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Public Employee Advocate
Spring 2014

Feature Story

Call of the Wild

Striking a balance between the needs of nature and those of fishermen, hunters, conservationists and others.

EVERY YEAR, Bob Murphy travels to the remote area of Port Moller, Alaska, where he spends five months observing the flow of salmon. His job is to manage the commercial fisheries and count the number of salmon that have migrated from the Pacific Ocean up the 350-mile portion of the Alaska coastline he is responsible for. Here, the salmon spawn in the Alaskan waters, helping to ensure the economic vitality of the small communities and commercial fishermen that depend on the salmon industry.

Meanwhile, more than 3,000 miles away, Rick Morin has the livelihoods of Maryland’s commercial fishermen on his mind as he manages the harvesting of snapping turtles. Snapping turtles, as it turns out, are a delicacy in China, and Maryland is a leading supplier.

The citizens of Alaska and Maryland, as well as those of other states across the country, are well-served by state employees like Murphy, Morin and the other professionals who manage and protect our parks, waterways, wildlife and natural resources. Typically working behind the scenes, these men and women are regularly called upon to coordinate with hunters, fishermen, conservationists, environmentalists and others with a vested—and often economic—interest in the work they do.


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