American Educator: Summer 2006

  • Seeking Success with Students

    New Teachers Can't Be Successful—and Won't Stay in Teaching—Without Help from Their School

    The decade that began in 2000 will see massive teacher retirements and the need to hire 2.2 million teachers nationwide. The need for teachers will be even greater in math, science, special education, and in high-poverty schools. To attract talented new teachers to fill the shoes of those...

  • Alone in the World

    For Autistic Children, Relating to Others Is Life's Greatest Challenge Laura Schreibman

    Peter is a beautiful 5-year-old boy with blond hair, blue eyes, and freckles. He looks like many other very cute kids. He is well coordinated, active, and agile. However, while Peter looks perfectly normal, it soon becomes apparent as you watch him that Peter does not behave like a...

  • Educating Autistic Children

    Aubyn Stahmer, Laura Schreibman

    Of the 165,000 students (ages 6 to 21) with autism receiving special educational services, 89 percent attend regular public schools. And, of those in public schools, nearly one-third spend at least 80 percent of their time in a regular classroom and about one-half spend at least 40 percent of...

  • Notebook

    Conventional Wisdom on Dropout Rate Is Questioned—Impact of Higher Standards Is Not

    Everyone agrees that even one dropout is too many, but what they can't agree on is just how many there are. Conventional wisdom has held that nearly a third of all students—and about half of black and Hispanic students—drop out of high school. In contrast, economists Lawrence Mishel and Joydeep...

  • Drop Everything and Read—but How?

    For Students Who Are Not Yet Fluent, Silent Reading Is Not the Best Use of Classroom Time Jan Hasbrouck

    After more than 20 years as the neglected goal of reading instruction (Allington, 1983; NICHD, 2000), fluency has finally become the hot topic among reading researchers, professional development providers, and teachers. These days it is rare to pick up a reading journal, attend a...

  • Is Autism on the Rise

    Laura Schreibman

    One of the hottest current issues in the field of autism is the reported increase in the incidence and prevalence of the disorder. Over the past several years, a truly dramatic increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism has been reported worldwide. Clinicians, the educational...

  • Why New Teachers Leave...

  • Screening, Diagnosing, and Progress Monitoring: The Details

  • Teachers Transfer Out of High-Poverty, Low-Support Schools Because of Conditions ... Not Union Transfer Provisions

  • Teacher Unions Can Support New Teachers' Desire for Assistance and Professional Growth—While Aiding Teacher Effectiveness

  • Fred Plans to Stay "Forever"