National Adjunct Action Week brings attention to exploited faculty

Contingent faculty have been grabbing headlines as more and more people realize the extent to which these part-time, temporary workers are exploited at colleges and universities across the nation. The attention crested during National Adjunct Action Week, Feb. 23-27, when AFT-represented adjuncts joined their brothers and sisters in everything from creative picketing to teach-ins to in-class explanations of adjunct exploitation. Our favorite: “Scarlet A” t-shirts and buttons signifying the stigma of being an adjunct and the commitment to changing adjuncts’ status from second-class workers to well-respected, well-trained, well-paid workers with benefits and supportive working conditions. For the 80,000 adjuncts represented by the AFT, actions like these raise awareness and begin to make a difference.

AFT On Campus, Summer 2015 Download PDF (2.18 MB)
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