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AFT Commends Measure Aimed at Curbing Diploma Mills Targeting Vets

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Friday, April 27, 2012


Carolyn Fiddler


WASHINGTON—Today American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten lauded President Barack Obama's executive order mandating new education protections for military service members. This executive order will help put a stop to fraudulent practices of for-profit colleges that mislead veterans and their families simply to profit from veterans' GI Bill and other education benefits.

"President Obama's executive order aimed specifically at protecting veterans and their families from unscrupulous education profiteers is a significant step forward in protecting Americans from the unsavory practices of many for-profit schools. Many of our nation's veterans find themselves lacking clear and consistent information about their educational options, leaving them susceptible to deceptive and aggressive recruiting and marketing schemes. Veterans and their families should be protected from for-profit colleges' attempts to exploit the federal benefits that they receive for higher education.
"The American Federation of Teachers would like to commend Sens. Tom Harkin and Richard Durbin as well as the other Senate leaders who laid the groundwork for this measure and brought much-needed attention to this important issue. We support this and other measures aimed at ensuring our veterans receive the educational benefits they deserve and have access to accurate information that will enable them to choose an educational path that will lead them toward success. All students deserve a fair shot at a good education, and no student should be taken advantage of by institutions seeking to pad their profit margins."

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