PSRPs ring alarm bell on public education

Thousands of support staff took action in more than 200 cities as part of the #ReclaimOurSchools National Day of Action in January. It was the first salvo in what will be a long fight to resist the worst elements of Donald Trump’s agenda.

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'The day my union gave me a voice'

AFT Secretary-Treasurer Lorretta Johnson started out as a paraprofessional who, after a snowstorm, watched as paras were left alone without pay to keep kids safe. The debacle inspired Johnson to launch her first organizing drive.

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PSRPs fight for professionalism

Defining what it means to be professional. Identifying needs. Eliminating barriers. That’s the mission of our task force on professionalism, whose PSRP members weigh in on critical issues for support staff.

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Standards for a Profession

The report of the AFT's Committee on Paraprofessional Certification provides an overview of the AFT’s position on the role and responsibilities of instructional paraprofessionals and the skills and knowledge required to do this important work.

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