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Lorretta Johnson, Executive VP, AFT, Congratulates Top-Ranked States in ‘Quality Counts’ Assessment

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


George Jackson


For the third consecutive year, Maryland public schools were ranked No. 1 in Education Week’s annual education report card. New York, Massachusetts, Virginia and Florida rounded out the top five states.

WASHINGTON—While we haven’t reached the end zone yet, many states have made great strides in education, in spite of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Even in times of economic crisis, these states recognize the need to invest, not disinvest, in education, and to develop programs that will provide broad and lasting improvements.

Students in top-ranked Maryland are doing well because of their state’s laserlike focus on doing what works—proven strategies and promising innovations. The state has embraced a philosophy of trust, shared responsibility and shared decision-making between administrators and teachers unions that can be seen in the new groundbreaking collective bargaining agreement between the Baltimore Teachers Union and the Baltimore City Public Schools.

Maryland and other leading states are shining examples of what we can accomplish when collaboration, not conflict, is the approach used to help our kids succeed in school, life and career.

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