The AFT UNI catalogue is a compilation of courses available to AFT affiliates for leaders and activists. For the first time, most of the courses and programs offered by the AFT are available in one place.

These pages cover every major area a union leader or activist needs these days, such as communications, community engagement, organizing, member engagement, politics and legislation, to name a few. There are courses in union governance and administration, including operations and finances. Others cover more specific topics, such as equitable access to healthcare or food security. Courses cross every constituency and type of workplace.

Some of the courses are "just add water" and can be delivered by your staff locally. Courses also can be customized to meet the needs of locals and state federations. Take a look and explore.

The course catalogue contains a printed request form, but we encourage you to use our online Course or Program Request Form. There is one for each AFT region.
Select the form that is appropriate for your region.