American Educator: Spring 2018

  • Where We Stand: Fighting for the Right to Rise

    Randi Weingarten

    I write these words after hearing oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court in Janus v. AFSCME, Council 31, but before any decision has been issued. The case is the latest attempt by a web of conservative donors—the National Right to Work Foundation, the Koch brothers, and others—to...

  • The Case for Summer Learning

    Why Supporting Students and Families All Year Is Vitally Important Sarah Pitcock


  • On the Need for Summer Learning

    A Q&A with Shauntell Dunbar

    For the last three years, Shauntell Dunbar has taught first grade at Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot School in the Boston Public Schools. Last year, she taught reading and math in one of the school district’s summer programs. Below, she shares her experience supporting student...

  • Effective Summer Programming

    What Educators and Policymakers Should Know Andrew McEachin, Catherine H. Augustine, Jennifer McCombs

    As many educators and parents know all too well, the summer is a key time in students’ social and cognitive development, and it plays an important role in the development of achievement gaps. As a result, summer interventions have the potential to not only mitigate...

  • Share My Lesson

    Spark Self-Directed Summer Learning


  • Leadership Matters

    Teachers’ Roles in School Decision Making and School Performance Richard M. Ingersoll, Philip Sirinides, Patrick Dougherty


  • For the Sake of Argument

    An Approach to Teaching Evidence-Based Writing Linda Friedrich, Rachel Bear, Tom Fox


  • Making Meaning from the Past

    A Program Inspires Students with History Cathy Gorn


  • The Professional Educator: Union Strong Before and After the Storm

    Zeph Capo

    In August 1992, I began my teaching career at an elementary school in South Florida. On that first day in the classroom, I felt both excited and nervous. I looked forward to a rewarding year in my new profession. But days later, Hurricane Andrew hit, closing schools...

  • Teacher Unionism in America

    Lessons from the Past for Defending and Deepening Democracy Jon Shelton
  • To Strengthen Democracy, Invest in Our Public Schools

    Emily Gasoi, Deborah Meier


  • Tools for Teachers

    Supporting Students with Autism


  • Resources


    The Learning First Alliance, a coalition of 12 national education groups—including the AFT—that represent more than 10 million teachers, parents, administrators, specialists, and school board members, has pulled together research and best practices...

  • News in Brief



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