Larry J. Carter, Jr.

VP Larry Carter

AFT Vice President

Larry J. Carter Jr. is president of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers & School Employees and a vice president of the American Federation of Teachers.
Carter began teaching in 1993 at Murray Henderson Elementary School on the West Bank of New Orleans, where many of the children come from households without fathers or other male adults. The position gave Carter the chance to be a strong African American male role model for students. Carter became an active member of the United Teachers of New Orleans the moment he entered teaching, eventually serving on the union’s executive board. After seven years in the classroom, he was offered the opportunity to serve both children and his fellow educators as a staff representative for the union, and later the director of organizing. Carter was elected to be the UTNO president in May 2008 and the LFT president in July 2016. In his work with UTNO and LFT, Carter has been able to extend union solidarity across all Louisiana school systems.

Throughout his career, Carter has worked to ensure that the voices of teachers, paraprofessionals and clerical staff continue to be heard so that all the children of Louisiana have the opportunity to receive the outstanding education they deserve. He also believes in improving the lives of his members, enhancing the influence of the union and advancing the mission of public education.