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Current Issue Winter 2016–2017

  • More Than a Safe Space

    How Schools Can Enable LGBTQ Students to Thrive Michael Sadowski


  • Gay-Straight Alliances

    Promoting Student Resilience and Safer School Climates V. Paul Poteat


  • Coming Out in High School

    How One Gay-Straight Alliance Supports Students Kristina Rizga


  • The Professional Educator

    How I Support LGBTQ+ Students at My School Taica Hsu

    Growing up, I always wanted to become a teacher. As a precocious 8-year-old, I remember tutoring my friends in math. I loved helping them learn. In high school, I even started a tutoring program, and I participated in my school's peer counseling program.


  • How Educators Address Bias in School


    Teachers play a critical role in ensuring that students learn in the safest and most affirming environment possible. Findings from our 2015 national survey of secondary teachers and students,* a follow-up to a survey we conducted 10 years ago...

  • Understanding Bullying Behavior

    What Educators Should Know and Can Do Elizabeth Kandel Englander


  • In Defense of Educators

    The Problem of Idea Quality, Not "Teacher Quality" E. D. Hirsch, Jr.


  • A Matter of Health and Safety

    Improving Teaching and Learning Conditions in Schools Jerry Roseman


  • Where We Stand

    We Must Keep Widening the Circle of Inclusion Randi Weingarten

    Given the outcome and aftermath of the recent presidential election, you might expect that to be the focus of this column. I will address the moment we are in, but in an unconventional way, by starting with why more than half of the articles in the ...

  • News in Brief


    The NAACP ratified a resolution this fall calling for a moratorium on the expansion of privately managed charter schools and an increase in charter school transparency and accountability. “We are moving forward to require that charter schools receive the same...

  • Share My Lesson

    Bullying and LGBTQ Youth


  • Tools for Teachers

    Creating a Safe and Inclusive Classroom

    In many ways, schools have become safer and more welcoming places in the past 10 years. Yet a common challenge educators still face is exactly how to support their students—how to provide safe spaces in their classrooms, and how to be inclusive of all identities.

    According to results from...

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