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AFT Innovation Fund

Teacher-Driven Ideas for School Improvement

bright idea lighbulb   The AFT Innovation Fund invests in great ideas for improving schools from those who know them best—educators and their unions.

Members of the AFT have tackled teacher evaluation, Common Core State Standards, expanded learning time, and charter schooling, among other topics. (See a list of our grants at left.)

Over the past five years, the Fund has made 30 investments to support groundbreaking work across the nation. The results are shared throughout the union and beyond. One thread running through nearly all of the grants is collaboration, to make the work sustainable.


The Results of Our Work

Our grantees are focused on producing innovations in their schools, districts, and communities that can be shared nationally. Click here to read about what they've done and to view and download their materials.

News & Highlights

Meriden Schools Reap Benefits From Longer Days (11/12/2013) 

Meriden schools look to expand longer day to Sherman, Putnam (8/27/2013)

AFT panels focus on sound Common Core rollout (5/17/13)

AFT President Weingarten Lauds Teacher-Led, Collaborative Education Model (2/8/13)

AFT-backed charter school wins unanimous approval (12/20/12)

AFT Innovation Fund Invests in Expanded Learning Time (7/28/12)

AFT Innovation Fund is solution-driven unionism (7/28/12)

To Innovate, Look to Those Who Educate (4/15/12)

Minnesota Approves Nation's First Union-Backed Organization
To Authorize Charter Schools

AFT Announces New Innovation Fund Grant Recipients (7/12/11)

San Antonio's Lively Bilingual Event a Big Success (6/7/11)

N.Y. Local Showcases Labor-Management Collaboration (3/7/11)

Graduation Coaches Go To Bat for Kids—and Each Other (2/9/11)

AFT Educational Foundation Wins Federal Innovation Grant (8/5/10)

AFT Innovation Fund Announces New Investments (7/10/10)

Weingarten Highlights Unionized Charter School in Chicago (5/11/10)

Fight for America's Future Tour 2010: Chicago Talent Development High School