Career and Technical Education

The United States is witnessing profound economic changes that have eroded the foundations of middle-class families and threaten our prosperity. To compete on a global level, Americans must come together to develop our most important resource: young people. We all have a stake in ensuring that students have opportunities to earn good wages, support their families and pay taxes.

Today’s career and technical education is not yesterday’s vocational education, which in many instances was largely separate from academic preparation. Instead, it is infused through the entire curriculum, providing a vital link between the world of school and the world of work that can motivate students to continue their education, and arming them with the knowledge and flexible skills that will make it possible for them to adapt to the jobs of the future.

Career and technical education is an investment, allowing students to learn and preparing them for good jobs. Scaling successful programs so as many students as possible can take advantage of them, and move on to success in careers and life, is the next hurdle.

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