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Statement by President Weingarten On the U.S. District Court Ruling on the WTU Election Process

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Tom Lansworth

—In its ruling today, the court confirmed that the AFT has the authority under its constitution “to conduct the WTU’s 2010 elections for officers” and also found that the “WTU concedes that it failed to conduct its 2010 officer elections in a timely manner.” We are pleased by this outcome, particularly with the court’s finding that the purpose of the AFT’s administratorship—namely, to vindicate the democratic rights of WTU members to a timely election of local officers—was appropriate.

We respectfully disagree, however, with the court’s decision that this situation does not require immediate action. An election that should have been held months ago is now further delayed.

Nonetheless, the court laid out a blueprint for moving ahead—and we look forward to all parties vigorously and fairly participating in the administrative hearing already scheduled for September 10.

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