American Educator: Fall 1999

  • Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics

    Richard Askey
  • Basic Skills versus Conceptual Understanding

    A Bogus Dichotomy in Mathematics Education Hung-Hsi Wu
  • Teacher Time

    (or rather, the lack of it) Marty Shollenberger Swaim, Stephen C. Swaim
  • Different Strokes for Different Folks?

    A Critique of Learning Styles Steven A. Stahl

    New Unions for the New Economy David Kusnet

    In the new economy, where processing informa­tion is as important as bending metal, do workers believe that organizing unions can help them make their jobs better?

    To answer that question, you have to talk to people in places as different as Endicott, N.Y., and Redmond, Wash.


  • Why Read?

    Letters to Your Students Jim Burke

    Like many high school English teachers, Jim Burke frequently encountered students who "claimed to 'hate' reading, who found it a chore, a curse." Such sentiments, he writes, "are what I wake to each day... They form a challenge to my profession, demanding that I somehow explain why books...