Working "on the inside"

When you think of prison, it’s easy to picture only the people who are charged with or convicted of a crime. But workers in the justice system—including AFT members employed as corrections, probation and parole officers, as well as teachers, support staff and healthcare professionals—go to work every day knowing they are exposed to a high degree of work-related stress.

What’s more, employees’ time on the inside is usually much longer than the prisoners’ sentences.

AFT members working in corrections live in two worlds: prison life and life over the wall. In the next issue of Public Employee Advocate, we will explore the impact of this working environment on the lives of corrections staff—how working in a hyperviolent atmosphere can have serious repercussions on their sleep, their nerves, their health and the strength of their families.

Don’t miss the chance to see how these AFT members meet their responsibilities to safeguard their prisoners, their communities and themselves.

Public Employee Advocate, Fall 2015 Download PDF (592.49 KB)
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