Public Services In focus

Fair Taxation

Effective quality public services depend on consistent revenues provided through a fair system of taxes. The AFT trains activists on the important connections between tax policies and revenue streams and our ability as government workers to support the common good and carry out the will of the people. The AFT supports efforts to collect online sales and use taxes, end overseas tax shelters and ensure that taxes owed are taxes paid through an effective tax auditing program.

Infrastructure Investment

The AFT understands that the U.S. network of roads, bridges, levees, tunnels, water systems and electrical grids has been underfunded and neglected. Where the U.S. was once the envy of the world with a world-class infrastructure system, we now face a collective $3.6 Trillion deficit to repair and replace the most endangered systems. The AFT works with the BlueGreen Alliance and other allies to advocate for resources at the federal and local levels to rebuild resilient, modern and safe infrastructure systems.

Work that Matters

The AFT Work That Matters program humanizes the work of government. Work That Matters puts a face on public services and serves to inform the public about the dedicated professionals who make up the government workforce.

AFT on the US Trade Policy

The AFT works toward trade policy solutions that enhance labor rights and worker voice on the job. AFT believes that international trade is a good and necessary part of commerce in the 21st century, however, we must insure that our democracy is not diminished or threatened because of the treaties signed for corporate interests, not workers or citizens interests. The AFT advocates for transparency and accountability in Trade Agreements and, as such, lobbies against any Fast Track Congressional action.