American Educator: Fall 2000

  • Prompting Kids to Write

  • How to Establish Writing as a Way of Life

  • A Level Playing Field?

  • A Blackboard's Reflection

    The Making of the Albert Shanker Memorial

    On May 17, 2000, AFT dedicated a memorial to Albert Shanker, president of the American Federa­tion of Teachers from 1974 until his death in 1997.

    It was created by his daughter Jennie, a sculptor, and it uses photo-graphic images and artifacts to portray Shanker as a union...

  • At Play with Words

    Kenneth Koch's book about his first experience teaching children to write poetry, Wishes, Lies, and Dreams, appeared in 1970. Over the years, his account of how he helped the children in P.S. 61 discover the excitement of making poetry—and discovered, to his surprise, how well they...

  • Swords and Pens

    What the Military Can Show Us about Teaching Basic Skills to Young Adults Thomas G. Sticht

    When we think about military might, we usually summon up images of the technologies of war—tanks, ships, airplanes, guns, and bombs—and the men who employ them. We see soldiers crawling on their bellies, dodging bombs and bullets, to cross battlefields. We see battleships and aircraft carriers,...

  • Al Shanker Remembers

    In September and October 1996, when Al Shanker was dying of cancer, he gave a series of taped interviews to Jack Schierenbeck, a staff writer at the New York Teacher/City Edition. In the interviews, Al talked about the ideas and experiences that had shaped his life, ranging widely...

  • Standards are Working