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‘Share My Lesson’ Website of Teaching Resources Reaches 300,000 Educators

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Friday, August 16, 2013


Janet Bass


WASHINGTON—Share My Lesson, the nation's largest online community of educators sharing lesson plans now has 300,000 users registered to post, download and rate free teaching resources, the American Federation of Teachers and its partner TES Connect announced today.

Since Share My Lesson was launched one year ago, the site has grown to 300,000 registrants, who have free use of 265,000 resources, making it the fastest-growing professional online community for educators in the United States. In the past year, educators have downloaded more than 3 million resources.

"This is a big milestone that shows teachers are hungering for new and creative ways to teach their subjects. Share My Lesson is proving to be the go-to place to get tried-and-true lesson plans, homework assignments, quizzes and guidance on instruction. We're also focusing more and more on having resources that are helpful to educators in transitioning to the Common Core State Standards," said AFT President Randi Weingarten.

This month's back-to-school period is a very active time for educators to upload and download materials. For example, just during the week of Aug. 5, Share My Lesson users downloaded 17,396 early-elementary materials, 23,318 late-elementary materials, 37,488 middle school resources, and 26,642 high school resources.

"Share My Lesson helps relieve teachers' back-to-school or, once in school, Sunday-night anxiety of constantly rethinking how we teach our lessons. And with the transition upon us for instruction to reflect the Common Core standards, Share My Lesson is one of the few free places teachers can turn to for aligned lesson plans," Weingarten said.

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