American Educator: Winter 2002

  • Notebook

    A History of US Reaches Prime Time

    Freedom: A History of US Debuts on PBS

    Twelve years ago, American Educator readers were the first anywhere to learn of Joy Hakim's exciting new textbooks on American history. Titled A History of US, the 10-book series chronicled the tale of American history...

  • Heroes for Our Age

    How Heroes Can Elevate Students' Lives Peter H. Gibbon

    Human beings are deeply divided, eternally torn between apathy and activity, between nihilism and belief. In this short life, we wage a daily battle between a higher and lower self. The hero stands for our higher self. To get through life and permit the higher self to prevail, we depend...

  • Attracting Well-Qualified Teachers to Struggling Schools

    Cynthia D. Prince

    The belief that schools are going to educate every child is so widely accepted now that it is easy to forget that schools were not always expected to bring every child to high standards of performance. Until fairly recently it was permissible practice to reserve the most qualified teachers for...

  • Using Well-Qualified Teachers Well

    The Right Teachers in the Right Places with the Right Support Bring Success to Troubled New York City Schools Julia E. Koppich

    Premium pay is necessary to attract and keep highly qualified teachers in our nation's most troubled schools. But it is not sufficient. As the previous article makes clear, monetary incentives will not induce teachers to take on "undoable" jobs; other changes that make student...

  • Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Inflexible Knowledge: The First Step to Expertise

    Daniel T. Willingham

    Question: So often, even if I inventively present new material or emphasize applying the new knowledge in various situations, what I get back from my student seems "rote." Why is this? What can I do about it?

    Answer: Cognitive science has shown us that...

  • Toying with Lives

    The Scandalous Plight of China's Toy Workers Robert A. Senser

    Weeks before the deadly fire, two workers addressed letters to the factory's "Honorable General Manager" asking for permission to quit. The two, both young women, gave the same reason: their families in rural China wanted them to return home. One of them explained further: "I no longer have the...

  • Worker Protests Spread, Despite Repression and "Official Unions"

    Robert A. Senser

    In accordance with Chinese law, China has organizations going under the name of "union," a misnomer that should require it to be enclosed by quotation marks. These "unions" are branches of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the only legal "union" in China. But it's awkward to write ACFT"U...

  • Creating Political Space to Defend Chinese Workers

    Han Dongfang

    In 1989, Han Dongfang turned himself in to the Chinese government: He was wanted for "counter-revolutionary crimes." An electrician employed in a railway factory, Han attempted to organize China's first independent union from a tent he set up in Tiananmen Square during the democracy movement...