American Educator: Winter 1999-2000

  • The SAT Trap

    Why Do We Make So Much of One 3-Hour Test? Clifford Adelman

    It was quite a year for a test that we have all known for decades as the SAT. From talk shows to op-ed pages to the covers of Newsweek and The New Republic, those three letters were too much with us in 1999. In public communication, the word "SAT" is now shorthand for all...

  • Don't Discard the Classics

    But Be Prepared To Guide Your Students Through Unfamiliar Terrain Carol Jago

    Like many other teachers in the early 1990s, I was an indefatigable optimist. I believed in a kind of literary field of dreams. Build the ideal classroom, and they will come. Offer them books, and they will read. Although teachers elsewhere have made such classrooms work, I was having trouble...

  • Building a New Structure for School Leadership

  • If Tracking Is Bad, Is Detracking Better?

  • Romani Children Go to School

    Burton Bollag