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AFT on the Supreme Court’s Decision to Review the Block of Obama’s Immigration Initiatives

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Emilie Surrusco
202-879-4134; 202/341-8787 (cell)

WASHINGTON—Statement from AFT President Randi Weingarten and AFT Executive Vice President Mary Cathryn Ricker on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to review United States v. Texas, the case that has put President Barack Obama’s expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA+) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) programs on hold:

“After nearly a year of limbo, the fate of 5 million aspiring Americans—our students, our neighbors, our families, our co-workers and our friends—is now in the hands of the Supreme Court. DACA+ and DAPA are a compassionate response to a broken immigration system that builds our economy and strengthens our nation. The legal argument is clear: President Obama is enforcing existing laws passed by Congress, using discretion granted to him by Congress. What also is clear is that this is a politically motivated case, in which the governors of Texas and 25 other states are putting politics before people, trying to supersede the political process and steer our nation backward to a time when hardworking aspiring Americans are pushed further into the shadows.

“The Supreme Court now has the opportunity to stand up for the greater good of humanity and lead our nation away from the xenophobic, close-minded leanings of a few, and toward a future where plurality, diversity, tolerance, opportunity and respect for all are once again at the heart of our nation’s story.”

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