Healthwire: Spring 2015

  • Strengthening Public Health

    Chronic underfunding has created ongoing gaps that public health nurses are doing their best to fill. Adrienne Coles

    PAM KEEN has been a public health nurse in Akron, Ohio, for 23 years. In that time, she has seen services dwindle and programs for her community pared down because there isn’t money to fund them. “When I first started working, we were able to give our clients supplies like diapers and baby wipes...

  • Nurses, hospitalists go public with concerns

    ONA launches campaign to improve patient care Lydia Hallay

    THE NURSES AND HOSPITALISTS working at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene and Springfield, Ore., have launched a campaign to bring their long-standing concerns about staffing to the community through Sacred Heart Caregivers United, an Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) coordinated...

  • Where We Stand

    Paid sick leave should be a right for all workers. Randi Weingarten, AFT President

    FLU SEASON THIS WINTER was particularly pernicious, with thousands of people suffering from fever, aches and fatigue. Those who don’t have paid sick leave have faced a terrible dilemma—stay home and get better but lose wages, or go to work and possibly infect colleagues and the people they serve...

  • In the news

    Adrienne Coles

    VERMONT NURSES RATIFY FIRST CONTRACT After voting to form a union a year ago, nurses of the Porter Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals reached a tentative agreement with Porter Medical Center in December, which they ratified by an overwhelming margin. “Two years of...

  • AFT supports LGBT Healthcare Bill of Rights

    Effort raises awareness and empowers patients to demand high-quality care. Asher Huey

    THE AFT HAS SIGNED ON as a proud partner of the LGBT Healthcare Bill of Rights, joining more than 80 LGBT and progressive organizations that support the initiative to raise awareness of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and to empower LGBT patients to demand high-...

  • Techs vote ‘Union Yes’

    260 technologists join forces with nurses for quality care Adrienne Coles

    URGICAL AND RADIOLOGY technologists, licensed practical nurses and respiratory clinicians at Danbury Hospital and New Milford Hospital voted on Nov. 21 to join AFT Connecticut.

    The caregivers cast their ballots several weeks after achieving majority status and seeking voluntary recognition...

  • Weighing in on the 40-hour workweek

    Definition of ‘full-time work’ in question. Adrienne Coles

    REGISTERED NURSES Irene Jadge and Janice Stauffer, members of the Danbury (Conn.) Nurses’ Union, traveled to Washington, D.C., in January to speak out against a Republican proposal to redefine who qualifies as a full-time worker under the Affordable Care Act.

    Legislation that would allow...