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Index of Authors (K-O)

Listed by author's last name.


Articles not posted online are available. To request a copy, please send an e-mail to


Kahlenberg, Richard D.
Fall 2007 • The Agenda That Saved Public Education
Fall 2007 • Peer Assistance and Review
Fall 2007 • "Where We Stand"
Summer 2008 • Albert Shanker's Tough Liberalism (PDF)
Winter 2011–2012 • Bipartisan, But Unfounded (PDF)
Winter 2012–2013 • From All Walks of Life (PDF)

Kalkavage, Peter
Fall 2006 • The Neglected Muse

Karatnycky, Adrian
Summer 2000 • The State of Democracy: 2000

Kardos, Susan M; David Kauffman; Susan Moore Johnson; Edward Liu; and Heather G. Peske
Summer 2002 • Lost at Sea

Kauffman, David; Susan M. Kardos; Susan Moore Johnson; Edward Liu; and Heather G. Peske
Summer 2002 • Lost at Sea

Keegan, John
Spring 2000 • There's Rosemary for Remembrance

Keller, Bess
Fall 2005 • Circling "The Scourge"

Kennedy, Mary
Summer 2002 • The Benefit to Professional Development: Content Matters Most (PDF)

Kennedy, Roger G.
Fall 2009 • Coaxing the Soul of America Back to Life (PDF)

Kimball, Roger
Fall 2007 • Can Plutarch Regain Popularity?

Kinney, Carol J.
Winter 1997–1998 • Building an Excellent Teacher Corps (PDF)

Kirp, David L.
Winter 2013–2014 • Banding Together (PDF) (HTML)

Kirschner, Paul A.; John Sweller; and Richard E. Clark
Winter 2010–2011 • Mathematical Ability Relies on Knowledge, Too (PDF)
Spring 2012 • Putting Students on the Path to Learning (PDF)

Kober, Nancy
Spring 2005 • The "AYP" Blues

Koch, Kenneth
Fall 2000 • At Play with Words

Koppich, Julia E.
Summer 1999 • Teacher Education at Trinity University
Winter 2002 • Using Well-Qualified Teachers Well (PDF) (HTML)

Koretz, Daniel
Fall 2008 • A Measured Approach (PDF)
Fall 2008 • Measuring Up (PDF)
Summer 2010 • Tyler Heights Is Not Alone (PDF)

Kucan, Linda; Isabel L. Beck; and Margaret G. McKeown
Spring 2003 • Taking Delight in Words

Kucan, Linda; Isabel L. Beck; Margaret G. McKeown; and Rebecca L. Hamilton
Spring/Summer 1998 • Getting at the Meaning

Kugler, Phil
Winter 2013–2014 • The Bargaining Table and Beyond (PDF) (HTML)

Kusnet, David
Fall 1999 •


Ladd, Helen F.; and Edward B. Fiske
Fall 2000 • A Level Playing Field? (PDF)

Landrigan, Philip J.; Kevin M. Chatham-Stephens; Mana Mann; and Andrea Wershof Schwartz
Winter 2011–2012 • First, Do No Harm (PDF)

Larcombe, Duncan
Spring 2005 • Content Matters

Lepore, Jill
Summer 2011 • "Paul Revere's Ride" (PDF)

Lesperance, Gerard
Spring 2002 • A Different Kind of Book Club

Levin, Lisa
Winter 2007–2008 • Gas Promotes Mass: Methane Seeps

Lewis, Catherine C.; and Ineko Tsuchida
Winter 1998 • A Lesson Is Like a Swiftly Flowing River (PDF)

Lewis, John
Winter 1998 • The Nashville Lunch-Counter Sit-Ins

Libbrecht, Kenneth
Winter 2004–2005 • Snowflake Science (PDF)

Lim W.K., Edmund; Patsy Wang-Iverson; and Perla Myers
Winter 2009–2010 • Beyond Singapore's Mathematics Textbooks (PDF)

Lit, Ira; Claude Goldenberg; and Judy Hicks
Summer 2013 • Dual Language Learners (PDF) (HTML)

Liu, Edward; David Kauffman; Susan Moore Johnson; Susan M. Kardos; and Heather G. Peske
Summer 2002 • Lost at Sea

Lundberg, Ingvar; Marilyn Jager Adams; Barbara R. Foorman; and Terri Beeler
Spring/Summer 1998 • The Elusive Phoneme

Lundy, Kasia; and Ross Wiener
Spring 2014 • Survey Says (PDF) (HTML)

Lundy-Ponce, Giselle; and Darion Griffin
Summer 2003 • At the Starting Line

Lynch, Robert G.
Winter 2004–2005 • Preschool Pays


Macaulay, David
Winter 2008–2009 • One Part Whimsey, Two Parts Science

MacKenzie, Robert J.
Fall 1997 • Setting Limits in the Classroom

Magidson, Herb
Summer 2008 • Defending Democracy (PDF)

Malfaro, Louis
Fall 2010 • Lessons on Organizing for Power (PDF)

Mandell, Jeff
Spring 1999 • Edgewood Under Siege

Manguel, Alberto
Summer 2000 • The Shape of the Book

Mann, Mana; Kevin M. Chatham-Stephens; Andrea Wershof Schwartz; and Philip J. Landrigan
Winter 2011–2012 • First, Do No Harm (PDF)

Marcelletti, David; William Saunders; and Claude Goldenberg
Summer 2013 • English Language Development (PDF) (HTML)

Marrapodi, Maryann
Fall 1998 • Success for All in East New York

Marsalis, Wynton
Fall 2006 • Wynton Marsalis on America's Musical Classics

Martel, Erich
Winter 2006–2007 • Protecting Academic Standards

Mathena, Traci Johnson
Fall 2000 • Prompting Kids to Write (PDF)

McCabe, Donald
Winter 2001 • Cheating

McClay, Wilfred M.
Winter 2008–2009 • The Burden and Beauty of the Humanities (PDF)
Fall 2002 • American History

McDougall, Walter A.
Spring 2000 • Merits and Perils of Teaching about Other Cultures

McKeown, Margaret G.; Isabel L. Beck; Rebecca L. Hamilton; and Linda Kucan
Spring/Summer 1998 • Getting at the Meaning

McKeown, Margaret G.; Isabel L. Beck; and Linda Kucan
Spring 2003 • Taking Delight in Words

McKnight, Curtis C.; William H. Schmidt; and Leland S. Cogan
Winter 2010–2011 • Equality of Educational Opportunity (PDF)

McNeill, William H.
Spring 2000 • What We Mean by the West

McPike, Elizabeth
Spring/Summer 1998 • The Unique Power of Reading and How to Unleash It (PDF)
Fall 2003 • Education for Democracy (PDF)

Mendel, Richard A.
Summer 2012 • Juvenile Confinement in Context (PDF)

Metz, Steve; and Megan Sullivan
Winter 2006–2007 • Science Careers for the "Why Study Science?" Crowd

Michie, Greg
Winter 1998 • Room to Learn

Michlewitz, Debra
Winter 2001 • Eloquent Images

Miller, Julie A.
Fall 1998 • The Poetry Road Show

Miller, Matthew
Winter 2003–2004 • Teaching Poor Students

Minnici, Angela
Spring 2014 • The Mind Shift in Teacher Evaluation (PDF) (HTML)

Mirel, Jeffrey
Summer 2011 • Bridging the "Widest Street in the World" (PDF)

Moats, Louisa C.
Spring/Summer 1998 • Teaching Decoding (PDF)
Summer 2001 • Overcoming the Language Gap
Winter 2005–2006 • How Spelling Supports Reading (PDF)

Moats, Louisa C.; and Susan L. Hall
Spring 2000 • Why Reading to Children Is Important (PDF)

Moats, Louisa C.; R. Malatesha Joshi; Rebecca Treiman; and Suzanne Carreker
Winter 2008–2009 • How Words Cast Their Spell (PDF)

Molotsky, Irvin
Winter 2001 • A National Anthem Is Born

Muir, Edward
Winter 2000–2001 • Smaller Schools (PDF)

Munson, Lynne; and Laura Bornfreund
Spring 2010 • What Does—and What Should—P21 Advocate? (PDF)

Murphy, Dan
Fall 1998 • When You Weigh the Evidence...

Muscara, Carol; and Ellen Ficklen
Fall 2001 • Harnessing Technology in the Classroom

Muske-Dukes, Carol
Spring 2003 • A Lost Eloquence

Myers, Perla; Patsy Wang-Iverson; and Edmund Lim W.K.
Winter 2009–2010 • Beyond Singapore's Mathematics Textbooks


Nafisi, Azar
Fall 2003 • Reading Lolita in Tehran
Fall 2004 • Women's Rights—Not Just for Westerners

Nash, Gary B.
Fall 2005 • Independence Hall

Nelson, F. Howard
Spring 1999 • Learning from California
Winter 2006–2007 • Recognize the Real Cause (PDF)

Neuman, Susan B.
Fall 2010 • Sparks Fade, Knowledge Stays (PDF)

Neuman, Susan B.; and Donna C. Celano
Fall 2012 • Worlds Apart (PDF)

Neuman, Susan B.; and Tanya S. Wright
Spring 2009 • Purposeful, Playful Pre-K (PDF)
Summer 2014 • The Magic of Words (PDF) (HTML)

Nevarez, Nancy; Lynn W. Gregory; and Alexandra T. Weinbaum
Winter 2006–2007 • Cultivate the Right Solution (PDF)

Newcombe, Nora S.
Summer 2010 • Picture This (PDF)
Spring 2013 • Seeing Relationships (PDF) (HTML)

Newell, Waller R.
Summer 2001 • What Is a Man?

Nisbett, Richard E.
Spring 2013 • Schooling Makes You Smarter (PDF) (HTML)

Nnoka, Barbara Grant
Fall 2001 • Oliver Goldsmith Comes to Nigeria

Nodine, Thad R.
Fall 2011 • Hidalgo Sets Sail (PDF)

Nouvian, Claire
Winter 2007–2008 • 4,000 Meters Below


Olson, Linda Steffel; Doris R. Entwisle; and Karl L. Alexander
Fall 2001 • Keep the Faucet Flowing

Olson, Lynn
Fall 1998 • Models for Reform

Orr, David W.
Winter 2000–2001 • Verbicide