David Hecker

David Hecker

AFT Vice President

David Hecker has served as president of AFT Michigan since 2001. Previously, he was secretary-treasurer of the state federation.

A member of the AFT executive committee, Hecker was first elected as an AFT vice president in 2004. He is co-chair of the AFT organizing committee and also serves on the AFT Annuity Trust Board and the AFT advisory committee on state federations.

Hecker also serves as a trustee of the Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO and is a member of the Michigan State AFL-CIO executive council. He is also an officer-at-large of the Michigan Democratic Party.

Hecker is active with various civic organizations. He chairs the board of Communities in Schools Michigan, is the secretary of the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition, and is on the boards of New Detroit, the Michigan League for Public Policy and the Education Alliance.

Hecker has been a member of the AFT since 1977 and has served as president of the Teaching Assistants Association Federation, the union of graduate assistants at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a member of the Lamphere (Mich.) Federation of Teachers. From 1986 to 1996, Hecker served as executive assistant to the president of the Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO.