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Alliance/AFT Lawsuit Against Dallas ISD Administrators Succeeds

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Friday, June 13, 2014


Michael Heenan
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 Court Ruling Temporarily Blocks Appointments to the Home Rule Commission

Statement of Alliance/AFT President Rena Honea on the district court's decision to grant a temporary restraining order and halt the Home Rule effort:

"The potential consequences of Home Rule on our students, our teachers and our community are too great to be sidestepping rules and playing politics. I've known that for some time, and it appears the court agrees."
"This entire process has been needlessly rushed and has sacrificed teacher and community involvement and compromised our children's educational opportunity."

"Everyone in our community shares a sense of urgency around the need to ensure that our children receive a high-quality public education, and we know that we cannot afford to accept the status quo. The real path to genuine reform, however, must include—not shut out—our community."

View the full complaint filed with the local district court.






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