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Adams, Marilyn Jager
Winter 2010–2011 • Advancing Our Students' Language and Literacy (PDF)

Adams, Marilyn Jager; Barbara R. Foorman; Ingvar Lundberg; and Terri Beeler
Spring/Summer 1998 • The Elusive Phoneme 

Adelman, Clifford
Winter 1999–2000 • The SAT Trap

AFT Educational Issues Department
Spring/Summer 1998 • Every Child Reading (PDF)
Winter 2001 • Making Standards Matter, 2001

AFT Policy Brief
Spring 1999 • Vouchers and the Accountability Dilemma

Aharoni, Ron
Fall 2005 • What I Learned in Elementary School

The Albert Shanker Institute
Spring 2011 • A Call for Common Content (PDF)
Summer 2012 • Labor's Untold Story (PDF)

Alexander, Karl L.; Doris R. Entwisle; and Linda Steffel Olson
Fall 2001 • Keep the Faucet Flowing

Allen, LaRue; and Anita Sethi
Summer 2004 • Bridging the Gap between Poor and Privileged

Allensworth, Elaine
Fall 2012 • Want to Improve Teaching? Create Collaborative, Supportive Schools (PDF)

Alvarado, Anthony
Winter 1998 • Professional Development Is the Job

American Diploma Project
Spring 2004 • What Does It Mean to Be Prepared for College?

Anrig, Greg
Winter 2013–2014 • Cultivating Collaboration (PDF) (HTML)

Armstrong, William H.
Winter 1997–1998 • Learning to Listen 

Asch, Chris Myers
Fall 2010 • What Message Does the College-for-All Movement Send? (PDF)

Askey, Richard
Fall 1999 • Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics (PDF)
Fall 2005 • Web Extra: Answers to "Mathematics for Teaching: Then and Now" (PDF)

Ayers, Rick
Winter 2004–2005 • Agamemnon for At-Risk Teens


Bain, Robert B.; and Lauren McArthur
Summer 2011 • Pedagogical Content Knowledgefor World History Teachers (PDF)

Baldacci, Leslie
Summer 2006 • Why New Teachers Leave... (PDF)

Ball, Deborah Loewenberg; and Francesca M. Forzani
Summer 2011 • Building a Common Core for Learning to Teach (PDF)

Ball, Deborah Loewenberg; Heather C. Hill; and Hyman Bass
Fall 2005 • Knowing Mathematics for Teaching (PDF)

Banner Jr., James M.; and Harold C. Cannon
Winter 1997–1998 • Teachers: Missionaries for Learning

Barnett, W. Steven; and Ellen Frede
Spring 2010 • The Promise of Preschool (PDF)

Barton, Paul E.
Summer 1999 • Tests, Tests, Tests

Barzun, Jacques
Fall 2002 • Curing Provincialism

Beals, Melba Pattillo
Summer 1994 • Warriors Don't Cry

Beck, Isabel L.; Margaret G. McKeown; Rebecca L. Hamilton; and Linda Kucan
Spring/Summer 1998 • Getting at the Meaning

Beck, Isabel L.; Margaret G. McKeown; and Linda Kucan
Spring 2003 • Taking Delight in Words

Becker, Kelly Iwanaga; and James E. Rosenbaum
Fall 2011 • The Early College Challenge (PDF)

Beeler, Terri; Marilyn Jager Adams; Barbara R. Foorman; and Ingvar Lundberg
Spring/Summer 1998 • The Elusive Phoneme

Beilock, Sian L.; and Daniel T. Willingham
Summer 2014 • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Math Anxiety (PDF) (HTML)

Bennett-Armistead, V. Susan; Nell K. Duke; and Ebony M. Roberts
Spring 2003 • Filling the Great Void

Benson, Lee; Ira Harkavy; Michael Johanek; and John Puckett
Summer 2009 • The Enduring Appeal of Community Schools (PDF)

Berkman, Michael; and Eric Plutzer
Summer 2012 • An Evolving Controversy (PDF)

Berlinski, David
Fall 2002 • Inventing Numbers (PDF)

Berns, Walter
Spring 2002 • Mystic Chords of Memory

Berry, Barnett; Suzanne M. Wilson; and Linda Darling-Hammond
Fall 2001 • Steady Work

Bettmann, Otto
Summer 2000 • Summertime ... and Reading Beckons

Biemiller, Andrew
Spring 2001 • Teaching Vocabulary
Spring 2003 • Oral Comprehension Sets the Ceiling on Reading Comprehension

Blank, Marty; Reuben Jacobson; and Sarah S. Pearson
Summer 2009 • A Coordinated Effort (PDF)

Bollag, Burton
Spring 1999 • In the Shadow of Auschwitz
Winter 1999–2000 • Romani Children Go to School
Winter 2001 • A Confrontation with the Past

Bornfreund, Laura; and Lynne Munson
Spring 2010 • What Does—and What Should—P21 Advocate? (PDF)

Bottum, Joseph
Fall 1997 • What Children's Poetry Is For (PDF)

Boyd-Zaharias, Jayne
Summer 1999 • Project STAR (PDF)

Bresler, Ken
Winter 2001 • Playing the Synonym Game

Burke, Jim
Fall 1999 • Why Read?

Burns, Ken; Dayton Duncan; and Geoffrey Ward
Fall 2002 • The Life That Shaped Mark Twain's Anti-Slavery Views

Burroughs, Nathan A.; and William H. Schmidt
Spring 2013 • Springing to Life (PDF) (HTML)

Bushweller, Kevin
Fall 2001 • Lessons from the Analog World


Canada, Geoffrey
Fall 1998 • Work

Cannon, Harold C.; and James M. Banner Jr.
Winter 1997–1998 • Teachers: Missionaries for Learning

Carreker, Suzanne; R. Malatesha Joshi; Rebecca Treiman; and Louisa C. Moats
Winter 2008–2009 • How Words Cast Their Spell (PDF)

Casey, Leo
Summer 2007 • The Quest for Professional Voice

Celano, Donna C.; and Susan B. Neuman
Fall 2012 • Worlds Apart (PDF)

Chall, Jeanne S.; and Vicki A. Jacobs
Spring 2003 • The Classic Study on Poor Children's Fourth-Grade Slump

Chase, Bob
Winter 1997–1998 • The New NEA: Reinventing Teacher Unions for a New Era

Chatham-Stephens, Kevin M.; Mana Mann; Andrea Wershof Schwartz; and Philip J. Landrigan
Winter 2011–2012 • First, Do No Harm (PDF)

Chenoweth, Karin
Summer 1999 • Strike for Better Schools
Summer 2007 • Uncovering Academic Success
Summer 2007 • Inside Philadelphia's M. Hall Stanton Elementary School
Fall 2009 • Piece by Piece (PDF)

Chenoweth, Karin; and Christina Theokas
Fall 2012 • Leading for Learning (PDF)

Chin, Tiffani; and Meredith Phillips
Summer 2005 • Season of Inequality

Christodoulou, Daisy
Spring 2014 • Minding the Knowledge Gap (PDF) (HTML)

Cicarella, David
Spring 2014 • The Professional Educator: A Fine Balance (PDF) (HTML)

Clark, Richard E.; John Sweller; and Paul A. Kirschner
Winter 2010–2011 • Mathematical Ability Relies on Knowledge, Too (PDF)
Spring 2012 • Putting Students on the Path to Learning (PDF)

Cogan, Leland; William Schmidt; and Richard Houang
Summer 2002 • A Coherent Curriculum (PDF)

Cogan, Leland S.; William Schmidt; and Curtis C. McKnight
Winter 2010–2011 • Equality of Educational Opportunity (PDF)

Cognitive Scientist
see Willingham, Daniel T.

Cohen, Anthony
Winter 2000–2001 • A Walk on the Underground Railroad

Cohen, David K.
Winter 2010–2011 • Learning to Teach Nothing in Particular (PDF)

Cohen, David; and Heather Hill
Summer 2002 • The Case of California (PDF)

Cole, John
Spring 2005 • Keeping Score

Coleman, Arthur L.; and Richard W. Riley
Spring 2011 • Turning the Page on the Equity Debate (PDF)

Cortese, Antonia
Spring 2007 • Get Real

Cottrol, Robert J.; Raymond T. Diamond; and Leland B. Ware
Summer 2004 • The Decline of the Idea of Caste
Summer 2004 • NAACP v. Jim Crow

Cowan, Louise
Spring 2014 • Teaching and Its Spiritual Power (PDF) (HTML)

Croninger, Robert G.; Linda Valli; and Kirk Walters
Fall 2008 • Teacher, Mentor, Tutor, Specialist (PDF)

Cunningham, Anne E.; and Keith E. Stanovich
Spring/Summer 1998 • What Reading Does for the Mind (PDF)

Cushman, Kathleen
Fall 2007 • Be the First in Your Family to Go to College
Fall 2007 • The Journey Begins Now (PDF)


Darling-Hammond, Linda
Winter 2010–2011 • Soaring Systems (PDF)
Spring 2014 • One Piece of the Whole (PDF) (HTML)

Darling-Hammond, Linda; Suzanne M. Wilson; and Barnett Berry
Fall 2001 • Steady Work

Davis, Matthew
Spring 2004 • Cultural Literacy Rocks

Denenberg, Dennis
Fall 1997 • Move Over, Barney

Dillard, Annie
Spring/Summer 1998 • What Reading Does for the Soul

Diamond, Norm
Summer 2012 • Why Teach a 100-Year-Old Strike? (PDF)

Diamond, Raymond T.; Robert J. Cottrol; and Leland B. Ware
Summer 2004 • The Decline of the Idea of Caste
Summer 2004 • NAACP v. Jim Crow

Dodington, Peter
Summer 2012 • Knowing Ourselves (PDF)

Dongfang, Han
Winter 2002 • Creating Political Space to Defend Chinese Workers

Dougherty, Chrys
Summer 2014 • Starting Off Strong (PDF) (HTML)

Doyle, Christopher L.
Winter 2011–2012 • Invisible Wars (PDF)

Dryfoos, Joy; and Jane Quinn
Summer 2009 • Freeing Teachers to Teach (PDF)

Dubin, Jennifer (see also: Jacobson, Jennifer)
Fall 2008 • Reading Richmond (PDF)
Spring 2009 • From Picket Line to Partnership (PDF)
Summer 2009 • These Kids Are Alright (PDF)
Fall 2009 • Growing Together (PDF)
Spring 2010 •  A Preschool with Promise (PDF)
Fall 2010 • An Artful Summer (PDF)
Summer 2012 • Metamorphsis (PDF)
Fall 2012 • More Than Words (PDF)
Spring 2013 • School Ties (PDF) (HTML)
Winter 2013–2014 • Moving Meriden (PDF) (HTML)
Spring 2014 • Promethean Summer (PDF) (HTML)
Fall 2014 • Keeping It Real (PDF)

Duffett, Ann; Steve Farkas; and Jean Johnson
Summer 2003 • Now That I'm Here

Duke, Nell K.; V. Susan Bennett-Armistead; and Ebony M. Roberts
Spring 2003 • Filling the Great Void

Duncan, Arne
Winter 2009–2010 • Elevating the Teaching Profession (PDF)

Duncan, Dayton; Ken Burns; and Geoffrey Ward
Fall 2002 • The Life That Shaped Mark Twain's Anti-Slavery Views

Dunlosky, John
Fall 2013 • Strengthening the Student Toolbox (PDF) (HTML)

Dweck, Carol S.
Spring 1999 • Caution—Praise Can Be Dangerous (PDF)


Educational Testing Services
Winter 1998 • Beyond Assumptions

Elledge, Scott
Spring 2001 • E. B. White and Charlotte's Web

Elmore, Richard F.
Winter 1999–2000 • Building a New Structure for School Leadership (PDF)
Spring 2005 • Building New Knowledge

Elshtain, Jean Bethke
Summer 2003 • Thinking about September 11

Entwisle, Doris R.; Karl L. Alexander; and Linda Steffel Olson
Fall 2001 • Keep the Faucet Flowing

Epstein, Marc
Fall 2008 • A Teacher Wonders: Can Grading Teachers Work? (PDF)

Euchner, Charles
Fall 2013 • Key Figures behind the March (PDF)