Why I’m for Hillary

By Shellye Davis

Here’s what we don’t need. We do not need Republican-controlled statehouses enacting laws forcing women to have medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds in order to have an abortion. I, for one, do not want Republican-controlled statehouses legislating Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics out of existence through political, not medical, rules. We do not need a Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives and Senate defunding Planned Parenthood.

We do not need waiting periods for abortions, political regulation of women’s clinics or gynecological limitations on insurance coverage. Unfortunately, we have them in at least 24 states.

Think of the harm if the House defunds teaching hospitals where doctors learn to perform abortions safely. Imagine a president like Donald Trump, who thinks it’s impossible to rape your wife.

If this is not a war on women, then nothing is. Hear me clearly. Republican men want to control women’s reproductive rights.

Here’s what I do want. The Violence Against Women Act needs to be made into a permanent law with no sunsetting. But the House tried to block it from being reauthorized even temporarily. We need laws that ensure that women can get contraceptives and abortions covered by insurance. We are only partly there. We need women to have equal pay and equal opportunity in employment. We need women, especially Democratic women, at all levels: in statehouses, in governors’ chairs, in the House and Senate.

Most of all, we need a woman president. We need a woman president who will fight for women’s rights. Hillary Clinton is such a fighter. We need a woman president who will make appointments to the Supreme Court—and there will be quite a few in the next eight years—of jurists who respect the rights of women. Hillary Clinton would make such appointments.

But we need more. We need you, and everyone you know, to throw your weight into opposing the regressive laws pushed by the GOP. We need you to speak out, to support candidates who share our views, and to support Hillary Clinton for president.

Shellye DavisExcerpted from a blog by Shellye Davis, a paraprofessional and co-president of the Hartford (Conn.) Federation of Paraprofessionals. This blog originally appeared in Schoolhouse Voices, a forum for AFT members on Medium.com.

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