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AFT Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign Targeting Republican Education Bill

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


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Six-Figure Radio, Print, Online Ad Campaign in D.C. and Rep. Cantor's District

WASHINGTON—The 1.5 million-member American Federation of Teachers launched a six-figure radio, online and print ad buy today in Washington, D.C., and the Virginia congressional district of Rep. Eric Cantor targeting Republicans in Congress for pushing the so-called Student Success Act. The bill dramatically slashes resources for schools; takes away funding for disadvantaged students, English language learners and other students; and does nothing to address pervasive overtesting.

And despite the Republicans' rhetoric about the federal government not being involved in local decisions, the bill mandates a flawed system of teacher evaluations and gives the federal government, not local schools, more say over how teachers should be evaluated.

"It's clear just how disconnected Republicans are from what is going in schools in their districts and across the country, and what children, parents and teachers need," said AFT President Randi Weingarten. "At a time when nearly half our students are living in poverty, this bill represents a historic abandonment of our commitment to level the playing field for disadvantaged children. And Republicans want to double down on the test fixation that is draining the joy out of teaching and learning."

The bill has brought together a group of strange bedfellows, with organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Heritage Foundation joining the AFT, The Education Trust, other education groups and the Leadership Council on Civil Rights in opposition to the bill.

The AFT's ad buy includes radio and online ads in Washington, D.C., and Rep. Cantor's district in Virginia. The AFT has also partnered with The Education Trust to run full-page ads in Roll Call and The Hill, and is pushing patch-through calls targeting Republican members of Congress.

Print Ad

AFT's Radio Ad "Add Up"

As a mom, there's nothing more important to me than my kids' education.

I absolutely love teaching. Teachers make a difference in students' lives.

That's why none of us—parents or teachers—support what Congress is doing.

Rep. Eric Cantor and Republicans in Congress want to put the federal government in every classroom.

On Friday, they'll vote to give federal politicians more control over how local teachers are evaluated—even Jim DeMint's Heritage Foundation agrees this is bad policy.

Politicians in Washington don't know what's best for students. Teachers do.

Nobody I talk to thinks Congress is doing a good job, and yet they want the federal government to decide how our local teachers are evaluated doing their jobs?!?

It just doesn't add up.

Makes no sense.

It's local parents and teachers who know what's best for our kids.

Tell Eric Cantor: More federal government control does not add up to better schools.

Call: 804-747-4073 and go to

Paid for by the American Federation of Teachers.

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The AFT represents 1.7 million pre-K through 12th-grade teachers; paraprofessionals and other school-related personnel; higher education faculty and professional staff; federal, state and local government employees; nurses and healthcare workers; and early childhood educators.