American Educator: Spring 2008

  • Standards for the Arts

    They Need Clear, Specific Content Too

    After receiving the Spring 2008 issue, a handful of readers wrote to American Educator to say that while they agreed that state standards lack content, they were disappointed that the issue did not discuss the arts. Joanna Astor Bergelson from H.C. Crittenden Middle School in Armonk, N....

  • Notebook

    Another Kind of Bible Study

    While college courses on the Bible's importance in history and literature are quite common, such classes typically aren't taught in high school. Yet, with all the references to the Old and New Testament in both classical and modern texts, they very well could be.

    The Bible Literacy...

  • Calling for Clear, Specific Content

  • There's a Hole in State Standards

    And New Teachers Like Me Are Falling Through A Second-Year Teacher
  • Plugging the Hole in State Standards

    One Man's Modest Proposal for Infusing More Content into the Literacy Block and Making Reading Tests More Equitable E. D. Hirsch, Jr.
  • Common Ground

    Clear, Specific Content Holds Teaching, Texts, and Tests Together Heidi Glidden
  • California's Content-Rich History "Framework"

  • What's Missing from Math Standards?

    Focus, Rigor, and Coherence William H. Schmidt
  • No Contest

    Up Close, Typical State Biology Standards Don't Have the Content or Coherence of the International Baccalaureate Paul R. Gross
  • Informative, Not Scripted

    Core Knowledge Shows How Clear, Specific Content Supports Good Instruction
  • Before Their Time

    Child Labor Around the World David L. Parker