christopher Stegman - Teacher
Ryan Baka
Bill Lange
Nathan P. Thomas,Sr
Rosalinda Castiglioni - PhD (Retired Teacher), NYC Dept of Ed
Janet Armstrong
ReGale Gardiner - GED Lead Teacher, Youthbuild Savannah
Alison Ritz - Social Studies Teacher, NYCDOE
Patricia Fleming - Patricia Fleming, CWA- Retired Members Council
gilbert weingarten
Rebecca Shinko - Rebecca Shinko, middle school teacher, Cleveland Teachers Union, Local 279
Edmund Leahy
Patricia Shore - s
Ellen Brett - teacher, ATA retired
Anne Stafford
Simone Edwards
Elaine Wolliston - Revenue Examiner, DRS
Raymond Plasse
Mark Gubbels - Retired
Tom Macdonald - teacher, gilbert albert community center
Janet Diaz - School counselor, NEA
Michele Millhouse - School Psychologist
Justin McGraw - Teacher, Owosso High School
Rosalinda Castiglioni - PhD (Retired Teacher), NYC Dept of Ed
Ashley Williams - AFTWV
Bruce Higgins
Cynthia Jackson - Cynthia Jackson, JAG Specialist Iberia Middle school
Donna Rohanna - Rohanna, phila. public school dist.
Martin Kornbluh
Lisa Pollak - Psychologist, HHHTA
Michael Ellman - UFT
David Dexter - Sr. Engineer, 3D Engineering Consultants, LLC
Chip Sharpe
Valerie Cooper
Charles Bernardo - Retired Superintendent of Schools, Montgomery County, MD/Providence, RI
Andrea Rawle - Teacher, UFT
Carrena Rouse - President Carrena Rouse, AFT Boone County Federation of Teachers local #6101
Gayle Laperouse
james maxwell
Donna Morrison - LCSW, private practice
Meredith Torodash
Susan Schorin
Donna Rohanna - Rohanna, phila. public school dist.
Sandra Bigaud - Teacher, WATCH HS, Brooklyn, NY
Quinta Wilkinson
Loreta Lang
Bennie Cancel - Bennie Cancel, Retired-NYCDOE
Kahlil Goodwyn
S. Thomas Bond - Retired
Frederica Cohen
Letitia Foong - Teacher, Cobble Hill School for American Studies
Kim Messmer - KimMessmer
Barbara Waldmann - Retired Teacher, AFT/UFT
David Longacre - Jobs with Justice
Eileen Troutt-Ervin - Southern IL University
Karen Leader - Associate Professor of Art History, Florida Atlantic University
Anne Van Alstyne
Tom Dignes - Micropaleontology Press
Samantha Daugherty
Rosalie Friend - retired educator, Uniting to Save Our Schools
Justine Hurley - teacher, Northshore SD
Mary Norris - Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
Susan Greene - Retired teacher, AFT
June Wiinikka
Barbara Kovich - Teacher, Houston ISD
Melissa Beithon - ECSE Farmington Public Schools
Teresa Webster
anne ehmann
Pamela Lanagan
Joy Zadaca
Alfred Gonzales
Russell Novkov
Queen Watkins
Christianna Nelson - Parent and ally
ROBIN CHRISTOPHER - Robin Christopher, WEA
Medi Ford - Teacher, Brooklyn International H.S.
Michelle Perry
Michael Gourdine - Teacher, retired, UFT
James Christian
Judith Block
Benjamin Segall - Professor, Case Western Reserve Univ.
kerry Wright
R F - General Union
Natalie Rios - Self
Jacquelyn Colgan
Joseph da Silva
Arleena Duong - Senior Physical therapist, Public School 90
Bonnie Stevenson - Professor, MassBay Community College
elden & barbara parchim
R F - General Union
Donald Yost
Francien Rohrbacher - Glendale Community College
Susan Balaban - Susan Balaban
ROBERT YOUNG - Retired teacher
Maria DeAngelo
Veronica Labrador - Educator, Brentwood High School
Katherine Hanson
Nahid Biarash - Nahid Biarash
Joanna Testa
Cynthia Pearson Matthews - Cynthia Pearson Matthews, 2
Jytte Fawzy - s
Andrew Thompson
Steven Zemelman - Director, Illinois Writing Project
Jeff Weber - President, WFNHP
Colleen Kelly - Teacher, Cleveland Metropolitan Schools
Bonnie Stevenson - Professor, MassBay Community College
merrel shepherd - merrel shepherd, retired
Marc Pilisuk - Prof, Saybrook University
Shakayla Thomas
C.Jean Boomershine - ------
Luke Metzger
Alice Cloos - Teacher, UFT
Robert Apolloni
loredana leonard - teacher, public school
Kim Greaves - Registered Nurse, University of Washington Medical Center
Lee Stanley
Leora Bishop
ROBERT HOLT - Professor, Queensborough Community College
bob ehmann
Betty Mato - RN, National Nurses United -CA Nurses Assn-Wholistic Nurses Assn
Leticia Velasquez - Substitute Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District
Tricia Mejia - Teacher, Providence Public Schools
Robert Apolloni
Stephen josephson - mr, self
Annapoorne Colangelo
Teresa Alfaro - Teacher
Catherine McManus
Erik Garcia
Robert Ford - Adjunct Asst. Prof, CUNY Hostos
Lauren Murdock
James Damour - DAMOURJAMES
Mary O'Neill - Member, AAUW
Craig Cureau
Normajeanne Lee
Melinda Grey - Librarian
Judd Stark
Megan Pyles - Billhighway
Richard Ingraham
Gail Koudelka - Retired Teacher, Rochester City School
Kathleen bovello
sandra Cuza
James E. Campbell - Retired Assistant Principal, CSA New York City
Richard Gillaspie
Thomas Lucas - Owner/Director, MathMindED
Ira Weissman - Pediatrician
Carmen Parker-Lyles - Teacher, Cleveland City School
Marla Harford
Toyette Anderson - Healthcare tech and a teacher, Med center health and warren county school
Vicki Bryant
Bob uwing
Elsie Haley - MSU Denver
Khalifa Stanford - Khalifa Stanford, United Teachers of Dade
Richard Law - Retired
Tara Zimmerman - Teacher, Kingston City School
Sue Carson - Sue Carson, 30 year veteran teacher Seminole UniServ
Carol Waldman - Retired Executive Director, Glen Cove Senior Center
James E. Campbell - Retired Assistant Principal, CSA New York City
Kathie Sarachild
Tiyi-Olatunji Smith - Special Education Instructional Spec, EPISD
Pamela Hairston
Rodney Wood - Rodney Wood, Ally
Sandra Barnes
Pat Zakavec - Patricia ZAKAVEC (IRTA member), Illinois Retired Teacher’s Association
Leslie Neustadt
Barbara Lewis - Citizen, Life
Rorkishe Catledge - Teacher, Cleveland Teachers Union
Emma Hall
Nancy McCandless
Georgianna Sides - Paraprofessional
Jesus Hernandez - Me
Kenneth Babineau - Kenneth Babineau
KATHRYN BREWER - Teacher, Wayzata
Anthony Rainone - RISFTR
Yung Marc
Bobby Righi
Robert De Benedette
Mary O'Callahan - Retired teacher, UFT- NYC
Caitlin Longstreth - Radient Being Of Light ???
Blanca Ferdinand - Administrator of Special Education, NYC DOE
Frank Friedman - Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Temple University
Stacy Walker - Professor, Lone Star College-Kingwood
Elizabeth Ketz-Robinson
Cassandra McDougall
Kathryne J. Starzec
Vita Brown - Vita Brown, Nurse
Linda Cades
Ndeyefatou Mbaye - Teacher, NYC DOE
Ra.D Green
Victoria Hernandez - Teacher, Los Angels Unified School District
Daniel Janoyan - Instructor, Glendale community college
Kate Gray - Educator, SDUSD
Marta Landell - Teacher, MIDDLETOWN F OF T
Robert Harris - High school Social Studies teacher and counselor, retired, UFT
Mary Bonneau - Retired Educator, Mary Bonneau
Christine Peterson - Arts administrator, Independent
Cathy Wootan - Archwood UCC
Sabrica Barnett - City University of New York
Maryann Green - Director, Verde Valley Montessori
John Prizzi - Teacher, Kingston City schools
Brenda McKinney
Christie Ruppel
Atiah Azhar
Sheila Taylor - Social Worker, Humana. Formerly Apollo High School
Ed Ludde - Teacher, NYC DOE
Michael Kavanaugh - Retired
Kareem Jones - School a Counselor, Rome City School District
Diane Vertal
Nina Aronoff
Jo-Ann Pilardi - Prof. Emerita, Towson University MD
David Hardee
Tucker Quetone - Teacher, Rochester Education Association
Renee Stave - retired teacher, NYC PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM
Mark Gordon - Distinguished Professor, Iowa State University
Jenness Harris
Alan Holman
Joshua Krinsky - Teacher, NYC DOE
Claudia Gonzalez-Buttler - Teacher, Huntington Union Free Schools
John DuBois
Jeanne Fierz - Para professional, DeKalb School District 428
Heather Buchanan
Chemen Ochoa - s
Michael Kavanaugh - Retired
Joan Waddell - s, Coatesville area school district
Marlene Rubain - Principal, Rubain & Associates
Dennis Cox - Southern Vice President Council of Retired Members - Chapter Social Justice Legislative Chair, CFT & ABCFT-R AFT 2317
Ellen Morton
barbara douma
Fern Kinder
Jorge Nieves
Nick Barcott
Patricia Lewis - Pp. lewis, UFT
Gayle Johns
Martin Kornbluh
Cathy Foxhoven
Grace Sanchez - Teacher, AFT
Toye Paradise - Day care owner, NEA
Ann Keener - Ann Keener, Retired, teacher, New York City system
Michael TomcZyszyn
Elise Bell - Instructor, CCSF
Cindy Graham
Janet Miller
Deborah Browne
Donna Estes - Paraprofessional, Lynn public school
Cari Kerkhoff
Lolita Merriweather - paraprofessional, MESP
Katherine Franklin
Cynthia Jarrett
Robin Ambrose
Dorothy Johnston
Zander Woestman
Herbert Deutsch - NYSSMA
Sarita Groisser
William Uebelher
Thomas Kinsey
Jacquelyn C Stonberg - Assistant Professor of Art History, Kean University
Amy Madigan - Literacy Academic Coach, Pittsburgh Public Schools
Angela Wagner
Juan Garcia - Teacher, Socorro ISD
Elizabeth Bruckner
Gloria Aponte
Cheryl-Ann Weekes
barry dorazio - mr
Amy Delly - PE Teacher, East Irondequoit CSD
Toye Paradise - Day care owner, NEA
Tracy Watson
kevin owens
Jeannie Park
Nick Byrne
John Viacrucis
Sandra Moore - Interim Dean, Contra Costa College
David Lax - N/A
barry dorazio - mr
Kenneth Adler
Harvey Goldman
Kathleen Kaiser - CUSD; CSU Chico
Edwin Kang - Rev/, PCUSA
TAIRA SPANN - Paraprofessional, NYC Department of Education
Valerie Parraz
Jonathan Freedman
Leticia Valles - Teacher, PACE Education
Jon Solmos
Barbara Nicholson - Concerned citizen, Not an organization
Abbie Karsh - SLP, MPS
Randolph Schoedler
Tiffany Rapplean - Ally and Learning Architect, Percipient Creations
Kimberly Davis - Educator, Dade schools
John Esau - Educator, Retired
SHARON Korn - Retired Teacher, UFT
Eileen Kaye - Special Ed Paraprofessional, NYCDOE
Sean Blanks - Sean Blanks, UFT
Jerry Rivers - Environmental Scientist, North American Climate, Conservation and Environment(NACCE)
Karen Marcotte
Florence Hayman - Florence Hayman, MEA
David DeCuzzi - Customer Information Representative, NYCDOE
Linda Edwards-Brown - Part-time Lecturer, Eastern Michigan University
J Nathanson
Sylvia Ochoa
Robert Owens
Ani Daniel Diaz - 6th Grade Math Educator, Chicago Public Schools
Stephen Lichtman
Joni Becksted
Tashia Redden - School Counselor, School District of Philadelphia
Cheryl Robison - Retired
Loretta Tumbarello - Teacher, NYC Public Schools
Susan Schwartz - Teacher, UFT
Lorinda Dingwell - Teacher, Chelmsford Public Schools
Nelson S.
Chris ake - Detroit Federation of Teachers
Robin Gibson
Patrice Irving - CENA Program Director, Henry Ford College
Heather aka Heth ees
Jill Casty - Individual
JOHN THORNTON - High School Orchestra Teacher, AFT Local 3216 San Antonio TX
Angela Chapman - Paraprofessional, Department of Education
J Esposito - s
Celia Lighthill - Instructor, cinema dept., retired, City College of San Francisco
Glen Weisberg - Parent
Elizabeth Lengel - s
Judith Spehar
Jerry Singer
Shirley Taylor - National Business Agent, American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO
Sidney Cuthbert
Duane Gibson
O. Stryker
Dylan Kolad
Donka Markus - Lecturer, University of Michigan
Grace Betts - School Social Worker, retired, NYC Department of Education
Matt Smith-Lahrman - Matthew Smith-Lahrman, AFT Utah
Artie Kunhardt - Retired Teacher, UFT
leslie spoon
Justin Fox
Cecilio Valladares - Teacher, HISD
Tim Micheau
Katelyn Claflin
Karla Garcia - Member Leader, ROSLA
Richard Howard - Teacher, Camelot Hoffman Estates
Ginna Grussing - EL Teahcer, Minneapolis Public Schools
Laura Harper
Barb S
Mandy Ellis
Lauren Lustig
Mohammerd Al Saleh
Todd Heiler
Teri Searcy
Robert Hansberry
Jeff Share - Faculty Advisor, UCLA
Ana Betancourt - Bilingual Diagnostician, HISD
Eileen Costello - Paraprofessional, NYC dept of education
Mark Elman
Logan Crawford - Education Specialist-Extensive Support Needs (Moderate/Severe)
Chantal Smith
Jessi Lazcano - Teacher, Boston Public Schools
Winifred Kang - Retired teacher from Virginia
Lll D - Educator, UTR
Ann Marie Teli
Sharon Handa
Logan Crawford - Education Specialist-Extensive Support Needs (Moderate/Severe)
Christian Nwamba - President, AFT2000
Grace Betts - School Social Worker, retired, NYC Department of Education
Nancy M. Caswell - Worcester Public Schools
Kathryn Fairbanks - Specialist-World Language, Cass Lake-Bena Elementary
Stephanie Speir
angela kunert - Teacher, Lincoln Park Middle Scjool
David Hughes - Treasurer, Rutgers AAUP-AFT
Ed Conyers
John Wozniak
Donna Hope - Professor & President of the NCCFT, Nassau Community College
Catherine Scott - Retired Teachers, NYC Department of Education
Lawrence Wright - Reynolds Community College
Ann-Marie Wellington-Greenlee - Teacher, Hillsborough County Schools
Nancy Carl - s
Heather Monahan
Bobby Stiklus
Megan Warren
Monica Jarvis - Educator, Boston Public Schools
John Martin - Chair, California Part-time Faculty Association (CPFA)
Christina M - Teacher, EHS
Meg Baker - Teacher, Pinellas County Teachers Association
Michael Kreindler - UFT retired chapter
Lou Howort - Retired teacher, UFT
ANITA MARTINEZ - Substitute Teacher in Berkeley
Nicholas De Santos - Sgt
John Martin - Chair, California Part-time Faculty Association (CPFA)
Michael Schirtzer - Teacher/union executive board representative, UFT
meg kettell
Kate Sherwood
Kristine Slayton - Teacher
Undrea Polite - Paraprofessional, United Federation of Teachers, UFT
jim randels - retired teacher, united teachers of new orleans
Mina Puey - Teacher
Mina Feldman
Anne Hepfer
Erica Adkinson
Matilda Rostoker - Matilda rostoker, Retired school teacher
Carmel Devlin - School nurse, Aurora public schools
Darcy Guyton-Hanna
Sarah Enz - senz_math
Harvinderjit Saran
Nancy Helfrich
Elizabeth Deean Ferrone
Philip Rich
Jan Conitz
Kathy Mullins
Kari Shapiro
Michael Busby
Linda Gatson - IT Administrator, WMEP
Alice Nilles - Teacher, NYC Dep’t of Education
Maria Cabrera - Teacher, LAUSD
Noni Makun - Noni Makun, Dft231
DEnnis Guido - Admin.
Namphuong Quach
Jacqueline Coley - Teacher, NYC DOE PS 446
Robert Ross - Assistant Professor, Community College of Philadelphia
Laura A. Smith
Joy Johnson - Teacher, NTU
DEnnis Guido - Admin.
Amanda Walsh - Teacher, Uft
Karen Donaldson
Lisa Earley
Joanna Brown - Paraprofessional, United Federation of Teachers
Anne Wass - Anne Wass, Massachusetts Teachers Association
Nataliya Yakovleva - MD, Nataliya P LLC
Stephanie McFadden
Laronda Foster - Teacher, CMSD
Richard Pihlgren
William Monahan - Teacher, Lake Washington School District
Linda Prostko
Alfred Higgins
Eddie velazquez - Educator, Brooklyn Technical High School
Andrea Gelling - Teacher, Mount Vernon Federation of Teachers
Sarah Baumgart - Sarah Baumgart, Watsonville high teacher
Benjamin Hover - PFT Local 3
Fabio Markon
Carol Battle - Teacher, Poway Unified School District
Ann O'Brien - Teacher, Granville Central School District
Cassandra Prince
Karen Gielgens - Teach, C
Joy Johnson - Teacher, NTU
Keith Brooks - --None--
Chester Payne - Reverend, L and C Ministries
Theresa Murphy - Murphy & Friends
Frank Roder - AFT 3600 Retired
Cindy Fratina - Cindy Fratina, Middle School Teacher, HAFT
Sandi Cooper - Professor, CUNY
Robin Patten
Jim Haley
Helen Goldstein
Rachael Sugarman - Teacher retired, UFT
Genevieve Fujimoto - --
Mavis Christian - Mavis Christian MS.Edu.,TR.:- Retired, UFT
Christopher Johnson
Sarah Mesmer - Vice President; Secretary/Treasurer, Douglas County Federation; AFT-Colorado
Rebeccah Linder - Teacher, AFT/CFT
Catherine Nachbar - Teacher, Isd709
Susie Davidson
William Hulme
Milagros Marrero-Johnson
Franklin I. Hughes - Retired Social Worker
Cassie E
Eleanor Dagostino
Patricia Garcia - Retired teacher
hector fernandez
Elise Bryant - President, Coalition of Labor Union Women
Eileen Fields
Sue Melnick
Sandy Fiderio
Anne James
Fran Lowitz - Fran Lowitz, UFT
Joe Cantafio - President, West Seneca Teachers Association
DOROTHY TAYLOR - Retired Teacher, NYC - United Federation of Teachers
Patricia Ali
Raquel Tomic-Beard - SLP, Nashua School
Crystal Karr
b Boe
Stanley Sayer - mr
Carol Lilleberg
Philip Shook
Mark Roddy - Associate Professor, Seattle University
Maria Baturay
Kristin Messenger - Educator, Clark County School District
David Houlton
Emma Miller - Registered Nurse, Nursing Instructor
mike white
FRANCES CLARK - Retired Teacher, Public Schools
Sharron Coontz - Former High School Teacher
Dennis Manning
Beverley Smith - RN
Barbara Pottinger - Teacher, AFT
Kyle Peterson
Debby Pope - member, AFT Women's Rights Committee
Ellen Rosd
Robert Stell
Sherry A
Kime Virginia - School Psychologisst, Chelsea PS
Nancy Gilbert - Speech Therapist, NYC Department of Education
Susan McDonald
Martha Milton - a
BEVERLY THOMAS - Beverly G. Thomas, American Federation of Teachers
Hugh Peach - President, H. Gil Peach & Associates
REBECCA WADE - Educator, Pre-K-12 School District
Barbara Pottinger - Teacher, AFT
Stefan Taylor
Sharon Pauley
Tom Nieland
Betsy A Leonard - Former Teacher
Maria Ferrantelli - Paraprofessional, DOE
Donna Dean-Wright - Para Educator, Tacoma School District
jennifer schultz - mrs.
Warren Wright
Amanda Currie
Dennis Cox
Barbara W
Susan Monteleone
Rasheeda Mohammed - Teacher, UFT
Erica Banks
Ruth Johnson - s
Nick Straus - Retired Music Teacher, Newark Public Schools NJ
Karalyn Hartman
Ali Shokouhbakhsh - Econ Instructor, COLLEGE OF SAN MATEO
edna wright olsson
Dee Steele - Retired educator
Elizabeth Sundquist
Jennifer Stapleton - Bellevue School District
David Asche
Kate Considine
Linda Trippany - Retired, Syracuse City Schools
Samantha Rodriguez-Kong - Teacher, PS 35Q
Joy Cheng - School social worker, Niles Township HS Dist. 219
Miles Calabresi
Torrie Richardson - Program Manager, Ascending to Men (ATM) Project
Edda Zavala Agosto - Teacher, East Ramapo CSD
Joyce Brito - Art teacher, Nashua school district
Moronke Oshin - Assistant Professor, CUNY
Paula Yehezkel
Ralph Wilson - Retired
michael levinson - board vice-president, naacp branch 1068 (san mateo, california)
Christie Messenger
Douglass Greist
richard smith - mr., none.
James Beeler II - WCRTA
Pat Chambers - Retired, DOD
d'Anne MacNeil - community supporter
Jim Haley
Matthews Thomas - Sub Teacher, NISD
Debbie Denton
Lauren Toledano - Teacher
Martin Baclija
Lindsey Vieth
Damon Brown
Evelyn McMullen - s, individual
David Lopez
Toni Watson - s, San Diego Unified School District
Constance Flynn
Henry Flax - United University Professions
Miriam Monroy
Gillian Williams-Eastman - Teacher, UFT
Susan Greenwald
ann gerald - first responder, TCSAR
Michele Grodner - Professor, William Paterson University
Massoud Yazdani - Adjunct lecturer, City University of New York
LaJuana Jackson - Teacher, CPS
Barbara Defreitas - Barbara DeFreitas, CHELMSFORD Federation of Teachers
Elizabeth Bible
Seton Wade
Eugene Atkin - Retired
Patrick Wen - Lecturer, UCLA
wayne hoffman
Mariann Weiser - Teacher, Department of Education
Sherry Hurt
Joanna Katz - none
Gail Ricci
Beverley Smith - RN
Angela Sheely Moore
Edda Spielmann
Sandra Bodnar - Sandra
Laurel Kornfeld
David Burtis
Randall Nerwick
Alison McMahon - Teacher, Cobleskill-Richmondville central school district
Mary Cory
Edward (Ted) Forbes - Emeritus Associate Professor, Lock Haven University Of Pennsylvania
Lynne Miller
Judith Barnett
Pat Brooks
Sean Shipley - Art Teacher, Proviso West HS
Sherilyn Snopek - Teacher-librarian, Cps
Amy Wilhite - office manager, acupuncture clinic
Jodi Honeycutt - Teacher, High School
Deborah Brinkley - Retired Educator
Maria L'Heureux - Teacher, VSTA
Yara Tethys - Licensed Professional Counselor
Krista Holt
Lyna Swanson
Kirsty Goldberg - s
Sana Younis - Teacher, New York City
Diane Pierce
Betty Ricketts
Betsy Sandford - Librarian, West Valley College
Melissa McCormack - ACHS
Melanie Yalanis - Retired Teacher, WHREA
Maria E. Lino - Maria E. Lino
Stephanie Meacham
Jo Ann Porter - Teacher, UFT
Adelle Hamel
Jennifer Suau - Jennifer Suau, American Federation of Teachers
N. Leveille - Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Houston-Downtown
Jo Ann Porter - Teacher, UFT
Susan White
Richard Morgan
Anne Baumgarten - IB Coordinator and Librarian, Houston ISD
Anthony Harmon - Security, Edina High School
Ruth Davidowitz
Jillonne Kaufman - n/a
Robert Weingart - former Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music
Andy (Cleveland) Dodge
Lauren Romano - Teacher
Beyonda Wilkerson
Courtnee Bennett
Sasha Jackson - sasha_jackson
Brandon Wheelock
Victoria Maxson - retired teacher
Jennetta Clark
Leo Quirk - Osborn Aquatic Center
Kimberly Corallo
Lindsey Vieth - Kristen Vieth, N/A
Arthur Payne
Alessandra Moctezuma - Professor, Fine Arts, San Diego Mesa College, San Diego Mesa College
Erin Moore
Robert Albers - Retired professor
B Dudney, MD - health educator, B Dudney, MD
Kerri Edwards - 4th grade teacher, Northbrook School District 28
William Leacock - Physics Teacher, Retired
Morris Martin
Karyl Carlson
Anthony Harmon - Security, Edina High School
Jamie Cardenas - Teacher, UFT
Ivan Fuentes
Robert Jump
Mary Mongelli - Retired special education teacher, Nassau BOCES
Robbi Gregory
Marina Sastre
Robert Frcek
Lily Leung - Library Technician II, P.C.C.D. Laney College Library
nell haskell - AFT
Susan Ellwanger - Teacher, New Haven Academy
Christie Krueger-Locy - Retired Social Studies Teacher, 2
Ron Taylor
Nyemah O'Garro
Kay Carlson - Kay Carlson, Education Minnesota Retired
Amy Lund
Marybeth Webster
Jamie Hines - Ally
Igor Tandetnik
Latashann McBride
Mariann Eppolito
Dianne Shershow
Dominique Alary - ESL Instructor, City College of San Francisco
Maira Largo
Jo Wagner
Iris Cabral
Joyce Humphrey
Christine Cain
Susan Oelkers
Joseph Hellweg - Associate Professor of Religion, Florida State University
Deborah Bancroft
Robert Bohmfalk
Juliette Newton
Jennifer Alberghini - Professor, CUNY
Jesse Jeff - Educator, MSCEA
Cheryl Devine - Cheryl Devine
Mary Bill - Mary Bill
Heidi Thornley
Ked Garden
Jeanne Spengler
William Renz
Osmara Francis - Program Coordinator, Bronx Community College
Jeffrey Cohen - JeffreyCohen2
Sandy Handsher - Professor Emerita, College of Marin
Bea Momsen
April Anthony - Teacher, AFT/DFT231
Corinne McVee - Retired educator, Retired Public Employees Association
Frank Kernan
Pamela A. Lowry
Paul Kunkel - Registered Nurse, Public Health at Columbia City
Steven Smith
Khalifa Stanford - Teacher, United Teachers of Dade
Kimberly Lowe
Hal Miller - Teacher, Milwaukee Area Technical College
C. Williams
Shoshana Serxner-MErchant
gerry lavner - gerry lavner, retired
Roger Williams
Rachel Keith
cindy beckley
Martha Banks
Gloria Richmond - Gloria Richmond, AFT
Mcmillan Patricia
Maria Neira
Mary Brannin - Mary Brannin, MFPE
Eileen Wells
Renee Fraser
Kathleen Kelcey - Retired teacher, Cateachretired
Lindsay Kolpitcke
Corwin Khoe - blackmonkey007
Maria Benjumea - Paraprofessional, DOE
Kim Proctor - Kim Proctor
Laura Chinn-Smoot - retired 36 year veteran public school teacher
Carole Landau Silverstein - Retired, Retired UFT
JAYA THOMAS - ADON, Creedmoore Psychiatric Center
Sarah M
John Weston
Diane DiFante
Carlton Russell
Allen Yarrowsky
Sarah Collmer - Educator
Lily Kosmicki
J Brown - Teacher, UFT
Linda Mandracchia
kenneth hill
CARMEN Corral - Baby sitter
Candice de Sauvage
David Coe
Wayne Richardson
Mary S
Brian Waak
Kenneth Allen
Adrian Fried - MS., n/a
Gary Dayton
Janet Foltz - Janet Foltz, Greenwood Elementary School
Rai Montalvo
Cherylene Whitaker - Special Educator, Baltimore City Public School
Dorothy Petrie - Retired Music Educator, NYSSUT: GUSTO
Annie Arroyo - Teacher, UFT
David Way
Pamela Gibberman - Retired Elementary Music Teacher, United Teachers Los Angeles - Retired
Lisa Burkstaller
Laureen Aiello - Teacher, PS 034q
Linda Roberts
Annette Berger-Machac - Central Unitarian Church, Paramus, NJ
Courtney Hernandez
Nicholas Jurus
Fred Glass - Communications Director (ret.), California Federation of Teachers
Riley Brannian
Susan E. Butler
Cyndi Witt
Marilyn Scholze - Therapist, Liberation Institute
Michael Olcsvary
MaryGrace & Gerard Brown
Anna Gates - Miss, Please Select
Ashley Ouellette
Wendy Goldberg - School Counselor, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
Steven Woolpert - Professional Counselor, MCMC
Alexander Honigsblum
Khalid Siddiqui
Laura Fairbank - 3rd Grade Teacher
REBEKKA ECKHAUS - University Instructor, International Christian University
Judy Alter
Wayne Stalsworth - Retired teacher
Elaine Franco - Librarian emerita, University of California, Davis
Fugman Paula
Thuy Le - Registered Nurse
Jaime Ta - Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, Rowe Middle School
Geraldine Lewis - School Psychologist, Retired
Lois Kamoi - retired teacher
Teresa Youngblood
Jamie Walters
Michelle Unger
Dagmar Fabian
Rebeccca Palacios - Educational Consultant, Palacios Educational Consulting
Kathryn Welsh
Norah Renken
Judith Rainbrook
Doris Wilson - (retired)
Amy Lynch - Reading Tutor, Start the Adventure in Reading / New Orleans
John McSwigan
j tuomey
S Norris - susannahnorris
diane achter
Richard Bartkowicz
Sandra Klueger
Garry Kramchak - Retired
Michael Ratcliffe
Flora Chung
Kevin Ryan
Jonathan Vega - Paraprofessional, NYCDOE
Craig van den Bosch - Art Teacher, Shorecrest High School
Sharefree Cooper - Teacher, Broward County Schools
Michael Borghi
Flona Francis - Teacher/Coach, Pasadena ISD
Zariah Payne - Teacher, Houston
Joan Merrill - Retired teacher, Vacaville Unified School District
Rob Roberts
Christine ONeill - Associate Professor, Ventura College
Eladio Cruz
Kimberly Owens
Sandy Abbruzzese
Linda Juister
Susan Batchelor - Faculty, Green River College
Nancy Deutsch - NYSSMA Piano State Chairperson, NYSSMA
Mary Cato
Yehudit Lieberman
Carlton Mcquay
Craig Coss - Faculty, College of Marin
Paul Blackburn - Retired
Adam Leisemann
Liesbeth van den Bosch
Jerry Hager
Maya Bendi
Alison Armstrong - Engineering Faculty, Shoreline Community College
Karen Allen
Susan Von Schmacht
Kimberly Seater
carol stroy - Retired Substitute Teacher, DOE,NYC
Ellen Lagerman - Student Services Coordinator, Arizona State University
Greg Nicholas
Praveen Reddy - Teacher, Elk Grove Unified School District
Nikki Shepherd
dennis nagel - mr
Ellen Lagerman - Student Services Coordinator, Arizona State University
Herbert Deutsch - NYSSMA
Jacqueline Singletary - UFT Advocate, United Federation of Teachers
Robin Blair-West
C McKenney - Retired Teacher, UFT
Louise Moorehead - Retired Substitute Teacher
Kish Moore
Aileron Moran-Hogansen - Sped EA, OSEA
Hubert Stewart - Retired Chemical Engineer
Harriet M. Meyer
Louise Ballard Moorehead - Retired Teacher/Active Substitute Teacher, Richardson Independent School District
Albert R. Matheny
Martha Beetley - retired teacher
Sandi Cornez
Tonia Allen
Sharon Prater - Instructional Aide, Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools
Paul Franzmann - I'd rather stand with you. kid, than the jerks trying to put you down.
Carlos Vidal - Teacher, UFT
Lynda Alvarez
J. M. Strothman
Mark Miller
Dan B
tamara Witzl - Principal, Telpochcalli school
Esther Trovarelli
Chiquita Friday
jordan winehouse
Holly Decker Decker
Emily Huff
Laura Rheinstein - Founder/Owner
Laura Rheinstein - Founder/Owner
Hao Le
A Wilson
Frances Blair
Melanie Walker - Teacher
BOB COOPER - mr., n-mft/retired
Andrew Butz
Mark Turner
Edith Orner - Oregon Education Assoc. Retired
Kristina McNaught
Saphira Rain
Helena Kashleva
Marcia Harvey - Instructor, Cuesta College
shem walker - Founder, Greatness Within Global
Ray Derrickson
Rob Soxsmith
Sarah Fowler - Teacher, Avon Community School Corporation
Holly Hall - Retired special education teacher
Pamela Fenech - Literacy Intervention Program Administrator, San Francisco Unified School District
Richard Soland - Professor Emeritus of Operations Research, The George Washington University
Denise Kaalund - Asst Principal/ Retiree, CSA RETIREE UNIT
Liliana Diaz
Dana Leva
Clark Dodge
kerry kohnert
Lawrence Jimenez - Citizen, America
Jonathan Weinstock
Thomas Werder
Karen Leavitt
Pamela Vasquez - Retired Educator
Pamela Vasquez - Retired Educator
Eva Mesina
Emilee Smith - CEO, Marcy Lives Foundation
Ronald Wolniewicz
Thomas Werder
Kesler Camese-Jones - President, Jefferson Federation of Teachers
James Boston
Kesler Camese-Jones - President, Jefferson Federation of Teachers
Susan Hallowell
Louise Fortin - Retired teacher, CTA
Linda Miller
Dori Peck
Sherlett Newbill - Teacher, AFT
Rick Hodgkins
Carlos Crispin - President, Seminole Uniserv
Zoe Harris - I am a teacher
Byron Clemens - COPE, Co-Chair, AFT St. Louis, AFLCIO , AFT St. Louis
Sherlett Newbill - Teacher, AFT
Sigrun Robertson
Dewett Wilson
Karen Aitken-Douyon - Physical Therapist, NYC DOE
Jacqueline Owens
Jared Freedman
Kylara Hunter
Mark Hurst
Gladys Neiman - Retired Teacher, Aft/NEA
William Schappa
Charmian Tashjian - DR., Harper College Adjunct Faculty Association
Jeanette Clarke - RN, Sisters of us Savior
Karen Bretz
Alexandra Soares
Lok-Sze Wong
Cynthia Canaris - Substitute Teacher
Sheryl Kern-Jones - Learning Disabilities Specialist, Cabrillo College
Alvin jenkins
Julie McCarthy
Stephanie Smith - Lead Teacher/Coach, PACE Academy
John R Donaldson - Professor Emeritus, CSU Fresno
Betsy Bolding - Betsy Bolding
Charles Brexel Sr.
Jane Peterson - Retired Special Ed teacher
Michèle Haudebourg
Andrea Anderson - 1
Harry Corsover
Patricia Blackwell
John Hopkin
Maggie Hughes - Teacher on Call, BCTF (British Columbia Teachers Federation)
Theresa Beebe - Past president, AFT (IFT 4717)
Thomas Bird - Associate Professor Emeritus, City University of New York
John Steponaitis - none
Sarah Peters
Rachell Fisher - Retired Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
Robert Griffin
T. Katz - Speech/Language Pathologist, Public school
Viola Kunze - ViVe! Training & Coaching
Wendi Peters
Kenneth Shaw
Quentin Fischer
Joseph Goldenberg
Ed Berry
Jennifer Aldana - Retired college counselor, South East High School, Los Angeles Unified School District
juan a. zamarripa
Stewart Wiggers - Counselor (Retired), UH-LCC
Susannah Peel - Miss
Jane Adams - Jane Ada Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel
Heidi Behnke
Christine Badura - Educator, Independent
Ann Wertheimer - Chair, American Voices Abroad Berlin
Karin Barger
Gina Grice - Paraprofessional -Mon Valley School, Allegheny Intermediate3
Candace LaPorte
Zariffe Denegri - Paraprofessional, J. byun
Jim Buster
Richard Scott
Ann Wertheimer - Chair, American Voices Abroad Berlin
Zariffe Denegri - Paraprofessional, J. byun
Cynthia Brooks-Fetty - Ally
Zariffe Denegri - Paraprofessional, J. byun
Alphonso Williams
Justin Truong
Barbara Mack - Retired Guidance Counselor, New York City Dept. of Education
Louise Cammarota
Laurie Funaroff - Laurie Funaroff, Educator
Barbara Mack - Retired Guidance Counselor, New York City Dept. of Education
Saundra Pinn - Teacher - Retired
Monique Watts-Harouna - Paraprofessional, UFT
joe smith
Che Richardson Jung - BSN, RN, OFNHP Local 5017
Karla Devine
Donna Parr - MEA
Stan Neering - LPN, Home Health Care
Guan Green
Saundra Pinn - Teacher - Retired
Heather Cogdell
Jessica Fisher - Registered nurse
Ellie Ommani - Ellie Ommani, American Iranian Friendship Cmtee
George Cattan
Janet Roemer
Gary Moore
Thelma Thompson - Teacher, UFT
kamarina DELANEY - Teacher, DOE
Matthew Shapiro
Barbara Blackwood - Parent
Raewyn Cummings
Yolanda Coppa - Retired teacher, UFT/AFT
Marie Roberts
Ralph Notaro
Irene Ippolito - High School Teacher, Levittown School District
Yolanda Coppa - Retired teacher, UFT/AFT
Thea Blair - Teacher, Davis Waldorf School
Allan Campbell
Andrew Torre
Georgeanne Matranga
robin aitro
MIchael Heinsohn
Janet King - mrs
Jo Hannan - Human being, Humanity
Patricia Zimmer
Ira Gerard-DiBenedetto
Joan Marks - retired
Kaiya Garcia
Brenda Hunter - Teacher Librarian, LAUSD
Carole Crumley - Professor emerita, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Elke Nicolai - Elke Nicolai, Hunter College, CUNY
Kathryn Russell - Middle School Teacher and Parent
Darci Cristobal - Teacher, Hollister School District
Janice Vargas
Dorion Fuchs - Retired Early Childhood Educator., LAUSD
Utkarsh Nath - AFT
Esther Yassi
Pat Magrath
Regina Pilardi - Retired Early Childhood Educator, LAUSD
Vincent Moss
Ken Petrich - REALTOR Broker, Coldwell Banker Realty
Geraldine Harris - UFT
d carr
Susan Nordine - Retired Special Education teacher, NEA
Alice Gem
Keith Campbell - Member, California Retired Teachers Association
Amanda Bentham - National Education Union UK
Eric Arn
Ravid Raphael - AFT Oregon, Retired
Anne Bonafede
Denise Tarr - LAUSD
Susan Frias
P Griffith
David Stobie - Consultant
Kevin McKelvie - Ally
Alexander Campling
Elizabeth Miller - artliese
Cheryl Chagoya
Marilyn Lee
sakari lindhen - ´mr
Holly Stevens - ESL Instructor, City College of San Francisco
Stephen Bomber
Caressa Al-Khateeb
Lawrence Robertshaw
Jeanette Evans - Psychotherapist
Nancy Sadowsky
Surya Teja Gavva - Rutgers University
G Melvin
Silvia Tinajero - Arts Specialist, Los Angeles Unified
Kurt Speidel
Rosetta Cotten-Fairley - Secretary, Amityville Union Free School District
Christa Karpowitz
Aaron Gardner - Instructional Support Technician, Portland Community College
Peter Evans
Lynn Laupheimer
Donna Wagoner - s
Dave Quayle - Dave QUAYLE, USW
Ron Laupheimer
Margherita Flaherty - Retired Teacher, DODDS. AFT
Tod Boyer
Kimberly Johnson
C Y Lum - MS.
Georgine Roldan - Teacher, United Teachers of Dade
Allison riley
Jonathan McLeod - Professor, retired, AFT Guild, Local 1931
Lonnie White - LonnieWhite2
Nantawan McLeod - Adjunct Faculty, San Diego Mesa College
Robert Biegler - Professor, NTNU
Barbara G Scott
Ingrid Bangert
Bernice Requenez - Retired teacher
Emanuela Bedendo
David Lance
Joseph Wisniewski
Brittanna Monroe - Nurse, The Hartford
William Watts
david Keiser - Associate Professor, Montclair State
Lana Franchek
Probyn Gregory - self
Claire Hamlisch
Robert Tefft
Lorraine Smith - Secretary, Errol Hassell PTO
Barbara Hughes - NEA, retired
valeria del popolo
MARILYN DAVIS - Registered Nurse
Marie-Laurence Yans
Dorothy Neff
Keith LeClair
Mark Baker
Margaret Hahn Wade - Local 1600 CCCTU
Joan J. Seagal
carol loveland - Miss, None
Dave Belliveau
Roberta Birmingham
Judith Gardner
Susan Merritt - Teacher, DeKalb CUSD 428
Sandy Fox
Sheila Gerstenzang - Teacher, UFT
Sherwood Brooks - Teacher, iftwood Middle
Marcus Walton - Marcus Walton, 2
sharon bambridge
Pat Cisneros
Marija Kljuce
Bonnie Oliver
Billie Cohen Tisherman - Teacher, HAT
Amy Dalton - School Board Trustree, Holt Public Schools
Christina G
Shena Kieval - Teacher, PVFT
Louise Shultz
Hugh Keleher - retired
odd lilleberg - secretary of trade union, Fellesforbundet
Carol Jean Canavan
Elizabet Howard
Richard Pipan - Associate Professor, Oakland University
Anne Kathrine Blyverket - Senior adviser, Union of Education Norway
david weinstein
Molly Coon - teacher, Bridgewater Public Schools
Nancy Freedland
Rachel Rade
Nancy Liburd - Elementary Music Teacher, Virgin Islands Department of Education
Jean McDonald
Monica Lopez - Librarian/Associate Professor, Cerritos College
Elizabeth Estrin - Self Employed
Karen Redway - Retired Educator
Jeanette Evans - Psychotherapist
Robert Sameuls
Ellen Phillips
Shandreika Neal
Elizabeth Estrin - Self Employed
Jane Simpson
p v - p
Margaret Foster - Letter to our students, PFT
Lorena Walker
Elizabeth Estrin - Self Employed
Martin Reichert - Asst Clin Prof, NYU
Renee Wofford - Office Manager, Dallasisd
S Stein - U.F.T
Carol Young
Stacy Joseph - Racial Equality, UFT
Kathleen Anderson - Physical Education Teacher, West Haven Public Schools
David Kurz
Tara Jennings - AFT
Nancy Fahey - Nancy, Parent
John Cevasco - UFCW
Peter Smith - Peter Smith, Life Member National Education Union [NUT Section}
JEAN WAUGH - Retired Teacher, NYC Department of Education
Dennis Smalley
Gwenna Weshinskey - Professor Emerita, College of DuPage
N Garvey
Ann Berman - President, Salem Teachers Union Local1258
Doris Delgado - Special Education Teacher, Greenburgh Eleven
Jamie Scott
Jules Trapp
William Brewer
Joseph Teller
Carole Landau Silverstein - Retired, Retired UFT
Lisa Ortiz - Teacher, AFT, NEA, UFT
Denise Litterio
Pete Keenan - Retired, IBEW
Gilda Bloom-Leiva, Ph.D. - Professor, San Francisco State University
Sherry Hague
Madison Gunter
Laurie Hart - Laurie Hart
Theresa Dick
zoran simic
Lynne Wlodarczyk - teacher
Martha Kenney - Teacher aide, CCSD
Carol Walters
Lindsey Pollock
Lisema Lekhooana - South African Commercial Catering & Allied Workers Union
Susan Worrell - Reverend, Hope Christian Counseling
Roberto Garcia
Brian Newberg
Mary Kemp - Retired teacher, UFT
Jane Asbury
Ingrid Pires - Ingrid L Pires, Piranha Marketing
Rayna Ciano - teacher, Johsnton
Glenn Rawson - Professor, Rhode Island College
Donica Ball - Teacher, Middletown Teachers Association
Courtney Bell - Principal Research Scientist, Educational Testing Service
Pauline Naples - Pauline Naples, Lynn Public Schools
Aneesah Abdus-Shakur - Freeport Teachers Association
Ursula Mathern
Leroy Lightfoot
Monique Greilich - retired school administrator, Wilmington MA Public Schools
Line Lange-Nielsen - Potter, Peta
Idella Washington - School Library Media Specialist, West Jefferson High School
Therese Geoghegan - Former teacher, Lynn Public Schools, Lynn, Massachusetts
Grace Small
Shena Kieval - Teacher, PVFT
Doug Cousins
Claribel Michilena - Teacher
Marcia Corkrean
Stephenie Rhodes - Teacher, American Federation of Teachers
Tanga Wilson - Teacher, UFT
Leslie Kramer - educator, NEA
Mari Jo Quinn
Pauline Bogger - Retired Mathematics teacher, Retired AFT member SCEA-R of Sumter, SC
RUBEN MAURicio - Special Education Teacher Consultant, Ann Arbor Public Schools
Roberta villanova Nunn
Cecelia Lee - Educator, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Anthony Debetta
Robert Dorson
Helen Despinos - Media Clerk, Port St. Lucie County School Board
Wilhelmena Calland - Retired
Denise Kapaun
Grady Youngblood
Arthur Tenenholtz - AFT
Shakera Oliver - Education Consultant, Self Employed
Michael Minnick
Ezequiela Nieves - Teacher, UFT
Graciela Gonzalez
KATHLEEN WIDMAYER - Retired teacher
Eva Okeeffe
heidi ledet - Heidi Ledet, New York Public Schools
Diane Gagnon - Teacher, Timberlane Middle School
Susan Thompson - Teacher, NFCTA
Linda Krywinski - Para professional, FREA
Diana Belouin
Cassandra Deas - Educational Assistant, NYCDOE
Camille Hambidge
Sharon chesley
Priscilla Nemeth
Jerry Johnson
Sarah Laboy-Almodovar
Bertil Lindberg - Retired, Human being
Neville Bruce
Maria Petruska - PSEA
Helen Dimartino - Helen DiMartino, Lindenhurst Public Schools
Elizabeth Mahony - Retired Math teacher
Diane Blengs
Beth VanBuren
JAMES MARTIN - Broward College
Frank Satogata - member, Jacl
Jean Davis - Information Specialist II, ITS
Rosalind Spivack
Dorothy Cush - Universal Lteracy Reading Coach, NYC DECE
Sarah Laboy-Almodovar - Sr. Program Administrator, Rutgers U., Program in Criminal Justice
Toni Somma - Toni Somma, United Federation of Teachers
Cheryl jean
Denise Smith
kathleen panton - Omni
Shelton Jenkins
Stephani Jones - Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Farmingdale High School
Mindy Rosier
Lita Clarkson-Carter - Montgomery County Public Schools
Leonora Austin - Administrative Assistant, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
Laura Cooper - Teacher, Newtown Federation of Teachers
Robert Dettbarn - retired educator
Robin Obey
Mary Cornish - Professor, Plymouth State Univerisity
Serena Grigsby - Miss
Heath Gamache - Ingomar Middle School
Barbara Kelly
Mary Cornish - Professor, Plymouth State Univerisity
Tiara Blue
Marc Goldstein
Elizabeth Ramsay - United Faculty of Miami Dade College
Helen Hermann
Carl Finkbeiner
Sandra Anderson
Carl Finkbeiner
Leslee Stolarski - Teacher, Wappingers School District
Maria Bellamy - City University of New York College of Staten Island
Lois Cooper - Professor Emerita, Berkshire Community College
Michael Watkins
Beth Burke
Angela Staton - Uniondale Retired Teachers Association
julie Washington - asst director, aft
Lisa Bradshaw - Research program officer, University of Michigan
Christi Alper
Lana Fryers
Sharon Jackson
Rebecca Langtry-Pierce - Teacher, SCSD
Christopher Galley - Teacher, WSCSD
Barry Mommsen
John Stanton - mr
Kelly Bergquist - Kelly Bergquist, WFUT 1568
Mary Baldwin
Marietta McKenzie-Spence - Retired Teacher, UFT - United Federation of Teachers
Timothy Franzen
Kara Carney
Sheera Broderick
Tom Binford - TBinford, Friends School of Baltimore
Rita Ellis
Martin Lum Kin - Principal, Granville Roman Catholic Primary School
Lisa DeCarolis - School Social Worker, Pittsburgh CAPA
Shawna Hanson
John Pezzlo
isobel McMillan - s, NEU retired
Wendy Clements
judy` jonas
Kari Rwenzo - Kari Rwenzo, Khartoum International Community School
faith b Terrell - RN Educator, AFT Unipn Steward
K. S. Sappington
Vicky Serrao
Kimberly Williams
Debra Smith
Esther Street
Kim Deandrade
Tracy Joslyn - Educator, School District of Philadelphia
Mary Facklam - Teacher, South Glens Falls School
David Russell - Teacher, Boston Teachers Union
Marquis Harrison - Teacher, United Federation of Teachers
Zoe Martinez - Zoe Martinez, Minneapolis public schools
Mary Facklam - Teacher, South Glens Falls School
Catherine OFlaherty
John Rowlson - (PhD), Retired Educator
Elissa Goldstein
Cyndi Cox
Frank Yip - Teacher, Lincoln, RI High School
Caleb Pusey - CareNet
jo spielman - Retired Special Educ.Teacher, PS79
Kevin Kelleher - Teacher, HCES NYC
Joseph Fassari - A NOBODY THAT CARES
Patricia Sammartino
Juan Cardona - Teacher, Juan Cardona
Monica Sedore - Teacher
Maria DiFrangia
Janet Cavallo
Tanya Pollard
Alysse Ouimet - Elementary Special Education Teacher, Massena Central School
Sandra Miller - retired teacher, Clarkstown Central School District
Helaine Sternin - GNTA
Susan Hall - Kindergarten Teacher/Union President, Roxbury Central School
Jane Cimini
Nadine Dye - paraprofessional, Jamesville-Dewitt School District
Mary Heidbreder
Eileen Carter
Tom Gammill - Tom Gammill
Kelly Borges - teaacher, Brookside School
Shelly Chizzonite - East Syracuse Minoa United Teachers
Richard Gomes - Staff Rep, AFT-NJ
Barbara Toshalis
Stanley Rumph
Georgia Eddings - Teacher, NYC DOE
Jocelyn Benford - Teacher, NYCDOE
Judith Green - Retired High School ???, NYC Public School System
Bobby Belknap
Melvin Vincent
Kathryn Little
Alice Sexton - A&R, AFT Local 4200
DARZELL WARREN - President Elect, Escambia Education Association
Linda Pearson - Retiree, UFT
Doris Bryant - retired teacher, Uniondale Teachers Association
Laura Lorek - Cleveland Heights -University Heights City Schools
Luke Rogers
Michelle Bennett - s Michelle Jackson
Ashlee Pieris - Professor, Raritan Valley Community College
Loretta McClain - Paraprofessional, Toledo public schools
Doris Bryant - retired teacher, Uniondale Teachers Association
Ann Sandritter
Mary Easley
Evelyn Rosado
Jaraux Washington - Science Teacher, Memorial middle school
Pauline Richardson - Nurse Educator, The Brooklyn Hospital Center
Amy Lund - Professor, Miami Dade College
Janet Fash
Richard Benson
Roberto Rengifo - Roberto Rengifo
Roberta Harris
Martha Lawson - Teacher, Chestnut Hill Middle School
Katrina Brice - Katrina Brice, NYCDOE
Assunta Venditti
Herman Hardy - mr.
Aletha Heggie - Teacher, Brooklyn STEAM Center NYC DOE 33K891
Leslie O’Shaughnessy
Elizabeth Hinojosa - Teacher
Chris Altomari
Claudette Richards-Morris - Physical Therapist, Chicago Public School
fern berenberg - NYC Department of Education
Thomasina Hopkins - Retired School Social Worker, DOE
Hettie Sessoms - Teacher, VCSB
Karen Mohammed
Jason Kane - School Psychologist, Putnam Valley Central School District
fern berenberg - NYC Department of Education
MORIAH NESTER-WATT - Senior Administrative Assistant, Rutgers University
Kerry Kiley - Teacher, Nashua School District
April Goral
Willa Doswell - Assoc. Professor of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh-School of Nursing
Annette Ramtahal - PARAPROFESSIONAL, NYC, Department of Education
Sheri Frey
Judith Halvorson - s, NEA
Deborah Marchand
Mindy Schwartz - Instructional Technology Coach, UFT Teacher Center
WILLIAM SINGLETARY - Educator, Philadelphia School District
Misty Michael - s
Patricia Doherty - Teacher, NYCDOE
lino de gregorio
Amanda Dierking - ama Teacher, Minneola Charter School
Jane Sonnenday
Theresa Iannucci
Felicia Banks - Parent Educator
Tami Cutler - Teacher, Roslyn Middle School
Jane Sonnenday
Lisa Rhindress - ESOL Teacher, School District of Phila
Kelly Giewat
James & Denise Mazurek
Carla Freels
Gloria Gatica - Paraprofessional
Brenda Walker
Michael Needle - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Medgar Evers College—CUNY
Nancy Jo Whittington
Kay Pollard - Social Worker, Newark Public Schools
Gina Brown-Hall - Secretary, AFT St. Louis Local 420
Susanne Lilja - Retired
Gary Nelson
Sarah Johnson
Clayola brown - APRI
Karen Imbus - Field Representative, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers
Linda James
tinnie foguing - Supervisor, Upstate University Hospital
Wayne Straight
Kimberly Knight - UPK 4 Teacher, Jamestown Teachers Association
Barbara Hackett - Teacher, UFT
Jessica Valenz
Melanie Herman - Educator, Moraine Valley Community College
Barbara Farray - Barbara Farray Para, DOE
Melissa Ward - Teacher, New York City Department of Education
angel grant
John O'Neill - Social Worker, UFT
Erica Fire - SUNY Buffalo State
Lynda Dobens
Stephanie Bayer - Teacher, Allen ISD
Paul Catania
Barbara Farray - Assistant teacher, DOE
Damon Gallo - Social Studies Teacher, Sachem Central School District
Zuilda Roig
Gwyn Aubrey
David Malone - Teacher, Philadelphia School District
Tanesha Hunter - CIUFSD
Dale Hawrylczak - Teacher, LaGuardia Arts
Richard Heinlein - Me, environmental, teacher Volunteer
Michelle Becker - DOE
Regina Gillis
Donna Pancari
Carol Marshall - Professor Emerita of Spanish, Truman State University
David Fish
Sandee Erdman
Jack Murphy
Jeanette Hicks - miss
Antonios Megas
Amy Bernstein - Speech Therapist, NYC DOE
Fernando Tijerina - Math Teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools
Greg Loflin
Patrick Dougherty - Licensed Professional Counselor, Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy
Tracy Robinson - Literacy Specialists, Belmont Elementary School NBUFSD
Sheryl Sperry
Roy Nitzberg - Lecturer, CUNY
Shatema Johnson - Teacher, Perth Amboy Publuc Schools, Perth Amboy, NJ
Barbara Huggins
Donna Stephens - American Federation of Teachers
Julia Landress - s
Richard Meeker
Judith Mccoyd - Associate Professor, Rutgers University
Maureen Pricci
Joshua Neff
Lisa Harries - Lisa Harries, Evanston Skokie School District 65
Laura Fehrenbacher - School Psychologist, Cherry Creek School District
Ryszard Mosakowski - dr, National Science Section 'NSZZ Solidarnosc
Emily Puthoff - Associate Professor, SUNY New Paltz
Cory Mitchell - Rutgers University
Shenaz Kapasi - Special Education Retired Teacher, Department of Education.
Laura Fehrenbacher - School Psychologist, Cherry Creek School District
Barbara Harris - s, Granny Peace Brigade, retired teacher
Wendy Williams
Clifton Ware - Clifton Ware, Citizens for Sustainability
Michele Combs - Michele Combs
Tara Schroeder
Patricia Ruehl - Patricia Ruehl, AFT - retired
Charlese Yearwood
Pamella Gibbs
Craig Leonard
Antonia Fusco - Teacher, NYCDOE
PJ Terkoski - Labor Relations Specialist, NYSUT
Jacqueline Fischer - Board Member, Washington County Board of Education
Mattthew Morrison - Public Services Librarian, `Tarrant County College
Matina Sterio - Spanish Teacher, NSEA
Samantha Heffernan - Nurse Educator, The University of Vermont Medical Center
Ron Katz
Betty Chappel - Educator, MDCPS
Peter McWalters - Commissioner of Education, retired, CCSSO
Marion Menna
Marg Chauvin - Retired Educator
Randy Diner - AFT
Janine White - Lockhart ISD
Linda Kateeb - Chicago Public Schools
Dolores Leito - Retired Supervisor NYC, CSA
Donna Dennis
Sadirah Scott - Teacher, AFT
Robbin Cuthbertson - School Counselor, New York City DOE
Dawn Petry
E Duncan II
lois aceto - sister Lois Aceto, racine dominicans
Sue Kozora
Linda Kateeb - Literacy Consultant, Chicago Public Schools
Roberta Massuch - Faculty, Community College of Philadelphia
C S - Retired, N/A
Stacy Hernandez - Instructional Coach, PS 94 Brooklyn
Ruth Jackson
Ruth Sheets - Teacher, NEA - CUEA
Julia Hathaway
Marcus Hubley
Brian McCoy - Chemistry Teacher
Emily Todras - Teacher, NYC DOE
Bryan VanDuinen
Anne Buchanan
Latoya Lebby - Teacher, High School
Julie Bannerman - ELL Teacher, Lowell Public Schools
Shelley Knox
Sue Kozor - Former Principal, KISD
Jennifer Lee - CUNY PSC
John Kolstoe
Patricia Downie - MDE
Latoya Lebby - Teacher, UFT
Jeremy Bourget - Special Educator, Paul Cuffee School
Thomas Burns
Matthew Vencill
Mary Sapp - Supervisor of Education Progra NYSED
Jean Slusser - President, PFLAG Greensburg
Patricia Downie - ENvironmental Specialist, MDE
Stephanie Combs - Art Teacher, Genoa Elementary School
Kathy Bruner - Fed. of Franklin Co Ch Serv, Lo. 3143
Gaylen Wichrowski - School Social Worker, Ballston Spa Central School District
Terrry Quiros - Retired school counselor, NYC department of education
Kimberly Yocum
Joanna Stoneham - Joanna Stoneham, Local 540
Justin Holt
Martha Huston - School Nurse, Providence School Dept
Adrienne Blando - Teacher, NYC DOE
Teri Danos
Heather Plank - Academic Support Assistant, Montgomery County Community College
Mike M
Phillip Taylor
Deborah Muniz
Harlan Kirsch
KATHRYN DICKERSON - Art Teacher, Hopkins School District
Mareen DiCarlantonio
Manfred Holl
Brian Chapman
Ray Weinmann - Teacher, CUEA
Antonina Benincasa - s, Teacher
shawn rubel
karyn olivier - Professor, Temple university
Mary Bensen - Bensen, Jericho Teachers Association
Karen Smith
Mayida Zaal - Associate Professor, Montclair State University
Jennifer Parker - Teacher, ProJeCt of Easton
Beverly Meyer
Mary Bensen - Teacher, Jericho Teachers Association
Cory Condron - Teacher, WTSchools
William Scott - William Scott, Syracuse Teachers Associatiom
Shelley Sydnor-Reed - Shelley Sydnor-Reed, Citizen of the United States
Heather Lewis - Lewis, Rutgers University
Mary Beth O'Connor
Lisa Caloh
Mary Bensen - Teacher, Jericho Teachers Association
Robert Bartlett - Robert Bartlett, West Suburban Teachers Union AFT #571
Kimberly Tarver - president, ECCFA IFT LOCAL 3791
Al Benford - NRA
Lisa Mahlke - retired sped assistant, NBSSA
Shawn Wright
Stephen Lazar - Social Studies Teacher, United Federation of Teachers
Christian Miranda
Christina Hewitt
Erin Flanagan - Fruend, UFT
Margaret Morgan - Parapro, AFT MISD
Linda Wiesner - Teacher, Uft
Lance Waggoner
Shavon Glover - Educator, NYCDOE
Leslie Estepp - Art Teacher, St. Tammany Parish School Board, Louisiana
Jacquelyn Plate - Department of Education
Melissa Braun - Teacher, PS226
Clare McCanna
Caroline Larson - UW-Madison
Sophie Morton - Sophie Morton, Marietta City Schools
Ashley Leejay - Teacher, AFT-Texas
Margaret Morgan - Parapro, AFT MISD
Megan Houlihan
Andrea Raiford - Teacher, Detroit Federation of Teachers
Jaeun Lee
Carol Samuelson - Retired SLP, E2CCB
Linda Balla - retired teacher/library aide, Evanston Public Library
Mary Alice Marsan
Robin Lann
Deborah Covi
Brian Fritzen - Teacher, Syracuse City Schools
AILEEN MCCONVEY - LPCS TA, Lake Placud Central School
Vida Prophet - NYSUT
Lisa Kientzel - Retired teacher, Parkway School District
LaShond Stevenson
Michael Hennessey - Professor, Bucks County Community College Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 2238
Stori Macphee - Adjunct, CCNY
Terry Bell - NEA
Debra Gleason
John Cochran - 099john
Kate H
Michael Odowd - John Jay College
Claire Connors
Jennifer Johnson
Frank Brooks - Higher Education Paraprofessional, Illinois Education Association - NEA
Don and Leslie Bush - and s
Rani Buenting
Elizabeth S. Ramos - Office Assistant, CSEA
Peggy Gladden - Field Representative, Baltimore Teachers Union
Margaret Bradford
Linda Morgan
Christina Knauf - ELA teacher leader, Rochester City School Districe
Dale Haas
Milton Fuentes - Professor, Montclair State University
Marjie Crosby - Occupational Therapist, Boston Teachers Union
neal smith
Susan Furlong - School Age Child Care Supervisor, Broward County Public Schools
Linda Stevenson - Linda Stevenson, Teacjer, Member of AFT
Stephanie Lassalle
Andrea Aflalo - Special Education Instructor, JM Wright Technical High School
Barbara Clark
Emily Frazier-Rath
barbara ravizee
Shannon Landwehr - School Counselor, Woodstock High School
Patricia Santoro - Saint Peter's University JC, NJ
Annette Gustafson - Annette Gustafson, SCSD
Robert Ridgway - Lecturer, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Diana Heymann - HFT Retired
Melissa Powers - Melissa Powers, Lamar Consolidated ISD
Steve Bruno
Shannon Griffin - Teacher, Central Berkshire Regional SD
Ludovic Atezman - Science teacher, Charlotte Amalie HIgh School Virgin Islands
Michael Cunningham
Sally De La Rosa - Retired Educator, AFT
Lisa Suarez - School Counselor, Shaker Junior High School
Leslie Lieman - School of Education, CUNY Lehman College
Margaret Patroniti - Pubic School Teacher
Felecia Kelly - Teacher, PS/MS 498
Valerie Anderson - Educator, Columbus City Schools
Margaret Patroniti - Pubic School Teacher
Bill Whelan
Patricia Davenport
Kicab Castaneda-Mendez
Nina Singh - Teacher, NYC DOE
Michael Buzzeo
GERMAINE GOFFNEY - Teacher, Broward Teachers Union
Bonnie Maller
Pauline Gold
constance Halporn
Sheila O'Neil - President, Lynn Teachers Union, Local 1037
Tamara Van Loo - Teacher
Ardath Belzer - Music Teacher, Philadelphia School District
Deb Van Benschoten - AFT
Karen Beine - Gramma, Retired Food Service Cook
Frederick Albert - President, AFT-WV
Meredith Hagie-Mchugh - School Counselor, Pasco County Schools
Pamela Papas - Retired educator, UFT
Sally Seckman - Sally26622460
Trebor Strong
MaryAnne Confer - Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
Karen Hill - Retired Teacher, West Northfield SD #31
Michele Krause - School Psychologist, East Syracuse Minoa Central Schools
Karen Beine - Gramma, Retired Food Service Cook
Christine Stolz
Jeanette Capria-Lazzaro - Teacher, SCSD
Cynthia Kinneberg
Maryann Montione - Retired public school teacher, Seminole County FL schools
Erin Coffey - Project manager, Texas Wesleyan University
Jeanette Schwartz - School Psychologist, School Board of Broward County, Florida
linda tripp - Teacher, Legacy Academy
Daniel Rodriguez - Teacher, AFT
Frederick Albert - President, AFT-WV
Yolanda Hall
Yesenia Simon
Kareem Mumford
Ligia Aldana - SUNY New Paltz
Pat Delucia - Vice-President NHFT933, New Haven Public Schools
Mary Ellen Masciale - AFT Local 5051
Helene Signer - SBK
Sherri G Harris Gibbs - Ed Specialist II - Instructional Technology, BALTIMORE CITY SCHOOLS
Carla Serfas
Cheryl Thayer - AFA - Local President OCC, IEA/NEA
Kathleen Kando - School nurse, Pawtucket School Department
Phil Rumore - President Buffalo Teachers Federatiom, Buffalo Teachers Federation
Michele Hettinger - Tracher, Niles Township High Schools
Elizabeth Gonsalves - Elizabeth Gonsalves, PTA
Helene Signer - SBK
Isnime Sylvain - Supporter, Personal
Elizabeth Meister
Lisa Kromanaker - RN facilty, Madison Area Technical College
Constance Renker - CTU-R 279
Sherri G Harris Gibbs - Ed Specialist II - Instructional Technology, BALTIMORE CITY SCHOOLS
Mary Bednarek - Sister, Sisters of the Holy Cross
Kathrin Dodds
Robert Belknap - Teacher, Saint Mary's School
Jinx Hydeman
Stephen Ginsberg - School Social Worker, Smithtown School District
Joseph Ralph Roberson
Kim Stephens - Kim L Stephens, Olsen Middle
Madeline Udod - Retired Educator, Eastern Suffolk BOCES
robert miller
Aaron Brunette
Mary Wallace - President, AFT Local 6025, Montclair University Adjunct Union
Jeff Klein - mr
Ashley Armer - Music Teacher, NYSUT
Madeline Udod - Retired Educator, Eastern Suffolk BOCES
Julie Hicks
Camille Cono
Teresa Stemen - Behavior Specialist, CUSD 200
John Reese - John Reese, Austin ISD (5th grade science)
Lori Perry - Kaiser Permanente
Tanya Goetz - Assistant professor, New York City College of Technology
Edith Kerbaugh - Edith Kerbaugh, (retired) PCC Faculty Federation
Mary Catania - Teacher, Western Suffolk BOCES Teacher’s Association
Esther Murillo - Retired teacher, UFT
Joel Garcia
Theresa And Barbara Lamarr
GERI SUMMERS - MSW, Rutgers University
Patricia Mosley - Co-president, Teachers Federation of Park Forest
Rachel Dengel - Teacher, Freeport Public Schools
Jim Murphy
Mindy Metzcar
Antionette Mathews - Principal, Lancaster ISD
Darlene Riley - Paraprofessional/ Council woman, NEA/NMA
Kathleen Axen - Professor, CUNY
Alex Blaine
Pamela Mullins
Antionette Mathews - Principal, Lancaster ISD
Maureen Mullins - teacher, DTCC
Wendy Emery - School Nurse Practitioner, Pittsburgh Public Schools
Mary Moebius
Jacqui Jackson - Jacqui Jackson
Brenda Luck
Alice Raby - Attendance Agent, Detroit Public Schools Communuty District
Sarah Davis - Teacher, Bridges Director, Shaker Heights City Schools
Jackie River, Md - President, Peace Productions, Inc.
Karen Saakvitne
Mark Warren - None
Patricia Mchugh - AFT
zonia roundtree - teacher, utd
Jayne Willman - Jayne Willman RN, MSN
Linda Pachter
William Artz
April Brown-Smith
Ina Echevarria - Paraprofessional, NYCDOE
Caitlin Hudgins - Assistant Professor, Potomac State College
Sandra Baxter
Cathy Ragusa - Ragusa, St Johns County School District
Alison Harrison
Barbara Landberg
Belinda Quimby - Assistant Principal, Saint Louis Public Schools
Mark Silberstein - Retired teacher, Yonkers Federation of Teachers
Henri LenogueFord - Teacher, DOE NYC
Sharon A Wright - Administrative Assistant, AFTPA
David Cortez
Michele Redman - Michele Redman, NYCDOE
Marian King
Pat Neal - Patricia Neal, District of Columbia State Organization, DKG
Winfield Bennett - Adjunct II, County College of Morris
Mary Jane Kalchbrenner - Jane Kalchbrenner, AFT
Henri LenogueFord - Teacher, DOE NYC
Vicki Shy-McGrail
Robert Branson
Darlene Riley - Paraprofessional/ Council woman, NEA/NMA
Marie Weinstein
Patricia Gaines - ESP, Broward Teacher Union
Margaret Eells
Robert Higgins - School Psychologist/Behavior Consultant, St.Lawrence Lewis BOCES
Lyle Janney - Portal Lead, Purdue University
Simone Gordon - Educator, Department of Education
Karolyn Beebe
Mark Kieran
David Shutkin - Professor, John Carroll University
Amy Taylor - Teacher, AFT
Jodie Goldstein - Teacher, TFT
Ian Ganassi
Janice Hall
Lisa Amster-Blugh - Guidance Counselor, 28Q349
STACIANN ABBRUZZESE - Administrative Assistant, Rutgers University
BETONY OSBORNE - Teacher, Edina Public Schools
Elizabeth Webster
Michelle Lai - Teacher, NYCDOE
James Ascuitto - Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Ed.
Patricia Gulitti - Teacher, Jericho High School
Ilyana Frias - Paraprofessional
Matthias Hess
Robert Moll
Michelle Colon - Teacher, NYC Department of Education
Donna Castone - Miss, Donna Castone
James Tendick
Shital Shah - Manager, Philanthropic Engagement & Community Schools, AFT
DEBRA MORSE - School Psychologist, Hiawatha Valley Education District
Joe Balsamo
Shital Shah - Manager, Philanthropic Engagement & Community Schools, AFT
Helene Stoller
Penelope Kalloo - Retired teacher
Alice Soler
Sara Bloch - Glades Middle
A D Coley - Organizer, United Teachers of Dade
Alison Hapka - Science Teacher, Elkton High School
Janet Smith-Hackshaw - Assistant Principal, Elementary School
Amy Hughes-Teuber
Celine Fitzpatrick - Celine Fitzpatrick, Delbarton School
Heather Riemer - AFT Vermont
Deissdy Martinez - Teacher
Gayle Porter - Librarian, Chicago State Univ.
Louise Vista Michael
Edith Nordloh - Educational Diagnostician, Houston ISD
Diane Balanovich
MARGARET DOWNEY - Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District
Susan Bernd - Ballston Spa Teachers Association
S Khan - Youth Transition Counselor, CIDNY
Lisa Hirschfield - Communications Specialist, Lehman College/CUNY
Thomas Birchfield - Birchfield, Honorably Discharged Veteran, USAF.
Louis Goldstein - Retired Teacher, UFT
Frank Valente - Retired Teacher, RTA/NYSUT
Jennifer Higgins - Treasurer, AFT New Jersey
David Edwards - General Secretary, Education International
Helene Holohan
Sharita Williams
Robert Stein
Franklin Moore - CUNY - BCC
Kim Goldman - AFT
Dana Heffner - Sister, School Sisters of Notre Dame
Lucy Puglin
Andrea Saad - Retired Public School Teacher, K-8, State of Virginia
Kandy Faris - Kandy Faris, Franklin Elementary School
Amy Willis - Amy Willis, Teacher, Louisiana Federation of Teachers
Jill Nicholas
Kim Goldman - AFT
Shelley Brown - IEP/Reading Intervention Teacher, School District 3
Shukla Kapoor - Retired special ed. Teacher, D.O.E
Helen & Jim Grimes
Mary Petersman - University of Cincinnati
Rose Martens - Retired Teacher, Tangipahoa Federation of Teachers and School Employees
Mary Claxton - MaryClaxton
Zorayda Ruth Gracilla
Sally Costello - Reserve Teacher, Mpls. Public Schools
Yvonne Rowe
Heather R
Janae Dale - Retired Teacher thirty years
Katrina Whittaker - Teacher, Broward Teacher's Union
Deborah Milham
carolyn jenkins - Confidential Administrative Assistant, American Federation of Teachers
Patricia Greer - Special Education Team Lead, St Louis Public Schools
Alain Pinon
Aisha Rudolph-Nurredin - Educator, Cincinnati Public Schools
Elizabeth Waring - Teacher
Debbie Tobin - Teacher, FLCA
Juliette McNulty - Juliette McNulty, New York City Department of Education
Jill Pfeiffer - Professor, Rio Hondo College Faculty Assoc.
Liza Zandonella - Teacher / Librarian, Newtown Public Schools
Katherine Renfro
Jill Pfeiffer - Professor, Rio Hondo College Faculty Assoc.
Beth Ward - Retired teacher, NYC Dept of Education
John Ryder
Samantha Fischer
Donald Kisiel - Professor Emeritus, Suffolk County Community College
Kaye Brown - Retired Educator
Aaron Linder - IT/Media Specialist, St. Louis Community College
Christine Henker - Senior Administrative Coordinator, Madison Area Technical College
Theresa McSweeney - National Education Association
Sarah Mugavero
Beverley Sutton - Retired teacher, TEA
Susan Morance
Ann Fantauzzi - Educ insults the to NPO- Uganda, The Giving Circle
James Rodriguez - Retired Teacher, UFT
Monia Civil - Paraprofessional, School
Lisa Carol Klein - Professor, School of Engineering, Rutgers University
Nora Carlson
Yadira Spring - Quality Assurance Specialist, RCINJ
Jean Epling - Dietitian
Kia Dyer - Registered Nrse
Sari VanSleet - School Counselor, North Colonie Schools
Marielle Pichon
Lori Napear - Retired teacher, Freeport public schools
Susan Davis - Dept. Administrator, Montclair State University
Patrick Swift
Kia Dyer - Registered Nurse
Elaine Barlos - President, AFT Local 943 Southwest Suburban Federation of Teachers
Christine Reitzel
Ana Armendariz - Teacher
Karen Jurek - Teacher, NYSUT
Tracy Thomas - Admin Asst, NYSUT
Ethan Signer - Professor of Biology Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rochelle La Frinere
Jessyka Peeters - Jessyka Peeters, Averill Park Teachers Association
Michael Clarkson-Hendrix - Assistant Professor, SUNY Fredonia
Kurt Kiebler
Leticia Sendejas
Paula Haggerty - Assistant Director, Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association
jeanne grimes
Cathy Hayes
Sandra Kuritzky
Lily Bushman-Copp - CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy
Doreen Wolfersheim - Special Education Paraprofessional, SFT
Erline Towner
John Franco - High School Teacher
David Mesh - school counselor, Shawnee Mission Public Schools
Rutha Harris - Satisfied!, Individual!
Michael Carney - Social Studies Teacher, Lawrence Public Schools
Jesse Zeigler
Jessica Wilson - Education Issues Specialist, Education Minnesota
Art Shapiro
Alicia Torres - Teacher, CPS
Robert Miles - retired
John Franco - High School Teacher
Harriet Staples - Special Ed. Classroom Assistant, PFT
Pauline Gikas - Pauline Gikas
Heather Goldberg - Special education teacher, South Seneca School District
John Mcpeek - mr, just me
Sean Francis Hennessey Hennessey - Adjunct Professor or Writing, Portland State University
Sheila D. Reyes - Retired Teacher, Dept. Of Education
CATHY PICCIOCCA - secretary, RC12
Jane Theisen - Taylor School District
Karen Kobylarz - Teacher, Cicero Council (IFT)
Jane Vega
Jennifer Foster
Mona Kandeler
PAMELYN Williams - Teacher, Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School
Bob Graver
Karen Frison - Retired teacher, American federation of teachers
Barbaralynn Altorfer - s Barbaralynn Altorfer, Peekskill PTO
Beth Carabetta - Reading Specialist, Francis T. Maloney High School
Michael Garrick - Professor of Biochemistry, UB
George Williams
Margaret King
Samuel Yusim - Teacher
Tracy Carter - Paraeducators, HFP2221
Mari S
Sean Martin - Teacher, City Neighbors High School, Baltimore
Marcee Morris
Stuart Moss
phyllis ruffin - Organizer, AFT/HFT
Beth Rendall
Loly Morillo - Parent Educator, Head Start/ Early Intervention
BARBARA RUDNICK - Teacher (Retired), New York City Department of Education
Susan Hogan - Speech Language Pathologist, Austintown schools
Ray Verna
Susan Martula
Barbara Rutigliano
Jody Magras - Mental Health Counselor, Florida Gulf Coast University
Mona Prince - Mona Prince, UFT
Terri Thal - Consultant, Terri Thal, Consultant to Not-for-Profit Organizations
John Huber - Teacher, NYC DOE
SUSAN YORK - Office Manager, ISD 194
Mary Teresa Terlau
Erinn Goddard - Human Resources Counselor, Department for Children and Families
Alison Tasch - Professor of English (retired), FSFCCP.edu
Brenda Byrd - Teacher, Houston ISD
Jean Pieper
Howard Chaskes - Howard Chaskes
Gabriel Funes
Charles Fitze
Andre Medina
Jodi Lucas
I rma Viale
Kimberly Pettit
Mayada Hodeib - Occupational therapist, LAUSD
Yvonne Dormer - Yvonne Dormer: TEACHER, NYC Department of Educcation
Ginny Nolan - mrs
Connie Monroe - Interim Dean- College of Education and Human Services, California University of Pennsylvania
Dianna Holland
Dawn Lopez - Program Coordinator, Rutgers University
Elizabeth Robbin
Cecelia Reilly
Myrna Swart
Christopher Unruh
Jose Ortiz - President & CEO, Hispanic Health Council
Mary Johnson
Steve George
Thomas Lekeanyi - Professor, College
Lilli Ross
Karen Wilson - Directorr Emerita, Oriental Institute Museum
Bruce Cratty - citizen
Patricia Perez
Glavdia Holly
Roza Besser
Jennifer Scott - Miss
Stephanie Hobbs - Teacher, Houstonisd-Milby
Al Daniel
Sharon Williams - School Counsllor, P 373K
Lynn Glasscock
Carron Johnson - Instructional Care Aide, AFT LOCAL 420
Eileen Wolfman - Eileen Wolfman, Rockville Centre School District
Sharon Williams - School Counsllor, P 373K
Karen Ann Gatta - Chapter Leader, Richmond Hill High School
Monique King
Sherry Collura - Educator
Daryl McDonald - Citizen
Joy Mims - School Board Member, Sierra Vista Unified School District
Neil Hansen
Pamela Cogburn - Pamela Cogburn, Douglas County AFT
Derek Shendell - NJ Safe Schools Program at Rutgers SPH
CHRISTINE M CARTWRIGHT - Teachers Asst, Woodmont Baptist Weekday Preschool
Patricia Krams - Paraprofessional, Half Hollow Hills Teacher Association
Gretchen Taylor
Debra Richardson - Instrutional Assistant / Teacher, Charter School
Cynthia Puca - Student Counselor -College Discovery Program, Queensborough Community College
Amanda Gillespie
Sister Mary Jessica Terek - Sister, Felician Sisters of North America
Paige Kimble - Mx
Carmen Fernandez Gunzl - School Secretary, NYC Dept. of Education
Anita Bedrosian
Suk Albino - Retired Teacher, UFT
Eileen Klein - Teacher, Broward County Schools
Leanna Chappell
Steven Kleiman - Retired Teacher, UFT
Anne Boschert
Sharon Head - NEA
Hannah Harvey
Dana Kolibachuk - Associate Professor of Biology, Rhode Island College
Lucia S. Rodriguez - Great grandma, Retired
Hal Moss
Colleen Kelly - Colleen Kelly
Patricia Medeiros Landurand - Pat Medeiros Landurand, Retired professor
Jason Holder - Retired Math Teacher, SAHD
Eujon Hughes - Eujon S. Hughes, Humble ISD
Jennifer Feliz - Teacher
Charlotte Cwikowski - Teacher
Mindy Spears - Confidential Assistant, Louisiana Federation of Teachers
Mildred Kranzler
Nessa Elila
Mary Hain - Baltimore City Teacher/Coach, Baltimore City Public School System
Todd Shulman - Todd Shulman, Hamilton Township Board of Education
Rally Ershig
Marion Cavallo - Retired NYC TEACHER, UFT
Penelope Lillianna LillieMay Garcia - Founder, Rebuilding Independence My Style
Erika Kreider
Stephanie Spitz - Administrator, Montclair State University
Lucia S. Rodriguez - Great grandma, Retired
Sharon F Piansay - Educator, SFUSD
Amelia Hill - Counselor, HISD
Paul O'Donnell - RI AFT - Ret.
Connie Gardiner
DENISE FOGEL - Educator, Temple Israel Minneapolis
Jamie Seriani
Barbara Snell
Anne Bekkers
Rebecca Klemme Eliceiri - Rev., Think+Pray+Act
Cathie Donahue - an individual
Eleanor Smeal - President, Feminist Majority
Kathryn Diaz Angle
Elena Swieconek - Special Education Teacher, D75
Maggie Haller
Terry Sullivan - Retired, NEA
Edna Dantzler
Andrea Greer - Sherburne-Earlville CSD
Burney Stephens
Michele Glick
nancy mcfarland - retired teacher, retired teacher
Amy Brown - School Counselor, Lyons Elementary School
Nicole Terminelli - Nicole Terminelli, Massena Central School District
Mariama Sullivan - Teacher, NYCDOE
Sandra Boylston
A Spieles - A Spieles, retired Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District
dan rusk
Audrey Carter Jones - Retired Teacher, NEA of AFT
Maria Enriquez
Joy Janzen - Stony Brook University
Nicholas Ratto
Zoe Meigs - Attorney, Law Office of Zoe Meigs
Audrey Carter Jones - Retired Teacher, NEA of AFT
Mary Ellen Cannon
Yolanda Johnson - Student Application Business Analyst, Wayne RESA
Pam Nagel
Jennifer Kidd
Arthur Schurr
Elizabeth Ness - retired educator, Elizabeth Ness
SUSAN LOGATTO - Retired, CSEA, A&R 4200R
Susan Bluestone - Susan Bluestone, LCSW
Sean Nicholson - Teacher, Rachel Carson HS
A.L. Steiner - Senior Critic, Yale University
Dani Hylton - Special education teacher, Puyallup School District
John Rossi - Penn State-Erie
Angelica Cardente-Vessella - Director of Dance, Rhode Island College
Marcus Oates - Irvington UFSD
Landis Larson
Erin Mcgill - Erin T. McGill- Library Media Specialist, Plattsburgh Teachers Association
Corinne Lyons - Teacher, Detroit Public Schools Community District
Marya Levenson - Marya Levenson, Brandeis University
Linda Gloo
Lenny Segel
Kim Elliott
Les Henderson Sr. - Ohio Licensened Salesperson, Manufactured Housing Dealer
Sheree Goecke
Margaret Weaver - Adjunct professor, University of Alaska Southeast
Salma Saad - Teacher, Dearborn Public Schools
jennifer makoski - teacher, ucps
Carol Peterson - Teacher, AFT
Rachel Burbey - Licensed Environmental Health Specialist, Cecil County Health Department
Julee Baysinger - Julee Baysinger, Local 1811
Gregg Taylor
Leslie Young - English Adjunct, Kean University
Deborah Novomestky
Vicky Cole - ECSE Teacher, ISD 196
Andrew Heiserman - Chicago Teachers Union, AFT Local 1
Ayse Demirag-Ruvolo - Special Education Teacher, Port Chester-Rye UFSD
Tasha Nadge - Librarian, Plattsburgh City School District
Marie Coleman - Teacher, Nashua Teachers Union
Parthenia Bankston - Special Education, Child Of God
Les Henderson Sr. - Ohio Licensened Salesperson, Manufactured Housing Dealer
Cynthia Taraskiewicz - Consultant, Wayne RESA
Brian Landberg
Brenda Marks - Paraeducator, PFT400
Bobbi Siegelbaum
John Gillio - John Gillio
William Ryerson
T Tsao - Professor, LaGuardia Community College
Phyllis Forman - physical therapist, UFT
Henri Goettel - teacher, Congregation Beth Torah
Monic A And Doug Knott - Doug Knott, Cdn Tchrs Federation - retired - OECTA
David Silva
Sandra Douglass - Professor, College of Marin
Nina Redmond - Teacher, South Seneca Teacher's Association
Karen Mcneill
Aisha Pena - Associate Professor, Baruch College (CUNY)
Jennifer Clock - Teacher, New Liberty Innovation School of Salem
Lauren Kent - Speech teacher, Uft
Maria Naranjo - Black Lives Matter, AFT
Aisha Pena - Associate Professor, Baruch College (CUNY)
Nicolette Colon - Assistant Director of Disability Services, Raritan Valley Community College
Milton Slocum
Sara Suitor - Citizen
Rondi Saslow
Elora Turner - Entrepreneur, Bhoomi Cane Water
Dana Berry
Lauren Kent - Speech teacher, Uft
Judith McElwain
Keith Hepner - Professor, California University Of Pennsylvania
Marie Barosy - Teacher, Broward Schools
Colleen O'Connell - Teacher, National Education Association
MINDY RICHARDSON - Mindy Richardson, AFT-MA/LTU1019
Pamela McGee - Teacher, Houston area
Jean Jackman - Retired teacher
Judith Bonini, IHM - Sister, Sisters IHM of Monroe, MI
Olivia Polydorou
Karen Brady - retired teacher, nye dept. of education
Herbert Broderick - Professor, Lehman College/CUNY
Allison Noonan - Allison C Noonan, Syossettt High School
Christa Chatfield - Associate Professor, SUNY Cortland
Patricia Cook
Frank Messenger
Randi Ploszaj - English Instructor, Morton College
Judith McElwain
Dekuiper Jessica - University of Wisconsin
Portia Armstrong
Beth August
Debbie Berg - SDCCD
Marga Ballester - Eso Teacher (retired), UFT
Gail McDonald
Kirsty Goldberg - s
Jacqueline Blockson - Guidance Technician, CH-UH City School District
Stephen Gliva
Sallie Moore - Teacher, NYCDOE
Pat Baker
Sheryl Kerby - AFSCME Council 31
ryan mountford
Kathleen Carbonara
lawrence adrian
Teresa Rendon
Lee Ann Truesdell - Educator, PSC-CUNY/NYSUT
Judy Cronenwett
Victoria Rouleau - Retired Teacher, Austin (TX) Independent School District
Kate Wayler - Higher Education Officer, CUNY
John Renfrew - Emeritus Professor, Northern Michigan University
Claire Nail - Teacher, SLZUSD
Sheila Waggoner - Zone IV director & Chapter1 President, OSEA/AFT Local 6732
Margaret Schalit - Retired Public School Music Teacher, South Colonie Centarl Schools, Albany, NY
Patricia Hollinger - Rev, Brook Lane Health Services
Margaret Reiter
Robin Haux - Labor Program Director, MNA
mary vidakis - Mary Vidakis, Retired - SLPS
Richard Bjorum - Retired MFT-AFT educator in MN.
Susan Ditch - School Social Worker, Perandoe Special Education
Anne K Johnson - anibannany
Andrew Haynes - Self-employed
annie febles - Annie Febles, OCFS
Tara Mcclarity
Carole Hemphill
Norm Levin
Kristen Tourangeau
Ardis Hitchborn - Retired
Darlene Morris - dhMorris Fine Art
Lawrence Crowley
Angela Ramos - Administrative Assistant to Director of OCEE, College of Staten Island, OCEE
Debbie Grimard
Kate Noonan - Professor of English, Miami Dade College
Michelle Enwiller
Karie Olson
S. Nam
Tara Mcclarity - Teacher, Aft
Janet Barad
John Szulgit - classroom teacher, spencerport schools
Nancy Wasser
Susan Llewellyn - Retired teacher
Jymme Gilmore
William Parker
Dave Whipple - DR, retired
Frances Anderson Anderson - Paraprofessional, Tangipahoa School System
Ellen Goldner - Professor Ellen Goldner, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Philip Wion - University of Pittsburgh
Rosemarie Casaccio - Retired Teacher, UFT
Richard Hubbard - Teacher, Houston Independent School District
Jody Leete - s
Joan Henehan - Sister, Sisters of St. Joseph
Anita Jones
Lorraine Hall - Teacher, School District of Philadelphia
Alexis Ybanez - Teacher
robert clark - mr
Lorraine Cohen - Lorraine Cohen
Priscilla Liebowitz
Bridget Kirk - tutor, Literacy Delaware
Shirley Dwelley - s
Malgorzata Adamczyk
Jean Mont-Eton
Kathy Andreozzi - Teacher, Norfolk Public Schools
Virginia Smith
CHRISTOPHER KIPP - Brashear High School
ANDRIA PIERRE - Andria Pierre, Collier Schools
Nancy Porter-Steele
Steven Birkeland - CSE Chairperson, New York City Department of Education
Dona Carbone
Audrey Stromberg
Mercedes Pappas
Jennifer Sullivan - World Language Teacher, Suffern High School
Amy Garzon Hampton - Professor, Shepherd University
Patrick Abel - Latin Teacher
Amy Hickey - National Representative, AFT
Emily Wilson
David Renwick
Rachel Hitchcock - Teacher, PVUSD
Sara Teta - School Psychologist, nyc doe
Hector A. Mazabel - School Counselor, District 75 PS168X@@20
Sara Pandolfi
Jill Potratz
Robert Cavaliero - NA
Lauren Bromley
Dawn Chalker
MARILYN MONROE - Marilyn Monroe, Higher Education
Alan Ballard
Helen Valdez - Helen Valdez, Truman College Faculty Member
Laura Stafford
Eartha Mack - s
Carrie Anderson - Teacher, Oakland Education Association
Gerald Cosenza
Ha Trinh - Trinh, NEA, AFT, UTLA
Deena Burnett - Albuquerque Teachers Federation
Connie Steimle
Nic Jones - Department Assistant, KCC
Lorraine Holford - Teacher
Eric Sletteland
Anita Fung
Rebecca Freund
Ellen Haughey
Barbara White
Kathi Cavalieri
Ellen Haughey
Tyler Sage - Assistant Band Director, Waco High School
Beverly Howard-Thorn - Operation Specialist, GRESPA
Bird Norton
Diane Bryant
Everett Weng - UFT-Retired
Patty O'Neill
Elyce Monet - President, Parangello Players
Domenic Licata - Instructional Support Technician, University at Buffalo
juli van brown
Sue Shames - Sue Shames, UFT, AFT
Regan Kreigh
Nancy Mott - Teacher, CPS
Gilberto Monarez - Retired computer teacher, EPISD
Sandra Swarm - Teacher, Carmel Teachers Association
Jo Warren - Music Teacher, AFT
Cynthia Sheehan - PT Faculty, Community College of Philadelphia
William Kolb
Lynn Pooley
kathy obrien - kathy obrien, vvsd.org
Melinda DiCarlo
Kent Minault
Luis Lopez - Retired Professor, Miami Dade College
Taiyo Ebato - Teacher
Edgardo Lema
Tim Meinke
Kim Ulrich
Alyson Shotz
Ingrid Schulz - Professor, City College San Francisco
Kimberly Mansfield - Kim Mansfield, Cabrillo College
Kentaro Abe
Jennifer Moore - President, Croton Teachers' Association
Maria Arteaga - Maria Arteaga, CFT
Judy Schram
Clare Doyle - Vfnhp
Dianna Schweitzer - Teacher, Cincinnati Public Schools
Rebecca Heagle
Honore Beletti - TRS
Susan Palma
Karen Owens
Honore Beletti - TRS
Susanne Donovan
Marcella Durand
Carlos Arce - Professor, CerritosCollege
Harriet Greenspan - Professor of Mathematics, Suffolk County Community College
Paula Loscocco - Professor, Lehman College CUNY
Miriam Hernandez
FLORANGEL CABRERA - Senior Program Coordinator, Rutgers University- New Brunswick, Trio Student Support Services
Jason Reiva
Liz Gingrich - classroom teacher, Guilderland Central Schools
Allison Lee
Sharon Donato - Sharon Donato
Alison Argyll
Harriet Greenspan - Professor of Mathematics, Suffolk County Community College
Simone Alberts - Health care worker
D. Carey
Judy Buell - Judith Buell, Retired AFT
Jody Polleck - Associate Professor, Hunter College--CUNY
JULIE MORGANO - Senior Project Coordinator, Rutgers: Center of Alcohol Studies
Monique Pooser - Retired Teacher, UFT
Cynthia Morse
Jesse Marsden
Joe Fusaro - Dept Chair for Visual Arts, Nyack Public Schools, NY
Nancy Hansen
James Morris - none
Harvey Daniels - Author and Speaker, Heinemann Publishers
Jocelin Higgins - Educator, Portland Community College
Rob Sackett
Sandra Cobb - SEIU
Monica Stuhlreyer - Sister
Steven McDougall - Vice President, California Federation of Teachers
Mike Lundgren - mr
Danielle Solomon - School Board Secretary, Lake County School District, Leadville Colorado
Lauren Spears - Professor, AFT 1931
Stephanie Doire - Teacher, NYC DOE
John Mersch
Charles Alger - Pastor, First Congregational Church of Santa Barbara
Colin Hart
Anne DeMarsay
Nicole McAfoose - Nicole McAfoose
Alan Wallach - Professor Emeritus, The College of William and Mary
Lisa Karas
MARSHA COWELL - School Secretary, Medgar Evers College Preparatory School
Lori Parizman - Teacher, Brooklyn Tech
Carole Sheffield - Professor Emerita
Therese Mannino - Director of Orchestras, Farmingdale Senior High School
Shawn Fletcher - Shawn Fletcher, Retired/ alaska public employee association
Harold Grant - Pittsburgh VP, AFTPA, Staff Rep PFT400, PITTSBURGH FEDERATION OF TEAHERS #400
Lucy Sajdak - Instructor, Moraine Valley Community College
Eleanor Parchem - Title 1 Teacher
Carolyn Brown
Alejandro Omidsalar - Assistant Professor, Allan Hancock College
Lynn Ellenbogen - NRCSD
Stacy Huxell - Stacy Huxell, teacher, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers, Lo. 1520
Bryan Gerard
Margaret Dunlevy
Micah Landau
Michael Whooley - Teacher
Elizabeth Norvell - Articulation Officer, AFT 1934
Mary Wade - CUNY SPS
Marie Harrison
Katy Hess - Teacher, OFT 1080
Joan Reberger
michael rohmer
Charles Zeiger Jr
Mike Lundgren - mr
Mechele Doty - School Psychologist, DPSCD
Tracy Subject
Donna Belknap
Harry Alper
Bernard Nisenholz
ronald whitcher - mr, home
Karen Harjo
Fred Katz - Fred Katz RN, ONA
Susanne Klein - Retired Teacher, LAUSD
Corey Smigliani - Lead Teacher, Lincoln Extended Day
Susan alice Mufson - Reverend
Bernie Carpenter - s, Retired K teacher
Claudia Michaels - Retired Paraprofessional, Woodland School District 50
Lindsey Coyle
Andrew Oliver - Emeritus Professor, University of Toronto
henry krokosky - mr
Howard H. Holmes
billie jones
Lori Broger-Mackey
Stephanie Bogdanich - Faculty Instructional Support Specialist, Austin Community College
Becca Williams - ESL teacher, Col Spgs schools
Robert Carpenter - NEA Retired
Gaylord Skip King - retired university instructor
Mollie Sysko
wil thomson - mr, wil thomson
Joanne Friedman
Adam Stevens - Teacher, Brooklyn Technical HS
Peggy Fritz - LPN, UVMMC
Jim Grant - Director, Social Justice Ministry, Diocese of Fresno
John Dunkum
Shirley Dewely - Retired Teacher
Gisele Hoover - school crossing guard, School district/ Borough
Romina Aghai
sylvia lynch - Teacher, Broward county public school
Laurie Fraker
David Adams - Teacher, Brooklyn Tech
John Thomson - Ally
Kalpana Devi - Director, One Earth umDance CO
Anne Sauer
Marcia Allen
AnnaMarie Pacura - Math Teacher, The 30th Avenue School
Laura Keim
Katie Davey - Teacher, NYC Dept of Ed
Diane Ransom
William Leavy - Independent Scholar
Maggie Power - Teacher, SUHSD
Maria Almanzar
Mark Thomas - Teacher, Santa Cruz City Schools
Tina Boe - Adminstrative Secretary, St. Tammy Parish School Board
Tony Cho - Advocate, Baltimore City Public Schools
Tina Boe - Adminstrative Secretary, St. Tammy Parish School Board
Riley Canada II
Keith Kilgore - Social Studies Teacher, Brooklyn Technical High School
Peter Johnson
Ann Thompson - kindergarten teacher, Shaw Road Elementary
Mamie Asbury
Carol Hansen - Retired educator, Delta Kappa Gamma CA
Roger Hedlund
John-Michael Torres
Jennifer Platter
Dave Rager - Dave, IBT
Cheryl TRUE - Teacher, Churchville-Chili CSD
Marion Gladstein - Learning Specialist, Rochelle Zell Jewish High School
Melanie Tillman
James Lavender
Kenneth D. Dillingham - K. David Dillingham, MA, EdS, Retired Counseling Psychologist
Jon Bazinet
Barbara Sorgeler
BRIAN Warzak
Teresa Miller - RN, Herrick Hospital
Kerry Kraus - Grade 2 Teacher
Betty Reardon - Founding Director Emeritus, International Institute on Peace Education
Sally Burr
Barbara Kwam - Retired Guidance Counselor
Scott Meihn
William Nusbaum - N/A
Sandra Escamilla - Psychiatric Social Worker
Christine Moon - Registered Nurse, VFNHP local 5221
Jackie Mandel
Crystal Smith - Special Education Teacher
Paul Eisenberg - Professor Emeritus, Indiana University, Bloomington
Margaret Bostwick - Adjunct Lecturer of History, Cohn Jay College, Queens College, CUNY
Susanna Cruz - School counselor, DOE
Ingrid Brown
Carl Skipworth
Michael Bennett - Prof., Einstein Coll. Medicine
Woei-Nan Bair - Assistive Professor, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Beth Hobbs - s, Beth Hobbs
Jennifer Wells-Jackson - Instructional Literacy Coach, NEW HAVEN F OF T
Myrna Ehrlich - New Jersey City Univ. (ret.)
Shahaneh Limonadi
Steven Paxton
Tahra Nayelli - 5th Grade Teacher, School Board of Broward County
Gloria Fooks
Paul Kingsolver
Katherine Lyons - Educator, Lynn Public Schools
Philip Shepard - Professor Emeritis, Michigan State University
Carla Rodriguez - Teacher, PCEA
Nancy Rogalsky - Grievance Chair, Middletown Federation of Teachers
BARBARA CARLSON - FACS Teacher, Blue Earth Area Schools
Jose Caraballo - Teacher
Ivette Rondon - Paraprofessional, Dept. of Education
Katherine Leja - first grade teacher
Nancy Rogalsky - Grievance Chair, Middletown Federation of Teachers
Joan McComber
Darian Lanthier - Teacher
Marc Schwertley
Brooke Shanley - East Aurora Council of AFT Local 604
Cynthia Botti
Steve S - Retired
Aimee Andersen - Public High School Biology Teacher, STPSB
Ann Elek - supporter
Elizabeth Russell - Instructor, El Camino College
Lawrence Joe
Susan Umbras - Teacher, Charlotte County Schools
Karen Clark
Cherie Clark
judy aucoin - Teacher, NEA
Linda Perdue - Professor, Hillsborough Community College
Linda Perdue - Professor, Hillsborough Community College
Ross Pacatte - President- Math Teacher, Middleburgh Central School Teachers Association
Leisha Hilt - Teacher, Cleveland teachers union
Cherie Clark
Alicia Patton - Cleveland Metro School
judy aucoin - Teacher, NEA
Amanda Hillstrom - O
Jordyn Seelye - Teacher, PEA
Marilyn Davis
Mary Jo Petzak - Teacher, Detroit Public Schools Community District
Kimberly Safran - Brashear High School
Kathy O’brien - Literacy coach, D131
Ross Pacatte - President- Math Teacher, Middleburgh Central School Teachers Association
Yo Geissler
Donald Williams
Selina Santana
Jungsook Chung
Lisa Fridono
Monique Koller - United Educators of San Francisco
Gerre Phillips
patricia hatzis - Special Education Resource Teacher, District #163
Anne Brown - Anne Brown, Belleville East High School
Susan Gray
Janie Lucas
Cheryl Carreon - Educator, LCPS
John Campbell
James Blair
Megan Strom - Lecturer, UC San Diego
Jenafur Maher-Bernard
Patricia O'Brien - English Teacher, Terra Linda High School
Martha Leve
Michael Bleicher - Retired
Judith Girard - Retired teacher
Robert Reynolds - Educator, Retired AFT
Martha Leve
Carla Andreini - School bus driver, Dearborn Public schools, Mi.
Peter Dahl
Suzy Holstein
Alex Johnson - ELA Teacher, Middleburgh CSD
Christine P Stone - Concerned American
Persis Miller - Teacher, NYC DOE
Allan Brown
Eileen Rubenstein - mrs.
Robyn Pape - Teacher, Olympia School District
Barbara Gautier
Mary-Alice Shemo
Paula Miksic
j. cohen - ms., ally
Debbie Green - President, St. Tammany Federation of Teachers and School Employees
Lisa Daubert
Harriet Brodsky - Educational evaluator, Uft
Linda Pearce - CPNP -School Nurse, GGUSD OCSNO
Debbie Green - President, St. Tammany Federation of Teachers and School Employees
Alexis Knapp - RN, VNHH
Linda Pearce - CPNP -School Nurse, GGUSD OCSNO
Elizabeth Kane - Elizabeth Kane, Broward Teacher Union
Orlando Green - Bus owner/operator, St. Tammany Federation of Teachers and School Employees
Judy Whitehouse
Alan Tesher - E. Ramapo Teachers Assoc.
Aaron Almashy - University of Cincinnati
Elizabeth Maliniak - Beth Maliniak
Kelly Kerns
Mike Gimbel - Retired Executive Board member, L.375, AFSCME
Dena Jackson
Richard Sears
Catherine Murphy - Student Support Counselor, Middleburgh Central School District
Miriam Lacher - Clinical neuropsychogist, retired
Tony Alonso - School Social Worker
Dave Baine
Carol Murray - PFT
Thomas Martin
Christine Landon - Data Manager, AFT Washington, AFT Washington
Susan Phillips - Retired public school educator
John Dominguez - National Represe, Texas AFT/PEG
Lora Farber
Amy Lawson - Elementary Art Teacher, C-4, Jefferson and Roosevelt schools
Ellen Hill - Retired RN,C, AFT
Mary Magill - Mary Magill, NSEA/NYSUT
Sheryl L Fagin - Teacher/ Mich. Certified Consultant, Washtenaw Intermediate School District- retired
Doris Ashbrook
Janet Moser - Sousa Elementary School
Reyna Sirias-ortiz - Professor, Lone Star College Tomball
Stefanie Williams - Student Advocate, Mercer County Community College
Harriett Emanuel-Boone - Teacher
Janet Dillingham - Activity/Volunteer Coordinator, Wide Horizon, Inc.
Bridget Burless - Community College of Philadelphia
Bridget Burless - Community College of Philadelphia
Laura Sinclair - Orchestra Teacher, Plumosa School of the Arts
Roger Williams
Yvonne Mendoza Mendoza
Kathleen Rogers
Jonathan Lipp
Andy Castro - SFUSD
Warren Cross
James Callister - Leyden High Schools
Marie Alanen - Professor (retired), East Los Angeles College
JO LEIBFRIED - retired teacher
Raquel Littleton-Nelson - History Teacher, Sir Francis ake High School
Dianna Langdon - Teacher, OTA
Arvil Burbey
Michael Nye - Secretary Treasurer Retired, California Federation of Teachers
Mary Ann Privitera - Retired School Social Worker, CEA-R
Jo Leibfried - retired teacher, HHHRA
Joan Moore - Reading Specialist, CW Post
Ryan McMurchie-Pasch - Teacher, DCUE
Susan Moore - Counselor, SGSD
Alberto Kerlegand
Teresa Phillips
Joseph Good
Joseph Good
Lois Kaufmann
Paul April
Gary Treadwell - Instructor of Mathematics, CTECS
Kallie Leyba - President, Douglas County Federation
Gene Engene - Professor Emeritus, AAUP
Crystal Huyghe - paraprofessional, school
Cira Clemente - Teacher, retired, United Federation of Teachers
Molly Sappington - Family Resource Coordinator, Tillamook School District 9
Marlene Bluestein - dr
Guy Cardarelli
jose morales
Kristin Walker
Judi Laurence
Jill Ley
Valerie Glover
Eugene Robinson - AFT
Deborah Atkins - United Education of Shelby County
Katherine Wright
Melody Specker
Wynne Antonio - AFT Local 279R & North Shore AFL-CIO.
c g
Nelly Kovalevsky - Paraprofessional, UFT
Rebecca Rogers - Teacher, San Francisco Unified School District
chris pelton
Shumway Marshall
Vi Curry - AFT
Martha Rapalo
Amy Severino - Teacher, Local 1060
Jerome Urbaniak
Shelly McKinley - Onteora Teachers Association
Candra McKenzie - Candra McKenzie, NYC Public Schools
Arielle Bing
mary Kuhn - teacher
John Bell - English Professor, American River College
Vi Curry - AFT
Colette Crescas - School Nurse, Madison Public Schools
Ed Ventura
Karen Waldburger - Racial Equality, NEA
Susan Wood
Karen Robb - President
eugenia haggin - mrs
Deborah Vietze - Professor of Psychology, City University of New York, The City College and the G.C.
Klaus J Bornemann - Special Representative, United Federation of Teachers
William Spurr
DEANNA CAPELLE - elementary teacher, Education Minnesota, Kingsland
Cindy Williams - MS., NEA
Erica Flashman - Social Worker, Satellite Academy High School
Astrid Rosset - Retired Teacher, Southampton Public Schools
Ines Yolanda Acosta Nelson - Retired Teacher
Rachelle Ruge-Bernard
Adam Kish - Social Worker, Albuquerque Public Schools
Marianna Anaya
Samantha Orszulak
Rachel Forti - Teacher
Nancy Dejarlais
Susan Colon - Wright College, Chicago
Dwayne Norris - Educator/Parent
Anne Hornak - Professor, Central Michigan University
Brayden Criswell
Amber Rost - Teacher, Pasadena ISD
Cheryl Carreon - Educator, LCPS
Elsie Thornton - Retired Teacher, AFT
Jeremy Young - Paraprofessional, Dept. of Education
Jennifer Scheiderer
Jose Delgado
SHERRILL HALL - Detroit Public Schools Comm. District
Kimberly Erickson - Teacher, Nebraska State Education Association
Nilsa De La Luz
Karen Ingersoll
Dan Siegel
Brenda Miles - Director, BSW Program, Colorado State University
Barbara Rostad
Andrea Jason - Applied Behavior Analysis Trainings for BUSD SpEd Staff, BUSD
Margaret Berrisford
Earnestine "Tina" Walker - Virtual Independent Study Designee, El Rancho Unified School District, Pico Rivera, CA
Nicole Crane - teacher, Hilton Central School District
George Heupel
Leah Humes - Social Studies Teacher, Upper St Clair High School
Earnestine "Tina" Walker - Virtual Independent Study Designee, El Rancho Unified School District, Pico Rivera, CA
Craig Crow
William Messner - Retired Teacher
Zaira Vasconez - School Psychologist, DOE NYC
Kelley Brockmeyer
Juan Tolosa - stockton university
Diana Alderette - Educational Assistant
sasha silverstein - mrs, retired nycdoe teacher
Kelly Mangieri - School Secretary, Brooklyn Technical High School
Jackie Manduley - Teacher, Brooklyn Technical HS
Marelle Myers - Art Teacher, Parkmont School
Irene Dobrzanski
Sunitha Jasti
Ellen Wano - Student Learning Coach, AHSD25
Allan Campbell
marilyn shadaram - Special Ed. Teacher, Buena Park School District
William Sedgeley
Richard Scoles
Judith Jenkins
Patricia Secrist
seth cohen - Teacher, Troy City Schools
Stephanie Sheets - Member Specialist, OFNHP, AFT Local 05017
William A. Toto - Great Neck TA - Retiree
Michael Pan
Carol Rosenblatt
Gregory Renino - Gregory Renino, WCSD
Harold Lowenfels
raquel martinez - College Assistant, New York City College of Technology
Norma Reinhard
Linda Glasgow - teacher
Karla Jensen - Retired educator
Wallace Ackerson
Jahlina Carter - Miss
Theresa Nagle - Owner, Law Office of Theresa A. Nagle
Karen Kohfeldt - Teacher, Detroit Public Schools
Kandi Bartling - teacher, Spring Branch ISD
Carrie Russell - Carrie Russell, Detroit Public Schools CD
Karen Kohfeldt - Teacher, Detroit Public Schools
Jeff Rupert
Joanna Redman-Smith
Barb Herrington-Hall - Sppech Pathologist - retired, EdMN Retiree
Daisy Santiago - Art Teacher, Middle School 228x
Hollie Jenkins
Brian Dudgeon
Maya Stevens - Educator, Bellevue SD
Bridget Samuel Pegues - Educator, Youngblood Intermediate School
Sharon Parshall
Amanda Dickinson
Amy Stafford - LWSD
Donna Robbins - Clinical Coordinator, Boston Public Scools
Lea Grier
Frederic Chrislip
Carol Hubbell - Retired, Rochester City School District
Robert Pierce - Retired Teacher, AFT
Mark Roehrs - Professor, Lincoln Land Community College
Zvi Walter - Teacher, Alternative Progra Montgomery County Public Schools
Anna DeMers - Professor, Middlesex County College
Ann Bein
Bernadette Balcombe - Adjunct Lecturer, New York City College of Technology.
Maxine Brisport - 2002
Lauren Couto - Science teacher, Nycdoe
Alan Vietze - Therapist/Consultant
Maryanne Jerome - dr
Lauren McDaniel - Archivist
James Tieser - Teacher, Allentown School District
Janet Dorman - retired teacher, New York City Board of Education
SHANNON LAWSON - Shannon Lawson, Independent School District 197
Alice Hargis-Bullen - Teacher, Five Keys
Nichole Nevader - Educator
Susan Ambler
Howard Ordo
Mariko Sell - Lead Teacher, Los Angeles Valley College Child Development Center
Candice Santos
Gregory Salazar - House of Representatives, Valley West, United Teachers Los Angeles
Lucile Newton
Scott Orland - Social Studies Teacher, Plainedge Federation of Teachers
Nancy Rothman
Aleida J. Ducos - Teacher
Elliot Handler - HS Teacher, DCUE
Cindy Veeder - NYSUT
Kathryn Lokmaci - Teacher, Beacon Teachers Association
Gail Caldwell - Newburgh Teachers-retired
Mariko Sell - Lead Teacher, Los Angeles Valley College Child Development Center
Gabrielle Coyne - School Social Worker, South Country Central School District
Lawanda Pilot - Para, Willbern
John Brandon - 1SG John Brandon Jr, JROTC Instructor /Teacher
Frank De Haan
Lawanda Pilot - Para, Willbern
Elaine Fultz - School Librarian/Youth Advocate
David Wolski - Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts, Eastern Illinois University
Gail Caldwell - Newburgh Teachers-retired
Jacqueline Wise
Carol Edith Fajardo - Carol - God makes all equal, Departamento de Educación.
Vilma Fernandez
Joan Dixon - retired educator, public schools
Kathleen Jill - School Social Worker, NYCDOE
Mark Hydro
Annalee Odessky - Retired teacher
Sandra Thorn
E. Hesseling
Susan Castro - Teacher/ Executive Vice President, San Antonio Alliance
Rosemary O'Connell - VFNHP
Catherine Laskaya
Shirley Crosby - Teacher, Wichita USD 259
Kristen Schrader
Raymond Zahra
Alyssa Graziano - Teacher, Monongalia County Schools
Marcelle Smith - Associate Adjunct Professeur, Suffolk County Community College
Vernita Brooks
Barbara Becker - West IslipTeachers Association
David Lystrom
Stephanie Jones
Marcelle Smith - Associate Adjunct Professeur, Suffolk County Community College
Barbara Gholz
Janis Todd - janist03
Nora Junod
Judith Lindquist
Sandra Stocke
Charmian Wells - Charmian Wells, Lehman College
Andrea Arnoldy - Educator, NEA
Glen Maloney - Chief Steward, AFT Connecticut Local 5121
Carol Kirkwood
Mary Goyette Folts - Mary Lou Folts, Retired teacher and administrator
Elaine Higgins - Educator, Retired
Saul Gil - Teacher, Charles County Public School
Valerie Bergman - Artistic Director of Dance, Rainbow Dance Theatre, Western Oregon University
Claudia Diktas - Teacher, Collier County Schools
Elaine Higgins - Educator, Retired
Joy Bertinuson - Adjunct Faculty, American River College
Kathryn Knowlton
Sarah Rivera - Pre-K Teacher, Leander ISD, Texas
Youssef G
Steve Watrous - professor, AFT Local 212
Kimberly Jones - Teacher, HISD
Sydney Brazile - Teacher, Robert Frost Middle School
Doris Davis - School support staff, Calcasieu Parish School Board
Elizabeth Ramirez - Secretary, Woodburn school district
George Fleck - Professor Emeritus, Smith College
Sharon Tonge - Sharon Tonge
Sydney Brazile - Teacher, Robert Frost Middle School
Stewart Winchester
Stephen Dickstein
Thomas Ferrito
Tracy Ousdahl - Educator, CCSF
Sandra Hoffelt Olson
Lymon Smith - Librarian, East Orange Public Schools
Jo-Ann Owens - LAB Technician, KAISER PERMANENTE
Sada Showell
Marni Rora - Teacher
Mady Newfield
Sheryl Clark - Sheryl Clark, DCPS
Javier F Castro - Retired special ed district 75 PS Q, UFT
Edith Ogella - retired
Colleen Hart - Union
Lorraine Barrales-Ramirez - EOPS/CARE/FYSI Counselor & Coordinator, Cañada College
Carolyn Widener
Leo Welch - Professor of Biological Science, Southwestern Illinois College
Marcia Freedman - MarciaFreedman
Glenn Eacker - Retired Educator, MEA/NEA Retired
Dave Elmore
Luerra Hammond
Raymond Zahra
Stephen Dutschke
Sarah Macholdt - Teacher
bambi vargo - Retired Special Education Teacher, Cleveland Hts.-University Hts.
Candice Feiring - Professor, The College of New Jersey
Greta Meyerhof
Bruce Wasem - Adjunct Instructor in Education, University of Virginia's College at Wise
Joseph Tanke - mr, Helping Hand Center
Jim Farrell - RETIRED
Louis Carlat - research historian, Rutgers University
Heidi Monnier - . Heidi Monnier, The Ymca children center
Mary Middendorf - Sister, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth
Carolyn Warren - DTC- Local Testing, Longview ISD
Rose Johnson - retired teacher from MA
Jessica Almeida-Sterling - 1
Kimberly Kowalski - Educator, Fort Worth Academy
Edward Rehanek - retired special class teacher, Safe Ag Safe Schools--Watsonville CA
Becky Woodley - Teacher, Robert Goddard Montessori School
Arthur Thompson - Teacher, Memorial Early College High School
Dawn Sobleskey - Teacher, Godwin Heights Public Schools
Jane Whiteside
Mala Lipes - Teacher, YFT
Amelia Marshall
Kally Durso - Teacher, Perth Amboy Board of Education
Mala Lipes - Teacher, YFT
Joanne Hesselink - Zion UMC,Neshkoro, WI
Tony Gellerman - Special Education Teacher, ISD 742, SCEA
Shelley York - Head teacher/ home visitor, Treasure valley children’s relief nursery
Barbara Haik - Walt Whitman HS
Kristen Waycott - RI AFT
Jessica Kim - Teacher, NYC Department of Education
Jason Moritz - Certification Officer, Albion College
Nona Spitzner
Averill Huff - Retired
John Nettleton
Kazuya Sato - President, Cincinnati Chapter JACL
Tabitha Morrison - Teacher, Fcps
Robert Deck - Professor, Univ. of Toledo
kathyann peters - Paraprofessional, Department of Education
A Miller
Jane Davidson
Kathleen Cafiero
Diane Grannum - Diane Grannum, Ret. CSA Region 9 Early Childhood
Amanda Davison
MARIA COLON - United Federation of Teachers
Gail Rose - Adjunct Instructor, University of Dayton
Lauren Bingham - Teacher, Teach for America
Todd Benzin - Educational Technology Specialist, SUNY Buffalo State College
Meredith Hall - President, Shelbyville Central Teachers’ Association
Anna-Lize Harris
Robert Wroblewski - Shrine High School
Cheryl Golding - Teacher, NYC DOE
Lucile Newton
Bryan Bennett
Dana Huekell - Cameron Middle School
Bernadette WHITE - Reading Teacher, AFT
Nicole Cook - Instructor, North Seattle College
Valerie Capriotti - Teacher, Middle country school district
Christine Nguyen - Communication Specialist, Providence
Nyssa Yeager - ASD
Stefanie Johnson
Hanna Wolfinger
Sharon Allen
Kathleen Tenney
melony Paulson
Victoria Alba - Teacher, NYC DOE - Careers in Sports High School
Jeff Hess
Patrick Devine - citizen, none
Diane McKinney - teacher, Harlem Consolidated School District
Lucile Newton
MaryJean Hughes - Hood College
Kevin O'Donnell - Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Prince George's County Public Schools
Leslie Handler
Suzanne Robinson - Teacher, NYC DOE
Jenny Santilli
Kari Schiano - Teacher, Herricks School District
Gary ewniak - NEARI
Michael Loudon - Professor, emeritus, Eastern Illinois University
Jo Burns - Teacher, ETA
Kevin Murdock - Retired Teacher, Retired
roanne oranch
Judith Wilson - Retired sclhool librian
Belinda Cisneros
Susan Lewis - dr
Mary L.
Bernadette Tibazi Tibazi - MRS. Tibazi, LAUSD
Yvan Lindor
Judith Richards - DFT
juanita davis
Ramona Uritescu-Lombard - Lecturer, University of Michigan
Sheri Reiter - Sheri Reiter, EPAFT
Evan Ingle
Terrenna Arbolaez - Special Education Teacher, PEA
Bobbi-Lee Smart - Executive Director, Adjunct Faculty United
Faira Knezevich
Ramona Uritescu-Lombard - Lecturer, University of Michigan
Rachel Wagle - Teacher, Long Ridge School
Joy Rothschild - supporter
gina givens - Teacher of Mathematics & Engineering, LCMRHS
Alice Alexander-Felts
Richard Platt - retired
Sue Russ
Catherine Swearengen
Yuvonna Harris
Gordon Russell - Retired - Somers Faculty Assoc.
Clara Mazzei
Kathleen Valle - Retired teacher, AFT
Joleen Flota - Teacher, AFT
Jerome Cooper
s Won Ng
James Morris - Retired N.Y.C teacher, U.F.T -a.f.t.
Andra Puris - Teacher, Validus Preparatory Academy, Bronx
JONATHAN TOLAR - Union Representative, AFSCME
Cynthia Castellano - P.S.009 Q
Judith Swain
George Lopez - Mathematics Instructor, Yakima Valley College
Vivian Vargas
Yolanda Padilla Lebron - ESOL Teacher, PGCPS
Steve Bradley
Verna Lionel - Special Ed Teacher, 2nd Vice President, St. Croix Federation of Teachers
Amy Griffin - Teacher, NYC DOE
Brittany Best
Grichelle Toledo Correa - Secretary General, AMPR-Local Sindical
Beth Taverna - Teacher, Beth Taverna
Verna Lionel - Special Ed Teacher, 2nd Vice President, St. Croix Federation of Teachers
Bertha Galavan - Adult ED Teacher, ELASC/LAUSD
Mary Zack
Janet Dorman - retired teacher, New York City Board of Education
Bertha Galavan - Adult ED Teacher, ELASC/LAUSD
Mary McMahon - Sister, Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart
leisa abraham - Psychologist, Finger lakes ddso/PEF
Beverly Kwit
Susie Lane - Teacher, Middletown Schools
Jon Nachman - HS21+/GED/COLLEGE Prep Instructor, South Seattle College
Karen Cowan
Michael Dvorak - Educator, International School Yangon
Margret Felty - Plattsburgh Teachers' Association
Richard Metcalf
Athena Raney - Teacher
Sharon Webster
Neil Brody
Vivian Zimmerman - Chair Higher Ed Council, IEA-NEA
Linda Jenkins
David Henderson
Dorrie Sweetwood - Student Teacher, Humboldt State University
Anna Joria - Teacher
Vicki Casarett - vcasarett
James Phelps
Patricia Lundervold
Deborah Barolsky - Deborah Barolsky, teacher
Joy Clark - Instructor, Yakima Valley College
Marian Shemberg - Retired
Elaine Cannon - Elaine Cannon
Peter Foley
Kristin Toscano
Pierre Hamm
Louis dela Torre
Donald Nelson
Malcolm Macpherson, Phd - Self
Janet Dorman - retired teacher, New York City Board of Education
Patricia Griffin
Arthur Rosenberg
Maureen Schmidt - Teacher, International School of Sosua
marie acoya - School Counselor, San Felipe Pueblo Elementary School
Dan Hubbard
Craig Pelcin - teacher, NRCSD
Elissa Claar - San Diego Continuing Education
Helen Pacheco - Helen Pacheco
barbara maertz
Marissa Bellino - Assistant Professor, The College of New Jersey
Karl Hamann
William Horn
Carol Horn - s
Savitree Williams
Richard Booth
Doug Thompson
Bob Johns
Irving Rothstein - Irving Rothstein, SF educator retired
Robert Libbey - Member, AFACT
Sara Attleson - Public School Librarian, ATF
April Toller
David Bean - David Bean, NEA/CTA
Barbara Petersen
Jason Wuthrich
Joyce Bernstein - Retired Resource Room Instructor, Nyack Public Schools
Mark Grassman
Bryan Lees - Kean College Federation of Teachers
Joyce Bernstein - Retired Resource Room Instructor, Nyack Public Schools
Joshua Conway - Science Teacher, Schenectady City School District
Thomas Bruno
Amanda Mensen - ISD 196
Maria (Pia) Banzhaf - Assitant Professor, FT, Michigan State University
Mary Hare - Mary Hare, RHFA
Lori Jones - teacher, Parkway Academy North
Syeda Tooba - Miss
Magen McCrosky - Teacher, PGCPS
Amira Saunders - Teacher, Van Nuys Hs , LAUSD, NEA, AFT
Kelly Trautner - director, AFT
Christina Ferrara - NEA
Jackie Bazan - CEO, BazanED
Dorothy Joslin - AFT
Sedonia McMorris
Caron Daly - Teacher, Southchurch High School
Jayne Vitale - Director, Education & Youth Progra North Shore Animal League America
Linda Middaugh
Anne Gearhart - Anne Gearhart, Professor, College of San Mateo
Jean Gordo - Arkansas WAND
Cynthia English - Retired
LaVonna Phillips - ESL Instructor, Navarro College
Amy Mullen - Teacher
Jerry Mead - Desoto County Educators Association
Amy Mullen - Teacher
Christine Durant - Teacher, Educational Vision Services
Heather Weber - teacher
Jacqueline Kutner
Wandiza Williams - Teacher, Ampark Neighborhood School
Sofia Nicolas
Susan Kim - Teacher, Fridley High School
Kristopher Burrell - Assistant Professor, Hostos Community College
William Philipps - SCCCE 6084
Jason Moritz - Certification Officer, Albion College
Peggy Farren - School Psychologist, QPS
Lisa Saile - Teacher, Tully Central School District
Joyce Hill - Teacher First Grade, Washington Teachers Union/AFT
Siobhan Lambert - WAY Academy Flint
Mary Logsdon - Wurtland middle
Rebecca Langston-George - Teacher, Fairfax School District
Anne Nash - Society of Friends
William Philipps - president, Santa Cruz Federation of Retired Educational Personnel
Patricia RyanCanedo - counselor, NYU Metro center CPA/1199 WF
Laura Murphy
Darryl McKnight - Special Education teacher retired, DOE
Esther Warkov - Co-founder/Executive Director, Stop Sexual Assault in Schools SSAIS.org
Courtney Meisberger - Teacher, NTEA
Joana Castañeda - Spanish Dual Immersion Educator, Mill Street Elementary School
Marjorie Vera - teacher, Bay Ridge Prep
David Norton
Rona Pemberton - School Counselor
Kelly Rhodes - Teacher, Lansing Education Association
Martha Haro - Teacher
Maureen Sheerin - East Rockaway School District
MICHAEL FRIEDMAN - Teacher, United Federation of Teachers
Edward Hill - cleveland heights schools
Marcia Hardy - Teacher, Lafayette Parish
Kenneth W Johnson
Irene Hart - teacher, H.I.S.D>
Kane Lisker - Teacher of US History and Government, Mill Valley Middle School (CA)
Nichele Mullen - Math teacher, Baystate Academy Charter Public school
Shoshana Berkovic - Teacher, New Utrecht HS - 20K445
Kathy Mallalieu - Olympia School District
Sherri Dayton - RN, Backus Federation of Nurses
Rachel Rants - Instructor
Vincent Nicoletti - CEA
JoAnne Leach - East Greenwich School Dept
Marcia Hardy - Teacher, Lafayette Parish
Margarita Calderon - Margarita Calderon and Associates
Frank Van Zant - Teacher, RVC Schools
Colleen Parker - Special Education Teacher, ISD#199
Yvonne Orr - Teacher, UFT
Olabisi Asaya - Teacher, Prince George's County Public Schools
Natalie Clark - ms.
John Dennison - Blaine Education Association
Alan Berg
Paul Adams - President, Owens Faculty Association
Marwan Elbejjani - Culinary teacher, RCSD
Vicki Cannell - Teacher, St. Michael School
Emily Owens - TVI (Teacher of the Visually Impaired) Math and Science, WSSB
Jon Sheehan
James Lockett - Teacher, EBR Parish Schools - NEA
Charles Quigley - Senior Consultant and Founding Executive Director Emerituss, Center for Civic Education
Deneen Folkmire - Library Media Specialist, Duquesne Elementary School
Brittany Aird
Rachel James - Miss
Trenetta Jones - Teacher, Lakenheath High School
Edna Zambo - Edna Zambo
Jocelyn Miller - Teacher, EBR Public School System
Shirley Sutton - Teacher, East Baton Rouge Parish School District
Carolyn Doyle
Judith Smith - Teacher, Washington State School for the Blind
BOB COOPER - mr., n-mft/retired
John Bridgest
Stephanie Plachy-Feinstein - Teacher, PS/IS 384 Frances E Carter
Candi T - Kitchen assistant, Okcps
Meridith Turkel - Meridith Turkel, Teacher, Dept of Education NYC
Brenda Olason
Carmen Vincenty - black lives matter, University Hospital
christine rolka - teacher, ACPSD
Laura Hanks
Qudsia Labaran - Teacher, Calverton E.S.
Benjamin Pryor - Assistant Principal, Prince George's County Public Schoo
Matthew Barre
RJ Parsons - Teacher, Belmont Day School
Charlene Henderson - Louisiana Federation of Teachers
Joyce Lynch
Veronica Hernandez - President, Socorro AFT
Bridget Manigo - Head of Youth Services, Middletown Thrall "Library
Zoe Read - Paraprofessional
Tara Chavez - Biology Teacher, District 84
Patty Filler - Teacher, Kent School District
Duwayne Lafountain - Teacher, Galena Park ISD
Kristin Stai
Maria Gilfillan - s, Rockford Publc Schools
Deborah Holley - Teacher, Gary Schools
Keadra Shundell
Nina Gullett - Interpreter, Albuquerque Public Schools
Melissa Merculief - Teacher, Leota Middle School (Northshore School District)
Norma Diaz - Guidance Counselor, Central Park East II
Frank Gold - Bridge the Gap College Prep
Margaret Finnegan - Teacher, NYC DOE
Len Lobreglio
Roger Haaland
Katarzyna Wegrzynowicz
Sharon Marcus - Courageous Schools, LLC
Stella Schafer - Eduator, NEA
Joanne Peck - EA, BEH school
Annie Melendez Cruz
Judith Love
Nikolina Keyes - Teacher, NEA
robbie haack
Athene Gatley - Accountant, Cuesta College
Heather Rowan - Counselor, Thompson School District
Sarah Thoma
Theresa Sharabaika - Teacher, Bellwood School District 88
Christina Chin - Teacher, Western Michigan University
Cheryl Simmons - Special Educator
Maria Graham - Paraprofessional, Prince George's County School
Cheryl Lyon - Warwick Valley Central School District
KC Ho - Community Organizer, Chinese Progressive Association
Kristy Messina
Jocelin Tilton - Santa Fe Public Schools
Brenda Thomas - English/language arts Teacher, FWISD
Gretchen Anna Sand
Julie Fraad - Adjunct Lecturer, New York city College of Technology
Patricia Hogan - Teacher, Palmer Public School
Keith George - Personal Learning Coach, Robbinsdale area schools
Darlene Jakusz
Carole Garza
Rebecca Hurd - Science Teacher, Mahtomedi School District
Jodi Eppenstein - Instructional Coach, East Aurora District 131
Zalikah Lewis Hanna - Guidance, Boston Public Schools
Angela Paar - Elementary School Teacher, Education Minnesota
Virginia Mancini - Secondary Classroom Teacher, Education Education Minnesota
Peggie Matthews - Long-term Substitute Teacher, Nicholas Orem Middle School
Jake Kulaw - Health Educator, Portland Public Schools
Joanne Steenveld - NEA
Sabrina Marie Wadhams - Special Education STEM Teacher, Boston Public Schools
Adrienne Phifer - Instructional Lead, ELA K-8, NYCDOE
Sybil Kohl - MSW, Retired Social Worker
John Coats - John Coats, PFT Local 3
Rebecca Reynolds - Rebecca Reynolds, Teacher
Shanna - Social Worker, Middletown Board of Education
Ron Smith - Teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools
Linda Raiolo - Teacher, Farmington Education Association
Bruce Golden - LMS
Shawna Kibuta - Professional School Counselor, Albuquerque Public Schools
Joanne Steenveld - s, NEA
Daniel Dupuis
Carla Green - School Counselor
Brooke Petersen - English Learner Teacher, Dedham
Diane Sampson - Registered Nurse, Pullman Regional Hospital
Michelle Urevig-Grilz - Licensed Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools MFT59
Russ Olson - 5th Grade Teacher, Christ the King School Richland, WA
Elizabeth Gallagher - teacher, Laurel High
Shetwan Bobo - Cook
Valerie Goddard - Secretary, NYC DOE
M. Murray - Retired teacher, Retired educator
Glenn Mooney
Jim Loveland
Myrna Rodriguez - Teacher
Angela Choe - Prefix (required)
Gaylene Capachi - Teacher, RCSD
Debbi Crawford - Teacher, Lodi Education Association
Jane Adinolfi - Special Education Teacher, Cheshire Public Schools
Yenny Hoyos - Teacher, Colegio nuevo campestre
Susan Gross - Educator, EAST UPPER SCHOOL
Stefanie Feldman - Teacher, Homer Junior High
Mary Tredeau - Elementary Paraprofessional, Chelmsford Public Schools
Pamela Bess - Teacher, NYC public school
S. Howell - Teacher
David Rothchild - Lecturer Emeritus, Lehman College
Ann Pierce - School Counselor, Mountain Empire Unified School District
Janis Kwan - teacher, P.S. 62
Amber Eby
Michelle McBride - Teacher, Dominguez High School, CUSD
Amy Winter - Kaiser Permanente
Amanda Kerschen
Mariellen Bradley - Ewrsd
Debra Wright - Teacher, Aft
Lorraine Quinones - Teacher, UTLA
Marwah Ayache - Educational Site Leader, ACCESS
Kimberly Rose
Connie Hurt
Marianna Anaya
Carmen McCain - Assistant Professor of English, Westmont College
ann scott - retired librarian, Kansas State University
Cindy Hallstein - Teacher, Duval County Public Schools
Rachel Nave-Lewis - Teacher, Ashe County Schools
Donna Lee - 2nd Grade Teacher, Grattan Elementary
Rodolfo Sanchez
Mary Wolter
Federico Beckmann - Teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools
Josephine Kennedy - Lifelong Educator
Monica Chlastawa - Teacher
Sheila O'Neil - President, Lynn Teachers Union, Local 1037
Sarah Lozano
Tonia Cole - Teacher, Paterson Public Schools
Rhonda Stewart - Educator
Flo Kelly
Marian Stephens - Cleveland Hts.-University Hts. Schools
Jeannette Sosa - ESL/SPED teacher, Eastside High School
Elizabeth Cheer - English Teacher, Camden County Juvenile Detention Center
Alethea Smith - Special Education Interventionist, PISD
Patricia O'Neill
Rick King - Teacher, Uft
Cristina Calhoon - senior instructor, University of Oregon
Nicole Miller
Amy Klepcyk - Teacher, Delaware Area Career Center
Marc Porcaro - Counselor
Elisabeth Haen
Kari Skildum - Math Teacher, Washington Technology Magnet
frank monaco
La'Shay Williams - Art Teacher, St. Louis Public Schools
Cynthia Rodriguez - CCPS
Kim Rosa-Gionfriddo - Middle School Teacher, NBFT. 871
Jeremy Hampton - Teacher, TEEA
Merle Clarke - JHS Teacher, UFT
Lia Galeano - Counselor, UFT
roslyn terrell - Teacher, Claiborne Elementary
Julia Megna - Environmental Educator, Sonoma Ecology Center
Nadia Fischer - English Teacher
Tiffany Udman - Blaine Elementary School
L Ship
Wanda Mitchell - Hampton City Schools - Hampton High School
Mary Ann Lacey - McAllen AFT Local 6329
Agatha Munu - ESOL Teacher, Prince George's County Public Schools
Sinta O'Connor - Teacher, Rio Rancho Public Schools
Beth Miller
Patricia Furman - Teacher
Ingrid Gunnell - UTLA
Dee Brust - Secondary ELL Teacher, IDS 832
Heather Stein - TeCher, STPSB
Wendy Adams - s
Anita Skop - Community Superintendent-D15 Brooklyn NYC, District 15
Rosamaria Hamilton - Special education
Amy Silverman - H.S. Teacher, District 214
Nancy Eisenhauer - retired teacher
Flo Monroe - Teacher, Pittsburgh Public Schools
Gregory Austin
Elizabeth DiLauro - Retired Teacher, UFT
E. Abram
Blake West - Senior Policy Analyst, National Education Association
Dianne Sullivan - CERES UNIFIED School District
Samantha Ross - Social studies teacher
Marla Abraham - Marla, UFT
Lynn Tiede - Teacher
Merrill Hendin - Principal, Portland Jewish Academy
Bruce Simon - Associate Professor and Chairperson, English Department, The State University of New York at Fredonia
Carolyn Penny - Director, Dialogue Seminar Program, University of California Davis
Achla Sharma - Educator, Academy at Lincoln
Jakeline Leyton
Sydney Baune - Teacher, UTLA
Patricia Harris - teacher, Clara Barton High school
Pennysue Laster - PFT
Venus Daydayan - Teacher, Monterey School, Inc.
Robin Allen-Palmore - Teacher, Cleveland Metro School District
Louise Murphy - Teacher, CUSD
Kira Thompson
Pam + Pete Rosa
Sonja Hill
Anita Weinstock - Reired teacher, Youngstown City Schoos
Anita Weinstock - Reired teacher, Youngstown City Schoos
Yolanda Bolton - Family Engagement Worker, Early Head Starty
Eleanore Livesey - Mathematics Consultant, PWBOCES
Paul Gray - English Teacher, Brewster Academy
Takelah Eaton - Teacher, Aft
Nanna Tanier - Art Teacher, Brooklyn School of Inquiry
Robert Barbier - Executive Vice President, AFTNJ
Terrie Campbell - educator, UFT
Daniel Kizaur - Physics Teacher
Ann Finch - Ann Marie Finch, WTA Retired Teacher
Sharon Elliott - Teacher, Omaha Central High School
Laurel Dieskow - President, Joliet United Adjuncts Coalition
Suzan Labby - University of Alaska
Francine Buker - Pre K TOSA; New Teacher Mentor, Portland Public Schools
Jennifer Pinkston - Teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools
Matt Kuhns
KAREN CELLI - Teacher, Masterman
Patricia Fitzgerald - Special Education Teacher, Frayser Community Schools
shoshannah pass - Case Manager, Acero Roberto Clemente
Eric Rader - Henry Ford College
Rhonda Pittman - Clerk III
Jane O'Halloren - Teacher, ISD 196
Beth Willson - Teacher, Troy Teachers Association
TERI BLONIGAN - Retired Educator, Osseo Area Schoold
Henry Nolan - Social Studies Teacher, Zionsville Community high school
Julie Noriega Rivera Rio - Miss, Centro Educativo Tipai
Brenda Easton - Teacher
Terrie Campbell - educator, UFT
Brenda Weiss - Miss, Van-Far Jr./sr. High
Lori Anger - Teacher, District196
Jed Aicher
Chrystal Puryear - AFT/ Washington Teachers Union
Evelyn Wortham - Media
Jennifer DesAutels - Teacher
Katie Snell - Teacher, Anoka Hennepin ISD #11
Fenglan Yi-Cline - ELL Specialist
Laronda Foster - Teacher
Lore Weber - Lore Weber, ally
Jacque Barnett - Community Liaison, University of Washingron
Carol Davis
Erin Dowding - Teacher, UFT
Yona Ash - Yona Ash
Janet Silmon - Teacher
Jillian Carelli - Special Education Teacher, Lowell Public Schools, Massachusetts
Diane Crawford - Diane Crawford
Terry Logan-Mottinger - Doctor Logan-Mottinger, Columbus City Schools
Jessica Jacobs - s, Uft retired teacher
Liz Gray - Teacher, CCCS
Robb Mottl - Teacher
Alverna Bridges - Teacher, North Carolina
Shonda Below - Northeast Houston AFT, President, Northeast Houston AFT Local 6568
Cinnamon Bancroft - Portland Public schools
Anthony Cosentino - History Teacher, Woonsocket High School
Janet Schaefer - Teacher, APS
Greta Hagan - Teacher, WETA
Jay Blackman
Bill McRae - Retired
Leslie S Jimenez - Rutgers University
Melissa Reedy - Teacher, PG County Schools
Joyce Cammilletti - Math teacher, Teacher
Kelly Nystrom - Special Education Teacher, Sartell Middle School
Patricia Olshefski - Staff, American Federation of Teachers
Erin Casserly - North Babylon High School Academic Club
Heather Cornell - Heather Cornell
Carly Lewellen
Jennifer Ritz - Teacher, LAUSD
Judith Sastre - Toronto District School Board
Lara Hilgerdt - RN
David DeCuzzi - Customer Information Representative, NYCDOE
Lara Hilgerdt - RN
Susan Lewis - Science Teacher/Advisor, Nashoba Brooks School
Mark Habat - Teacher
Melissa Osorio - teacher, LBUSD
Debbie Speirs - Lake Stevens Education Association
Brenda Smith - Educator, McKay school
Cynthia Hoskins - Teacher, Hisd
Christine Hiller - School Library Media Specialist, Sapphire Elementary School - Monroe-Woodbury CSD
Stacey Willett - Luther Burbank High, Sacramento City Unified School District
Charlene Parsons - Math Teacher, WCA
Megan Oconnor
Gordon Fields - Director of Diversity, Tandem Friends School
Angie Miyashiro - Health Pathways, Health education and CTE coordinator, Ka'u High and Pahala El
Shana DeFazio - Troy City School District
Maria Greco
Elva Cankat - Guidance counselor
Alexia Anne Solis - Texas AFT
Debra Wertz - Social Worker, Newark Public Schools
Joanna Herring - Teacher, High School
Leah Condon - Math Department Chair, Jackson-Milton Educators Association
Donna Laemmle, NBCT - Teacher, Archdiocese of Louisville
Carolyn Johnican - Teacher, HISD
Cassandra Thomas - Professional School Counselor, Prince George's County Public Schools
Deborah Ballard-Baskin - Exceptional Education Teacher, Detroit Public Schools Community District
Allison Fleck
Angela Heimburger - Teacher, PS274x The New American Academy at Roberto Clemente State Park
William Carson - Reacher, Eli Whitney CTHSS
Allysa Walker - Teacher
N Burrows - s, Volunteer
Jennifer Lopez - Teacher-Librarian
Cornelia Tolbert - Educator, St. Louis Public Schools
Bonnie Boyle - PS 121Q
Juanita Magee - Teacher, Mercy Des Moines/House of Mercy
Eugenia Popa - ESL teacher, SPFE 28
Robert buckeye
Susan Jarocki - Teacher, NYC DOE
Robin Pecuch - NFT
Brian Schaumann
Shana Poettker
Susan Jarocki - Teacher, NYC DOE
Thomas Cashman - None
Kirsten Westerfeld - Visual Art Teacher, Baltimore City Public Schools
Stephanie Alter - Speech and Language Therapist, Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES
Katherine Palmer-Collins - Orinda Educators' Association
Gayle Asch - Art Teacher, NYC DoE
Debra Liu - teacher, CPS
Percina Mickle - Sub-teacher, 1967
Michelle Peele - Michelle Peele, FCPS
Breana Wagg
Kathyrn Rowedder - Artist Educator ~ Retired, Tappan Zee & John Dewey High Schools
Samantha Hoskin - School Social Worker, Detroit Federation of Teachers
Amy McGreal
Martha Weese - Teacher, Waukegan Public School District 60
Jonathan Seyfried - Teacher, Sandia High School - Albuquerque Public Schools
Emily Mcgovern
Christine Goddard - Teacher, United School Employees of Pasco
Christina M - Teacher, EHS
Steve Lubey - President, Canastota Teachers Association
Ruth Davini - Retired School Social worker, Minneapolis PublicSchools
Lisa Esposito - Adjunct Lecturer, Kingsborough Community College
Ethel King-McKenzie - Educator, University
Gala Miller - Teacher
RI AFT Retirees - RIAFTR
Annie Thorp - Instructor emeritus
Lisa Mazza - Teacher, USEP FL
Jassmyne Ali - School Social Worker, DPSCD
Daniel Sahille - teacher
Jacqueline Gavarrete - Teacher, N/a
Irene Falvey
Barbara Reider - Teacher, OCPS
Linda Hansen
Dawn MacKechnie - Manchester EA
Robin Weaver
Jamie Cardenas - Teacher, UFT
Laura Forman
Regina McLean - President, Port Washington Teachers Association
Jazmin Acosta - Student
Carrie Foster - President, Portland Education Association
Jazmin Acosta - Student
Samantha Deutsch - Literacy Coach, NYC DOE
Amarilyz Hernandez
Diane King - Teacher, Clarkstown
Holly Neely
Karen Ramsey - Retired, Plum Borough School District
Shaquila Bonilla
Elizabeth Brunazzi-Weyhe - Instructor, University of New Mexico/Los Alamos
Erma Nevels - s, AFT St Louis Local 429
Odessa Penn - CMSD
Elnora Lewis - LH Specialist, Santa Cruz City Schools
James McQuaid - Lecturer, AFT 6123 GEOC
Joseph Magid - Adjunct Member, PSEA
Erica Maranowski
Diamantina Arrona - s, RNA/ONA
Timothy Hobson - High school social studies educator
Jeffery Crane - Teacher, Marion County,Wv.
Jessica Goldman - Teacher, Duval county Public Schools
Janie Walker
Errol Douglas - Teacher, Newark Public School
Mary Villani - s, RIAFT
Nicki Adams
Deb Thompson - Registered Respiratory Therapist, Providence St Peter Hospital
Loretta Fowlkes - Educator
Debbie Espen - s, Unitarian Universalist
Alicia Multer
Richard Niccolich
Melony LeMay - Librarian, Calcasieu Parish CFT
Adam Blais
Mahogany Sanders - Teacher, One Accord African American eam
Miriam Cantor - mrs, utla
Carol Soper - Supporter
judith ackerman - uft
Jen Sheldon - Special Education Teacher
Erin Losty
Melinda Garrett
Margaret Dean
Suzanne Stennes-Rogness
Allison Lawson - Teacher
hilda krattinger - retired guidance counsler, uft & nysut
Ellen Brickwedde - Teacher, Marymount School of New York
Winke Self
Carolyn Schaupp - Teacher, SCCOE
Sharon Hansen
Carol Underwood - Retired Speech Language Pathologist, Eastport South Manor School District
Tina Rey - Gilbert Public Schools
Lorelette Knowles
Roger Weissberg - Chief Knowledge Officer, CASEL
Tom Murdock - Retired Teaching, Tutor, Boston Public Schools
Carmen Parrish - Okcps
Ted Millar - English Teacher, Mahopac Central School District
Andrea Zimmerman
Roberta Eisenberg - UFT
Jeanette Briggs - Teacher, United Federation of Teachers
Jennifer Lewis - Teacher, Pembroke School District
Lauren Sullivan - Teacher
Kazuya Sato - President, Cincinnati Chapter JACL
Cheryl Billingy - Teacher, NYCDOE
Kathleen Brady - Teacher, Arlington Heights district 25
Colleen Lynch - Teacher, Poughkeepsie City School District
Pamela Bonds - Teacher, AFT/CTU Local 1
Melisa Viers - Principal, Toledo Public Schools
Anne Beyrer - Teacher English Secondary, Central Islip Public Schools
Connie Ann Transue - teacher, Tucson Unified Schools
Martin Watts
Kathleen Quinn
Jean cordier
Thalia Ann Bethel - Teacher, NYC DOE-UFT
Trois Montana - Teacher
Kenneth Wessels
Donna Cook-Lujano - Teacher, USD259
Pat Dupere - Patricia Dupere, AFT Amesbury Ma
Laura Gonzales - Teacher, New Opportunity Organization
Barbara Brinson - Financial Secretary, Coalition of Multicultural Educators, Inc.
Loretta Shiver - PD Coordinator, ATF
Afshan Mohammad - 9-12 STEM Educator, Anchorage Alaska School District
Veronica Bodden - Veronica Bodden, Educator
Yvonne Burruss - PGCPS
Linda McDevitt
Susan Erick
Janice Banks
Heidi Colkitt
Andrea Dankenbrink
Susan Kidder - 1962
Kate McDaniel - AFT
Louise Mccray - Louise Mccray, Teacher
Janeen Said
Tonya Ingram - Newark Public School
Charlene Lataille - Speech-Language Pathologist, Cranston Public Schools
DIANA PANINOS - Diana Paninos, Teacher, School District of Philadelphia
John Mathews
Jennifer Pease - RN
Jean Stevens
Elynn Cowden - Speech Language Pathologist, retired, AFT
Toby Zucker - Educator, UFT
David Banks
carly gates - teacher, Alexander W. eyfoos School of the Arts
Elizabeth Figueroa - Teacher, NYC DOE
Kim Soletti
Amy Brown - Mooresville Graded School District - Rocky River Elementary School
Constance Palaia - Public School Librarian, OSEA/AFT
Donnette Darling - English Teacher, East Ramapo Central School District
Barbara Waldmann - Retired Teacher, AFT/UFT
Bethany Dusenberry
Marilyn Noble - adult education ESL teacher, Oakland Unified School District
Lisa Wax - Art Teacher, Whitney Young Magnet High School
Renee Watson - professional, pgcs
Clodie Martin - Curriculum Manager, Beyond Basics Organization
Mark Fischer
William Lindley
Jo Henley
Susan Arluck - AFT
Lynn Garcia - NYSUT / BTF
Courtney Randazzo - Elementary School Teacher, NJEA
Sharon Quintero
Pamela Catalano - School Counselor, Bloomfield
Merry Tucker - retired teacher, UFT
Sharon Rheingans
Stephanie Johnson - teacher, Bell Intermediate Academy
Charles and Diana Quinn - Retired teacher
Lynn Wilson - Lynn K Wilson, Private Citizen
Trisha Anthony
Kate Weingart
Linda Natale - Reading Specialist, Revere Public Schools
Aaron O'Leary - Special Education Teacher, ISD 709
Virginia Stone-Meyer
Rachelle Warren - Rachelle Warren, Ed.D., Detroit Public Schools Community District
Delia Thibodeaux - Educator (Teacher), Houston ISD
Gloria Cheng - Teacher, PS30M Hernandez Hughes School
Vivian Del Valle - Teacher, - select -
Joel Patterson - Math Teacher, Cambridge Education Association
Sheena Mae de Ocampo - Teacher
Rhonda Bidjou - Special Education Teacher, ISD 196
Lisa Colby
David Kopaska-Merkel - DavidKM
Paula McDonough
richard kunkel
Jose Santos - High School Spanish Teacher, UFT of New York City
Patrick Heraghty - Registered Nurse
Shawn Hampton - Teacher
Ellen Beatty - Ellen Russell Beatty, Professor Emerita Southern Ct. State University
Monteesia Allen-Robinson - Admin, High School
Susan Scott - Long Beach Unified Schools
Madelaine Gonzalez - Teacher, NYC Department of Education (32K562)
Sally Anthony - Teacher Retired, DCPS
Susan Bumgarner - AFT-OKC
Latessa Clairborne - Teacher, Amityville UFSD
Elya Rowa - Business Owner, Amherst Healing Arts
Mary Paolino
Dawn Pixley
Rose Martin
Devin Van Horn - N/A
Anabel Pinero - Teacher, Uft
David Sacks - Science Teacher, MALC @ Choir Academy
Bryn Jonzon - Teacher, Austin O'Brien High School
Lisa Neuhaus - Western Middle School for the Arts
Audrey Pitigliano - CN, Core Nutrition Services
Lance Ofenloch
Melissa Stull - Melissa Stull, University of Michigan, School of Education
Lisa Davis - Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts
Claudette Bell
Eileen HUFANA - Retired from Portland Public Schools
Ruby Brady - Teacher, WTSD
Eileen HUFANA - Retired from Portland Public Schools
Claudette Bell - Teacher (Retired), NYC Department of Education
Rita Machado
Abhilasha Singh - Principal, Shining Star International School
Cindy Delcambre - teacher, LEISD
Jayashree Banerjee - Science Teacher, Boston Latin Academy
Rachel Thompson - Secondary Curriculum Specialist, Utah Education Association & NEA
Sue Holmes - Counselor, Evergreen Counseling
Phyllis Schwartz - Vice President at Large, Western Suffolk BOCES
Ingrid Kleinjan - English Teacher, Mounds View High School
Maria Newman
Natasha Hassan - Teacher, Shining Star International school
Briana Murcia - Teacher, NUSD
Briana Murcia - Teacher, NUSD
Jane Ponce
Lisa Warren - Teacher, Cedar Hill ISD
Miranda Majewicz - Project Manager, Connected Community Schools
Sarah Hernandez
James Higgins - Teacher, School District of Philadelphia
Marva Furlongue-Laver - School Social Worker, Broward County Public Schools
Samantha Ashby - Albuquerque Public Schools
Kelly Neely - Teacher, Freeman School Dist. 358
Diane Wilber - Special Education Paraprofessional, Blue Valley School District
Eugene Lacolla - Teacher educator (retired)
Eugene Lacolla - Teacher educator (retired)
TERRY LHARRELL - Teacher / Coach, Willowbrook High School
Donna Payne - Special Education Teacher, School District of Philadelphia
Elizabeth Kelly - Mx
Lorraine Dunklin - Speech/Language Pathologist, UFT, AFT, ASHA
Laurie Strommer - Environmental educator, Auseco
Raemie Bruno
Carrie Ochs Toledo - greenberg elementary
Maureen Alaniva
Rosemary Berntson - AFT-RI
Jae Schock - EAL Teacher, American International School of Bucharest
Teila Johnson - Teacher, Mobile County Public School System
Carlene Midgett - Teacher, Cuillier
Lorraine Dunklin - Speech/Language Pathologist, UFT, AFT, ASHA
Marie Sainz-Funaro - Treasurer, Overseas Federation of Teachers
Megan Parreira - Spanish Teacher, Novato Federation of Teachers
Abbie Anderton - s, School
Phyllis Brooks - Administrative Assistant, School
Edelmira Shuman - Teacher
Yvonne Bredell
AJIMOH OKPAISE - TEACHER, Greensprings School
Kimberly Claytor - Teacher, Newport Mesa Federation of Teachers
Mary O'Brien - children's church volunteer, Spiritual Life Center
Tana Hemingway
Lauren Jordan
Gayatri Aditya - Teacher, IB
Donna Norton
Judith Knilans - Social Worker, 1941
Heather Moore - s, Dollar Academy (UK)
Colette Magoran - Teacher, s
gerald pinsker - Colorado Education Assn Retired
Gwenhaëlle Belliard - Teacher, Lycée Sainte Marie
DeVane Trigiani - Educator
Susanna Purucker
Elaine Fischer - s, none
Hart Murphy - teacher
Dottie Goldstein - Retired educator, Utla-r
dylan lambert - Dylan Lambert, Houston ISD
Brian Ferguson
Maxine Walters - Teacher
Mat Santos - Assist. Chief Patient Services, PVAMC
janet arnone - teacher, retired
Nick Strauss - Nick Strauss, GEW Bremen
Charles Hung
Valorie Catalano
Patrick Molina - Edward Molina
Ellen Fox - Retired Teacher, United Federation of Teachers
Karen Mowry - TEacher of Visually Impaired, Retired
Jason Cirillo - Teacher, Bristol Eastern High School
Dolly Holland
Dolly Holland
Israel Soto - Teacher/Chapter Leader, United Federation of Teachers
Joan LaCasse
Peter Aleff
Liz OLeary - From CT, live in South Africa, Khuthaza
Laura Morello - Teacher, Cromwell Public Schools
Leticia Bland
Rose Lavelle - Scarborough College
Detra Thomas - Prince George's County Public Schools
George Briggs - Retired teacher, ART 951
Laura Gardner - Founder, Immigrant Connections
Pavel Goncear
Lisa Quinn - Chemistry Teacher, Abraham Lincoln High School
Joseph Keenan - Warwick Teachers Union-retired
Jennifer guerra - Lower Grade Science Teacher, NYCDOE, UFT
Padraig Travers - Padraig Travers
Susan Clarke - Retired teacher, Pawtucket, RI School Dept
Michele sauter-portelli - Teacher, UPAD
Jill Van Rawley - Educator, CORA Services
Christi Johnson - Teacher, Blair Middle School/ NFT
Deborah ONeill - Teacher, NYSUT
McKinley Weidman - Reading teacher, Greater Amsterdam School District
Cindy Weisenbach - 3rd Grade Teacher, Batesville Community School Corporation
Aster Truesdale
Marielle Palombo - Director of Curriculum, Listenwise
Brian Fink
Michelle Condon - Teacher, NYC DOE
Rena Moaning - Teacher, Trenton Boardof Education
Gregory Perles - President, NSSFE, NYSUT Local 19-065
Warren Shenk - Social Studies Educator, Utah Military Academy - Camp Williams Campus
Tomasa Torres - Paraprofessional, Perth Amboy
Andrea Flinders - President, AFT
Trisha Rosokoff - Teacher, Buffalo Teachers Federation
Jason Dannible - TEACHER, mcsd
Jacki Cantor - Educator, Malvern Prep
Cynthia Feaster - Teacher, New York City Department of Education
Zak Black - Teacher
Hilary Martin
Hannah Christopher - Educator
Maura Egan - Grade 8 English Teacher/Pre Practicum Coordinator, Shrewsbury Public Schools
KENESTA T. MACK - Special education ADviser, Pa department of Education
Rashida Curtis - Administrative Officer I, St. of MD. DOL-UI Division
Miles Kirschner - Special Education Teacher, Norwalk High School
MONIQUE CAMPBELL - Monique Campbell, Middle School
Ann Berndt - professional aide, Belmont Public Schools (MA)
Kathleen Nordrum - Speech Pathologist, Clare-Gladwin RESD
Karla Mats - Teacher, United Teachers of Dade
Ryan Dovey - Teacher, Local6
Tandra Ericson - Educator
Rosemary Northcutt
Arikka Kalwara - School Psychologist, Norwich Free Academy
Elizabeth Meyers - Maples Elementary School Music Teacher, AFT
Jean Manocchia - Social Studies Dept Chair (Ret), RIAFTHPR
Monique Brown - Educator
COLVIN GIBSON - Lab Specialist, DOE
Robert Allen - Teacher, Spencerport Teachers’ Association
Amber Chandler - President, Frontier Central Teachers’ Association
Kathleen Yoo - Teacher, North Shore Middle School
AJ and AM Fascitelli
Allan Grabkowitz - / Teacher, NYCDOE Retiree/ employee Roslyn Unified School District
Sue Mathewson - Teacher, School City of Hammond
Melanie Pyne - Buffalo Teachers federation
Amanda Witt
Allan Grabkowitz - Teacher, NYCDOE Retiree Employee of RUSD
Richard Geldard
Susan Smith - Coventry Public Schools
Mary Muldoon - Literacy Teacher-Grade 8, Woodbury Public Schools
Joanne Kandalaft - Retired teacher, AFT
jenifer capps - Counselor, New Hanover High School
Dana Hamilton - Social Worker, Newark Public Schools
Nelson Hare - 1949
Yolanda Watson - Teacher, TDSB
Paula Tylicki - teacher, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
James Richardson - Teacher, Norfolk Public Schools
Jorge Cordoba
Patris Wright-Kitchen - Patris Wright-Kitchen - School Counselor, DTU/FEA/NEA/AFT
Cheryl Butler
Demetrius Daniel - Teacher, UFT/NYUT
Jacqueline Warren
Melissa Greco
Barbara Relerford - Black Lives Matter, Actionwork.org
Lori Weingust - Teacher, North shore schools
Gerldine Ragland
Donna Alexander
Gisele Gardner - teacher, Lyndon Town School
Louis Pallante - School Counselor, West Orange High School
Allison Suriani - School Psychologist, Buffalo Public Schools
J Cheeseboro - ELA Teacher, UFT
Jessica Christopher - Paraprofessional
Suzette Gingold
Randi Korn - Assistant Provost, Lesley University
Jennifer Hennigan - Teacher, FrontierCSD
Howie Lisnoff - RIFT-R
Amanda Breheny
Rossanna Santos - School Counselor, West Orange High School
Amanda Breheny
Debra Sander - Teacher, New York City Department of Education
Isabella Mackie - Assistant Principal, Department Of Education
Erin Hall - PGCPS Teacher
Maritza Cano
Gabrielle Milano - School Counselor, Danbury Public Schools
Marilyn Tirado - Teacher, UFT
Saylor Soinski - Teacher, Detroit Public Schools Community District
Lori Napear - Retired teacher, Freeport public schools
Lori Napear - Retired teacher, Freeport public schools
Olga Bacher - Music Teacher, Palm Beach County School District
Gina Hackworth - High School Special Education Teacher, Sparta Area School District
Shaheem Sutherland - Teacher, MDCPS
Jennifer Washington
Lisa Suau
wendy Maldonado - Teacher, 265058595
Donna Brennan-Gallant - Teacher Librarian, Stockbridge Central School
Heather Baker-Sullivan - ELA Instructor, 6th Grade, PS IS 218, Bronx, NY
Chris Squire - Teacher, Springdale Jr/Sr High School
Kristi Eckdahl - Educator, Education Minnesota Osseo Local 1212
Debra Kowalski - Elementary Teacher, OFT
Ingrid Kelly - Teacher, NYCDOE
Joseph Neri
siobhan smith - mrs, mrs
Karen Bird - Special Education Teacher, ISD 197
Neha Coles
Juan Cardona - Teacher, Juan Cardona
Kelleyann Royce-Giron - Principal, Poughkeepsie High School
Susan W Caspers
Lizette Colon - Special Education Teacher, DOE
Rachel Thomas - Teacher, Hillsborough county schools
Anthony Grice - Teacher, Newburgh School District
April Harrison-Ward - Teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools
Jennifer Kiner
Roshea Moten - Educator, PGCPS
Jennifer Kiner
Gordon Brown - Dean of Students, Kauffman Charter School
Resa Johnson - Instructional Coach, Winn Parish School Board
IDA JORDAN - Hillsborough County Public Schools
Bridget Joram - Teacher, La Salle Academy
Michelle Wadsworth - 21st Century Academic Coordinator, Chautauqua Striders
Lorraine Colts
Lorraine Colts
Melissa Gasperecz - Renewable Energy Specialist
Cynthia Wright - English Instructor, Harvard H. Ellis Technical High School
LYNNE FARMER - Teacher, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporat
Asaki Carr - Teacher
Toni Jolevski
Cynthia Cooper - Special Education Teacher, NEA
Ronnie X Black - Cincinnati Public Schools
Dana Trusso - Assistant Professor, LaGuardia Community College
B. Genco-Morrison - 5th Grade Teacher
Lisa Struncis - School Counselor, MT. PLEASANT SCHOOL
Norma Itule
Stephen Kuehn
Tracey Mazell
Bianca Blackmon - Educator
Jennifer Hogan - School Counselor, Farmington Area Public Schools
Thomas Mittelstaedt
Mike Osborn - AFT National Representative, AFT
Carolyn Kaser - Teacher, Volcano Vista High School
Bridget Thompson - Teacher, LISA Academy
Genesis Alexander - ELA teacher
Alhamisi Griffin - Teachers Assistant, MASK of Evansville
Nicole Desch - Teacher Asst, Torrence Creek Elem
Maria Webb - Texas AFT
Holly Davis - teacher, Neshaminy School District
cinzia filoni
Veronica Goodman - Teacher, Orion Educational Services
Rafael Gomez - California State University
Meghan MG Daigle - SVFT
Erica Farmer - Teacher, Stonestreet Elementary
Yvette Smith-Muhammad - Teacher, South 17th Street School
Melissa Hamil - School Psychologist, Berrien RESA
Andrea Kortright - Teacher, Rondout Valley Federation
Sean Blanks - Sean Blanks, UFT
Teresa Stoddard - Madison Middle School
Casey Burns - Teacher, NYC DOE
Stacy Schwab - Dean of Students, LaBrum Middle School
Brooke Bovee - Assistant Professor of English, Miami Dade College
Carol Dallman - teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools
Shari Flynn - ESOL Teacher, PGCEA
JENNIFER HATFIELD - Social Studies Teacher, Wilmington High School
Janice James - Janice James, Houston ISD
Doreen Schneckenburger - Teacher, NYSUT
Stacey Casale
Sherri Bell - UFT
Sarah Francis - Teacher, Newark Public School
Bruce Margolis - Student Assistance Counselir, Troy City School District
Pam Roiger - Teacher, Bemidji Education Association
Melanie-Joy Smallwood - Transitioning Youth Coordinator, Prince George's County Public Schools
Joseph Romano - Teacher, Irvington High School
John Yanno - John Yanno, UFT
Therese Legitime - ESOL Resource teacher, Palm Beach School District
Diana Shea - Albuquerque Public Schools
sharon eaton - paraprofessional, AFT member
Samara Shapiro
Tracy Fox - Teacher
Anna Delprato - Director, BioScience Project
Antonietta Mannix - ELL Teacher, West Warwick Public Schools System
Beverly Martin - Retired teacher, AFT/R
Melissa Magiera - teacher, West Warwick Public Schools
Adina Baseman - Teacher, Broward County Public Schools
Adina Baseman - Teacher, Broward County Public Schools
Jaime Santiago - Teacher, Buffalo Public Schools
Joy Nelson
Stacy Farkas - Teacher, PYLUSD
Tracey Finan - Math Teacher, Croton-Harmon UF School District
Annette Cazley - Teacher, Samuel Fels High School
Charlie Trapp - Session Clerk, Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Janet Weingarden - Teacher
Billie Jo Thomas - School Psychologist & Counselor, WSSB
Heather Gold - Social Worker, Dialysis Clinic Inc
Brooke Havill - Teacher
Melissa McLean - CRT- SS 8, Rochester City School District
Vielka Lucenti - Instructor/Teacher, Hostos Community College, CUNY
Jennifer Schorr - Math Coach, Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy
Norda Gromoll - s
Karen Woodson - Teacher, Hesperia USD
Lesley Earles - Teacher, Edison High School
Maureen Williams - Teacher, NYCDOE
Heather Jansen
Marylois Hilton - National Education Association
Karen Bennett - School Counselor, Loyd Auman Elementary
Philip Asaro - Teacher
Peg Whelley - nearly
Chelsea Brown - Teacher, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp
Judith Cohen
Christine Landon - Data Manager, AFT Washington, AFT Washington
Patricia KeeganWard - Special Education Teacher
Kevin Grady - Teacher, 1958
M. Harkins - Science Educator, Warren Township High School
Kithara Reid Coates - Kithara Reid-Coates, Teacher, Jones High
R. W. James
Stephanie Roby - Teacher, Elmira City School District/ETA
Gwen Mack - Retired Educator
Robert Sheinin
Ellen Okeefe - Professor, NEIU
Merlyn Bidstrup - Retired teacher
Suzanne Ericson - Teacher, Mahtomedi public schools
Aliya Perkins - Elementary Teacher, Virgin Islands Department of Edcuation
Gail Proulx - Retired teacher
Melissa Elgersma
Donna Lashus - School Community Partnership Coordinator, Boston Public Schools BTU
Tammy Faucette - Paraprofessional, PGCPS
Elizabeth Daley - Teacher, Queensbury High School
Arthur Cheliotes - Business Manager, CWA Local 1180 New York Administrative Employees
Beverly Orozco - Teacher, Lemont School Dist. 113A
Hans Potters - FNV
jeanne roberts - Jeanne Roberts, Concerned Parent
wendy owens
Alma M Lerma-Mancillas
Arlene Marcus - Professor of English as a Second Language, Kean University
Alma Mancillas
Caroline Park - Teacher, Energy Tech HS
Susan Spaeth - School district 709
Emily Fritz - Second Grade Teacher, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Carol Boyer - Adjunct Professor, Montclair State University
Danny M. - Concerned Citizen
José Curbelo - History Teacher, PGCPS
Brandi Martin
Josue Vasquez - I.T./CTE, Oxnard Union High School District
Eric Screven - Educator/History Instructor, Belmont Runyon School - Newark Public Schools
Claire Nail - Teacher, SLZUSD
Fran Blackman - Teacher, Norwalk BOE
Patricia Paradiso - Perth Amboy Federation/AFT
Jacqueline B. Temple, Ph.D. - Temple, Professor Emerita/Portland State University
Kris Orman - High school teacher, AFT
Rachel Brew - School Library Media Specialist, Frontier Middle School
Anita Lee - School Psychologist, NYC Department of Education
Justine Ngah Awono - Teacher, East Baton Rouge Parish School System - Baton Rouge, LA
Karla Ramirez - Reading Intervention Teacher, PGCPS
Betty Setterlund - Teacher, CTA
Greg Rodriguez - Organizer, Texas AFT AMP
Eve Anderson - Teacher, WSESU
Angela Choe - Prefix (required)
Jessica Wilson - Education Issues Specialist, Education Minnesota
Brenna Mcnamee - Miss
Maris Talaugon - Kid Street Learning Center
K Worden - Classroom teacher, PGCPS
Sharyn Brooks
pamela patterson
Colleen Baldwin - Teacher
Cher Sansone - Teacher, UFT
Sheron Peters - Para Educator
Janice Fitzgerald - Rutgers University School of Nursing
Megan D'Ambroso
CLAIRE FLIPPEN - Special Education Teacher, Newark Public Schools
Betsy Sato - retired teacher, - None -
Ja Vranka
Chelsea Murphy
Bernadette Wilson - Teacher, Nyc Doe
carys castro - HCA
Dale Snauwaert - Professor, University of Toledo
Virginia Gregory - ESL Teacher, Olympia High School
Deidre uk - Battle Creek Middle School
Villet Gethers - Teacher, DoDEA-Livorno EMS
Twinda Harvey - Teacher, PG County Public Schools
Andrew Burgess - Social Studies Teacher
Shannon Valentine
Laura Klein - Teacher, Frontier Central Teachers' Association
Gale Glover - Special Education Teacher, DCJESD, AFT, NEA
Christopher Ferrio
LINDA REID - Owner, Little Angels Preschool
Kim Ross - teacher
Ruth Striegel
Jessica Tosti - Music Teacher, Central Bucks School District
Betty Richards
Debra Harper - Teacher/Department Chair, Pacific High School
Samantha Glickman - Teacher, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Jeanene Henry
Gaston Allen
Elizabeth Flinn - School Social Worker, Windsor Prep
Janice Santos - Membership Coordinator, RIAFT/R local 8037r
chris Alexander
JoAnn Vargas
Elizabeth Schuler - Head Swim Coach, SUNY Oneonta
Lauren Spiece
Kathryn Kemp-Ivey - Teacher, Telfair County High School
Thomas Calhoun - President/ Norfolk Federation of Teachers, Norfolk Federation of Teachers
Kelly Day - Teacher, Mesa Public Schools
Kassie Wheeler
Allison Ward-Seidel - Education Research Project Director, Rutgers University; GSAPP
Milagros Roux - Bilingual Teacher, Ethel McKnight/East Windsor Regional School
Larry Blood
Christy Venters
Pauline Bonin - Art teacher, Potter-Burns elementary school
Anna Yee - Anna, Chelsea Teachers Union
Anne Flores - Staff Development, Somerset Elementary
Latoya Abatan
Gregory Basile - Spotlight Property Solutions LLC
Carol Murray - PFT
Susan Timm - Professor, Elgin Community College
Eileen Mchale - Teacher, Blount county schools
Andrew Jones
Tiffany Wren-Dyson - Educator, Shelby County Schools
Angela Sibelman - Science Teacher, San Francisco Unified School District
Nela Hawthorne - Teacher
Patricia Hepburn-Lewis-El - Teacher, United Teachers of Dade
Rafaela Medina - Retired Teacher
Rafaela Medina - Retired Teacher
Jay Greenberg - In-House Vocational Coordinator, DPSCD- ew Transition Center
Nicole Rosen - School Librarian
Michelle Greenough - English teacher, Fredonia Teachers Association
James Moriarty - President, Highland Teachers' Association
Linda Frisbey - Speech Language Pathologist, Santa Cruz City Schools
Amparo Gonzalez
Kevin Milam
Donna Perry - Teacher, North Hills School District
Kent Kneipp - Teacher, Nevin Platt MS, Boulder Valley Schools
Sharon Maxwell - AFT/GSCFT 2020
Deborah Davila - School Psychologist, Jersey City Public Schools
Matthew Abah - Accokeek Academy
Patricia Keefe
Richard J Cohen - Substitute Teacher, Sac City Unified School District
Michael King - PE teacher
Kimberly Lingerman - Teacher, School District of Philadelphia
Bridget Walker
Twila Holloway Smith - Consultant teacher, Washingtonville Middle School
Rich Miller - Rich Miller, MCSTA
Leon Marzillier - AFT Guild Emeriti Chapter President
Whitney Warren - DCPS
Kimberly Claytor - Teacher, Newport Mesa Federation of Teachers
Susan Griffin - Secretary, University Council-AFT Retiree Chapter 9999R
Charmeon Simpkins
Gilda White
Nicole Davis - Robin Jordan, DPSCD
Toni Towery - Resource Teacher, Zia Elementary School
Lizann Keyes - CFT
Toni Harris - Bham Bd of Ed
yew yew
Ann Cessna - Teacher
Eric Hamako - Aaron Leavitt, Green River College
Margaret Scott - Professor of Psychology, American River College
Sheryl Dixon - Miss, UFT
Martin Shack - Retired Social Worker, NYC DOE
Jennifer Burke - Library Media Specialist, Centennial Academy
Kelli Jarrett
Rob Fremland - Professor of Chemistry, San Diego Mesa College
Antoinette Gatewood - Substitute Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District
T Hamboyan Harrison
Brenda Ransom - Retired Educator, Puyallup School District
Jami Harmon
Sheryl Dickerson
Jill Mason - Registered Nurse, UWMC
Jenna DiNovis - Teacher, East Somerville Community School
Joe Bertin - YCSD
Lucy Wackman - Teacher, APS
Robin Roth - Instructor, retired, City College of San Francisco
Margaret MacIsaac - Supetintendent, Burlingame School District
Rani West - Teacher
Elizabeth Morley - Adjunct Professor, WPU
Twyler Ferguson - Blanche Ely High
Dorothy Strauss - teacher, Yes
MIRANDA BROWN - Miranda L Brown, Teacher, NYC Department of Education
Sandra Baringer - President, University Council-AFT Retiree Chapter
Theresa McClary Jeffryes - Educator, Waikoloa Elementary and Middle School
Anthony Swanson - Adjunct Professor, San Mateo Community College District
Andres Jimenez - President and CEO, LICI-Americas
Jacob Picheny - Instructor (ret.), AFT 2121
Richard Miller - Richard Miller, UFT/AFT
Benjamin Temkin - Albuquerque Teachers Federation
Keila Dawson - Children's Author & Educator, Society of Book Writers and Illustrators
Tina Martin - 269305045
William Zapletal
Frederick Kuttner - LCMHC, Delta Behavioral Health
Gregory Smith
Samantha Porter - SST/RTI / Reading Teacher, Brown Middle School
Jane Miller
Mike Davis
Marlene Nickerson - teacher, NEA member
Marlene Nickerson - teacher, NEA member
Lisa Maestas - Real Estate Agent, Berkshire Hathaway
Kathryn Russell - Middle School Teacher and Parent
Janet Zanetto - Retired college instructor, CAFT 2121
Susanne Jonas - Continuing Lecturer (r), University of California, Santa Cruz (ret)
Karan Violante - Supporter
Jo Ann Glenn - Academic Resource Specialist, York Collge
Rebecca Leftwich - Albuquerque Public Schools
Donna Marchand - Reading Specialist, EITA
H Mary Rybka
Mary Ellen McDonald - Sister, individual Cath
Eva Tourangeau - PhD Student, University of Washington
Adrianne Davis - Self
Mary Gatten - Professor Emerita
Patti Gray - Hartland Elementary School
cherry bryan - school social worker, DOE
Carole Fabricant - Professor Emerita of English, University of California, Riverside
Beverly Lew - President, Sound Advice
Samuel rees
Michelle London
Jen Adelman - Teacher, Covington Independent Schools
Edmund Cord - Professor Emeritus, Indiana University
Erica Rucker
Jeanie Anderson - RCSD
Felicia Allen - Teacher, AFT & UFT
Felicia Allen - Teacher, AFT & UFT
Madeline Velez - Director of Students/Counselor, RiseUp Community School
Kathleen Blank-Cicala - Retired Spanish Teacher, Arlington Retired Teachers’ Association
Angie Fenske - 7th Grade ELA
Max Hyxe - Past President of the National Union of Teachers
Rhonda Neugebauer - Librarian, emeritus, University of California, Riverside
Tom Walsh - Emeritus, City College of San Francisco
Margaret Metcalf-Watson - Teacher, APS
Rodger Scott - Retired Teacher, AFT Local 2121
Antonio Pelt - Lead Organizer, Texas AFT-AMP
Yvonne Harris - Yvonne Harris, AFT & NEA
Melody Heart
Karisha Kirk
Nancy Bergantini - educator, Providence Teacher Union Retire Chapter
Christina Brophy - Triton College
Gary McConnell
Nicole H
Gwendolyn Johnson Brown - Paraprofessional, PGCPS
Huguette Moran - DR
Joanne Greene - Interventionist, ASD
Victoria Shepherd - Program Lead/Instructor, Henry Ford College
Susan Edelstein
Evelyn Lagnado - Teacher, High School of Telecommunications, Arts, and Technology
Kalli Murphy - General Music Teacher, Bench Elementary School
Therese Gordon - Teacher, Toledo Federation of Teachers
Janet Gerson - International Institute on Peace Education
SHAVONDA DEROCHE - Shavonda DeRoche, Middle School
Tina Ann
Tia Hernandez - Tia Hernandez, Teacher; JA Rogers Elementary School
Karen Niemi - CEO, CASEL
sharon Cooper - Educator - Sharon W. Cooper, MED, Georgia Federation of teachers - Athens, GA
Donna M Chiera - President, AFTNJ
Norm Tankiewicz - Retired Teacher, PAFAFT
Norm Tankiewicz - Retired Teacher, PAFAFT
Erin Obi - Erin Obi, Richest City School District
Barbara Ogden - Librarian, AFT
Jaclyn Maxwell - Teacher, High School Dist 203
DAVID BUCKLEY - President, Early Childhood Staff Union
Lisa Larson - School Social Worker, St. Paul Public Schools
Danielle Coon - Associate Director, MD-ICCCR, Teachers College
Toni Malone - VP, Bluebonnet Elementary, Bastrop ISD
Toni Malone - VP, Bluebonnet Elementary, Bastrop ISD
Rebecca Roberts - Retired Educator
Susan Morgan - President, San Diego AFT Retiree Chapter Local 1931
Alexandria Earley
Paula Stanton - Retired Spanish teacher
James Derzon
Lillie Weatherred - Teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools
Susan Miller - Director of Field Operations, OSEA
Sharon Reed - Nurse Educator
Clifford Brosnan
Paula Quinn - Art Chair ---teacher, Beaufort Academy
H. Dennis Shumaker
Esther Grassian - Lecturer, UCLA
Mark Rembe
Eric Schroeder - Lecturer Emeritus, UC Davis
Brenda Thompson
Patricia Keefe
Richard Walker - Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley
Nancy Toothman - Mountain mama studio
Marla Mion - Teacher
Karen Carmody - retired teacher, volunteer, tutor
Velda Hunter - Librarian, Yates High School Houston ISD
Velda Hunter - Librarian, Yates High School Houston ISD
Marieme Sakho - General Secretary, SYPROS
Marieme Sakho - General Secretary, SYPROS
Kim Lee - Retired teacher, AFT
Revondra McQueen
Kerry Olinger - Teacher, LAUSD
Stephanie Ehl - Teacher, Nassau Boces
Eileen Jones
Mary McGranahan - Retired, Santa Cruz City School District
Laura Marino - Teacher/Librarian, MVFT
Lisa Rizzo - rizzo_lisa
Ingrid Kehlhofer - Teacher, CTA
Jill Figner - Teacher Social Studies & ESL, Reading School District
S. Falcone
Pamela Letourneau - Educator, retires
Sherry Ortner - Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA
Mario Velarde
Basirah Taha - APN, RUHC
Cynthia Tuell - Lecturer, Retired, U of California, Riverside
Martha Smith - School Nurse..retired, Lancaster Assoc. of Service personnel
Justine Sanborn - COMD Adjunct Professor, New York City College of Technology
Jameelah Wright - Head Teacher, Three Stages Learning Center
Mary Lee - Speech Para/PAL treasurer, USD497/Paraeducators of Lawrence
Patricia Edwards - 2
Debbie Hamilton - Adjunct Professor, Lehman CUNY
Taryn Brown - AFT/Jackson Federation of Teachers
Lily Ning - Educator
Bruce Moore - Teacher, Mahoning Valley School
Donald Richard - RIFT/R
Julie Hesse
Ronnessa Edwards
Sherrill Futrell
Shari Obrenski - President, Cleveland Teachers Union, Cleveland Teachers Union, Local 279
Patricia Hartz
sofia okolowicz
Mary Lewis - Retired Guidance Counselor, UFT Retired Teachers
Blandean Halsey Brummitt - Para Professional, Highbrige
Samantha Grimes-Scott - Behavioral health worker, Marple newtown school district
Amanda M Rewinkel
Jacqueline Rose - Literacy Reading Coach, NYCDOE
Sharon Frank
Lorraine Kirk
Veronica Piombo - 8th Grade Literacy, Newark Board Of Education
Carl Schrag - UFT
Anita Grant - Social Worker, NYC DOE
Maryann Fredrick
Henry Henderson
Jackie Stolfi
Masoomeh Mohammadi - Teacher, OKCPS
Denise Lawrence
Ellen Cabana - Ellen Cabana, Glens Falls City Schools
Dora Gonzalez
bernardo alayza mujica - coasap
Laurie Tomme
Paul Parker
Jonathan Totillo
Mary Carmen Sánchez de Baca - Bilingual Gifted Teacher, Los Padillas Elementary Schoo, APS
Jenny Witherell - teacher, Santa Barbara Charter School
Tonya Tehranie - DoDDS, Bahrain M/HS
Garrick Updyke
Camille Baptista - Teaching Assistant, AFT
Brittany Grant
RICHARD FORKEY - Elementary teacher retired, Fillmore central school N E A. NYSUT
Amy Rubin - School Counselor, Eastside High School
Tracy Radich - Teacher, Cleveland Teachers Union
JASON ROSENBAUM - Assistant Principal, Middle School
Daniel Arzaga - Teacher, Westmoor High School, Daly City CA
Maria Plochocki - Adjunct Assistant Professor, City University of New York
Lorelei Wenzel - Teacher, Brookfield school district
Beverley Metivier - Teacher, P.S/I.S308k
Maria Webb - Texas AFT
Deidra Statuto
Martha Spencer
Esther Hoffman - Esther Hoffman
Esther Hoffman - Esther Hoffman
Deb Yelverton - Teacher, East Side Teacher's Association
Catherine Lewis - Instructional Coach, SFUSD
JoAnn Copp - N-MFT Retired 1794
Amy Sukumar - n/a
Tammy Reynolds-Kellems
Patri Lamarre - Warwick RI retired educator
Alanna Guillory - teacher
Martha Kirkman
Carl Schulkin - Teacher Emeritus, Pembroke Hill School
Penny Rosenwasser - Instructor, Ph.D., City College of San Francisco
Annita Bowman
Michelle Layer - Teacher, SBPSD
Matilda Adjagba - s, unite
Robin Gates-Turner - Long-Term Substitute Teacher, Toledo Public Schools
Arleen Schultz
Laura Ammon - Associate Professor of Religion, Appalachian State University
Amy Bisson
Patricia Twyman
Alec Booysen - Teaching
Tena L McNamara - Professor Emeritus, Eastern Illinois University
Sacha Mercier - Teacher
Jim Baker - Consultant, EI
Jacinta Florent - Teacher, NYCDOE
Nancy Tobia - Teacher, Friedberg jcc
Shannon Dickey - Educator, NSU Lower School
melissa cunningham - Counselor
Gweneth martinez - Guidance Counselor, DOE
Kevin Thompson - Social Studies Teacher, Apprentice Academy High School of North Carolina
Allen Buzzeo
Kathleen Baird - s
Norris Thomas - Teaching Assistant, Houston ISD
Micheleen O'Neill - Baltimore City Public Schools
Jeanette Paredes - Teacher, Princeton Public Schools
Ellen Mendonca - Retired Teacher/Librarian, PS 269 K
Monica Blake - teacher, John Witherspooin Middle School
Kendra Stern - NEIU
Rita Leskovec
Katherine Crothers
Renee Marin - NYCDOE
Keith McEvoy
Thomas Bongolan
Thomas Bongolan
Susan McKenna - Classroom teacher, NYC Department of Education
Sydney Stewart - Program Coordinator, Facing History and Ourselves
Cecilia Pike - teacher, aft union
Tracey Bonner - Teacher, HISD
Amre Klimchak - Advisor, CUNY - LaGuardia Community College
Tracey Bonner - Teacher, HISD
Bill Coleman - Paraprofessional, P368k@New York City Children's Center
Martha Womack
Kamila Goldin - Teacher, Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School
abdalwahed Haje - KTU-P RESIDENT, Kurdistan teachers union KTU
Karen Edmond - teacher Aide, Putnam Northern Boces
abdalwahed Haje - KTU-P RESIDENT, Kurdistan teachers union KTU
Hannah Weeden - English 8 Teacher, Maple Ave. Middle School
Deborah Murphy - AFT Amesbury Local 1033
Ryan Taylor - Teacher, Independence High School
Sarah Rodriguez - Campus Supervisor, JUHSD
Khryssnee Madison - Elementary Teacher
viveca crews - Intervention Specialist, Toledo Public Schools
Tracey DiMona - PGCPS
Carol Deanow - former NEA/MTA
Cyndy Bowra - art teacher, --Albuquerque Public School
Tracey Kline
Ernestine Butler - Teacher
Ellen Morris - Ellen Morris, Parkway Middle
Alcira Forero-Peña - Adjunct Assistant Professor, CUNY
Yerana Valentine - Spanish Teacher, Princeton Public Schools
Claudia Luongo - Visual, Literary, & Performing Artist; Educator; Advocate, NEA, NJEA, STANJ, AENJ, EdTA, NAEA
Christine Smith - First Vice President, HFP Local 2221
Christine Smith - First Vice President, HFP Local 2221
Cinamon Gentry - Art Teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools
Francine Ungaro
Sabrina Witt
Janice Gomez - Teacher, East Side Union High School District
Joan Hausladen - retired person
Sally Leara - Teacher, George White M.S.
Roxanne Brennan - Professor, Stockton University
Gina Dudley - RN, Minneapolis Public Schools
Elizabeth Guzman - Teacher, Dade county public schools
Javita Douglas - Paraprofessional, PGCPS
Brooke VanRhee - 4th Grade Teacher, Bellview Elementary
Dora Kenney - Teacher, Holliday Montessori School, KCPS
Janet Gaudino - Science Teacher, Princeton Public Schools
Emily Leskinen - Assistant Professor of Social Science, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Olivia Leung - Counselor, SFUSD
Hanns Streuli
Mindy LiBassi
Johanna Reiss
Philip Mirabelli - Lehman College and UFT (retired)
Justin Foss - Teacher, --None--
Adrienne Andry - Teacher, NYCDOE
hope worden - PTCA, ally
Missy Long - Assistant Director, Office of Specialized Services, Ramapo College
Emily Adams - Teacher, East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools
Jeff Bibler - PE Instructor, Solana Vista Elementary
Christy Meurer - Christy Meurer, Missoula County Public Schools
Catherine Davis - Educator, Hillsborough Count Schools
Shawheen Blount - Shawheen Blount
Carmen Gagne - PVUSD
Louisa Hewitt
charles mcknight - Teacher Charles E. McKnight, NEA/AFT
Eileen Callery - Teacher, Blue Mountain MIddle School
charles mcknight - Teacher Charles E. McKnight, NEA/AFT
Emilio Veloso - Albuquerque Teachers Federation
Nancy Cooper - Retired Teacher
Ashley Restaino - Accreditation & Assessment Coordinator, Teacher Education, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Eileen Callery - Teacher, Blue Mountain MIddle School
Robin Weisman - Teacher, Kit Carson Elementary
Barbara Rogers - HS Teacher, NYC DOE
June Mohler Mitman
Katherine Holmes
Marsha Denis - s
Julia Keplinger - Mx.
Andrea Cook - Lecturer, UC Santa Cruz
Kirsten Buravlov - Kindergarten Teacher, Cherry Creek School District
Madeleine Berke
Shon McBride - Educational Assistant, UFT
Kodi Maier - Mx.
Matthew Bacon-Brenes - Educator, Portland Public School
Griff Tovey
Alicia Mykolajtchuk - AIS Teacher, Princeton Public Schools
Patricia Auer
Jacqueline Neumann - Teacher, AFT
Paula Willey
Ada Harvey
Molla Sarros
JACQUELINE GARST - AVID Elective Teacher and Program Coordnator, W. B. Ray High School, Corpus Christi Independent School District
Mia schwartz - Teacher, Commack Middle School
Wendy Mcginnis - Teacher, Churchville-Chili Central School District
Adam Turner
Jemil Miller - Visual Arts Resource Teacher, Prince George's County Public Schools
Teresa Stoddard - Madison Middle School
Josephine Bassaragh-Williams - Science Teacher, Peekskill High School Retired
Karlene Turner - Teacher, Local 2
Sharri Koonce
Alexandra Krueger - Alexandra Krueger
Judy Garbato - teacher, West Middle Island Elementary School
Samuel E Farrell - Samuel E Farrell II, PSC-CUNY (LaGuardia Community College) Retiree
Nellie Hernandez-Garcia - Counselor, Cerritos College
Nellie Hernandez-Garcia - Counselor, Cerritos College
Eli Nelson - Adjunct Professor, USF
Suzanne Glass-Foster - Teacher, EVSC
David Ade
Carol Gale - HFT Active Teachers
Allise Gilbert - Teacher, Bureau of Indian Education
Amy Salazar - Teacher, Newburgh Enlarged City School District
Conor OBrien
Barbara Schaffer
Alex Goasdoue - Teacher, NYCDOE
Melina Mangal - Library Media Specialist, Minneapolis Public Schools
Barbara Timmerman - Teacher, Merrillville Schools
Mitchell Rekow - ATF
Melinda Lewis
William Reese - 6th Grade Teacher, Portland Association of Teachers
Rita Bergen
KATY LEACH - Leach- 4th Grade Teacher, Brooklyn Center School District 286
Susan Chenard - Racial Equity, Gateway Community College
Michael Manner - Education Specialist Teacher, Steffan Manor Elementary School, VCUSD
Janella Hinds - Vice President, United Federation of Teachers
Gwen Pressley
Ma.Cristina Caballero - Dialogue on Diversity, Ma.Cristina Caballero, Dialouge on Diversity
Lois Lofton-Doniver - Education Consultant, American Federation of Teachers
Angie Turkelson - AFT-WV
Angie Turkelson - AFT-WV
Joanne Katzen - teacher, none
Syd Walker
Miosoty Escalante - School aide supervisor, DOE
Gweneth Johnson
Carey Kuhlmey
JERI ROSS - Teacher, Northside ISD
Jacky Paton - Science Teacher, Granby Memorial High School
Sharon Pierson - Adj Professor, Ramapo College of NJ
Janelle Gutzmer - Teacher, Interstate 35 Schools
Adelyn Fujiwara - 3rd Grade Teacher, Portland Public Schools
Candy Evanoff - President, So.St.Paul Local 7312
Kimberly Joy - Teacher, NYC DOE
Jamie Scott
Agripina Hurtado - Agripina Hurtado, Asosiacion de Sindicalistas de Emcali ASOSIEMCALI
Agripina Hurtado - Asosciacion de Sndicalistas de Emcali Asosiemcali"
Cathie Duncan - JJ Hill Elementary School
Itoro Ekpo - Health
Joann Tomas
Debra Washington - Parent Educator, Beaufort County Schcool District
Patricia Gardea
Karen Bennett - Principal, Honiss School
Karen Bennett - Principal, Honiss School
Samantha Howard - Teacher Aide, Newark Public School
Janet Lyon - ms.
Mary Beth Brady - Teacher, Dumont School District
Carol Hicks - Carol Hicks
Beverly Jasalavich - Para Educator, Nashua School Department
bernardo alayza mujica - coasap
Sheral Marshall
Kendra Callahan - Education Assistant
Laura Rudser
Heather Johnson
Natasha Hopkins
James McLean MD - La Clinica de la Raza
Debra Lancashire - Educator, FIS
Maurya Simon - Professor Emerita, University of California
Cheriann Reed - Teacher, Novato Federation of Teachers
Michael Garitty - mr
Melanie Gilbert - Teacher
Teresa Matchem - Teacher, Evansville Vanderburgh Schools
Paul D. Vaughan - I´m Black, Black lives matter, Too!
Pamela Hummer - Retired Cleveland teacher, NEO AFT Local # 279-R
Donald Leisman - I am a Progressive community Activist
Barb Shamet
Stephanie Sullo - President, Hicksville Congress of Teachers
Kerry Bauerle - NEA, PSEA
Judith Mathus
Joseph Wenzel
Mark Rueter - Middle School Math Teacher
Gladys Ferreira - s, UFT
Samantha Lewis - 2nd Grade Teacher, JCGCS
Stephanie Anderson - Teacher, Calvine HS
Debra Wilensky - Retired ESL Insructor, AFT2121R
Denell Downum - Instructional Specialist, Montclair State University
Jared Haynes - UC Davis retiree
Karen McTeague - Special Education Teacher, Granby Public Schools - CT
Tanya Dye - School Social Worker, DFT
Michael Borge - teacher, Chicago Public Schools
Judith Sheridan - Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, OCMBOCES
Janet Yowart - EA, UGDSB
Maureen Shannon - School Psychologist, employed by Nassau BOCES, assigned working at Chaminade HS
Nancy Loud - Retired Teacher/Principal
Michael Kuttnauer - Faculty (retired), AFT
David Voelker - Professor of Humanities & History, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Marie Edrich
Laura Gross - Science Teacher, Safe Haven School
Susan Deane-Miller
Cindy Baggett - Aft
Cindy Baggett - Aft
Araceli Solis - Teacher, LCPS
Anna Tsimicalis
Ommar Solis - Physical Education Teacher, Las Cruces Public School District
Matt Stephens - Teacher, Head coach, Buckeye Valley High School
Eileen MacAvery - Assistant Professor, Rockland Community College
Jaime Rodriguez - President, AFT-Oregon
Jennifer Tobin
Sharon Merceda - Teacher Assistant, NSU University School
Margaret Correale - President, Local 4575, Ohio Federation of Teachers
ADRIANA OHAGAN - Assistant to the AFT Executive Vice President, American Federation of Teachers
David Russell - Teacher, Boston Teachers Union
L Glasner
Irene Falvey
alison rhoades - teacher, croton-harmon high school
Alrick Thompson - Lee County School District
Ann Killebrew - AFT
PJ Terkoski - Labor Relations Specialist, NYSUT
Bill Sullivan - AFT Local1904
Vicki Welch
Kathy Harnischfeger - Sub, RCSD
Ellen Klemm
Patricia Allen Jones - Union Organizer, HESP Union Local 6315
Margaret Huck
Kelly Bruchert - Paraprofessional, Safe Haven School
Harold Grant - Pittsburgh VP, AFTPA, Staff Rep PFT400, PITTSBURGH FEDERATION OF TEAHERS #400
Jenifer Cartwright - retired public school SLP
Kristina Schwarzkopf - Toledo Federation of Teachers
Emmitt W. Jefferson
Karen Schermerhorn - Co-President Eme
Debbie Bell - Teacher, Red River United
Rachel Fisher - ELL Teacher, AFT WV Morgan County
Alana Newman - Mahopac Central School District
Michael McQuillan - Writer and Retired Teacher, History News Network and Harlem World
Laura Lorenzetti
Daniella Rizza - Teacher, uft
Deborah Ciarmelli - Poway Unified School District
Treva Hackett - Treva Hackett, At Tammany parish school system
Dolores Lozupone - teacher, UFT
Richard Arluck - East Williston (NY) Teacher Assoc. Ret.
Kathi McTernan - School psychologist, Mahopac Central School district
awilda morales
Allen Gildard - Part Time Professor, Victor Valley College
Darlene Horan Reese - Speech-Language Pathologist, East ISLIP schools
Stacy Carleton
Cornelia Tolbert - Educator, St. Louis Public Schools
Rosemary Caban - Educational Consultant, Educators for Students Success
Sandra Rohn - Me., St. Lucie CTA
Meridith Turkel - Substitute Teacher, Department of Education NYC
Melissa Adeyeye - Assistant Professor of Communication, Suffolk County Community College
Bernadette Angeles - San Francisco Unified School District
Arnold Angeles - Ace Parking
Angela Pacheco - APS
Mary Hrenda
Elliott Bales
Augusta Goldstein - AFT-2121-R
Wendy Caroline
Wendy Doromal - President, Orange County Classroom Teachers Association, Orange County Classroom Teachers Association
Judith Pernot - Ramapo College
Sandy Shevack - Ramapo College
Jennifer Cole - teacher, Greenburgh 11 Federation of Teachers
Allie Stokes
Bridget Bell - Dance Educator, Rochester City School District-School of the Arts
Tracy Newman - Pinellas county schools
Dawn Dougherty - Math Intervention Teacher, WCFT
Kristina Brewer - Teacher, ATF
Anne Verville
Linda Albertson - Retired teacher
Christian Camphire - Social Studies & Science Instructor,
Christina Scahill
Joe Mayo
Elaine Casey - Teacher, Crosby ISD
Donna Cook
Mike Lussenden - Communication Arts Instructor, Madison College
Pete Diamantis - Pete Diamantis, High School
Lauren Bull - teacher, APS
Jack Bolen
Kathleen Belknap
Julie Burnetter - Instructional Coach K-5, Shenendehowa CSD
Gavin Tierney
Carlos Contreras - Professor of History, Grossmont College
thorayya said
Kristin Blalack
LINDA MOORE - President, Taylor Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 1085 AFL-CIO, Taylor Federation of Teachers
Bonita Jane
Ella Forbes
Mika Stonehawk
Laura Fronhofer - Teacher, Washington Academy Teachers Association
DONNA Harper - President, Escambia Education Association
Yoshita Smith - Teacher, NYC DOE
P.J Carter
Diana Howard - Angela Jordan, Detroit Public Schools
Charlene Moore - Teacher, Detroit Federation of Teachers
Tomy Jackson
Cara Kaczmarek - Teacher, Greenport UFSD
Vergell Bastien - Teacher, The Academy for Careers in Television and Film
Robin Petrarca - Coventry Public Schools
Edward Altenberg - PFVT – Retired
arielle wolff
florence hunter - Teacher,
Kathy Hawanchak - Teacher, ISD #194
Makini Chisolm-Straker
Jordan Sandke - teacher (retired), NYC Dept. of Education
Darla Gathright-Jacobs - Teacher, CCISD
Ted Schnitzer
Christy Dawson - School Social Worker, Granite City High School
Lizann Keyes - CFT
Lydia Gruber - Ms. Lydia Gruber, 1018R
Rochelle Jackson
Barbara Wood - teacher, JG Hening ES
Beth Clark - Teacher, LAUSD/UTLA
Megan Petkewec - Costume Manager, Theatre , UNIVERSITY OF IOWA
Dante Morelli - President, Faculty Association Suffolk Community College
Kelley Keisch - LPN,
Lamour Ponce - Substitute Teacher/Mother/Grandmother/Wife, Garden Grove Unified School District
Lauren Moss-Racusin
Jonathan Diaz - Jonathan Diaz,
Soraya E
Jeffrey Alessandrelli - Jeff Alessandrelli, Portland Community College
Tatjana Lukovnjak - the Hajdina Primary School
Marian Goodenough
Marian Goodenough - RN, Kaiser Permanente
Elizabeth Wilson
Kathleen Angotti
Patricia Knight
Ronald Mahomes - LTC (R), Glen Oaks Magnet HS
jennifer sedler - Social Worker, RVC SD
Miosoty Escalante - School aide supervisor, DOE
Yvette Walton - Newark Board Of Education
Melissa Ward - Teacher, I.S. 187 Brooklyn, NY
Mary Aguirre
James Shepherd - JROTC Instructor, Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy
Sheila Jackson - Curriculum Support Specialist, M-DCPS
Charles Thomason Jr - Teacher, Kaiser Permanente
Josephine Bassaragh-Williams - Retired Science Teacher, Peekskill High School Retired
Pilar Gascon-Rus - Spanish teacher, AFT
Sandra Castillo - Teacher, UFT
Lisa Cruz-Walsh - SLP, Lisa Walsh
Illyana Davis
Jami Beshear - Teacher, Taft Ms
James Lewis - Teacher, Ontario-Montclair Schools
linda holloway - Teacher,
Kimberly Dahlem - Director of Student Services, District 155
Hazel Brown
Allison Garson
Karen Koenig
Craig Cooper - Adjunct Instructor, Bucks County Community College/Community College of Philadelphia
Rhonda Deanes - Administrative Analyst, State of Maryland
Erin Mcgill - Library Media Specialist, Plattsburgh Teachers Association
Natalie Lloyd - University of Illinois
Angela Isaacs
Mary Donley
lisa carter - nyc doe
Lori Beasley - Math Teacher, Broward County Public Schools
Anna Fusco - President, BTU
Anna Fusco - President, BTU
Harriet M Meyer - Retired Teachers
Jennifer Woods
Jennifer Woods - ESOL Program Specialist, School District of Philadelphia
James Ferguson Katherine McOwen - DCTA
Dorothy Clark - Instructional Assistant, Cleveland Metro Schools
Dmitry Landa
chandra williams - Legislative Lobbyist, IAM
Bernard Evans
Jolene Kramer
Samuel Burbank - PPS
Eileen Deacy - Teacher, CET Elementary School
Emma Scudder - Preschool Teacher
Gene Ulmer
Deborah Tully - Director of Professional Issues, Ohio Federation of Teachers