American Educator: Fall 1998

  • A Teacher Quality Manifesto

    Sandra Feldman

    The latest issue to be caught up in political agendas is teacher quality. I'll start with teacher incompe­tence and the tenure issue—not because it's the greatest problem in teacher quality; it is not. But even one incompetent teacher is too much for the children she teaches, the parents she...

  • Far and Wide

  • Choosing Success

  • Looking at the Schools

    Public Agenda Asks African American and White Parents about Their Aspirations and Their Fears Steve Farkas and Jean Johnson Does a chasm separate African-American and white parents when they talk about what they want from the public schools? That's not the finding of the latest Public Agenda report, enti­tled Time To Move On. The report, on which the fol­lowing article is based, reveals some divisions, but...