PSRP Reporter: Spring 2016

  • Paraprofessionals: Then and now

    A quick look back during our 100th anniversary

    WE NOW HAVE multiple generations of paraprofessionals working in New York City as members of the United Federation of Teachers.

    It wasn’t always that way. Back in the late 1960s, paraprofessionals, led by Velma Hill, began a long, hard push for recognition within the UFT. In 1970, after...

  • Vacancy leaves Supreme Court in limbo


  • In praise of school breakfast

    Lorretta Johnson

    GROWING UP IN POVERTY is one of the greatest threats there can be to a child’s ability to thrive and grow. Financial stress and not having family resources for healthy food, decent housing or other essentials impede children’s cognitive development and their ability to learn.

    You don’t...

  • Union members key to Hillary Clinton’s success in upcoming primaries

    Candidate for president needs every AFT member to go all in

    CALLING HER THE CHAMPION working people need, thousands of AFT members are speaking with friends, family and neighbors about their support for Hillary Clinton in her march toward the Democratic nomination for president. The labor vote for Clinton has made the difference so far, and now it’s...

  • Why I’m for Hillary

    Shellye Davis

    Here’s what we don’t need. We do not need Republican-controlled statehouses enacting laws forcing women to have medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds in order to have an abortion. I, for one, do not want Republican-controlled statehouses legislating Planned Parenthood and abortion...

  • Work shouldn’t hurt

    Oregon members begin delicate task of bringing school violence into the open Jason Cox

    NOBODY EVER WANTED to talk about it. Years went by, and we would hear special education paraprofessionals confide in low tones how they were getting hit, kicked, spat upon, scratched and screamed at by their students.

    By their own students. Then they would fall silent, and no amount of...