Hillary has the answers on gun violence

By Marguerite Ruff

If I wasn’t already voting for Hillary Clinton, she definitely won my vote after I had a chance to be in the audience at MSNBC’s town hall with her in Philadelphia on April 25. I wanted to ask her about how she plans to deal with gun violence, but Rachel Maddow asked her about it first. This issue is so important to me because I lost my son Justin to gun violence last December in a senseless shooting. And this is such a big problem in Philadelphia.

I’m glad they didn’t show me on the TV when she was talking because I was just bawling. I agreed with her wholeheartedly when she said we have to break the grip of the gun culture on young people, and we have to get them to understand that guns are never an answer to settling disputes.

There is no cure-all, obviously, but she spoke with such passion, and it was heartfelt. I really believed what she was saying, and I believe she will make it a priority if she’s elected.

Being involved in politics is new for me, so it was just an amazing experience to be able to attend this event. I was so glad I could participate. It made me want to get even more involved. On the morning of the Pennsylvania primaries, I even got up early to vote, and that’s not like me. But I had to get out and vote early so I could do phone banking after work to make sure other members of my union got out to vote, too.

Marguerite Ruff is a special education classroom assistant at John Marshall Elementary School in Philadelphia, and an active member of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.

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Watch Hillary’s comments about gun violence.