American Educator, Winter 2020-2021

Volume 44, no. 4

Supporting Social and Emotional Learning During COVID-19
Sharon Vaughn, Jack M. Fletcher
Sharon Vaughn, Jack M. Fletcher
Teaching Students with Disabilities—and All Students Who Need a Learning Boost
Mary T. Brownell, Stephen Ciullo, Michael J. Kennedy
Making It a More Integral Part of General Teacher Preparation
Mary T. Brownell, Lynn Holdheide, Margaret L. Kamman, Erica D. McCray
Harnessing It to Promote Language and Literacy Learning in Early Childhood and Elementary School
Rebecca D. Silverman, Kristin Keane
And the Need to Focus on Science
Rachel M. Cohen
A Matter of Personal and Professional Concern
Susan C. Faircloth
A Brief History
Susan C. Faircloth
Engaging Young Children in Anti-Bias Education
Louise Derman-Sparks, Julie Olsen Edwards, Catherine M. Goins