Organizing Internships

The Organizing and Field Services Department coordinates the delivery of AFT services and resources to 2,800 local and state affiliates. This is carried out through five regional field offices and the work of 40 national field-based staff. The department also oversees the work of Washington, D. C. -based staff on a number of specific programs including affiliate services, state affiliate capacity building, field communications for organizing and membership campaigns, health and safety, retiree organizing, union leadership training, NEA and AFT relations, and associate membership programs.

Interns in the organizing and field services department:

  • Provide research support for the development of resources and materials on workplace issues and policies of concern to AFT members;
  • Attend meetings of special-interest organizations related to our membership;
  • Maintain a database on affiliates;
  • Gather information from affiliates on special projects (e.g., substitute teachers, part-time workers, local dues levels, school safety, vouchers, etc.).
  • Work on a number of Web-based technologies aimed at improving affiliate communications and strengthening other union programs.

These responsibilities require significant telephone and email contact with local and state leaders. Interns work on one or two long-term projects and short-term projects as needed. Candidates should have an interest in learning more about the labor movement in general and specifically the work of a major national union representing professional workers.

Application details for internships in this department are found on the main internship page.