Alex Caputo-Pearl

AFT VP Alex Caputo-Pearl

AFT Vice President

A classroom teacher and labor-community organizer for more than 20 years, Alex Caputo-Pearl was elected president of United Teachers Los Angeles in 2014.

Under the leadership of the officer team and board of directors, UTLA members are working with parents, students and community organizations for the schools all Los Angeles students deserve. UTLA supports neighborhood community schools that offer a well-rounded curriculum with music, ethnic studies and other critical subjects; are safe places of learning that are connected to their communities; have systematic parent engagement and wraparound services for families, such as physical and mental health programs; and have restorative justice programs to reduce conflicts, limit suspensions and keep students in school and learning.

Caputo-Pearl is a co-founder of the Extended Learning Cultural Model, a nationally recognized school improvement model that brings educators, parents, community, universities, youth organizations and national institutes together behind a model that connects in-the-classroom learning to outside-the-classroom internships, community advocacy and small business development. He also is a co-founder of the Coalition for Educational Justice and has been key in building the Crenshaw Cougar Coalition and the Bus Riders Union, which has led campaigns around civil rights and public services.

Caputo-Pearl earned a bachelor's degree in political science at Brown University and a master's degree in urban and regional planning from UCLA. He has guest lectured on labor and community organizing at Antioch University.

Caputo-Pearl lives near Crenshaw High School, where he taught for 12 years. In that neighborhood, he and his wife, a labor and delivery nurse, are raising their two children.