American Educator: Spring 2007

  • Get Real

    Here's the Boost That Poor Children, Their Teachers, and Their Schools Really Need Antonia Cortese

    By the time children from low-income homes enter school, they are, on average, already far behind their middle-class peers. At the beginning of kindergarten, disadvantaged children are three times more likely than other children to score in the bottom quartile on assessments of reading, math,...

  • In the Zone

    How a Virtual District Provides Real Help for Really Struggling Schools Jennifer Jacobson

    At Miami Edison Senior High School, Judy Brown's 10th-grade reading class runs like a well-oiled machine. The comparison is a fitting one on this January afternoon. Two students sit near the back of the room listening to books on tape, as seven others quietly work on their reading skills at a...

  • Zone Schools Are Off to a Strong Start

    District officials, union representatives, and teachers all laud the School Improvement Zone. Although the initiative is too new to declare it a success, the early results are very promising.

    Created in January 2005, the Zone includes 20 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, and 8 high...

  • Mismatch

    When State Standards and Tests Don't Mesh, Schools Are Left Grinding Their Gears Heidi Glidden, Amy M. Hightower
  • How Wal-Mart Is (Mis)Shaping the Global Economy

    Wal-Mart: From Birth to "Big Box" Retailer Richard Wilson 

    If you live in a big city outside the South, Wal-Mart probably crept up on you slowly and stealthily. Until recently, you probably thought of it as one of a growing number of "big box" retailers like Target and Costco—huge stores with large parking lots and low prices for products of all kinds....

  • Every Day Low Prices ... and Wages

    Richard Wilson

    "Sometimes, we work all night and we have to work our shift as usual the next day. You have to work overtime. If you don't, it's regarded as skiving off, and a fine gets deducted from our wages. There's far too much overtime, and many of us really don't want to do it. I know some women who've...

  • The Facilities Gap

    Cameras in Hand, Students Capture Photos of Schoolhouse Decay