AFT Innovation Fund

Teachers Leading on Standards Grant Program

Bright IdeaThis is an opportunity for teachers to become more involved in standards. The AFT seeks to draw on teachers' wisdom and experience and provide members with financial resources to do work that they believe will be meaningful and contribute to the educational environment around standards.

Do you want to critique standards and the research behind them? How about offering feedback on the implementation of standards in your state or community? Or do you want to write new standards in a particular grade or subject?

Register here to view the application and supporting documents, and apply for a grant. For more information on what types of work could be funded, click here.


The Results of Our Work

Our grantees are focused on producing innovations in their schools, districts, and communities that can be shared nationally. Click here to read about what they've done and to view and download their materials.


News & Highlights

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Meriden schools look to expand longer day to Sherman, Putnam (8/27/2013)

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