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AFT Resolutions


WHEREAS, the Living Wage movement in America is bringing attention to the simple premise that full-time workers should be able to pay for a roof over their heads and support a family at a decent level; and

WHEREAS, support personnel in our public schools, colleges and government agencies often receive such low pay that they cannot sustain the simplest lifestyle, cannot provide health insurance or support for their loved ones while working a single job; and

WHEREAS, a Living Wage can be calculated for each individual community based on the fair market rents in their area and government standards for household spending; and

WHEREAS, Living Wage coalitions around the country have successfully lobbied local government entities resulting in dramatic improvements in pay for their lowest-paid employees; and

WHEREAS, many Living Wage ordinances tie government subsidies such as tax abatement to Living Wage laws:

RESOLVED, that the AFT embrace the concept of a Living Wage as a minimum standard for all workers; and

RESOLVED, that the AFT actively promote Living Wage campaigns as an effective avenue for advocacy for our lowest-paid members.