American Educator: Spring/Summer 1998

  • The Unique Power of Reading and How to Unleash It

  • What Reading Does for the Mind

    Anne E. Cunningham, Keith E. Stanovich
  • The Elusive Phoneme

    Marilyn Jager Adams, Barbara R. Foorman, Ingvar Lundberg, Terri Beeler

    "Whether performed silently or aloud," Marilyn Adams recently wrote, "reading an alphabetic script with fluency and reflective comprehension incontrovertibly depends on...remarkably rich and over­ learned knowledge of the language's spellings and spelling-speech mappings....[But] despite...

  • Catch Them Before They Fall

    Idenitification and Assessment To Prevent Reading Failure in Young Children Joseph K. Torgesen
  • Teaching Decoding

    Louisa C. Moats

    As it has become increasingly apparent that substantial numbers of children are failing to become skilled readers, a consensus is emerging among reading researchers, practitioners, and policy makers concerning the critical role that decoding plays in the reading...

  • Every Child Reading

    An Action Plan of the Learning First Alliance
  • Another Chance

    Help for Older Students with Limited Literacy Jane Fell Greene
  • What Reading Does for the Soul

    A Girl and Her Books Annie Dillard

    I began reading books, reading books to delirium. I began by vanishing from the known world into the passive abyss of reading but soon found myself engaged with surprising vigor because the things in the books, or even the things surrounding the books, roused me from my stupor. From the nearest...