2015 AFT Public Employees Conference Award Winners

Award for Public Safety Advocacy

Connecticut Judicial Professional Employees Union for its attention and focus on the unique issues facing public safety professionals and for bringing attention to these issues throughout our union.

Standing Up for Quality Public Services Award

AFT-Kansas and the Kansas Organization of State Employees for their work in fighting for sensible funding to support and maintain quality public services for all Kansans.

Solidarity Award

Alaska Public Employees Association/AFT for its fight to maintain the negotiated contracts for Alaska state employees and for its unfailing efforts to assist public employees throughout the union. APEA/AFT has been an outstanding example of a union committed to the ideals of solidarity and unity.

Defending Labor Rights Award

Illinois Federation of Public Employees for its struggle to maintain union security for public employee unions in Illinois and for its staunch defense of retirement security protections for the state’s public employees.

Solution-Driven Unionism Award

The Montana MEA-MFT for bringing together a community alliance of citizens, activists, unions and community groups around issues that help support the common good. The MEA-MFT agenda works to build a stronger community as the union works to support mental health programs, public safety, retirement security, jobs, education and a wide range of issues that benefit communities all across Montana.

Member Engagement Award

The state employees in Maryland who fought for their negotiated 2 percent raise through the legislative session and, when it was put back in the budget, found that they had to continue to fight the governor for the raise when he threatened not to release the money. Members of the Maryland Professional Employees Council and AFT-Healthcare Maryland and their unions demonstrated their strength and resolve in enforcing the negotiated agreement.

Social Justice Award

City Union of Baltimore for courage and determination in very difficult circumstances. CUB members worked to protect their city during the recent disturbances there. They stayed on the job and supported public services and helped in the cleanup efforts. CUB is a founding member of Forward Baltimore, a coalition put together with community groups and the A. Philip Randolph Institute to register 10,000 new voters.

Promoting Public Employee Professionalism and Dignity in the Workplace Award

Colorado WINS for its thoughtful exploration of what it means to have dignity in the workplace as a public employee. For many, this means wages; almost 3,000 state employees do not make $15 an hour. Colorado WINS has championed the Fight for $15 for state workers and created a space for discussion and organizing members around dignity in the workplace. This is a model for the nation.

Political Action Award

AFT Connecticut’s state employee affiliates for their innovative political program—We Are Not Wisconsin. The program was used as a rallying cry in the campaign against a conservative gubernatorial candidate who called for a Wisconsin-style attack on labor in Connecticut. The effort was successful in educating members on what was at stake in the election and helped to highlight the threats to union security and quality public services.

Community Building Award

Administrative and Residual Employees Union for its continuing efforts to contribute to the community food bank and for its extraordinary campaign to make sure that poor families across Connecticut have a healthy Thanksgiving dinner.

Defense of Collective Bargaining Award

Baltimore County Federation of Public Employees for its work to expand the scope of collective bargaining, establish binding arbitration for contract settlement disputes and build on union security for greater union strength.

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