American Educator: Summer 2013

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  • Unlocking the Research on English Learners

    What We Know—and Don't Yet Know—about Effective Instruction Claude Goldenberg

    The number of professional publications aimed at improving instruction for English learners has exploded since the early 2000s. Dozens of books, articles, and reports were published in the space of a few years following the appearance of two major research reviews in 2006.1 According...

  • Recommended Resources

    Claude Goldenberg

    While any teacher with an Internet connection is awash in resources, finding the right resource is still difficult. The following websites, in addition to those cited in the related articles, may help.

    1. Instructional Materials


  • English Language Development

    Guidelines for Instruction William Saunders, Claude Goldenberg, David Marcelletti

    Despite a growing US literature on educating English learners (ELs) and an upsurge in studies of vocabulary interventions,1 surprisingly little research examines the effects of instruction on ELs' English language development (ELD). Since the Supreme Court's 1974 Lau v. Nichols...

  • Dual Language Learners

    Effective Instruction in Early Childhood Claude Goldenberg, Judy Hicks, Ira Lit

    As the number of English learners in K–12 public schools has increased, so too has the population of preschool dual language learners, or DLLs. For preschoolers, the term dual language learners is preferred since young children are still in the midst of...

  • Lighting the Way

    The Reading Panel Report Ought to Guide Teacher Preparation Robert Rickenbrode, Kate Walsh

    People working to improve public education often wonder if we can borrow successful practices from other professions—an idea that, if adopted, would have an immediate positive and significant impact on student learning. These comparisons are typically framed as "education and teaching should...

  • The Professional Educator: Six Steps to Effective Teacher Development and Evaluation

    Vicki Phillips, Randi Weingarten

    Some see us as education's odd couple—one, the president of a democratic teachers' union; the other, a director at the world's largest philanthropy. While we don't agree on everything, we firmly believe that students have a right to effective instruction and that teachers want to do their very...