American Educator: Summer 2001

  • Overcoming the Language Gap

    Make Better Use of the Literacy Time Block E. D. Hirsch, Jr.

    The latest fourth-grade reading scores for U.S. students made the front page of the New York Times with the headline: "Gap Between Best and Worst Widens on U.S. Reading Test." The reporter, Kate Zernike, observed that after a "decade-long emphasis on lifting the achievement of all...

  • Overcoming the Language Gap

    Invest Generously in Teacher Professional Development Louisa C. Moats

    Reporters are fond of calling me. Ever since our project to study reading instruction in the District of Columbia public schools began four years ago, I have been viewed as an inside source. In the eyes of policy makers and press writers, ours may be useful science; our mission is to prevent...

  • How to Prepare Students for Algebra

    Hung-Hsi Wu