PSRP Internships

The Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel (PSRP) Department supports the work of local, state and national AFT leaders and staff representing the workplace and professional interests of the union’s school support staff members. This includes staff in preK-12 districts and colleges and universities such as education assistants, food service workers, bus drivers, custodians, office employees, technical workers, etc. The work of the department’s staff includes:

  • Research and program development on PSRP workplace issues;
  • Research support for development of materials and resources for PSRP issue organizing campaigns;
  • Supporting the development dissemination of contract language for PSRPs;
  • Maintaining demographic information on AFT affiliates.

Interns in the PSRP Department work closely with department staff and will have opportunities to participate fully in department activities and programs. This will include research, attending meetings, development of written materials, phone contact with AFT affiliates, and interaction with AFT leaders and staff in other departments. Interns in the PSRP Department will gain a working knowledge of:

  • Collective bargaining issues;
  • Research techniques;
  • The role of a national union and how it relates to its affiliates;
  • Professional development issues for PSRPs;
  • Strategies for dealing with issues at the local level.

Application details for internships in this department are found on the main internship page.