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Index of Authors (U-Z)

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Valli, Linda; Robert G. Croninger; and Kirk Walters
Fall 2008 • Teacher, Mentor, Tutor, Specialist (PDF)

Van Dover, Cindy Lee
Winter 2007–2008 • The Exploration of the Deep


Waddell, Andy
Summer 2011 • Why I Force My Students to Memorize Poetry (PDF)
Spring 2012 • I'll Never Forget Mr. White (PDF)
Summer 2014 • Writing about Writing (PDF) (HTML)

Walker, Hill M.; Elizabeth Ramsey; and Frank M. Gresham
Winter 2003–2004 • Heading Off Disruptive Behavior
Winter 2003–2004 • How Disruptive Students Escalate Hostility and Disorder—and How Teachers Can Avoid It

Walsh, Kate
Spring 2003 • Basal Readers (PDF)

Walsh, Kate; and Robert Rickenbrode
Summer 2013 • Lighting the Way (PDF) (HTML)

Walters; Kirk; Linda Valli; and Robert G. Croninger
Fall 2008 • Teacher, Mentor, Tutor, Specialist (PDF)

Wang-Iverson, Patsy; Perla Myers; and Edmund Lim W.K.
Winter 2009–2010 • Beyond Singapore's Mathematics Textbooks (PDF)

Ward, Geoffrey; Ken Burns; and Dayton Duncan
Fall 2002 • The Life That Shaped Mark Twain's Anti-Slavery Views

Ware, Leland B.; Robert J. Cottrol; and Raymond T. Diamond
Summer 2004 • The Decline of the Idea of Caste
Summer 2004 • NAACP v. Jim Crow

Warnock, Mary
Summer 1999 • Of Schools and Teachers

Wattenberg, Ruth
Summer 2014 • Content on the Cutting-Room Floor (PDF) (HTML)

Weinbaum, Alexandra T.; Lynn W. Gregory; and Nancy Nevarez
Winter 2006–2007 • Cultivate the Right Solution (PDF)

Weingarten, Randi
Spring 2010 • A New Path Forward (PDF)
Fall 2013 • Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education (PDF)
Winter 2013–2014 • Pushing Forward Together (PDF)
Spring 2014 • Teaching and Learning over Testing (PDF)
Summer 2014 • A Strong Start for All Young Learners (PDF)

Weingarten, Randi; and Vicki Phillips
Summer 2013 • Six Steps to Effective Teacher Development and Evaluation (PDF) (HTML)

Wells, Amy Stuart
Spring 1999 • California's Charter Schools (PDF)

Welsh, Patrick
Fall 2002 • Opening Minds

Whitehurst, Grover J. "Russ"
Fall 2010 • Higher Education and the Economy (PDF)

Whittaker, Anne Marie
Summer 2007 • A Place for Poetry

Widder, Edith
Winter 2007–2008 • Living Lights in the Sea

Widmer, Ted
Winter 2007–2008 • Navigating the Age of Exploration

Wiener, Ross; and Kasia Lundy
Spring 2014 • Survey Says (PDF) (HTML)

Wilder, Tamara; Richard Rothstein; and Rebecca Jacobsen
Spring 2009 • Grading Education (PDF)

Wilkinson, Richard; and Kate Pickett
Spring 2011 • Greater Equality (PDF)

Willingham, Daniel T.
Summer 2002 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Allocating Student Study Time
Winter 2002 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Inflexible Knowledge
Summer 2003 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Students Remember ... What They Think About
Winter 2003–2004 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Why Students Think They Understand—When They Don't
Spring 2004 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Practice Makes Perfect, but Only If You Practice Beyond the Point of Perfection
Summer 2004 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: The Privileged Status of Story
Winter 2004–2005 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Understanding ADHD
Summer 2005 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Do Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learners Need Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Instruction?
Winter 2005–2006 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: How Praise Can Motivate—or Stifle
Spring 2006 • How Knowledge Helps
Fall 2006 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: "Brain-Based" Learning
Winter 2006–2007 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: The Usefulness of Brief Instruction in Reading Comprehension Strategies (PDF)
Summer 2007 • Critical Thinking: Why Is It So Hard to Teach? (PDF)
Winter 2007–2008 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Should Learning Be Its Own Reward?
Summer 2008 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: What Is Developmentally Appropriate Practice? (PDF)
Winter 2008–2009 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: What Will Improve a Student's Memory? (PDF)
Spring 2009 • Why Don't Students Like School? (PDF)
Winter 2009–2010 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Is It True That Some People Just Can't Do Math? (PDF)
Summer 2010 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Have Technology and Multitasking Rewired How Students Learn? (PDF)
Summer 2011 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Can Teachers Increase Students' Self-Control? (PDF)
Spring 2012 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Why Does Family Wealth Affect Learning? (PDF)
Fall 2012 • Measured Approach or Magical Elixir? (PDF)
Winter 2012–2013 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Are Sleepy Students Learning? (PDF)

Willingham, Daniel T.; and Sian L. Beilock
Summer 2014 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Math Anxiety (PDF) (HTML)

Willingham, Daniel T; and Andrew J. Rotherham
Spring 2010 • "21st-Century" Skills (PDF)

Wilson, Edward O.
Spring 2002 • The Power of Story

Wilson, Richard
Spring 2007 • How Wal-Mart Is (Mis)Shaping the Global Economy

Wilson, Suzanne M.; Linda Darling-Hammond; and Barnett Berry
Fall 2001 • Steady Work

Wilson, William Julius
Spring 2011 • Being Poor, Black, and American (PDF)

Wineburg, Sam
Winter 2012–2013 • Undue Certainty (PDF)

Winik, Lyric Wallwork
Spring/Summer 1998 • The Little Bookstore That Grew to a Thousand

Winn, Marie
Summer 2002 • What Television Chases Out of Life

Wohl, Alexander
Fall 2001 • The School Marketplace

Wright, Tanya S.; and Susan B. Neuman
Spring 2009 • Purposeful, Playful Pre-K (PDF)
Summer 2014 • The Magic of Words (PDF) (HTML)

Wu, Hung-Hsi
Fall 1999 • Basic Skills versus Conceptual Understanding (PDF)
Summer 2001 • How to Prepare Students for Algebra (PDF)
Fall 2009 • What's Sophisticated about Elementary Mathematics? (PDF)
Fall 2011 • Phoenix Rising (PDF)


No authors


Young, Craig M.
Winter 2007–2008 • The Deep Seafloor: A Desert Devoid of Life?


Zurawsky, Chris; and Lauren Resnick
Spring 2005 • Getting Back on Course

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