AFT Higher Ed video resources

Public Service Loan Forgiveness for Contingent Faculty

Thanks to the hard work of AFT members like you, on July 1, 2023, new rules from the Department of Education will make Public Service Loan Forgiveness more accessible to part-time faculty than ever before. Watch and learn how these new rules affect you, what resources are available, and how you can help spread the word to your colleagues.


AFT/AAUP conversation on the experiences of Black professionals in higher education

The AFT invited four Black AFT and AAUP members who work in higher education for a candid conversation about how the politics of “anti-wokeness” have had an impact on their professional lives and how the professional organizations they belong to – like their unions! – can best support them at a time when communities of color and higher education are both under attack. 3/14/23


What it takes to win part time faculty healthcare

Enjoy this conversation about the California Federation of Teachers’ (CFT) statewide campaign to win access to quality, affordable healthcare for many of the state’s 35,000 part-time community college faculty. By running a statewide campaign to secure $200 Million in annual funding, and then coordinating local union bargaining efforts to implement this enabling legislation, the CFT expects to bring tens of thousands of members and their families into healthcare coverage. Although a long-standing issue, the COVID-19 pandemic only underscored the urgency and strategic value for CFT members to push to expand healthcare statewide, and deliver this important benefit.